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 Chapter 3: Windows

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PostSubject: Chapter 3: Windows   Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:09 pm

"What are you guys doing?" Trent's sister Madison exclaimed angrily as she followed us down the hall towards Trent's bedroom.

"None of your goddamn business," he smiled cheekily at her as we kept walking.

"Trent, remember last time when mom & dad caught you in bed with another guy?" his brother Ross called.

Trent gave them a pretty little gesture & brought me into his room where he closed the door & led me to his bed. He pushed me onto the mattress & began disrobing right away.

"So what happened the last time you were caught with another boy?" I asked as I worked to get my shoes & socks off.

"I got put into therapy because the three times before that they had warned me to quit it. And before that, they fuckin' grounded me," he said as he pulled his belt off & started unbuttoning his jeans.

"So you've been caught five times?" I asked, a little bit in disbelief. I had only been caught three times. My punishment hadn't been therapy. It'd been a leather belt to the face.

"Well, technically seven. The first time I was in a threesome. That's how they found out I was gay. They tried talking to me & telling me that even though they would love me no matter what, they didn't want me bringin' boys back home."

"Seven?! What'd you say to them when they talked to you?" I asked. By now, all I had on was my t-shirt, but it didn't stay that way for long.

"I said fuck off, it's my life & if I wanna bring my boyfriends home, I will."

"Bet they didn't like that," I smiled as Trent got up on the bed with me & began gliding his naked body over my own.

Trent shook his head as he started gently kissing my neck. My head was resting on his pillow, my legs spread out over the bed, with Trent's buffed bod all over me.

"So what happened?" I asked.

"They put me in therapy, remember?"

I smiled as I felt his lips & tongue travel up & down my neck, smoothing my skin with his warm saliva. I reached around his back & ran my hands up & down his tough back muscles & rock hard ass. I loved the rough boys. They were down to Earth, actually in shape & always doing their own thing.

Trent began to rub his naked body against me, our hard penises rubbing up against each other & causing immense pleasure through us from the friction.

As he continued to tongue my mouth, I began grinding my body up to meet his downward thrusts. Within a minute, my hands could feel his back & ass began to moisten with sweat. Trent started to pick up speed in his thrusts. Soon enough, we were frotting in earnest. And that was when he reached a hand down & did something I had never experienced before, even with all the ex boyfriends I had.

Because Trent was uncircumcised, he began tugging at his foreskin. I felt his hands suddenly bring my precum-spewing cock right up to his & then maneuvered his foreskin over the head of my dick. Trent had docked himself onto my cock. His hand started to massage the small link of foreskin that connected us, lazily masturbating us at the same time. I could feel the searing heat from the head of his cock on mine. It sent a tiny chill through me as I continued kissing him. From where his fingers were tickling our cock heads, I moaned quietly as I could feel his warm fingertips rubbing themselves against my penis.

Trent moved down, his head now aligned with my chest. He stuck his tongue out & ran little circles around each of my erect nipples. He ran his tongue all around my chest, leaving a warm, wet rail of saliva as he went. It glistened on my chest & he began sucking on each nipple tenderly. I closed my eyes & hummed silently as I felt Trent gently poke at my nipples with his tongue.

He continued to hump my groin, his body bucking with each thrust down to rub & push against my hard penis. And as great as that was, I wanted more.

I told him to get on all fours. He grinned wickedly, seeing as how everybody knows what's coming next.

Trent knelt on his hands & knees, his ass facing the foot of the bed, him facing the backboard. I positioned myself behind him as I grabbed his sides and pulled him back towards me, slowly letting my cock sink, inch by inch, into his fairly experienced ass.

Soon enough, my swollen cock was buried balls deep in Trent's bowels. I could feel my pubic hair mashing against the muscular cheeks of Trent's ass. The head of my cock was burning. The smooth, hot walls of Trent's rectum were incredible & with every inch that my penis moved inside him, I could feel the tightness pulling at my dick.

I felt his anus squeezing my cock, trying to suck the cum right from my testicles into his guts. I felt his hips start to sway and I saw his cock sticking out farther underneath. I lubed my hand with his sticky precum, which was pouring out of his cock and reached down, trying as best I could to jerk him off in rhythm with my thrusts.

I could hear Trent groaning softly as I began to more rapidly pound my cock into his asshole. My pelvic bone slammed into his backside as I fucked him. I threw my head back, closed my eyes & groaned as I felt the tight heat from Trent's gorgeous body stimulate me to the greatest that a person can feel.

Trent started slowly thrusting his ass backwards, impaling himself more on my shaft. He quickly began 'bumping' himself on my dick, fucking himself all the more. It came to the fact that I no longer had to fuck him; I just had to let him fuck himself back onto my cock, my member poking at his prostate.

As my orgasm neared, I took hold of Trent's hips & began to roughly fuck his ass, showing no mercy. I was pushing so far down & forward, Trent collapsed from how hard I was pushing down on him. As his body fell to the love mat below us, I stayed on & in him as I fell with him. But that didn't stop me. I was dying to cum. My hands reached underneath his sides a little bit as I crawled more over his moist back. My legs were doing all the work now. I closed my eyes & groaned in ecstasy as I fucked Trent doggie-style.

That oh-so-wonderful tingling feeling woke up in my balls after I had fucked Trent raw. By now, my hips were a blur, pounding away into Trent's anus. I Felt the cum boiling in my balls & just as I thought I couldn't stand it anymore, my hips lurched forward, forcing Trent down into the mattress as my ass still humped down. Five powerful bursts of semen exploded from my cock right into Trent's insides, bathing his bowels in sperm. As I unloaded my semen into the ass of my lover, I groaned, very loudly I might add.

My back was still arched as I started to come down from my high. As I began to relax, I realized that I was still humping Trent. I tried to figure out what was happening when it dawned on me; Trent was masturbating himself under both of us. I got up off him & rolled him onto his back, his hand beating his slimy cock at light speed. I leaned down, took the head of his oozing dick between my lips & sucked. I drank all his precum dribbling from his penis.

As I wiped my tongue over his spongy cock head, he lifted his back & groaned. Suddenly, I felt wave after wave of hot cum pour down my throat, splashing my teeth, gums, tongue & tonsils with sperm. I was experienced enough, so I was easily able to gulp every drip of semen Trent dumped into my mouth. Eventually, it came down to small drops of cum leaking out, but sooner they were lost down my neck & into my insides. Next to Pepsi, cum was my favorite drink.

When Trent was done ejaculating, which I was very upset about, I climbed up to him & placed my cum-soaked lips onto his. He licked around my lips & nabbed at my tongue. I cupped the side of his face while & kissed him. I felt the smoothness of his inside cheeks with my tongue; he played with mine. My mouth ran over his, leaving a little cum spots on the outside of his mouth. Trent could taste his own jizz in my mouth.

Finally, we stopped & just lay there on the bed next to each other. Trent leaned over me to reach for something in his nightstand. He pulled it out. It was a Marlboro pack & a lighter. He lit one up & soon enough, was slowly puffing a few clouds of gentle, creamy, royal-blue smoke, which climbed towards the ceiling & vanished.

"You wanna?" he asked, handing it to me. I took it & made some pretty damn cool shapes with the smoke I blew out. Hmm. You'd think the letter 'Q' would be harder to imitate with just smoke.

"I gotta admit, this was better than under the bridge," I said, with it dangling from my mouth.

"Maybe. But ya see, two hours ago, there were hundreds of cars driving by while we did it. Here, the only things being driven was your cock in my ass."

I handed it back to him as I laughed.

Just then, there was a loud series of vicious pounds on Trent's door.

"TRENT GET THE FUCK OUT!" I heard his brother bellow.

I looked at Trent who was taking deep drags.

"What d'ya wanna do?" I asked.

He shrugged.

"Let's get outa here," he said, standing up.

As we started to get our obsolete clothes on, I noticed a shiny trail of cum running from Trent's ass down his thigh down to his foot.

I moved over to him & wiped his leg, partially, with my hand.

"Leakin'," I smiled.

Trent chuckled & then took a swipe from his leg himself.

"C'mon, hurry up."

We dressed quickly. Trent was keeping his hand a good distance from himself, as though my cum that had leaked from his ass was somehow sacred.

We headed to the door & opened to go. Ross was standing there, with a very un-happy face on. I didn't know what he had to be unhappy about. His little brother had just had loads of fun. What older brother doesn't want that?

Suddenly, Trent did something that made my jaw drop in a non-blowjob sort of way.

He lifted his hand & smeared my cum onto his brother's face. Ross stumbled back a little bit as Trent & I walked away. Ross lifted his hand to his face & looked in total disbelief at what was in his hand & on his face.

"That's Rory's way of saying he likes you," Trent cackled as we kept walking down the hall.

"YOU LITTLE FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Ross stormed towards us.

Trent whirled around & faced his brother.

Although Ross was three years older, he was three inches shorter than Trent & also a lot less muscular. Trent could maul his big brother with hardly any trouble.

"You touch me & I'll put this in your eye," Trent warned, referring to the butt in his hand which still had some smoke coming out.

Ross slowed to a stop & just glared at his younger brother. Something told me that he knew Trent WOULD do something like that...which told me that Trent HAD done something like that.

Trent & I turned to leave the house, both of us laughing at Trent's pussy of a brother. We closed the front door behind us & walked down the street.

I piped up as Trent blew off a couple clouds.

"So you guys have never been that close huh."


"Is he ok with you? Ya know, bein' gay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess. But he doesn't like how open I am about it & he doesn't like how I'm always breakin' the fuckin' rules in that place."

I smiled.

Trent handed what was left to me. I took as many drags as I could & then threw it into a lawn we were walking by.

"What about before that?"

He shrugged, never answering my question.

It started to get dark as we kept walking for about another half hour. I looked at my watch & decided to head back home. It was Friday. And Ray just loved drinking on Fridays.

"I'm gonna get goin'," I said.

"'K, later man," Trent said. We pounded fists before I started to walk back when I realized that Trent kept walking in the direction we had been going.

"Where ya goin'? I called.


I nodded & started walking back down the street heading home. I felt my pocket vibrating & I took out my phone.


"Hi Rory," said that voice. My eyes narrowed.

"What d'ya want now Caleb?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a little bit? My dad's away until tomorrow night. You could come over if you're up for it."

I sighed.

"I'll pass."

"Oh. Ok. Sure?" he said.


There was a little bit of silence for a few seconds. But that happy thought didn't last long.

"Um, ok then. Maybe some other time then?" he asked, hope spilling from his voice.

"Yeah, maybe."

"Cool. Ok, then I'll see ya on Monday!"


Before he could say 'bye' back, I ended the call & put my phone back in my pocket.

I headed back to my house.

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Chapter 3: Windows
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