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 Chapter 30: Corrupted

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PostSubject: Chapter 30: Corrupted   Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:37 am

"See ya Randy!" J & I called as we left Dade's. Randy had been out from work for the last week because he had the flu & he was ordered to cover my shift for the next week so he could make it up. J came by to walk home with me as I was done.

"Bye guys," Randy called.

I slipped my coat on as J & I left the cafe. When we stepped outside, we were greeted by the sunlight, which didn't warm us up from the sharp breeze & the dry air from all the cold snow on the ground.

"So what d'ya wanna do?" he asked as we started walking down the main street.

"I can't hang out buddy, I have work to do."

"What? But you just got out of work."

"I mean other work."

"For what?"


J stopped walking & turned to me.



"Kinda early, isn't it?"

"I know, but I just wanna get it over with so in case something happens in the future, my college stuff is all set."

"What are you applying to?"

"I've been thinkin' of the University of New England."

J raised an eyebrow. We kept walking.



"So, you wanna go into a medical field?"

"Yeah. I was thinkin' about being a pediatrician."

"Suits you," he said.

I smiled.

"Greedy, wants as much money as possible..." he laughed. I shoved him lightly.

"I'm serious though, you'd be good at that. You're sweet, good with kids, you like helping people."

"Yeah I guess."

We continued walking along the street until the turn came for us to go onto the side roads.

"Which campus?" he asked.


"Which UNE campus were you thinking of going to?"

"The one in Biddeford."

"Noah, you do know who lives in Biddeford, right?" he said. I knew where he was going.

"Yes, I know Julie, Shannon & Max live there. Shannon wanted to help me out this afternoon with what it's like, what the campus life is like, all that. Her friend Mary lives in Biddeford Pool, so she's around there a lot."

"What'd you say?"

"I didn't want to, but my dad said it'd be a good idea."

"So Shannon's gonna be at your house this afternoon?" J asked.


He shook his head.

"That girl knows you're gay, right?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure."

He laughed.


"You realize she's got like, the most massive crush on you, right?"

I shrugged. I knew, but it didn't mean anything.


Later that afternoon, I was sitting in my room doing my homework when I realized that it was 10 minutes after Shannon was supposed to be here. I reached for the phone on my desk, only to discover that it wasn't there. I had to go downstairs to use a phone.

I got up from my desk & headed down the stairs leading to my door.

Just as I opened the door, I saw Shannon standing right there in front of me. Startled, I fell backwards onto my butt.

"Oh my god! Shannon, what are you doing?"

"I was heading on up to your room. You wanted help with UNE, right?"

"Uh, yeah. But...I didn't hear you come in. You scared me."

"Oh, sorry about that," she smiled cheerfully. She made her way around me & walked up the stairs to my room. I sat there, dazed. I realized that she was also carrying a duffel bag. I remembered that she told me when she was done here, she was heading to Lewiston for a sports game.

I stood up & made my way up the stairs.

It wasn't until I got up there that I noticed what Shannon was wearing. While it certainly wasn't revealing, she was dressed in a very sexy fashion (not that I was attracted to it). I realized she wasn't wearing a bra, which I found to be odd, & I could tell she had a thong on because her jeans were pulled down slightly. She put her bag on the floor near my bed.

"So, what do you wanna do?" she asked.

"Well, my application stuff is over on my desk," I said, walking past her to my desk. I sat down in my chair & pulled a nearby chair next to me so she could sit. She took her seat next to me & we looked over the info I had on UNE.

We talked about what the campus was like, what there was to do OFF campus & whatnot for about 15 minutes.

"I wonder what college is gonna be like," I said.

"Probably a lot of stuff like drugs & sex," she laughed.

I laughed too.

"It must be so awesome."

"What, all the sex?" she said, somewhat seriously.

"Well...I suppose, but I meant the whole college experience in general," I said, unclear of what was up with her.

Suddenly, she placed her hand on my thigh.

I looked down.

"Uh, Shannon, what are you doing?" I said, startled.

"Nothing. Why?"

"'Cause you got your hand on my leg..."

"Is that ok?"

"Well, to be honest, it's a little uncomfortable..." I replied.

"Oh. Well, maybe this would be more comfortable," she said, moving her hand over my crotch.

"Shannon, cut it out," I said, moving her hand off me. She put it back on.

"Noah, I'm just thinking I might show you what it's like in college."

I blinked at her.


"You know...all the stuff that goes on in those dorms..." she said in a low voice.

I jerked up out of my chair, standing with my back to the foot of my bed.

"Shannon...I think you need to leave."

Shannon stood up & walked over to her duffel bag. She leaned down & opened up the zipper, reaching into the bag & then pulling something out. I stared in disbelief.

Shannon was holding two sets of handcuffs. I blinked.

Without warning, she rushed me, knocking us both onto my bed. She had tackled me so hard that we moved up to the headboard of my bed. My head crashed into the headboard, sending waves of pain through my skull. I jerked my hands to the back of my head where it hurt as I sharply inhaled. It would be my biggest mistake.

Shannon must have planned that because that was when she suddenly grabbed one of my wrists & quickly cuffed it to one of the poles on the headboard. My hand flashed to her hand to get her to release it, but because I was still dazed, she was able to push my hand all the way across to the other pole & cuff my wrist.

I was now handcuffed to my bed with Shannon on top of me.

"Shannon! Get off me!" I yelled.

"Hahahaha, I don't think so," she said, leaning down over me. Just then she did something that shocked me.

She began to kiss me gently, but firmly, on the lips. She held my head in place with both her hands. As I struggled to get away from her, which failed, I suddenly felt her knee slam into my groin. A silent cry of pain burst from my lungs.

She was nuts. Absolutely nuts. I doubted that he had any sort of sports event in Lewiston & had instead just taken this opportunity to do this.

I continued shaking my head back & forth, but she held it in place with her hands while she kept on kissing me. It was my second kiss with a girl, the first being with Sara at the freshman dance a couple years ago, which had only led to Alex hating me temporarily. That hadn't worked out so well either. What didn't girls understand? I was GAY.

Shannon lifted her head & looked down at me.

"That's enough, get off! Get these cuffs off me Shannon, now!" I yelled at her.

She grinned & began unbuttoning her shirt. She was kneeling over me with only a tank top covering her torso now. I started thrashing my legs around, hoping it would cause her to lose her balance. It worked. But it didn't turn out the way I'd hoped.

She jumped off the bed & walked over to her bag.


I watched as she took out two 3-foot ropes as well as a small white rag. After that she removed a pair of scissors from a side pocket. That was followed by a bandanna, a small device that looked similar to a cell phone & something else that made my jaw quiver.

A dildo that must have been a foot long & two inches thick!

"Shannon, c'mon, what are you doing? Just let me go, all right? I won't tell my dad or your mom if you let me go right now, ok?" I pleaded. The only thing I had ever had up my butt was J's cock. The dildo was a monster in my eyes.

She took both pieces of rope & began using one of them to tie my ankle to the pole at the end of my bed. When that was done, she made her way to my other ankle & did the same. I was now tied down to my bed by all fours.

Shannon walked over to me with the bandanna, the scissors & the rag in her hands. She jabbed at my waist with the scissors, hard.

"Aggghhhh!" I screamed as I felt it puncture my skin.

Suddenly, Shannon stuffed the white rag into my mouth while I was screaming & writhing in pain. I tried spitting the rag out as I contorted my body, somehow trying to cover the spot where she had stabbed me. I felt blood streaming down my waist & onto my bed sheet.

As tears of pain, humiliation & anger crept down my face, Shannon began wrapping the bandanna around my eyes. I couldn't see anything except for shadows through the thin fabric. I started to panic. She had already stabbed me with scissors while I could see. What would she do now that I COULDN'T?

I heard a ripping noise & my body instinctively froze.

I felt my shirt falling apart from my lower belly, making its way up my chest. She was cutting my shirt off!

"MMMMFFFFF!" was all I could get out through the rag & the anger.

I could feel the scissors stop at the center of my collarbone. With that, she pulled the scissors away & I felt her rip what was left of my shirt off, including the sleeves. I then sensed her getting up & going to the foot of the bed. With that, I could feel her untying my left ankle. The instant my foot was free, I jerked it around, hoping maybe I could kick her, or shove her, or something. But Shannon only grabbed my foot & started pulling the pant leg over it, bringing my jeans further down that leg.

She was trying to get my pants off!

"C'mon Noah, this'll be fun," she exclaimed.

I protested in my new muffle talk, but to no avail.

She eventually was able slip my entire leg out of that pant leg. In the process, she had pulled my jeans halfway down my legs already. Once she had gotten one leg free, she squirmed to get my foot tied up again. With that, she untied my other ankle & was able to pull my jeans completely off before struggling to tie up that ankle. I was now in nothing but my boxers, tied up on my bed, blindfolded, gagged & too injured to keep struggling at my fullest extent.

And then...I heard ripping.

She was cutting my boxers off with the scissors. I struggled as much as I could to get her to stop, but it was pointless, & all I had done was hurt my side more. Soon enough, I was completely naked.

"Wow Noah. You're even better than I dreamed of," Shannon said seductively.

Suddenly, I felt her climbing onto the bed again. My body flinched as I felt her fragile fingers touching my soft dick. I didn't want this.

She took my flaccid member between her two fingers & began slowly moving it up & down. I could she was reaching for something, but what, I didn't know.

As she continued playing with my genitals, it hit me. I was starting to harden! No!

"Ohhh what's this?" she giggled.

"MMMMFF!" I protested.

Within a few more seconds, I was rock hard. I wanted her to stop & just end this! But she wasn't.

I didn't know if Shannon had ever masturbated another boy before, but I could tell she certainly knew how. As much as I wanted it all to cease, I had to admit, it felt great.

A few more minutes went by, Shannon slowly picking up speed while she jerked me off. I struggled every now & then, knowing however that it wouldn't do any good. I felt my cock become slippery, knowing that precum was now emitting from my piss slit.

Suddenly, I felt a burn digging into my chest. Wave after wave after wave of an unknown, uncomfortable feeling pulsed through my entire body. My body arched violently, as much as it could with the restraints. I started groaning loudly in agony of whatever I was feeling. I started shaking uncontrollably.

When it stopped, I was inhaling desperately through my nose. My body was aching all over from the unknown sensation. When I had calmed down enough, I could hear a soft buzzing noise. The noise sounded familiar. It was then that I realized what she had.

She had just used a taser on me! That's what the odd cell-phone-looking device must have been.

As odd as it sounded, my hard-on had no been affected at all. Shannon continued jacking me of as if nothing had even happened. I realized that the shock had over stimulated my senses, causing me to moan in a low voice as she continued. I squirmed in both agony & pleasure.

Just then, I felt her taser me again. My 16 year old frame contorted involuntarily. I groaned uncontrollably as I felt surge after surge of electricity flood my body. I felt tears staining my blindfold as I moaned in pain.

She pulled the horrible device away from my chest, leaving me gasping for air. But because I was gagged, I ended up choking from the lack of air I was desperately trying to take in.

Shannon then climbed off the bed. I couldn't tell what she was doing, but I heard a muffled shuffling noise. I tried my best to think of what it could be. I found out.

When she climbed back on the bed, I could feel she was leaning over, her bare skin touching mine. She was naked!

"You know what Noah? I think I'm gonna skip giving you head & just go right to fucking myself on your cock," Shannon laughed.

I could barely muffle a "mmff" to protest, which I knew was absolutely pointless. But there was nothing I could do.

I felt her body shuffle around a little over me until I could tell she was situated over my cock, which hadn't gone down at all. With her hands wrapped around my hips, she slowly lowered herself onto my stiff prick. I felt the lips of her pussy slide slowly onto the tip of my cock. It was almost burning with warmth. It felt like hot, wet velvet as Shannon slid more of her apparently wet pussy onto my hard cock.

Inch by inch, my hard cock burrowed its way farther up Shannon's tight vagina. I couldn't help but moan in pleasure as my penis was swallowed up in this incredible sensation.

In no time, Shannon had completely impaled herself on my dick, my pubic hair mashed against her shaven pussy. She began to rock back & forth. Because my body was still sore from everything, I was quickly reminded of how I DIDN'T want this. I tried stifling a message to her to get off, but it only came off as a moan of pleasure.

Shannon began to move her body up & down on my penis, actually fucking herself on my prick. She was making small grunting noises each time she came down on my dick.

"Uh..uhh..uh...uhhh..." she grunted.

Just then, I could feel a small buzzing sensation on my lower stomach. Shannon was using the taser again. This time, however, it seemed to be on a much lower setting. It was an odd sensation, one that only seemed to make my body buzz more, causing me to feel more sensitive. And more sensitivity meant more pleasure.

I resisted the urge to pump my hips up to meet her bouncing motions. I was full gay. But I knew that being gay didn't prevent me from having physical & instinctive reactions. My body was tensing up as I was dying to hunch my hips in & out of the hot, tight hole my cock was shoved up. I moaned over & over again.

Suddenly, I could feel my balls tensing up. It came to me that this was not a good situated. I started squirming, moaning loudly for her to get off, trying as best I could to get her attention. But it was no use. As I felt my balls draw up, I arched my back & groaned in ecstasy as I shot ropes of thick hot cum up Shannon's pussy. My cock pulsed over & over again, filling her with my cum, some of it dripping out of her & landing on my crotch.

"I guess you liked that, huh Noah?" Shannon laughed.

I could only pant, my chest rising up & down.

"I bet my little toy also felt good, huh?" she said.

I felt her lay the taser on my chest again.

Without warning, Shannon began pumping volt after horrible volt into my poor body. I cried in pain, knowing that she could turn the power up or down as she wished. My limbs twitched painfully as I felt the electricity attacking every joint, every muscle & every inch of skin.

As soon as the third assault began, it ended just as fast. I was left wiggling in agony, my fingers & toes twitching. I sobbed quietly as my body throbbed.

"Hey Noah, wanna go again?" Shannon asked politely.

I barely had any energy to do ANYTHING at this point.

Shannon reached over again to grab something & all of a sudden, I felt a rubbery, yet firm object began to push into my anus. I realized she was trying to shove the dildo she brought with her up my ass while she leaned slightly back on my penis in order to reach my ass. I screamed in pain into the white gag as the enormous fake dick was stuffed up my rectum. Each micrometer was more agonizing than the last. I cried from the unbearable pain as she continued her relentless abuse of my body.

After 10 minutes or so, the pain from the dildo, of which had finally been shoved into my ass far enough, started to subside.

I felt Shannon clenching the muscles in her pussy, trying to bring my dick back to life. It worked. I groaned. I had had enough, but apparently Shannon felt differently. In no time, my penis was rock hard again, begging to release, even though my mind said no.

Soon enough, Shannon started bouncing up & down again on my hard cock. God how I wanted both to cum & to be let go.

After a couple minutes went by, I felt her using her fingers to fuck the dildo in & out of my ass. At first, it was excruciating. But in no time, I felt the object jabbing at my prostate, which only J had ever reached. I moaned as I felt my insides stimulated beyond my control.

The assault on my body was too much. Once again I sensed that I was going to cum any moment. My body began to twitch as I unloaded four bursts of cum into Shannon's pussy. She was also grunting from the fucking she was giving herself on my cock. When she began screaming loudly, followed by a stiff pause, I assumed she had also reached orgasm.

I was completely limp. I had absolutely no energy left in my abused being. But again, that didn't stop Shannon.

For another hour & a half, Shannon fucked herself on my cock, as well as fucked my ass with the dildo. In the end, I had cum into Shannon's vagina nine times!

Finally, the torture came to an end.

I was choking from lack of air from the gag & sheer exhaustion. My body was soaked with sweat, cum & Shannon's own cunt juices. But my entire figure was coated with a sheen of sweat.

"Well, Noah, that was certainly fun, wasn't it?" Shannon panted. I felt her lift herself off me. With a loud plop, I felt what felt like a gallon of my cum pour out of her & splash onto my legs, stomach & groin. My room was absolutely drenched with the smell of sex. It made me sick.

I could hear Shannon dressing back into her clothes & putting stuff away into her bag.

Just then, I felt her untying my ankles from the polls at the end of my bed. She put the rope back into her duffel bag. After that, she moved up to my head & opened the cuffs on my wrists from the polls. Lastly, she took out my gag & removed my blindfold. My face was stained with tears both dried & new.

"Bye Noah," Shannon whispered, leaning down & kissing me gently on the lips. With that, Shannon walked away & left.

After a few moments, I struggled to get off my bed & stand up. I made my way to my bathroom, falling to the floor once on the way there. Once I got in, I crawled to the toilet & threw up, twice. I made my way into the shower & turned the water on. I inspected the area in my waist from where she had stabbed me. The was a deep gash which was still bleeding profusely. I looked out the bathroom & saw my bed, a large red wet spot covering a significant portion of the sheet.

In the shower alone, I threw up two more times. I was disgusted & filthy. I sobbed quietly as I tried to clean myself. I kept turning the temperature up, but I was still cold. I gently touched a finger to my sensitive anus. There was blood there, too.

When I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror.

I wasn't myself.

I walked out of the shower, nauseous, & went to my bed. There was blood all over the sheet. I felt more tears.

I grabbed a wool blanket from off a nearby chair & walked over to my couch. I lied down on my couch. When I looked down at the floor, that's when I saw my phone. I shakily picked it up.

I called J.

I needed him.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 30: Corrupted
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