Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 14: Howdy

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PostSubject: Chapter 14: Howdy   Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:22 am

Day 2

For the rest of our trip in Oklahoma we stayed at a hotel closer to the city. As both expected & hoped for, Travis & I got our own room. I could only imagine what we could do in there. Well actually. Not so much imagine as wait for.

We were taken around all the old places that Travis used to hang out around, including his old schools, restaurants, cafes, etc. Along the way, the family wanted to say hi to some old friends. So we split up. Since Travis knew the area outside of the city intimately, we went together while his folks went out on their own way. We all decided to meet up back at the hotel in five hours.

"You want to meet my old friends?" he asked me.

"Right now?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"Uh, sure," I said.


We made our way through the suburbs, Travis showing me every little detail like a little kid wanting to know everything around him.

We made our way down Wayson Street.

"This is my friend Patrick's house," he told me.

"Patrick was my best friend before I moved. I used to have this crush on him. When I realized that I liked him like that, that was when I was questioning my sexuality," said Travis.

He started walking up the walkway. I followed.

A few moments after opened the screen door & knocked, an absolutely enormous woman opened the door with a spatula in one hand with a whole chicken in the other. When she saw who had knocked, her eyes burst open & she threw everything she was holding onto a nearby table.

"TRAVIS!! OH my sweet boy! C'mere!" she said, yanking him into a huge hug. His arms were stuck & he couldn't even get them out to give her a hug back. In fact, she was so big she was lifting him off the floor a bit.

"Hi Annie," he said sheepishly as she gave him a couple kisses on the cheek.

"We missed you so much. How have you been? Where are your folks?" she asked excitedly.

"I've been all right I reckon. We've been living in NYC & my folks are off somewhere visiting people I guess."

"That's neat. Well, here, come on it & make yourselves at home. Pat's not here right now but he should be home in a couple minutes. I'm just putting away some stuff & then I need to go to the market. So you can just wait here 'til Pat returns," Annie told us as she grabbed the chicken, walked over to the oven, threw it in & turned it on.

Just then she noticed there was another being next to Travis.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

"My name's Connor," I said.

"It's lovely meeting you," she said, then giving me a hug. She seemed very friendly.

"Well I gotta go. See you boys soon," she said. With that, she grabbed her purse & left us.

"So now what?" I asked.

"We could watch tv?" said Travis.

"All right," I shrugged.

We walked over to the couch & sat down. I grabbed the remote, turned on the tv & put my arm around Travis' waist as we waited for his friend to come home.


About 10 minutes later, Travis moved.

"I gotta go to the bathroom," he said, giving me a kiss.

"Like I needed to know," I replied.

"Well you would have begged to know," he said.

"Psh, yeah."

Travis headed off to the bathroom. I turned my attention back to the tv. We were in the middle of the sex scene in the movie Shut Down. It didn't do much for me, needless to say. I lay back & watched the man & woman go at it. I yawned.

Just then, I heard the door open. I stood up quickly & looked to see who it was. When he saw me standing there, he froze.

"Who are you?" he asked cautiously.

I didn't answer at first. I was a bit too preoccupied with his chocolaty brown eyes underneath a mop of skater/boy band-like hair which was the color of the gold neck chain Travis had given to me for my birthday. He was maybe the same height as Travis, maybe just a little bit taller. Not to mention he was shirtless & apparently sweaty. He was skinny, but well defined arms. In my mind, I saw the world around him dark, with a light coming down from Heaven onto him. I knew it was stupid & cliche, but hey; can't a boy dream?

The kid was by undoubtedly hot. And I honestly thought about why in the world Travis would leave this place. I mean, come one. If I were him, I would have stayed. Just sayin. I had a dummy for a boyfriend.

"HEY! I said who are you?" he suddenly snapped. That brought me back.

I quickly darted my eyes to where Travis had walked off to the bathroom. I realized that I didn't want to be in this awkward situation. I prayed that he would come back soon so he could explain why this stranger was in this kid's house.

Suddenly the kid walked towards me.

"All right 'no name', you wanna play games? Let's play 'which is faster, you or my dad's shotgun'," he said as he brushed past me quickly towards a nearby bedroom. I sort of panicked at the idea of being shot.

"WAIT! I'm Connor," I said.

The kid, who I assumed at this point was Patrick, kept walking but replied as he entered his parents' bedroom.

"Ok. Still wanna play, Connor?" he called.

I made my way towards the door just as I heard the bathroom door open. Travis came out & looked at my questionably.

Just then, Patrick came out holding a shotgun in his hands. He noticed another person next to me & his eyes got wide.

"You still bluffin' with that ol' thing?" Travis laughed.

"Travis!" Patrick exclaimed. He dropped the gun & walked over to Travis, giving him a big friendly hug.

"What...when did you get here? How long have you been here? What...?" he stumbled.

"My folks & I just arrived the other day. We're here for a week. Yesterday we visited the old barn. Quite a family livin' there, I'll tell ya that."

"That's awesome!" said Pat.

His eyes fell down on me.

"Who's he?" said Pat.

"Oh, um," Travis started. "I actually kinda wanted t'talk t'you about that."

"We can sit," said Pat, waving us towards the couch. Travis & I sat down while he took the chair.

"Pat, this is Connor."

"Yeah, I know that much."

"Connor's my uh..." he looked at me a little lost. I could only look at him back. But then he smiled at me.

He turned back to Pat.

"Connor's my boyfriend," he said, sounding a little proud.

We watched Pat, waiting for a response. His eyebrows rose as he look back & forth between us.

"Him?" he said.

I was sooo not expecting an answer like that.


Pat shifted in his seat.

"You mean you're...into guys?"

"Yeah," Travis smiled.

Pat closed his eyes, trying to think.

"So, wait a sec...you're like, you're...gay?" he said.

"Yup. Watch," Travis replied, turning around to kiss me. I was taken aback at first. I felt a little uncomfortable, kissing like this in front of Travis' old best friend. I wanted to hear what he thought.

"See?" said Travis.

Pat looked at us like we had some disgusting coat of...something gross all over us.

"Travis...? You never..."

"I know. I never told you. I'm sorry."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"'Cause it was only around the time I was leaving that I realized I was gonna be livin' a new life & that I could get a fresh start."

Pat remained silent.

"Yeah...and then he moved up to New York & we met on the first day of school," I added. Pat's eyes quickly darted towards me. I took that as a cue to stay quiet. I didn't protest.

"Y'ok Pat?" Travis asked.

Pat leaned back into the chair.

"When did you figure it out?"

"Only a lil while after the whole...neighbor...incident," Travis told him, clearly uncomfortable now.

"You tellin' me that that ol' creep who did all those nasty things to you is the reason you're this gay now?!" Pat said angrily.

"Well, no, it ain't like that Pat..."

Pat walked over to the fridge & pulled out a coke.

"C'mon Pat..." said Travis.

Pat looked over at us, particularly glaring at me.

"So how long have you guys been...that," he said.

"Almost a year now," I said.

"I know this obviously concerns you, but keep the fuck out of what I'm saying to Travis, got it?" Pat snapped. I frowned. Being glared at & ignored was one thing. Talking to me like that bitch was was different.

"Kid, what the fuck have I done to you today to piss you off? I came here with Travis, your former best friend all the way down from New York City just so that he could say hi to all his old friends! I didn't do anything to you, so knock off your fucking attitude towards me," I hissed.

Before Pat could say anything, Travis stepped in.

"Guys, stop. Pat, can we talk?"

Pat hesitated.

"Not now..."

"Then later, 'k?"

The boy shrugged unenthusiastically.


We all just stood there for a few moments, none of us sure what to say.

I personally wanted to go back to the hotel & just have sex with Travis all night long, you know? Maybe not. But whether or not that would happen (which I would make sure it would), I just wanted to get out of here & let this kid get his damn head on straight. I could tell that what he was flipping out from was mostly the sudden shock of it, not Travis being gay himself. To be honest, if I was straight & then an old friend who I hadn't seen a little bit suddenly sprung on me that they were into boys instead, I'd probably be a little hysteric myself.

"All right...um, maybe we can come back in a couple days & talk 'bout a few things?" Travis said carefully.

"Not him," said Pat.

"Why not?"

"'Cause I reckon the only role he plays is your boyfriend. Other than that, he don't have nothin t'do with you bein'...homosexual."

Travis looked at me. I nodded.

"Fine. Connor won't be here, but I will."

Pat crossed his arms, unhappy, but satisfied about the fact he would get to catch up a little on Travis since he left.

"Maybe we better go..." I said cautiously.

"Maybe," Pat smirked.

Ticked, I started walking to the door. Travis wisely followed.

"I'll see ya later Pat," Travis said, giving a small wave. Pat nodded.


Day 3

At first, not much happened on the third day we were there. It had rained a good amount, so all we could do was wait until it stopped so that we could go out & do stuff.

We visited some of Travis' other friends. We informed all of them of Travis news. Most of them were perfectly fine with it. For a few, we got some discontented looks, but nonetheless neutral. The only person who took it worse than Pat was Marcus. The second Travis said he was gay, Marcus kicked us out. Travis said it didn't mean much, seeing how Marcus, although Travis had always acted friendly towards him, had never been a real friend anyway.

When we got back to the hotel, his mom & dad told us that we would visit just a couple more people, including Travis' friends who we hadn't visited yet. Travis & I complied & then retired to our room.

When I closed the door, I walked back to my bed & stripped down for the night. After I pulled my shirt off, I went to pull off my jeans.

"Damn you're cute," Travis said.

"Yeah, well..." I said nonchalantly, then cracking a smile. I got my pants & boxers off.

"Hahaha. I love the modesty," Travis said.

"It goes well with the cute bod," I said, shaking my bare booty in front of him. I went over to my bed & got under the covers as Travis started to get undressed himself.

While he was getting the rest of his clothes off, my phone rang. I reached for it & looked at the caller ID. "Home."

I picked it up.


"Hi Connor!" came a little voice.

"Hey Chris, what's up buddy?" I said to my 12 year old brother.

I could hear voices in the background.


"Connor, can you hear us?" I heard Chris ask. The voice sounded more hollow. I realized that they must have put me on speakerphone back at the house.

"Yup, loud & clear."

"Cool. Um...guess what?"


I could hear people, who I assumed were my parents, talking. It sounded like they were arguing or something. Finally I heard Chris say "Fine, I'll tell him."


I looked over at Travis; he was looking at me, confused.

"Ok, Connor, guess what?"


"We have really really really good news," said Chris, there was obviously excitement in his voice.

"What is it?"

"A couple weeks ago, we took your brother to the doctor's to run some tests. We didn't want to tell you about it because we wanted you to be excited & eager for your trip," I heard my dad say.

I froze.

"What kind of tests...?" I said. I didn't appreciate not being told about things like this involving my brother.

"Just general tests. We got the results last week, but we wanted to make sure you went on your trip instead of staying around here," said my mom.

I frowned.


I looked over at Travis.

"What's goin' on?" he whispered.

I waved him to shush.

"So...what's going on? What do the results say?" I asked.

There were some little, barely audible noises being made.

Then they came back to the phone.

I blocked out everything else around me so I could hear what he said.

And I heard it.

"I'M IN REMISSION!" Chris yelled into the phone.

I had no idea what he was talking about at first. But then it came to me...remission.

My eyes bulged open, my jaw hitting the floor.

"The doctor gave me a huge congratulations when he told us! Isn't that awesome?!" Chris exclaimed.

"Are you really in...well of course, it's, ya know...wow, that, that, that's awesome!" I said. I was speechless.

"So you're gonna have to get use to seeing me with a full head of hair soon, huh?" said Chris.

"Yeah, I, I guess so," I said.

My throat was clenched up a little bit. I don't think anything in my life could have made me happier to hear that Chris was officially in remission. I was starting to choke up. I couldn't stop smiling either.

"That's great Chris, it really is," I sniffled.

"Yeah. You ok?" he asked.

I gave a short laugh & wiped a small tear from my eye with my arm.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just...oh man. I'm just really happy. I would imagine you are, too? No more chemo right?"


I glanced at Travis. He looked really interested in what was going on. I smiled, knowing that what he didn't know was probably the happiest thing I had ever heard.

"We gotta go ok?" said mom.


"Love you Connor," I heard my little brother say, full of that glee only a kid can have.

I sniffled another laugh.

"Love you too buddy," I said.

"Bye," they all said. I said bye & then hung up.

"What's goin' on?" Travis asked.

Silently, I walked over to him & just slowly wrapped my arms around his neck & closed my eyes, smiling into his shoulder.

"Chris is in remission," I whispered.

"In simpleton terms Connor," Travis said.

I leaned back & looked at him.

"His cancer is gone. At least for a while."

His eyes widened & a huge smile spread across his face. He pulled me into the hug again.

"That's great Connor."

I sighed & just kept my arms around his neck. We swayed a little bit until we were actually slow dancing. It was a little weird dancing naked, but hey. My brother was done with cancer & who doesn't want to dance when their sibling is in the free zone?

I walked us over to my bed & brought both us down onto the blanket, my naked body now draping a leg over his own bareness.

"You know..." I said, planting light kisses on his neck, "I'm thinking we could...celebrate my brother's remission..."

"Yeah? Tell me about it."

"Well, we could snuggle up like this...and then, kiss each other now & then, like this...and then, we could put our hands where they wanna go, kinda like this...and then..." I said, doing each of them.

"Ya know city boy," Travis stopped me, "why don't you just show me instead of speakin' it?"

I smiled. He was right.

I figured since we were out in the country, I could get the chance to see what REAL doggie style was. I grinned to myself as I got down on my knees & tried to be the best bitch I could be.


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Chapter 14: Howdy
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