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 Chapter 12: Sign in Stranger

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PostSubject: Chapter 12: Sign in Stranger   Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:33 pm

Jade got a detention. I suppose I should have gotten one, too, but I'm not about to go back in time & wish I did.

When I have wood shop, he has English, which is in the room right across the hallway. So during the whole class, we mouthed words & did little things with our hands to each other. At one point however, I saw his face turn white & his eyes dart off to the side. The teacher was scolding him. He got a detention for not paying attention. Oh well.

So I was without a boyfriend on the bus ride home. But I compensated by talking with some classmates sitting around me.

Anyway, when I got home, I went to take a shower & wash all the sawdust off my body. Afterwards, I'd watch some TV & wait until Jade could get back.

I went into the bathroom & turned on the faucet. I waited a few seconds for it to warm up.

I stepped back & started to unbutton my flannel shirt. I shucked it off & let it fall to the floor. I brought my hands to the bottom of my white t-shirt & lifted it over my head & threw it to the side. I started to unbuckle my belt & then unbuttoned my jeans. I let them drop to the floor, followed by my boxers. Then I took my socks off.

I stepped into the shower & let the warm water coat my body. It felt relaxing & it got any sawdust right off me. I felt my hair being matted down on my head as it took the water onto it.

The soap was on the little shelf thing, so I reached for it. I put it in one hand & soaped up my hands. With that, I soaped up my torso, followed by under my arms & whatever I could get on my back, then up & down my legs. I finished with between my legs. I ran my soapy hands over my soft shaft & then my inner thighs.

Next I brought my hands across my lower back. Then I moved up higher. My soapy fingers glided over my wet skin & cleaned it. I washed my arms next, making sure to get my hands also.

I stepped more directly into the running water & let it rinse the soap off. I saw my stomach glisten from the moisture & ran my hand over it. I started to move my hand downward until it reached my semi-hard dick. I played with it a little bit, probing it through my fingers. It became harder & harder.

Eventually, I started to stroke myself slowly, picking up speed though. My other hand played with on my pecs while I closed my eyes & took it all in: my pleasured dick, my other hand & the warm water. My breathing got a little heavier as my jacking got faster.

I moved my other hand from my chest to my hole. I didn't push my finger in, but rather I just sort of stimulated the area. I darted my finger around quickly, the same speed I was using to stroke my dick. The combined actions were pushing me over the edge.

Within a few seconds, I felt my nutsack pull up into my body & I got that tingly feeling in my groin. My body shook from it & the next thing I knew, I felt warmth dribbling down my fingers. I shook the cum off my fingertips & then washed my hands again. I washed my hair with strawberry smelling shampoo & then rinsed my hair. I got out.

I flicked on the switch on to the vent. I shut the lights off, picked up my clothes & put them in the hamper. I walked out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around my waist.

I went into the kitchen & made myself a snack. Some potato chips & a Mountain Dew. Just then, the phone rang. I walked over to it & picked it up.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hi, Noah?" said a voice.


"It's Mark Lole."

"Oh hey. What's up?" I asked, wondering why he was calling me.

"Not much. Listen, can I ask you a favor?"

"Depends on what it is" I said slowly.

"Well, I was kind of thinking of maybe talking to the principal & asking if the school can start a GSA program. He said that he'll try, but that I need to get at least 50 people to agree with me. So I was wondering if you'd wanna help?" he explained.

"Why me?" I asked Mark.

"I dunno, I guess I just thought that you'd support it & all. Unless you're against gays. You're not, are you?" There was a glimmer of hostility in his voice.

"No, of course not."

"So you're up for it?" he asked, now with hope in his voice.

"I don't know Mark...maybe..." I replied.

"Oh c'mon. You said you're not against it, so why not?"

"Maybe Mark, I'll have to think about it"

"So is that a 'yes'?"

"No, it's a maybe."

"Ok" he said, "Well, when you come up with your answer, come find me, 'k?"


"Alright. See ya tomorrow."


I hung up the phone. Uh oh. I didn't want this backfiring. That's when I heard the front door open. It scared me because I was only in a towel & I was still kind of wet. That's when Jade walked around the corner. I sighed in relief.

He looked me up & down.

"Am I in heaven?" he said with a sly grin.

"Not for long" I said.

"Huh?" He gave me a confused look.

"Mark Lole just called me."


"He asked if I would help him establish a GSA at school. He needs 50 supporters in order to get the administration's approval" I told him.

"And you told him yes, right?" he trailed off, waiting for me to finish.

I gave him an 'I'm sorry' smile.

"You said no?!"

"Jade! People automatically think that if a boy joins GSA that he's gay."

"But we ARE gay, Noah" he responded.

"Thank you detective, I didn't know that."

"Look, don't you think we should support this? I mean c'mon."

"I know, but still. Until I feel comfortable with letting people know, then I'm not joining. I just don't need to be made fun of Jade, I can't."

He walked over to me & wrapped his arms around me. I did the same.

"I understand that. And to be honest, I agree. It's automatically assumed by people that boys joining GSA are gay. So you don't have to. But I think I will. Is that ok?" he said, his hands running over my bare back. It was soothing.

"Yeah. But um, can you..."

"I know, I know. I won't mention having a boyfriend & especially you."

"Thanks" I sighed, resting my head on his shoulder & closing my eyes. I was tired. He began moving his hands down my back. I pulled away.

"I'm too tired to do anything. Sorry."

He smiled.

"Don't be sorry. Another time. But for now, let's get you out of that wet towel" he said, urging me towards the hallway where the stairs to my room were.

"Yeah I don't think so" I laughed.

"I promise I'll be good" he said, crossing his heart. I raised an eyebrow to him.

"I promise! Really!"


We went up to my room & he helped me pick out some comfy clothes to wear. We just hung out the rest of the night like pals. No fooling around, no naughtiness. He slept over & we slept in my bed, him spooning me.

"G'night" I said, turning my head & giving him a peck on the lips.

"Night" he replied, giving me a kiss back. I snuggled in close to him & just let myself drift off into sleep.
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Chapter 12: Sign in Stranger
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