Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Felix and Cameron

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PostSubject: Re: Felix and Cameron   Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:19 pm

Thanks, yeah i neglected to put in wether or not they moved. Next chapter grazes the surface, but they moved back into the town after three years, and they know their friends well, because they kept in contact over the years. Ashlee is 16 while Nathan is 17.

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PostSubject: Re: Felix and Cameron   Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:23 pm

Yes it's another chapter, Yes I have no life right now JK! Razz
Chapter 2: A Blast From The Past

A pair of lanky arms enveloped me, " Isaac, it's so great to see you!"

I turned around and saw my childhood friend Elijah standing there as if I had been around for the past three years. And I must say that time had been good on him. He had a young adult's face with a heavy dash of boyish looks still there. It seemed that he dyed his hair black. He was probably an inch shorter than me, but he looked damn cute in his purple V-neck. As I surveyed his bod, I felt Little Isaac twitch in excitement.

" Elijah, it's so good to see you, I see that age has been good for you. I mean look at you, you're a stud!"

" Look at me, look at you. I always thought you wouldn't grow past 5'4". And look at that hot bod, all the girls must be fighting to get a piece of you!" I blushed, I didn't really think of myself as having a hot bod, and it was true that I had grown a lot. Which was mysterious as my sister and I were near six feet while our parents ranged around five and half feet.

"Well.....anyways, wanna catch up over a late breakfast or something?"

"Sure, I know this great place over on Lumberjack Avenue." As he dragged me towards the parking lot, I resumed my examination of his body. His tight V-neck left little to the imagination, he wasn't chubby, nor was he buff, he was slender. Then I looked at his cute ass in his jeans, I just wanted to squeeze them. After looking at his ass, I silently told myself to stop looking. I mean, he was hot and all, but he was my friend, and even if my dick wanted to put all his chips in. I knew I couldn't do anything to him, first off he was my friend, secondly he was straight.

" Hey is it okay if we listen to this?" He said while holding up a CD, and I noticed right away the same bright colors.

" MIKA? Dude, pop it in, I love their music!" He grinned as he slipped it in the stereo

" Always had good taste in music." Once again, the beat I knew so well, started vibrating through out the car.Within a few minutes we reached our destination. It was an old 50's diner with a giant sign with the words, MEL'S DINER.

"Mel? Where have I heard that name before." Then it hit me. That was Elijah's big brother, the last time I heard about him, he was finishing his degree in cooking. His dream was to always open up a diner in town, I guess he accomplished his dream. " Dude is this your brother's diner!?!" He beamed when he heard that

" Yep, the whole family is proud of him." As we strolled into the diner, I looked around and saw a lot of couples eating and laughing. I was kinda of depressed when I saw them, I had yet to find someone. And even if I did, I probably couldn't show my affection for him in public.As my mind dwelled on this matter, I felt myself becoming more and more depressed. Luckily somebody pulled me out of my thoughts.

" Elijah, who's your friend?"

" Hey Mel, I see business is good."

"Yep it is, now back to the subject, who's your friend?"

" Oh this is Isaac, just moved back into town thought he might want some heavenly food from a star chef!" He replied

Mel's eyes lit up at the sound of my name, and he stuck out his hand, "Isaac it's so great to see you, haven't seen you in what? Three years."

I shook his hand, " About that much, I see that this is your dream in the works." I said while sticking my hands out.

" Yeah, I'm really proud of it. Now how about I have some food made for you guys, and we'll talk over that."

" Sounds great!" He started up a nearby malt maker, and started popping in ingredients. As soon as the machine stopped he poured the malt into two big glass cups. Handing them over, he asked what we wanted, Elijah wanted French Toast, while I opted for a Breakfast Burrito, he ringed the orders over to a woman in the back.
" So, Isaac what brings you and your family back into town."

" Well you obviously know why we left in the first place." My dad had been offered a job in Utah, which payed better than the one he had at the moment. So we packed up and never looked back. But after three years, we just never got used to the, that's when my dad was offered a new position, which allowed us to move back here. It also gave my dad the option to work at home. I explained this to them.

" So what do you mean you never got used to it?"

" It was just so different from here, your used to knowing most of the people in town, and the environment was so different, very dry."

" Oh now I see."

By the time we finished out conversation about how we were doing, and what we've been doing for the past three years, we had finished our food. I was pulling out my wallet, when Mel said it was on the house. It was about the same time that Ashlee called and asked me to pick her up.

" Hey Elijah can you drop me off at where my car is?"


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Felix and Cameron
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