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 Chapter 7: We Cool?

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PostSubject: Chapter 7: We Cool?   Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:49 pm

It had been a little while since the incident at the dance. Alex had barely said a word to me for the past few weeks. That is, if you count "move!", "whatever", "go away", or anything like that as words. It was so tense between us. The guys tried to get everything straight between us. But it was no use. He just wouldn't forgive me for "kissing Sarah", even though I tried to tell him several times that she kissed me.

One day, I decided to head on down to Dade's. Dade's was a building in the center of town where teens could just hang out, get away from their folks (temporarily of course) or just be teens. It was sort of like a bar for teens, obviously with the exception of serving drinks for underage minors like ourselves.

Half way there, it started to pour like crazy. I had on a white t-shirt & some jean shorts. No hoodie, no coat at all, no nothin'. By the time I walked into Dade's, I was drenched. My shirt was see-through & water on my legs trickled down to my feet, wetting my socks. My hair was also soaked.

There were different rooms everywhere. Usually, the teens were older, like 17, 18 or 19. It had some televisions, the main one being in the middle of the main room & usually on a sports channel. Some of them glanced at me, soaked.

Anyway, after I asked for a 7UP, I walked around the place, just thinking to myself. I started to head to the back of the place, where older teens were. This part of the place was intimidating because they were usually nothing other than huge muscled teens who had tats all over their skin & their chicks usually with them doing God knows what.

After just going through different rooms on the first & second floor, one of which I walked in on a guy & his lady getting it on, I came to a room on the third floor at the end of the hall. I went in. This room was known as the silent room because it was the only room in the whole place that didn't have some sort of theme. Themes were usually something like video games, reading, eating room, weight room, tv room, refreshment room, pool room (this was the basement), working room, etc.

The room had 2 chairs, a sofa, a table & nothing else. In one of the chairs, I saw Alex, just sitting there, looking ahead of him towards the wall.

"Alex?" I said.

He turned his head to me, his face suddenly darkening.

"What?" he snapped.

"Can we talk, please?" I looked at him, hoping for any positive reaction.

He didn't say anything.

"Alex, c'mon, it's been 3 weeks. Can we please just talk about it?"

He didn't respond for a moment. Then he replied.


I walked to the couch facing him & sat down.

"Look, Alex. I've kept trying to tell you this, but I didn't kiss Sarah. She kissed me."

"Oh yeah?" he said sarcastically, unconvinced.

"Look, that night, she asked me if I wanted to dance. I told her that I wasn't really into it because she stood you up for another guy. She said to me that she talked with you about it & everything was settled out & that you had said it was ok if she danced with me."

He didn't respond. I took that as a signal to continue.

"When one of the slow songs came on, it was then that she got close to me & just kissed me on the lips. I promise you Alex, as your friend, I didn't kiss her. She did it. Not me."

He looked at the ground, trying to comprehend this. He was quiet for a few moments. I let him think it over.

"I'm sorry, man" I said.

He stood up & walked over to me. I instinctively stood up also. Just as he was getting his arms around me to give me an I'm-sorry-hug he hesitated.

"I'm sorry too Noah" he said, patting me on the side of my arm, then wiped his hand. He stood away & we did our little group handshake thing. We were cool again.

"You're soaking wet still" he pointed out.

"You were a pretty big ass to me this whole time."

"Shut up" he laughed, playfully hitting me in the arm. He looked at his watch.

"I gotta head back home now. I'll see you tomorrow at school" he said, turning to leave.

"K, bye" I said. I turned to look out the window, watching the rain batter the ground below. That's when the air conditioning came on. It was starting to get cold now. The heat wasn't working, so the place must have thought blasting freezing cold air in every room would help warm people up more than nothing.

He walked to the door & opened it to leave.


I turned around to see what happened.

Jaden was right there in the doorway. He had an umbrella in his hand. That was why he barely had a drop of water on his angelic figure. He was rubbing his head, just as Alex was. They must have hit heads.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I went to see you, but your dad said you were down here. I asked the guy downstairs if he had seen you & said you went upstairs. I had to go check every room & here I am" he responded.

"What's up with you two?"

"We worked everything out about that whole kissing thing. I have to go, I'll see you guys later" said Alex, walking away.

"So..." said Jade, walking in & closing the door behind him, locking it. This made me smile automatically. He put his umbrella down on the couch.

"So what?"

"So, what happened?"

"Oh. I just explained to him that it was all a mistake & that Sarah had kissed me, not the other way around."

He smiled warmly at me.

"You're such a cool person Noahy."

"For once I'm cool & not hot? That hurts..." I said & turned toward the window. His face twisted into confusion. But after a second, he started to smile again, realizing that I was just fooling around.

"Now I'm all upset & sad. Hold me" I pouted.

He smiled & came over to me. He wrapped his warm, strong, but toned arms around my torso, coming together at my stomach. He soothingly started to massage my flat belly. Oh how I loved how he took care of me. His body was warm & soft against mine. He seemed to have just showered recently. He slightly smelled of strawberry. Probably shampoo.

Now I was really cold. The AC was freezing & my teeth started to chatter, but Jade couldn't hear it. The fact that I was still drenched from the rain didn't help. But I was more focussed on him than the cold.

His fingers were like feathers, brushing lightly over my stomach. His breath smelled of candy, it was so sweet. I could feel the light wisp of air he breathed out on the back of my neck. I felt his head lean forward against mine.

"You ok Noahy?" he asked with concern.

"You're shivering."

"I'm cold..." I whispered, my voice shaking.

I could feel his well defined chest moving up & down with every breath he took against my back. He tightened his arms around me & got even closer to me, if that was even possible.

"You're cold cause you're soaking wet."

He snuck his hands under my wet t-shirt & rested his warm hands right on my belly. I couldn't help but let the tiniest moan come out. Having his warm hands placed gently on my wet & frozen body was absolute heaven.

It was so warm & comforting I could have fallen asleep & not even know it.

I relaxed my body, resting it against his. I closed my eyes, just wanting to be like that forever. I could almost hear him smiling.

"What?" I chuckled, my eyes still closed.

"It's just that...this is our thing. You leaning against me, just like this. I love it."

"Me too" I said quietly.

We started to gently sway side to side, just looking out the window, watching the rain fall. I felt him kiss the back of my neck.

Jade & I stayed like that for what I wish was forever, but really about 10 minutes. We hadn't said a word, rather we just enjoyed being in the others' presence. I was drying off, but slowly. I was starting to freeze again & not even Jade's warmth & love was helping. I started to shiver again.

"Let's get you out of these cold, wet clothes" he whispered in my ear in the raspy but hot voice he had. I could feel his hands travel down to where the top of my shorts were. He unbuttoned the top & slowly slid the zipper down.

He dug his hand into my shorts, then my boxers & started to grope my boyhood. I was getting aroused from this.

"Ok..." I said sleepily.

Soon, my erection was sticking out of my shorts & boxers. He used his free hand to push down my shorts & boxers to the floor.

By now, Jade was jerking me off with my shorts on the floor while he continued to hold me in his arms & warm me up from the cold of both my damp clothes & the AC.

"Ya know what?" he asked.

"What?" I said.

"You're hot when you have a white shirt on & it's all wet. Makes it see-through" he told me as he kissed my cheek warmly. He then proceeded to lifting my wet shirt over my head & throwing it down with my shorts & boxers. I now stood in only socks.

"Yeah? You know when you're hot?" I asked.


"Usually right before this" I said, turning my head & planting a hard kiss right on his lips. I stuck my tongue in & found his. The glided over each other like butter on a hot pan.

The harder I kissed Jade, the faster he stroked me. My breathing was becoming more rapid & heavy.

That's when my legs started to get weak. I knew I wouldn't last much longer with him pleasuring me like this.

I tried to keep the kiss going, but when that heavenly sensation in my groin overwhelmed me, my mouth left his. I let out a small series of grunts as I blew 4 hot, sticky loads of cum onto the floor, 2 more blasts spilling onto his hand.

My chest was heaving & my legs were tired.

Jade lifted his hand to his mouth & licked the cum off his hand.

He took my hand & lead me over to the couch. He lay down on it, then, lay me down next him. He was spooning me now. He threw his left arm over me, we cuddled up.

"Hey, guess what?" I said.


"I'm not cold anymore."

We both laughed together.

I felt his nose nuzzle into the back of my neck. From there, us two boys drifted off for a while, only to waken when we heard something at the door, which was locked. We stood up right away & tried to make ourselves more presentable. I threw on my clothes faster than I had when Collin had almost caught us in my room.

The manager came into the room with some keys. He had unlocked the door.

"Sorry to wake you two up, but Dade's is closed. Has been for the last 20 minutes."

We looked out the window. The sky was black. We must have fallen asleep for at least 4 hours.

We both arrived at our own homes after we left. Before we went to our different houses, we kissed & said good-night.

Today had been a good day. Everything was cool now.
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Chapter 7: We Cool?
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