Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 1: Like a Band-aid

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Like a Band-aid   Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:23 pm

Usually the new kid has only moved once or twice, right? Not me. Not my-fucking-self. I've never stayed more than two years at the same school. In fact, there have been times where I had to move in a matter of months, putting me in three schools in one year. My uncle serves in the US military, so all my life, I've been moved around the country every time he gets stationed somewhere new. I hated it.

It's hard enough keeping in touch with old friends, let alone making new ones. Being a senior in high school is a time that all kids should forward to, or at least be excited about. Not me. What state I'd be living in next was what was always on MY mind. My uncle never bothered to actually listen to me whenevr I complained. I usually got either physically put down my him or, if I was lucky, only verbally put down when I argued with him to stay in one place or another.

I never knew my parents. Good ol' mommy was a prostitute who got knocked up by a customer one night at a hotel. Dear dad left the picture after that one night. Mom was stuck for nine months with me. What prostitute wants a baby to take care of? She did what any good whore would do & got rid of me by shoving me off to her brother, my uncle, who didn't want me, the day after I came out. Needless to say, I wasn't very popular as a newborn.

Growing up with a neglectful uncle wasn't the most fun childhood. When I was little, anytime I would cry, for any reason, Uncle Ray would call me names, like crybaby, wuss & more. As I got older, I learned that he was attempting to toughen me up & I grew to both fear & highly respect my uncle. I respected him as an authority figure however, not as a human being. Let me tell you; if I could switch my uncle for legitimate, loving parents, I would. Whether or not he actually loved me, I'll never know. He just never showed it. And that was the most important thing I learned growing up. Never show your emotions. At least not the weak emotions.

Through my school years, I began to notice that some of my schoolmates were a little scared of me. I was aggressive, sarcastic, never serious & cold. Around sixth grade, I was pretty much a loner. Nobody really wanted to be friends with the class ass. My fist year of high school welcomed me with some friends who were similar to me. I was basically labeled as one of the 'leather jacket-wearing, cool kids', even though I never wore leather.

I had considered myself bisexual in eighth grade, but then declared myself gay in nineth grade, which was a bad idea, since at the time, my uncle & I were living in New Orleans. And we all know how the south generally accepts gays.

After freshman year, I moved to New York for sophmore & junior year. Being in a more liberal state felt better. I wasn't looked down on as badly by my peers for those years.

Came out to my uncle when I was 16. Boy. Talk about what you didn't fucking expect.

It had actually been the first time in years I was scared of something. It took me four days to get the stones to tell him, but I eventually did. I had expected him to yell, scream, beat, curse & whip. Instead, what I got was an angry snort & a "well, at least you're not the faggy kind; you're tough." With the exception of "that didn't suck TOO much," it was the nicest thing he had ever said to me.

Now, I was in my senior year of high school & open to all who ask. I had also moved to Seattle. I always let people know about me. But it's one of the very few REALLY personal things I tell people. Uncle Ray always told me to never let on too much. So telling people I'm gay is one of the few things I let on. Other than that, I tell the basic things & let people know a little about me.

I'm 5'10". I've always been told my gene pool has always been skinny, but since I grew up with a military uncle, I stay a little buffer than I would have normally been; built, but trim. I have medium length dirty blond hair, which most of my ex boyfriends liked longer. But because I don't like being told what to do, I keep it this way, the way I like. I wore a small white necklace made of tiny white rocks that another military friend of my uncle had given me when I was 10. I never took it off
because it was the first gift I ever received from an adult for no apparent reason.

So back to the first day of school.

The only good thing I liked was the number of other gay kids in my grade. There had to be at least 10 of them, all with different features. I figured I had a good chance with any of them. If I do say so myself.

Jacob was a pretty little thing. He was on the shorter side of the scale, maybe 5'5". He had delicate features; long blong hair, light brown eyes, plump red lips & a thin frame. I smiled to myself thinking, he could pass as a feminine boy, or a masculine girl. Jacob seemed to be a HUGE supporter of gay rights, considering on the first day of school, he handed out flyers to everyone telling them to love unconditionally. I judged him to be obnoxious. I wasn't a big fan of people like that.

Angel was a handsome son of a bitch. I heard he was part Hispanic, part German. The black hair & dark brown eyes were a perfect contrast to his lighter colored skin. He was also a pretty tall guy, averaging probably 6'4". He had a petite nose & a long neck. Angel reminded me of a dinosaur. Except, unlike a dinosaur, Angel was very quiet & solitary. He hung out & followed his friends around, but other than that, he was a shy giant.

Steven was a cutie. I usually didn't like redheads, but he was one hell of an exception. It was dark red hair, like red flames being shadowed. He had light blue eyes. You could easily tell he was Irish. He seemed to be close friend with Jacob. They were both fairly flamboyant.

Trent was hot. Pure & simple. He kept his hair very short, from a crew cut or a buzz cut. I liked him the most because he seemed to like the same sort of things I did. He was also a bad boy, which I had always had a thing for. I had my fingers crossed for him. I liked his big green eyes. They seemed so friendly against his bad boy self. He, unlike me, wore the leather jacket. We didn't care about our orientation. We were gay. Simple as that. We didn't need to tell others to 'love everyone' equally. He didn't seem to be friends with the other gay kids.

The last kid I knew anything about was Caleb. He was pretty cute. He stood at maybe 5'8". Short black hair & pure blue eyes. I wasn't all that into him though. While he had the looks, something about his character was a turn-off for me. He didn't act gay & flamboyant like Jacob & Steven, yet he was big, really big, on the whole human rights thing also. The two things contrasted with each other & I didn't like it.

I had figured this all out at lunch. I sat with Trent & his friends, hoping they'd let me in while I adjusted to the new school. That's how I knew so much about him. I watched the table where Jacob, Steven & Caleb sat. Angel was with them, listening.

"How long has everyone known that they're all gay?" I asked Trent at lunch. We clicked the moment I sat down that day.

"Not sure about Steven & Angel, they were the new kids in nineth grade & 11th grade. They started hanging out with Jacob & Caleb when they came. Jacob, people have kinda always know. He's always been such a girl. Haha," Trent explained.

"In elementary school, we used to 'mistake' him for a girl, mostly cause he would occasionally come to school with his mom's makeup on," said Brian, one of Trent's friends at the table.

The guys shared all shared a laugh. I smiled, getting the impression that they could safely make gay jokes even though they knew Trent was gay himself. I liked it. It was a level of comfort that people usually didn't experience. It was like always making racist jokes, even though you weren't really racist, but then stopping once a black kid sat at the table. Not in this case. In this case, the black kid made his own racist jokes. That was what it was like. Being able to laugh at yourself.

"I can't stand faggy gays. Why the hell can't they just like boys, while BEING a boy," said Trent.

"I know," said Zack. Zack was another friend of Trent's. At the table was myself, Trent, Brian, Zack, Ally, Rafik, Jason & Julie.

"What about Caleb?" I asked.

"What ABOUT Caleb?" said Trent.

"Well, how long have people known about him?"

The group looked at each other & grinned wickedly. I started smiling myself for no reason.

"In 9th grade, Caleb was in the locker room & someone caught him sucking off another student who doesn't go here anymore. He denied it for a few weeks but then caved & just came out," said Rafik.

My jaw dropped & I started laughing.



"Aww guys, stop. It humiliated him," said Ally.

"Yeah but at least he came to terms," Julie laughed.

Ally seemed to be the only one with any form of compassion at the table. Of course, I had to get to know everyone better, but I had first contact judgements already placed in my head.

The rest of lunch followed with typical conversation. The gang told me about some of the school teachers, what there was to do around here, who to hang around, who NOT to hang around, etc.

After lunch, I went to my classes & experienced my last first day of school. I was happy about it. I had just wanted it to be over, fast & painless.


When school was over, I drove back home which took about 15 minutes. During the ride, I was bored listening to the radio & my CDs, so I stuck my hand down my pants & began to play pocketpull with myself. It only got me semi-hard, but it was enough to make getting home a priority.

As I pulled into the driveway & brought my stuff into my house, I dropped the stuff in my room once I was up there. I threw myself onto my bed & whipped out my cock. I took out a Playgirl magazine from behind my pillow & opened it up, my eyes glued to the naked men before me.

I took out some KY lube that a friend from Dallas had given me. I squeezed out some of it & applied it to my now rock hard cock. I started stroking my hand up & down, the sliding motions causing emense pleasure throughout my penis. With my free hand, I reached down & began inserting my middle finger into my ass. When I had sunk it deep enough into my bowels, I wiggled it around, searching for my prostate.

Soon enough, my hand was a blur to my own eyes. The friction caused the lube to warm, causing even more sensation to help the process.

I bent my knees up, allowing more access to my ass for my finger. I sutck more of my finger in, fucking myself with the digit. At one point, my body was zapped with a split second of sexual magnitude, I also blew my cum right at the moment. I had hit my prostate, a thing I had only accomplished touching three times before. It was unbelievably stimulating.

After that I removed my finger from my ass & played with my nutsack. They were full of cum & sweaty from the sexual heat. I rolled them around in my fingers, feeling the heat coming from my balls.

I decided I would try something I had discovered when I was 15. The thought excited me more, but I had to cease what I was doing & re-posistion myself.

I placed myself in the center of my bed & removed all my clothing. I tossed my clothes on the floor, leaving myself hot, horny, sweaty & naked.

I lay flat on my back & breathed in slowly. I took a big breath & brought my legs up over my head, so I was facing my crotch right above me. Because of my physical work outs all my life, I had become flexible all over my body, including my back.

I pushed my legs down, lower to my face. When it was close enough, I stuck my tongue out, flicking the head of my own cock. I wanted to pace myself before I went any further, so I continued licking the sticky, warm head of my cock.

After a few moments of that, I pushed my cock farther into my warm mouth. I closed my eyes in ecstacy as my own tongue glided as it pleased over the entire head of my cock. I began to bounce my legs up & down, literally fucking my own mouth. The movements caused more of my cock to slide down my throat. By now, half of my penis was in my mouth & throat.

I sucked, kissed & licked all around my shaft, which was now wet & warm with my saliva. I stuck the tip of my tongue into the piss slit, sending chills through me. I lapped up all the precum that was spilling out of me. I loved eating my own junk. But getting it from the source was infinitely better.

Several minutes went by & by then, three fourths of my dick was in my mouth. I sucked on my dick gently, treating it like any other member I had sucked. I licked the head tenderly, wrapping my tongue around it. My cock head was soft & plushy.

Suddenly, I felt the cum in my testicles bubbling up & soon enough, my mouth was flooded with my own semen, pouring our of my throbbing cock. It felt like gallons of it, drained from my balls right back into my body. Because I hadn't had any relief in a week, there was a ton of cum gushing into my mouth, covering my tongue, gums, teeth & throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but because there was so much, a tiny trickle leaked from the side of my lips. When I had swallowed the rest, I licked the rest up.

I rolled back onto my back & lay there, exhausted & spent. I was about to close my eyes & drift off to sleep when the door bell rang. Shit.

I jumped up, threw on a muscle shirt & some jeans, & headed to my window to see who it was. I couldn't make out the face because they were close to the door & looking off the other way. I walked downstairs & answered the door.

I surprised to see that Caleb kid standing in front of me.

"Oh hey. You're the new kid, right?" he asked.

"Yup," I said. I was sick of welcomings.

"Cool. I'm Caleb," he said gleefully. He extended his hand out to shake mine. I stared at it for a moment & then looked back at him, ignoring his hand. He pulled it back when he got the point.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, not in the mood for talking.

"Just came over to say hi & officially welcome you to Seattle. Unless you were already living here but didn't go to our school. Are you from around here?"

"No," I replied.

"Oh. Where are you from?" he asked.

I exhaled through my nose. The kid was annoying.


"Oh, so are you gonna be here the rest of the year?"

I sighed. "I don't know. Maybe."

"Ok. Well hope you stay. It's fun around here. Maybe we could even hang out some time," he beamed. Hell no.

"Yeah, maybe. Look, I got to go," I said, starting to close the door.

"Ok. Oh wait, to let you know, I just live three blocks that way. So if you ever need anything, just stop by. It's the green house with the separate garage."

"Thanks. I'll see you later," I said, trying to close the door again. But again, Caleb intervened.

"I think our first period class tomorrow is the same. We could be homework buddies or something."

I grunted quietly.

"Sure, maybe. Bye," I said.

Just as I was inches from a closed door, I felt him push the door back, preventing me from closing it all the way.

"One last thing. What's your name again?" he asked.

"Rory," I said, closing the door with enough force to push him out.


What an annoying little fucker.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 1: Like a Band-aid
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