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 Chapter 15: Bed THEN Breakfast

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PostSubject: Chapter 15: Bed THEN Breakfast   Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:21 pm

Day 4

I woke to the sound of a boy moaning quietly, only to discover that it was me. I groggily, but eagerly opened my eyes. I saw Travis at the foot of the bed, his tongue slurring around the shaft of my rapidly hardening cock.

"Thanks Travis, I knew I couldn't start my day with a boner," I smiled. His eyes looked at me.

"Well ya know. I'm just tryin' to help," he laughed.

He wrapped his lips around my penis & began bobbing his head up & down. Each time his head came up, I could see the slickness of his spit on my shaft. When he sank, I could feel his lips & the tip of his nose in my pubic area. Travis reached up with both hands & held on to my hips while he orally loved me. His touch was so light as he moved his fingers over my hips, that it tickled & I got goosebumps.

Travis continued sucking me off, lapping at my spongy cock head which by this point was oozing clear precum. He slurped at it with his warm tongue. Anytime Travis' tongue hit my piss slit, it sent shivers down my spine.

He removed one of his hands from my hips & reached down to his own dick & started playing with his own dick. He didn't masturbate, but instead just fiddled with his rock hard penis which was pointing straight at me. I noticed his cock spilling precum from the tip. Travis had always leaked a lot of fluid before cumming & this time, he put the erotic juice to good use.

As he started fucking his face on my cock, a mighty fine job of which he was doing, he dabbled his finger tip around in his precum, which was drooling off his dick. He soaked his finger in it, lubing it up with his own goo. Travis proceeded to running his middle finger around the entrance to my asshole. I relaxed my hot body as I felt his finger enter me.

Travis' finger easily penetrated my anus, gliding into my rectum with no problem. He wiggled his finger in me, digging itself deeper & deeper into me. When I felt that his middle finger was buried in my ass up to its knuckle, I closed my eyes. I felt him begin to pull his finger out almost all the way, only to be followed by shoving it back in hard. With each time it sank into me, a low groan escaped my mouth.

At one point, I felt another digit at my backdoor. This time it was a little more difficult to get in, but Travis nonetheless made it.

By now, I had Travis sucking & licking at my slicked up cock while two of his fingers fucked me deep in my love hole. I sighed with sexual satisfaction.

But satisfaction is not the same as relief. Which I was dying to reach.

Unfortunately Travis didn't quite see it that way, considering that within seconds of my orgasm, he pulled his hot mouth off my cock & his two fingers out of my anus.

"Uhhh..." I moaned when his fingers came out.

"You wanna cum?" Travis asked with an evil grin.

"Oh god...yeah..."

He crawled up to me & whispered in my ear, "Then fuck me."

I laughed at his blatant request.

Sometimes Travis wasn't in the romantic mood. He just wanted the job done.

He moved forward to the head of the bed while I moved further down to place myself right behind his behind. Travis remained on his knees while I took my cum filled cock in my hand & lined it up to his 'love tunnel' as he called it now & then.

Even though by now we had had anal sex dozens of times, it was still a little tight to get my hard penis in his hole, but that only made the pleasure better. I groaned as my dick was buried deep into Travis' bowels until I felt my pubes brush against his stretched asshole, filling his insides with my cock.

I looked down to see where my cock disappeared into Travis. The edge of his asshole engulfing my dick was a turn on, & I began to slowly hump my hips into my boyfriend.

Travis began to moan as my cock plunged into him. I placed my hands on his back & shoulders. His skin was smooth & gorgeously tanned.

I started to pick up the pace a little, my cock thrusting faster into his ass. The only sounds in the room were Travis' low moans, the slight squeaking of the bed, & my cum filled balls slapping against his ass as I pumped my cock into his fuck hole.

"Uhh..." he babbled subconsciously. I could feel him beginning to push his hips back a little, trying to suck more of my dick into his ass. I moaned myself as I felt my cock sliding against his tight rectum.

Harder and faster my cock had fucked until with a strained grunt of pleasure, my cock had pumped hot jism into his bowels. I could feel my cock head expanding as what seemed like a gallon of thick semen flooded into Travis.

As I recovered from my amazing orgasm, I heard Travis moan. I figured he must not have ejaculated yet. So I decided to be a good boyfriend.

Just before Travis could collapse on the bed, I quickly moved underneath him so that I was looking straight at his boner. I figured we didn't need to 69, so the rest of my body went through his legs instead of right underneath him. As I got closer, I stuck my tongue out & started to lick sloppily at Travis' puffed up cock head. He was dying for release.

I used one of my index fingers to reach up & probe at his asshole. I slowly inserted my finger, feeling the intense heat & moisture of his rectum on my digit. It was very wet in there, his insides sprayed with my gooey sperm.

I used my tongue to guide Travis' cock into my mouth. As my mouth engulfed his member, he let a low groan escape from his throat.


I continued sawing my finger in & out of Travis' ass while I sucked away at his dick.

Soon, Travis began to buck his hips. He started to slowly girate his hips up & down into my mouth. More & more of his prick slipped further into me.

Within a few seconds, he had his cock halfway down my throat. By now, I could deep throat & it was hardly a problem accompany his throbbing erection practically in my neck.

Travis began to fuck my throat more aggressively now, slamming his hips into my face, his pubes mashing into my nose with each thrust. I could feel the shaft of his hard cock sliding against my windpipe. The image of his cock fucking deep into my throat was a major turn-on for me & I used my free hand to lazily masturbate myself.

Travis was fucking his cock into my mouth fast & hard, pounding away at my throat without mercy. I closed my eyes as his dick slid vigorously up & down the back of my throat. I could feel the fat knob of his penis pistoning itself, hitting parts inside me that I usually only felt when I choked on something. And I was basically chocking myself on Travis' prick, silently begging for more.

I could feel Travis hunching his hips, his back arching. He gave a strained grunting noise from his animal insticnts & pushed his cock as far down into my throat as possible. Even though I could deep throat, this was almost cutting off my breathing.

I quickly pulled his spasming member out of my throat & out of my mouth. Just as I did, his cock exploded & tons of thick, white, sticky cum sprayed all over my face, covering my lips, nose, eyelids, cheeks, forehead, no area was left untouched. I opened my mouth to catch what else had to come out, which was only about two more powerful blasts.

As Travis ejaculated all over me, I could feel his spintcher squeezing my finger in his anus. I moaned, & between the shower of semen on my face, the tightness of his ass on myfinger, my own climax took over my body & my other hand became a blur on my own prick as I brought myself to orgasm. My body tensed as four spurts of cum spewed from my pulsing cock. One or two of the blasts was so powerful it reached all the way to Travis' back, landing on the top of his butt. The rest oozed itself out of my piss slit, dribbling down the head & my hand, eventually flooding over my pubic region.

Neither of us moved for a few moments. We stayed like that, him on his hands & knees, leaning over my body & face, which was covered in his slimy cum.

We then moved so that we were laying next to each other up against the pillows on the hotel bed. Travis' cum was starting to drool over the rest of my face, not to metion beginning to dry on my face.

"That was awesome," I exclaimed.

"Yeah," Travis said.

I snuggled up closer to my pa'tner.

"I reckon you got a lil somethin' on your face," said Travis, leaning over towards me. He began to kiss me on the lips, licking up the cum on my mouth. Soon enough, he started kissing & licking his way around the race of my face, eating his own cum off me. When he was done, we lay there kissing for a few minutes.

I got up to open the blinds still naked with my own cum drying on my belly & hands. When I did, dark gray light flooded our room. Grays drops of rain poured over the view. I looked up & saw a flash behind the massive puffs of clouds. There was a divine boom that rang throughout the city.

"Looks like we're cooped up in here all day," I said, turning my head to Travis.


I grinned.

"Well if you insist," I said, walking back to the bed.


Day 5

We all ate together in the hotel's dining room. I couldn't remember a time where I had had a better breakfast. Bacon, scrambled eggs, buttered toast, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, strawberry glazed doughnuts, a bowel of strawberries, blueberries, grapes, bananas, apples, pears, rasberries, a couple glasses of milk, apple juice, orange juice, pancakes, waffles, & French toast. And was just what I ate. I guessed I could have put on a couple pounds, since Travis was always telling me I was too skinny. So I ate to make him happy...let's go with that.

His parents asked what we wanted to do, & Travis told them that he had to talk to Pat. Because Pat didn't want me to be there, I had no choice but to stay behind & chill with his folks.

After breakfast, Travis made his way out, headed to Pat's house. For a couple hours, I stayed back in our room, watching tv, some dvds we brought (one of which was a gay porno that a friend had given him a year ago that Travis kept secret) & some video games that we brought along.

After about another hour, I decided to call home.


"Hi mom," I said into my cell phone.

"Hi honey."

"What are you guys doing?"

"Well your father has a meeting today so he's at work. Chris is here watching Spongebob, I'm just paying some bills."


"What about you? Shouldn't you be off having fun with Travis or something?"

"Well he's at one of his old friends' house right now 'cause they had something important to talk about."

"And he didn't want you to come?"

"No, the other kid didn't want me to come."

"Why not? What are they talking about?"

"Personal stuff mom, don't worry about it. And the kid didn't want me there because he doesn't like me."

"How could he not like you, you guys just met didn't you?"

"Well yeah, but-"

"So why doesn't he like you?"

"It's just something about me he clearly isn't a fan of," I said.

"Why, what is it?"

"Mom, stop."

She hesitated.

"All right, fine. So then what are you doing while Travis is out?"

"I'm just sitting around playing video games & watching tv."

"Hmm. Well I'm sorry about that sweetie. When Travis gets back, hopefully you guys will find something better to do."

"We will," I said, 69 exact things going through my gay teen boy brain.

"Ok. You wanna say hi to Chris?"

"Yeah, sure."

I heard my mom call Chris over to the phone.


"Hi, it's Connor."

"Hi Connor."

"So what's up? You starting to get some hair on that head?"

"No, not yet. I'm still waiting. Hopefully it'll be as soon as possible."

"Yeah? How come?"

"Remember Amanda?"

"Mhm," I said, trying to remember which of that many girls always all over my brother was Amanda.

"Well I invited her to my birthday party next week," I could hear him smiling.

"Wow. So this is gonna be your first boy-girl party huh?"


"That's cool."

"So who's the girl you're gonna bring?" he asked.

"Very funny," I said.

He laughed.

"I gotta go," he said.

I blinked.

"What, busy watching Spongebeob?"

"Uh, ya."

I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, I'll talk to you later ok?"


"See ya big guy."


We hung up just in time, I heard Travis open the door with his key.

"Who was that?" he asked.


"How's he doin'?" Travis said as he walked over & kissed me.

"Good. He's inviting a girl to his party next week. I don't know if she's gonna be the only girl though. I think he likes her."

Travis shucked his shirt to the floor all of a sudden & plopped down on the bed, reaching for a controller to the Xbox.

"What are you doing?" I said.

He looked at me.

"What? I can't play this here game without a shirt on?"

I chuckled.

"No, I SUPOSE you can, but I mean, aren't you gonna tell me what happened at Pat's?"

He put down the controller.

"Well, he told me that he really hates it, but that it hopefully doesn't hurt our friendship TOO much."

I put my hands up.

"That makes it sound like he's in control of all this."

"Well that's what I said. Then he tells me that I'm gonna have to accept how HE feels about the whole thing."

My eyes got wide.

"Yeah, I know. So I says to him 'the same goes for me' & we both just kinda left it at that," Travis told me.

"So you guys are..."

Travis shrugged.

"I reckon I don't know what we are. We'll probably stay long distance friends at best."

I went over & hugged him.

"Sorry buddy."

He kissed me.

"Wanna make m'feel better?" he beamed.

"Well........" I thought about it.

Travis lightly punched me in the arm. I leaned over & kissed him, running my hand over his bare chest.

"Did you close the door?" I asked between smooches.

"Oh. Woops," he said.

I got up, went over to the door, closed it & then returned back to the bed.

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Chapter 15: Bed THEN Breakfast
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