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 Chapter 16: Dark Ages

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PostSubject: Chapter 16: Dark Ages   Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:22 am

Day 6

"When did you realize you were gay?" I asked.

Travis stopped chewing his beef teriyaki to look up at me.

Travis & I had just finished bajangin' each other and decided to order in some Chinese food from a nearby Chinese restaurant. We were sitting around our hotel room in cum soaked boxers at the table without our shirts on. Life was good. What made my day was the look on the delivery boy's face when Travis had answered the door with me next to him, his hand under the waistband of my boxers & some of my cum on his chin. The guy had a horrified look on his face. Ordering in Chinese food: $25.43. Seeing that guys face when being in a sexual state: priceless.


"I'm just curious, when did you realize you were gay?"

"When I was maybe...11 or so."

"Yeah, but was there like a specific moment or something?"

Travis looked like he was about to say something, but I cut him off.

"I'm sorry, you told me a while ago & it's not really my business."


"No no, don't tell me, I don't wanna know. I'm sorry I asked," I babbled.

"Listen, I-"

"It's your personal business &..."


I stopped stammering. I had always had a problem with talking over people when I get nervous.

"Do ya wanna know or not?"

I shyly nodded my head.



7 Years Ago

"Ya wanna come on in fer a drink?" Mr. Lapage asked me.

Mr. Lapage & I had been working on his field for a few hours now & tending to his animals, mostly the sheep. He owned & managed a wool-producing company & also produced his own food rather than spend money on the food at the stores. My mom & dad had gone out to the movies with Mr. Lapage's wife. Her husband, however, had declined.

"Sure," I said.

We walked into his house where the air was hot. Neither of us had our shirts on because of the heat & humidity. Sweat droplets trickled down my smooth, flat chest. Mr. Lapage was sweating tremendously, but his sweat was captured by his hairy chest. He kind of remind me of Chewbacca.

"Hey Travis, ya wanna drink er somethin'? I got water, fresh milk from them cows, & some lemonade."

I thought for a moment while I walked over to the tv in the living room.

"Can I have some lemonade?"

"Sure thing," he replied as he walked off somewhere.

I sat down on the rocking chair & grabbed the remote. I turned the tv on, only to be suddenly exposed to what appeared to be the middle of a man & a woman having sex. The man was laying on his back with the woman bouncing up & down on him, moaning loudly.

The whole thing grossed me out & I knew that my mom & dad didn't like me watching these sorts of things. I closed my eyes & looked away from the screen.

"Wadya doin'? That's my private collection." I jumped as Mr. Lapage put his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I just turned it on & it was there...I didn't mean to..." I said.

Mr. Lapage seemed to be watching the screen & thinking about something.

"Let me go get that lemonade..." he said quietly as he walked off.

I turned the tv off & walked around the room, looking at photos of my neighbor & his friends. There was a picture of him standing next to my mom & dad. I guessed the picture was at least 20 years old. I looked closely at the picture & saw a "sold" sign in the background. I realized that this must have have been taken when my parents bought our house.

Just then, Mr. Lapage came back in with a big glass of lemonade & handed it to me. As I drank it, we wandered over to the kitchen table where I sat down.

"Thanks again Travis fer helpin' me out here on m'fields. Gets harder when you're older ya know?"

I didn't, but I nodded anyway as I took another sip.

"So hows school been goin'?"

"Good I guess. Ms. Mable said I should get the Student of the Month award next month on account of my grades. I reckon I'm smarter than all them other kids in my grade haha," I joked.

"I'd bet ya are, son. Make sure you keep them grades up. You let 'em go down on ya & ya wind up like me, workin' every day doin' jobs that hardly give ya a cent."

I yawned.

"You want a'notha drink? Heat's makin' ya pretty tired," he grinned.

"I'm good."

We talked for a few more minutes about nothing in particular. He told me how his business was coming along, I told him my folks were doing fine & such. I noticed that I was getting fairly sleepy as we kept talking. After awhile, I didn't just feel tired. I felt dizzy.

"I don't feel great, sir," I said.

"What d'ya mean?"

"I feel like I'm gettin' sleepy all of a sudden...& I feel dizzy."

"Maybe you oughta lay down on the couch over there," he said as he herded me to the ancient piece of crap he called a 'couch' & had me lay on my back. He pulled up a chair & sat next to me.

I felt my eyes fighting to stay open while my stomach stormed around inside me.

Mr. Lapage started to gently stroke my arm with his hand.

"Everythin's gonna be all right Travis, you'll be better soon."

I barely heard him as I felt myself become very out of it. I didn't want to sleep.

"It's ok to sleep a lil Travis. Nobody's around. Everyone's gone to the movies..."

Just then, he leaned over me & started unhooking my khakis. As he began pulling them down, he hooked his fingers on the waistband of my underwear & dragged the clothes to my feet. He yanked them off & tossed them to the floor. Shocked & majorly confused were understatements. I didn't feel good & this guy was quickly taking my clothes off? Why?

Suddenly, he stood up & began removing his own clothes, one article at a time. I gagged when his clothes flopped onto a nearby chair. His gut was pushing out front towards me. What didn't help was the sweat that was collecting on his old, hairy body. I had no idea what was going on.

He squatted down again & moved his hand to my genitals. At first he didn't really do anything, he just played with my testicles & penis. My penis was becoming harder. I was anxious & nervous.

And then, Mr. Lapage did something that shocked me. He actually put his mouth over my penis & testicles. I thought it was disgusting...but then realized how good it felt. This was bad. He started to suck on my tiny cock like it was a lollipop. He flicked his tongue at the head, causing me to sigh in pleasure. My mind was racing as I had what I would later know as my first orgasm when he engulfed my entire penis into his throat & swirled it around his mouth with his saliva. My eyes closed tight & my back strained as my toes clenched together.

After I climaxed, I felt more tired than before. But still, I didn't feel sleepy-tired, & I was still aroused. Mr. Lapage, whether he knew I had reached orgasm or not, continued to suck on my rod. It became uncomfortable after a few seconds & i tried to get him off, but I just couldn't.

The man started to kiss his way up my groin & up my belly. When he got to my tummy, he dragged his tongue across my skin. It left a trail of spit, which made me gag. He licked & slurped at my naval, which wasn't uncomfortable, but very weird. He continued loving up my body, licking both my nipples. This caused me to shudder as my eyes closed. I knew that my nipples had always been sensitive. Whenever my dad & I fooled around, he would sometimes twist my nipples to get the upper hand in little wrestling matches we had. And I had always enjoyed that. But this was something else.

Mr. Lapage then dragged me violently to the floor so that I was propped up against the sofa. In a flash, he was standing over me with his groin, his spear-headed cock aimed straight at my mouth. I could smell it & smelled nasty.

"Open your mouth," he commanded.

I turned my head. I couldn't speak up, but if I could have, I would have told him that I wasn't going to do it because that was just disgusting. I was grossed out at the idea of my fat, hairy, old neighbor putting his foul-smelling, slimy penis into my mouth. I refused.

Suddenly, a horrible pain shot through my head as I was lifted from the ground. He was yanking me up by my hair. Tears began sliding warmly down my cheeks as I groaned quietly in pain.

"I told you to do something. Now DO it," he said firmly.

He let go of my hair, letting me drop back to the floor. His giant cock was in front of my face again. I figured there was only way out of this...I leaned forward, disgusted.

"Hey!" Mr. Lapage yelled, pulling me up by the hair again. I yelped in pain.

"If you even think about biting me, I will rip every single hair off your head, got it?" he threatened. I nodded groggily. Shoot.

He dropped me again, leaving me to stare at his massive member. I closed my eyes as I moved slowly towards it. I opened my lips hesitantly. I felt the slimy, warm head of his penis rubbing against my lips, leaving a sticky trail across the outside of my mouth. It pushed past my lips into my oral cavity. Inch by inch he buried his cock into my mouth. I started to gag when I felt he was going too far.

"Hold still!" he yelled as he sunk his 7 inch dick down my throat. My guess is that the typical 10 year old boy's throat doesn't naturally take 7 inch pricks down his throat, & I was no exception. I was gagging constantly at both his penis in my throat & the fact that I even HAD a penis in my throat. It was weird though. As horrible as it was...I didn't find struggling.

Eventually, his penis stopped sliding into me & he held still. I heard him grunt quietly. I could taste what I had smelt earlier. It was a gooey, warm, salty, bitter taste which coated the inside of my mouth. His dick was hard, but it was pliable, seeing as it had snaked its way into my mouth & down my neck.

Just then, he started moving back & forth. Each time he moved forward, his scraggly pubic hair would scratch at my face. In & out. Back & forth. The motion was so simple, yet so disgusting. The head was huge, it was nearly preventing me from breathing. The skin was soft & smooth. Warm & almost plushy. It was unbelievable that something so gross could be so nice. I gagged.

Mr. Lapage suddenly grabbed my hair again & started ramming his hard cock in & out of my 10 year old mouth. It was painful. He continued banging my mouth for what seemed like forever. I couldn't breathe & out of instinct, I began sucking. I tried squirming away, but I couldn't get away.

Mr. Lapage was moaning loudly by now.

"Suck it!" he yelled as he continued shoving his penis in & out of my mouth.

I suddenly realized that my sucking was what was making him like it more & more. I thought to myself that if I stopped, he would stop. So I stopped sucking. It didn't work.

Without warning, Mr. Lapage raised his hand & hit me across the face so hard that I went flying back, his cock dropping from my lips. My back hit the couch & I slouched the floor, screaming in pain from the blow to my face as I clutched my cheek. I felt him yank me up by my hair again. I was sobbing in pain & I could feel my face getting extremely hot from where he hit me. I was lifted high enough off the ground that at that point, my feet weren't even touching the floor.

"Did I tell you to stop?!" he bellowed at my face.

I was sobbing from the pain & regret of stopping.

"Answer me!" he yelled.

"No..." I cried as tears poured from my young eyes. All I wanted was to go home.

"Then keep doing what I fucking said!" he exclaimed, letting go of my hair & dropping me once again to the cold hard floor.

He roughly shoved his cock through my lips, into my mouth & down my throat again. I continued to sob as I kept sucking his penis.

"Lick it."

I took my mouth off it & wrapped my tongue around the member. I dragged my tongue up & down the shaft & back up again to the head. I sucked & licked at the head, hitting that little slit with my tongue every now & then. each time I did that, Mr. Lapage shook in what I assumed was pleasure.

He moved his precum-spewing cock down my throat again, which was almost used to the slimy texture by now.

After several more minutes of my body being horribly assaulted, Mr. Lapage grabbed the back of my head & began slamming his hips into my head even more violently than before. I had no idea what was going on when he started groaning loudly. I became anxious & I started to squirm.

"Oh....uhhhhhhhhhh...." he grunted loudly, followed by his body tensing up.

Suddenly, I felt something hot & gooey pour down my throat. I was terrified because not only was it disgusting beyond my imagination, but I was choking on it. It wasn't even going into my mouth, because his dick was already down my windpipe.

I started thrashing around, trying to get away from whatever he was putting in me. But his grip on my head was too powerful & I started chocking & coughing wildly. I started spilling whatever-it-was out the side of my mouth & I felt it dribble down my mouth & down my chin & neck.

"Swallow my cum you little shit!"

I tried swallowing his cum (I remembered hearing that word whenever I was around the older boys) but was not doing a good job at it. I felt like vomiting. It didn't taste bad by any means. It was just nasty.

Soon enough, Mr. Lapage pulled my head off his leaky cock & just breathed heavily but quietly for a few moments.

I began to sob. In just a few minutes, I had been violated, betrayed, mistreated & hurt, all by a neighbor who I thought would have always protected me, not done this. My jaw was sore & I could still taste his semen running down my throat. Cum was covering my chin & neck. The air was hot & smelled of heat.

I started to crawl away, hoping Mr. Lapage wouldn't see me since his eyes were closed. But then my heart sank as he, once again-but not for the last time-yanked me back by the hair.

"Nooo!" I cried as he picked up my fragile body & threw me onto the couch facedown. I struggled to get up, but he held me down with one hand as he climbed onto the couch behind me & got right up next to me. I could feel his hard cock against my butt.....


"What happened after that?" I asked Travis, my heart already knowing.

His eyes began to tear up just then & he started to choke back coughs.

I hugged him tightly as he buried his head into my shoulder & sobbed uncontrollably.


Day 7

We went home. Nothing else.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 16: Dark Ages
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