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 Chapter 12: One Condition

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PostSubject: Chapter 12: One Condition   Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:34 am

I woke up with possibly the worst headache I think a creature could have. Right behind my eyes is where it hurt the most. I had a particulary sore spot a little behind my left temple. My body was also really achey.

As my eyes flickered into focus, I realized I was on the floor. Somehow, in the middle of the night I had ended up...oh. NOW I remembered how I got here. I looked up on the bed.

Travis was sleeping peacefully, a barely audible snore coming from him. I watched as his back raised & lowered with each breath. He was facing me with his mouth slightly open. I smiled to myself. Ending up on the floor naked, with my boyfriend, also naked, in my bed when his parents were out at a funeral for the next two days could only mean one thing.

And that very thing was starting to rise between my legs as I started to recall the previous evening.

I suddenly heard Travis yawn. I looked up over at him & when his eyes openeed very sleepily, he gave me a little smile.

"Hi," I whispered.

"Hi," he whispered.

"Time to get up," I said quietly & soothingly.

He shook his head. I smiled.

"C'mon, what if I make bacon & eggs?" I said.


"Bacon & eggs & pancakes?" I tried again.


"Bacon, eggs, pancakes & waffles?"

I got nothing.

"Ugh. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles & french toast?"

He considered it.

"You kidding me? Bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast &...cereal?" I said. Damn.

"What kind of cereal?" he asked, clearly still not awake yet.

I leaned in & gently kissed his lips between words.

"Froot Loops...Cinammon Toast Crunch...Lucky Charms...& Reces Puffs," I whispered.

"Can I have Cinammon Toast Crunch?" he replied softly.

I kissed his cheek.


I got up, put on some T-Rex boxers & walked towards my door.

"You're cleaning up after though," I chuckled.

As I left my room, I heard Travis groan loudly. I laughed. How ironic...

He was groaning last night & had to pick our mess.


"I'm sleepy," Travis said after we ate breakfast while we watched some tv.

"You just woke up like an hour ago," I laughed.

"Yeah, but all them stuff you made me made me sleepy again."

"I made your breakfast so you would WAKE UP, not go back to sleep."

He moved clsoer to me on the couch & lied his head on my lap. I ran my fingers through his hair, messing it up a little.

"You ok?" I asked.

"What d'ya mean?"

"You seem very tired today."

"It's nothing..."

"I didn't ask 'what is it?', I asked if you were ok," I pointed out.

"Oh..." he said, dumbfounded.

"What's up?"

"Well...my parents asked me the other day if I'd like to go back to Oklahoma with them."

I stared at him in disbelief at him.

"You're...you're moving back?"

He laughed.

"No, I mean on a two week vacation after school lets out."

I sighed.

"Don't scare me you jerk," I smiled.

"Haha. So anyway, I'm kind of debating whether or not to go. I mean, it ain't like I'm never gonna see the farm again, but I didn't think it'd be this soon after we moved."

"That makes sense."

"And I was wondering, if I DO go...would you wanna come Connor?"

"Me? Why me?"

"Because you're my boyfriend, what d'ya think?"

"Oh I don't know Travis...visiting your hometown?" I said, a little unsure of this.

"You could see where I grew up, & what my house looked like, the farm, maybe meet some o' my old buddies...just think about it. Plus, I never really came out back there. Maybe you could help me?" he asked, puppy eyed. Ugh.

"I'll think about it," I said flatly.

"Naw, c'mon, don't think. DO."

"Hun, I have to ask if I can go first."

"Promise you will?"

I grinned.

"On one condition."


I kissed him passionately on the mouth, running my bottom lip over his.

"You let me have the wildest, craziest sex with you right now that we've ever had," I said in a sexy, but cool voice into his ear.

"That's all I have to do? That's not so hard," Travis giggled.

I kissed him again.

"No, but THIS seems pretty hard," I replied, giving his boner a small squeeze.

As Travis continued to kiss me, I reached my fingers into his boxer briefs, running my thumb over his warm, slimy precum-covered cock head. It was soft & squishy, & every time I squeezed it a little bit, his juices would pour out. I rubbed my hand up & down his boyhood, lubing up his iron hard boyhood.

Travis ran his hand over my chest, using the very tip of his fingernail to tickle my nipple. He lightly tried grabbing at it, like he was trying to pull it off my chest with his thumb, index & middle fingers. The feeling was unique & it gave me goosebumps in the surrounding area.

I brought my other hand to the waistband of his underwear & pulled them down. He had to raise his hips to let me slide them off his body. When they were past his his legs, his six inch cock sprang out, flicking tiny drops of gooey pre ejaculate into my face, where he then kissed & licked it off, tasting his own juices on his warm tongue. When his tongue met my lips, I sucked on it slightly, tasting him. I ran my lips over his, feeling his breath coming from his nose onto my top lips.

Making my way down his warm body, I kissed him all over. From his neck, to his shoulders, to both nipples, to his torso, to his belly button, which he laughed when I stuck my tongue in. Apparently he was ticklish there.

When I made my way to his bush of light colored pubes, I breathed in his scent. It smelled of sweat, heat & boyness. I loved it. I licked up & down his penis, coating it in a thin layer of saliva. I flicked my tongue across his scrotum, causing both sweaty balls to squinch & shrivel for only a few moments.

I moved up to his cummy dick. I started to slowly suck his cock & tried to get as much in my mouth as I could. I then started to slowly suck on it. My tongue began to get adventurous as it started to lick, and rub, and massage Travis' shaft and head of his cock.

One of my hands reached up and began to massage his balls as I continued to suck on his now hard cock. I began to suck harder, my head bobbing up and down on his hot cock. Travis moaned in pleasure as I took his cock in my mouth and sucked, sucked, sucked. I could taste his precum as it leaked out of his cock head; it just turned me on more.

"Auuuhhhh..." he moaned. I felt Travis wrap his legs around my shoulders as I was on the floor sucking his cummed filled cock & balls. I could feel his toes curling with erotic pleasure & sexual tension in his body.

I decided to try something new for both of us.

I scooted down a little bit lower. Then, I started running my tongue over the area between his ballsack & his anus. I had heard from somewhere that that area was very sensitive, & that was confirmed when Travis squirmed under my touch.

"Ohhh god...uuuugh."

I coated the area with my tongue. I found my way to his tight, puckered hole. I slobbered over the entry way, lubricating it. When I felt it was good enough, I made up my mind & dove my tongue into him.

I could distantly feel jerking motion from right above me. When I glanced up, Travis was jerking his cock, his hand a blur.

I went back to rimming him. After a few moments, I could feel his hole loosening up a bit. Obviously it was still too tight to fit my whole tongue in, but I was able to slip in some. Suddenly, I felt a very warm, smooth texture on my tongue & I knew that I was actually licking inside. I wasn't completely sure if I liked it or not, but it didn't seem so bad. Plus, Travis was going crazy about it.

He was moaning loudly, masturbationg furiously & humping his ass into my ass. His legs were still wrapped tight around my neck now.

"Connor, that feels amazing...where did you learn that?" he panted.

When you watch porn as much as I do, you're bound to pick up a few things, am I right?

As I continued to jam & flick my tongue around in his hole, I felt movement from him. I looked up & saw his balls tighten. Travis started sucking in his gut with short rapid breaths. Less than a second later, four hot spurts of cum rocketed out of his piss slit, mostly landing on his chest & tummy, but some landing on my head.

I figured since I got him off, I was done, so I lifted up.

I let Travis cool down a bit until he could talk without panting every half second.

"That was pretty cool Connor..." he got out.

"Your welcome," I smiled teasingly.

"Thank you," we both laughed.

I snuggled up next to him, resting my head on his shoulder close to his neck, my hair just browsing the side of his angelic face.

"My turn," he said. I laughed.

"Nu uh. You can give me some stuff some other time. Right now, I just wanna lay with you."

"Suits me," he responded.

For the next two & a half hours, we just chilled & relaxed, watching some tv & played video games. After that, we made love again, but he still didn't give me my own special treatment. Fine by me. He'd give it to me when I told him to haha.


The day after when I left, Travis stopped me before I walked out.

"You gonna come with us to Oklahoma Connor?"

I forgot about that part.

I nodded. Reluctantly.

He squealed a 'yippie', or something to that extent & hugged me. I said my goodbye's & left then.

I couldn't wait to see where Travis came from.

Just like I couldn't wait to put a pen through my eye...

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 12: One Condition
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