Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 10: Sense, & It Being Knocked Into You

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PostSubject: Chapter 10: Sense, & It Being Knocked Into You   Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:18 am

"Shut up," I beamed.

"I'm totally serious," said Katie, my best girl friend.

"Oh my god" I lightly shoved her.

"Taylor was scribbling your guys' initials on his notebook," she squealed.

I squealed myself & she started hugging me like crazy. I loved it. But it wasn't the only thing I had begun loving.

Some kind-hearted people did the student body a favor & vandalized the school right after the Christmas vacation, leaving us kids out of school for two more weeks.

During the vacation, as well as our little extra vacation, Taylor & I had spent a ton of time together at parties, on our own, at the movies, whatever. It was great. There wasn't a specific moment when I felt it, but as the time kept passing, I decided to officially declare something that I knew a lot of my friends had already predicted, as well as it being something I figured would happen sooner or later...and what Mark had sort of warned me against.

I was completely, utterly, deeply in love with Taylor Klipps.

I knew that my friends & others had already known it, but I guess it just took me longer to figure it out. I mean, it WAS fairly common for friends to just fall in love- or even just one falling for the other- after they spend a lot of time together. I guess it worked with gay boys too.

I guess I had kind of been hoping that Taylor liked me, too. Most of the last year or so that we had been hanging out I almost thought that if something were to happen, it'd be bad. Friendships that turn into real relationships either work out nicely...or they don't.

I had asked Taylor to come over to my house for a few hours. There were only two ways to find out if he really liked me or not. One was simply asking him. The other was...more interactive.

Later that day, I heard the doorbell go off. I jumped up from my seat in the kitchen & went to open the door. As expected, Taylor was there. Maybe it was from the caffeine in my coffee, but I was seeing hearts & stars all around Taylor. My heart was beating a bit faster than usual. I tried to calm myself down.

"Hey Nick," he smiled.


Taylor walked by me while I shut the door. I let him go to the kitchen where we sat at the stools to the counter. I joined him.

"So what's up?" he asked as he started eating a nearby banana.

"Give me a kiss," I said blatantly while trying to hold back a chuckle.

Taylor paused.

"Excuse me?"

"C'mon, give me a kiss."


"You deaf or somethin'?"

"Right now, I sure as hell hope so."

I stood up from my seat & walked over towards him. He stood up but moved bakcwards.

"Nick, what are you doing?" Taylor asked as he kept moving backwards. I was liking this. It was so cliche. But so happening.

"If you won't give me a kiss, then I'll have to take one from you," I grinned.

"Dude, what the hell is your deal?"

"I wanna see if you'll kiss me."

"Why?" he said, stumbling over some shoes.

"Because I heard a rumor that you like me."

I tried to look for a reaction. Barely anything happened, but I could tell something was going on behind those gorgeous eyes of his.

"Who told you?"

"Ahh, so you admit it?"

"No, I didn't say that. I asked where you heard it."

"You're still not denying it."


"I'm comin', see?" I said as I kept walking towards him.

"Are you high?"

I laughed. I wasn't but I could see where someone might guess that. I wasn't being myself.

"You still haven't denied liking me."

"Cut it out."

He finally hit the wall. Every movie I could think of where somebody was backed up against a wall flashed through my mind, where it always lead to a passionate kiss. And that's just what I was planning.

I was two inches from his lips when he put a hang against my chest.

"Slow down there," I flashed a sexy smile.

Taylor grabbed both my arms & pinned them at my sides.

I wiggled my way out & leaned in fast to kiss him.

And that's where I fucked up. Royally.

I slipped on a damn shoe that was right there, causing me to fall forward & slam straight into the wall where Taylor had side-stepped away from. My head banged into the wall & I was out like a light.


I opened my eyes, my head throbbing. I looked around & realized I was laying on the couch in my living room. Taylor was sitting in a chair, trying to hold back a laugh. It wasn't really working. There was an ice pack on my forehead.

"Shut up," I said, completely humiliated.

That was when Taylor burst out laughing. I smiled, figuring that it WAS a little humorous.

"Hey c'mon, be nice."

"Well, I mean, Nick, hello?! Hahahaha. Oh my god, I'd love to see how you saw it, hahaha. I saw it from another angle, you leaning in, slipping & then BAM," he laughed.

"If you gave me a kiss like I told you to, it wouldn't have happened," I told him.

"Yeah, but when would you fall into a wall?" he smiled.

"Ha ha ha," I laughed dryly.

"Aw," he pouted his lips while still smiling & sat down next to me on the couch.

"This doesn't leave this house, got it?" I said.


I rubbed my forehead. There was a delicious bump swelling up.

"I can humor you by givin' you a kiss on the forehead," Taylor said.

I gave him a bull-shitted smile.

He leaned over & kissed my forehead.

I smiled.

"How about you humor me again & kiss me on the LIPS?" I grinned at him.

He gave a quick laugh & just stared at me. Then he rolled his eyes.


He leaned towards me & then gave me a warm kiss on my lips.

"Happy now?"

I smiled.

"I GUESS," I smiled sadly. He laughed.

"I feel like an idiot," I said.

"Well, it WAS pretty ditzy," he smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

"I didn't mean THAT," I said.


I looked down at my feet.

"I mean about automatically assuming that you really like me just because of what I've heard. Oh my god, I feel like an idiot. I'm like, NEVER gonna listen to Katie again," I said.

I kept watching mt feet while I realized that I had experienced my first highschool-rumor-failure. Up to this point, rumors, especially involving me, had been true for the most part: I'm gay, I got caught making out with a boy, I tried killing myself a couple times. It was always true. And because of that, I had assumed Taylor liked me.

"Maybe you should," he said.

I looked back up, not entirely sure of what Taylor had said.

Suddenly, Taylor was leaning towards me, moving slowly. To be honest, & I know it sounds stupid, but, I really didn't know what he was doing. It didn't come to me until I felt Taylor's lips touch mine softly. At first, I didn't do anything. It wasn't really registering in my head that I had this boy's lips on top of mine.

Taylor was kissing me. And not because I had asked him to. Actually, I HAD asked him to. I had to find out if he was kissing me because he wanted to, or because I asked him to. I began to return the kiss.

I felt Taylor's hand rest on my leg as I started kissing him back, our lips pressing against each others. His soft warm lips glided over mine smoothly. The only things I could hear were the slight sounds of our lips slopping, calmly of course, together. I found my hand suddenly resting on Taylor's shoulder. I realized he had inched himself closer to me, our bodies almost pressing up against each other.

Taylor moved his other hand to my cheek. I could feel his thumb rubbing gently on my now-goose-bumped skin. It was too much to take in.

I laughed to myself. From the ultimate homophobic prick in middle school, to the never-speaking-to-me kid through half of high school, to the reluctant-to-be-near-me-in-public friend last year, to where we were now. Were we friends with benefits? Fuck buddies? Lovers? Would it just be this one time? I wondered.

By now, I hadn't even realized that Taylor's hand was rubbing my tummy under my shirt. I got goosebumps across my skin. His fingers were warming, yet trembling. He was nervous. I couldn't blame him.

I reached over & slid my hand up his shirt. I could feel the firm muscles under his silky skin. The sports he played had given him a fabulous body & shape. I was skinny, but Taylor was built. Not buff by any means, but he was steady. I loved it. I could feel his muscles, like boulders.

Just then he pulled back. I was a little upset for a microsecond, but that washed away when Taylor all of a sudden reached for the bottom of his shirt & lifted it over his head. He tossed it to the side. I couldn't pull my eyes away from that body. I wanted to do such naughty things with it.

Taylor went back to kissing me. I went right for his sexy chest & began twisting his nipples. I remembered from my experiences with Ted that some boys like their nipples being toyed with. I figured it was true when Taylor nearly attacked me by shoving his tongue into my mouth.

He stood us both up. While he kept tonguing my mouth & I kept running my hands across his chest, I could hear him unbuckling his pants. I decided to try & catch up, so I started unbuttoning my own shirt. I let it sink to the rug, where Taylor's jeans soon followed. I worked fast to shuck my pants & boxers off while Taylor used his hand to push his own boxers down below us. In no time, we were as naked as the days we were born.

Taylor hugged me into him while he kept nearly sucking my face. Just then, I could feel his massively rock hard dick poking at my groin. I could feel the head of my own penis meshing around his pubic hair. Surprisingly, it was soft, not curly & scruff like I thought most guys' was.

I felt his hand on my chest. He didn't do anything at first, he just placed his palm over it. But then I felt him start to move his hand down my torso, sort of in a zig zag motion. I felt his other hand rest itself on my hips. As he held me by my waist, I got to thinking that Taylor had experience. My skin was shivering under his touch: he knew what to do.

All of a sudden, Taylor reached down & took hold of my cock, which was spurting my boy lube everywhere. It was dribbling down to both of our pubic regions. I could tell that in this department, he was inexperienced, but he was trying. "A" for effort.

He started running his thumb up & down along the top of my shaft. Every time his thumb reached the top & near the head, he was slightly press down more. It wasn't uncomfortable, but I had never felt it before. My dick liked it because it started to push on the precum that was in it. I liked it.

I reached one of my hands down & cupped his balls. They were bigger than I had thought. Another thing that surprised me was how smooth they were. Taylor shaved! I mean, I shaved all the time. But I would have never though he did. His ballsack was smooth & had a resistant rubbery feel to them. He was a little sweaty down there & it made the air wreak of sex & heat.

I took his cock into my hand. He was maybe a little bit shorter than me, but his penis was a bit thicker. I made a mental note of what he was doing to my dick with his thumb. Putting that thought aside, I began to slowly masturbate Taylor. He moaned into my mouth while he went on with playing with our tongues.

One of his hands went around my back & grabbed at one of my butt cheeks. I'm not going to lie, I have a fabulous ass on me. And Taylor had found it. He slipped one of his digits into the very top of my butt crack. He didn't go farther down, he just teased the top. Every time he neared my anus, he would pull back up. It wasn't because he was afraid of losing a finger up my ass, it was just to tease me horrendously. Oh god how I was wanting a big ol' dick up me.

I decided to move on & released Taylor's leaky cock from my grip. I knelt down on my knees, his cock point right at my face. I moved towards it, allowing the gooey head to push past my lips. If there was one thing I missed, it was having a boy's cock in my mouth.

I figured I would open the doors to boy-boy sex sex to him right away, so I began to deep-throat him. I had to ready myself, seeing as I hadn't done this is a while. When I was ready, I pushed his cock to the back of my throat & tried to swallow it before it actually hit the back of my throat. With the muscles contracting, his dick was dragged deeper into my neck. I had to force myself not to gag.

"Oh shit, Nick...how the hell did you do thaaaaaaaaohhhhhhhh," he moaned.

I pulled back up & sucked on his penis. I sucked gently on the head, vacuuming all the precum that coated it & was lodged in the piss slit. I stuck out my tongue & tickled the spot where the underside of his prick met his testicles. Suddenly, his rod twitched. I continued to to that, causing Taylor to make incoherent little grunts.

I sucked his dick back into my mouth & sucked on it, feeling it slide along the top of my mouth. I licked along the side, feeling the satiny feeling of his cock.

I slipped a finger in back & placed it on the opening to his rectum. I rested it flat against his hole & began to rub his sphincter vigorously. I made sure not to slide my finger into his ass, as I wanted him to feel his asshole itself being stimulated. It had a very positive effect on him.

"Uhhhh god..."

I stood up just then & backed us up the couch where I guided us into opposite positions. We lied down, Taylor's cock at the entrance of my mouth, mine at his. I quickly started sucking on his cock.

I could tell Taylor was hesitating. Had I maybe gone too far with us? No, that couldn't be it. I had no idea. But no matter what it was, Taylor was somewhat reluctant to put my hard, aching, dripping penis into his mouth.

Then again...reluctant doesn't mean not following through.

I felt his warm lips engulf my hard cock & slide gently down my shaft. I couldn't help myself, I hunched my hips forward, my dick screaming in painful ecstasy to bury deeper down his throat. It was pure instinct, get as much of my fucker into a warm, wet place. Sure, maybe it wasn't what He intended...two boys sucking each others' penises, but hey, whatever.

In no time, Taylor & I were licking, slopping, kissing, nibbling, tonguing, tickling, slurping & sucking away furiously at the others' cock. I was in absolute bliss, as I'm sure Taylor was also.

Just as I was beginning to feel the cum in my balls start to bubble up, I felt Taylor's cock pulsing & twitch. Suddenly, I felt his cum explode from his dick & flood my mouth. It surprised me so much that I almost didn't have time to swallow. There was a lot of it & I was forced to let some of it spill out. I gulped as much of it down as I could. Even when I had swallowed it all, taylor continued shooting rope after rope of cum. I slurped it all down.

Just eating that much cum was enough to cause me to ejaculate myself. I felt my pelvic muscles constrict as I blasted my semen down Taylor's throat. I heard him gag on it, but I didn't hear spluttering, so I assumed none of it had been spit out. I was impressed.

I let his cock slip from my lips, a stream of left-over cum trailing behind. He did the same. We lay back, opposite each other & just looked up at the ceiling. I laughed.


"Just a few years ago, you were bullying me to no end because I liked boys instead of girls. And here we are a few years later, sucking each others' dicks."

"I'm doing you a favor," Taylor replied.

I burst out laughing.

"How's THAT?" I said, looking over at him. He had a big stupid grin on his face.

"Well, I figure that for a little while, I can secretly act as your boyfriend for a while. And just to make sure, we can keep doing this...maybe more. How's that sound?" he smiled.

I laughed again.

"Taylor Klipps, is that your way of asking to be boyfriend & boyfriend?" I said. I knew he didn't actually mean ACTING. But I guess this was his way of doing it without feeling weird about it.

"Nick, just let me do this my own way. It's the only way I can think of," he chuckled.


"So what d'ya say? Acting boyfriends?"

I pursed my lips.

"Well..." I said, cocking my head to one side.

"Are you kidding me?" he laughed, giving me a light kick.

"All right, all right."


Was it weird that the first thing I immediately thought about was if Ted had a boyfriend by now? Ted began flashing through my mind, but I was determined to get rid of him. I had a new boyfriend. A very unexpected boyfriend. Still, I couldn't get Ted out of my mind right away...

Taylor gave me another light kick.

"So what's my first job as boyfriend?" he asked.

I thought for a moment.

"Dress me."

Taylor laughed.

"I'm serious. My folks are gonna be back in...10 minutes! OH SHIT! C'mon, we need to get dressed!"

We got dressed quickly before my mom & dad came in. We made it.

We would make it.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 10: Sense, & It Being Knocked Into You
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