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 Chapter 17: Any World That I'm Welcome To (Or Not)

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PostSubject: Chapter 17: Any World That I'm Welcome To (Or Not)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:39 am


I slowly & groggily opened my eyes.

I was in the middle of a dream where Travis & I were vacationing in the Bahamas at a beautiful resort house all to ourselves. It was sunny with a cool breeze which made it comfortably warm. The backside of the house had spectacular views of the luscious green hill that led down to a beach that stretched for miles both ways. The water was the most fantastic & clear, tropical blue I had ever seen. Travis & I walked around the house naked all day, climbed in to bed at night, snuggled up close, began kissing...

"Connor...are you awake?"

I sat up, the blankets sliding off my chest. I rubbed my eyes & glanced at my clock. It was 1:30 in the morning. I blinked my eyes at the doorway to my room, where Chris stood there in his t-shirt & boxers.

"I am now. What's wrong kiddo?"

"Can I sleep with you?"

I blinked.

"Uh, yeah sure, of course. How come?"

"Just 'cause," he replied as he walked over to my bed.

"I sleep in only my boxers just so you know," I said.

"Whatever," he said unemotionally.

I moved over a bit so he could climb into the bed next to me. Once he was in, he pulled the covers up & turned away from me.

"What's wrong Chris?"

"Nothing," he responded after a moment.

"You sure?"


"Ok. Night," I said as I leaned over & gave him a kiss on the cheek.



The next night I picked up my dream where I had left off.

"Mmm...your lips taste fruity..." Travis said to me as he rubbed my chest & kissed me while we were in bed.

"Well, the pool boy had some fruitiness on his lips this afternoon," I smiled as I pecked him on the lips.

"Really? I tasted cinnamon," Travis said. I laughed.

We lied down facing each other. I reached my hand down to take hold if Travis' dick &...


It didn't sound like Travis.


I slowly opened my eyes only to see Chris standing at my door. It was almost 1 a.m.


"Umm...can I sleep with you again?" he asked.

"Babe, you know you don't need to ask me."

Chris walked quietly over to my bed & slipped in next to me. He faced away from me again & pulled the covers up.

I stared at the back of my little brother's head. I heard him sniffle a couple times.



I sat up.

"What's goin' on?"

He sniffled.


"Something's wrong, tell me."

"Never mind Connor, it's nothing, really."

Even though I was dying to know, I didn't feel like pushing it tonight.

"Ok. Good night," I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

He didn't respond.


Travis & I continued kissing as we began to grope at each others dicks. His was rock hard & dribbling some precum onto the white bed sheets. Travis rubbed his fingers on my ballsack, making them tingle as his digits probed into my testicles.

I felt him reach a hand around me, his hand clutching my ass cheek. I flinched as he moved one of his fingers to my anus & started rubbing it around. With his other hand, Travis began rubbing my cock up & down, masturbating me slowly. I did the same to him.

Just then, he shoved me a little bit.

"What was that for?" I laughed.

He didn't answer.


Again, he didn't reply.

My eyes began slowly opening as I realized that I was lightly being moved over. I looked next to me & saw Chris slipping into bed with me. I could tell he had recently been sobbing based on his breathing, even though he was facing away from me. He must have assumed I was still asleep because about five minutes later, he rolled around & faced me, snuggling up close to my bigger body.


The next night, I drank about four sodas before bed. I lied in bed for a while texting Travis, telling him how much I loved him. He even sent me a couple nude pics of him. How awesome was that?

So around quarter after 1, I heard Chris' bedroom door open. I was sitting on the edge of my bed in only my boxers when he got to my doorway.

"Oh, you're awake?" he asked. I could faintly see that his eyes were red.


He looked down.

"C'mere," I said. He walked over & stood in front of me.

"Look at me," I said to him. He looked up.

"What's goin' on Chris? You've slept in bed with me the past three nights."

"And don't say 'nothing'," I added just as he opened his mouth to speak.

He mumbled something.


He sighed.

"A kid at school..."

"Whoa, slow down, I don't need ALL the details," I said sarcastically.

He looked back down.

"There's this small group of kids who have been bullying me lately."

I felt like a dog when my ears perked up.

"Wait, what? Bullying?"

Chris nodded his head.

"How many kids?"

"Three, four."

"What are they doin' it for?"

Chris lowered his head again.


He sniffled.

"Tell me."

When he looked back up, there was a tear rolling down his cheek & his eyes were wet.

"A lot of kids found out that you're gay Connor," he sniffed.

It took me a very slow second to process to realize what he had said.


"Somebody in the grade above me lives across the street from Travis & I guess you guys had your shade open one time & they saw into Travis' room, where you guys were doin' stuff. And then he started tellin' people & since then kids, mostly in this little group, have been teasin' me. Kids kept coming up to me."

I hesitated.

"What did you tell them?"

"I told them that it was true...but that they shouldn't be laughin' about it," Chris said, starting to tear up again.

I stared at my little brother, still processing what he said. I brought him to sit down next to me as it slowly came to me what was going on.

"So...your whole school knows about Travis & me?" I said.

"A lot of the school, I don't know about the entire building."

I looked at my open door.

"And you told them it was true."

Chris didn't respond. I didn't know how he could. Did I have the right to be upset with him? Yeah, of course. He had admitted to his school that his older brother was gay. It was a secret I had trusted him to keep. I should have been furious at him for telling people it was true. But I wasn't. First off because I had told Chris to never lie about it. If someone had come up to him & asked, they I wanted him to tell the truth, as opposed to going around & just telling people, which he hadn't done. Second, there was a bigger issue on the table. My baby brother was being bullied at school because of me & instead of being scolded, he needed me.

"All right, look, um..."

"Connor, I'm sorry," he sobbed softly.

"Hey, it's ok," I said, pulling him into a hug.

"I know you told me to never tell people..."

"But I also said never lie about it if somebody asked you."

"I guess," he said.

I held him in a little hug for a few moments.

"Ok, let's see. Have you told the school yet?"

"No. They're not like, hurting me or hitting me."

"It doesn't have to be physical to be abusive. Chris, look. Tomorrow, I want you to go to the office & talk to someone. Tell them what's going on, got it?"

"But they're gonna know that I ratted them out."

I shrugged.

"So what? If they keep harassing you, then they'll keep getting in trouble. The more they do, the more they get."

Chris didn't say anything.

"If you don't you'll regret it, I guarantee it."

He nodded.

"I'll try."


He suddenly leaned his head, which had grown quite a bit of hair on it since I he told me his was in remission, on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around him lovingly.

"Besides, if they keep givin' you crap, I'll kick their asses. 'Cause I'm your brother," I said.

"My GAY brother," Chris pointed out.

I laughed.

"Yes, your gay brother. I'll kick their asses because I'm your gay brother," I said, giving him a kiss on the head.

Suddenly, we heard our parents' bedroom door open.

"Oh I gotta get to bed," said my brother, scrambling for the door. Just as he got there, my dad appeared in front of him, standing there with his green robe on, his hair a mess & his eyes very tired-looking.

"What are you guys doing up? It's the middle of the night?" he said, slightly irritated.

"I was uh...just about to, uh, let Chris sleep in bed with me tonight," I replied.

Chris turned around & looked at me.

"Why?" asked dad.

"Because he wanted some company."

Dad looked back & forth between my brother & me.

"Fine. Keep it down. And get to sleep. You have school in the morning."


"Ok. Night boys."

"Night dad," we said in unison.

Once my dad left, Chris came back to my bad where I let him slide in next to me.

"Thanks Connor," he said, wrapping his small body around my waist.

"No problem buddy."

We lied down & got under the covers. Chris was sleeping in no time.

I had other things on my mind. Too many things to fall asleep on.

I reached over my sleeping brother & grabbed my phone off the nightstand. I turned it on & began typing a message to Travis. For Christmas he had gotten Halo 3 & was probably awake playing online.

Once he responded, we agreed to meet at a halfway point, which was a bus stop on Fender Road.

I slowly climbed over Chris. Once I had, I threw on a shirt & a pair of pajama pants. I crept down the hallway to the front door. I leaned over to the couch & grabbed my hoodie off the back of it. As quietly as I could, I unlocked the door & opened it, slipping through. I closed the door extremely slowly. Once closed, I started walking down the street with my hoodie on.

About five minutes later, I made it to the bench at the bus stop & waited for a little bit until Travis arrived.


"Wake up," I heard someone saying in my ear.


"Hey," said Travis. He was sitting next to me on the bench.

"Oh, hi."

"Sleepin'?" he smiled.


"So what's goin' on?"

I took a big breath.

"Chris tells me that his school now knows that I'm gay."

Travis looked away for a moment but then looked back to me.

"What d'ya mean?"

"Well I guess a little while ago, some kid who lives near you saw you & me...ya know...through your window & they started tellin' people. So now Chris is bein' bullied at school."

"No kiddin'? Wow."


"So that's why's been sleepin' with you lately?"

I nodded my head.

"Just for what you did?" he said.

I turned to him, puzzled.

"What did I do?"

He grinned & leaned in close to my face.

"Me," he whispered in a sexy voice. I laughed as I felt his lips touch mine.

"I dunno, it wasn't that hard to do," I shot back with a smile.

"You want somethin' hard t'do huh?" he deflected, reaching for my crotch, which was slowly rising, & snuggling his lips under my chin, trying to kiss at my neck.

"Travis, hahaha," I giggled as I tried pushing him away. "Ahahaha, cut it out hahaha."

He sat back, but not after one more kiss on the lips.

"But I mean, seriously. Most of his school knows I'm gay now. And he's being harassed by these kids."

"You know I love your bro, right?"


"As much as I love the kid, I reckon you got a bigger problem Connor," he said.


"Those kids will tell their older brothers & sisters. Soon, kids in OUR school are gonna know. They might already."

My heart hit rock bottom.

"I never even though about that. Oh my god, that IS a huge problem, you're right...aw man..." I said, dropping my head into my hands.

"Now hold on, I shouldn't have said it was a problem. Maybe this is a good thing."

"Travis...you're out. I'm not."

"Well ya but I haven't ALWAYS been out Connor."

"True, but you never had any trouble with just letting people know."

"I guess so."

I groaned.

"Look," he said, putting an arm around me & bringing me in close to him, "you're over reacting. Everyone who's gay freaks a bit at some point. Even if it's not for very long, they still do."

"Exactly! So then everyone who's gay knows how hard it is. So don't push me Travis," I said sharply, standing up.

"Connor," Travis soothed as he stood up also, "would you relax? Lord, you're freaking out right now, chill."

"I have a right to freak out."

"I'm not saying you don't I'm just sayin' maybe outside in the middle of the night isn't the best time to."

He wrapped his arms around me & hugged me warmly.

"You're just tired from all the sleep you've lost. Everything's gonna be ok. I promise."

I looked up at him.


"I promise."

"How much do you promise?"

He though for a moment.

"I promise you a free meal at McDonald's on Friday. I'll pay," he grinned.

"Oh well thank you, I've always wanted a romantic lunch," I laughed.

"I promise a free day of pampering at some point."

"Hmm...promise me MORE."

"What more is there?"

"Well Travis, you paying for my lunch at McDonald's & waiting on me hand & foot isn't enough."

"Says you," Travis muttered with a smile. I nudged him.

"Fine, what else do you want me to promise?" he asked me.

I kissed him softly on the lips as he held me in the moonlit emptiness of the street.

"Promise me you'll help me get through this if it goes south."

He looked through me, reading me.

"I promise."

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Chapter 17: Any World That I'm Welcome To (Or Not)
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