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 Chapter 5: Fucked

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PostSubject: Chapter 5: Fucked   Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:48 am

I waited in a nearby park for Ray to leave the house. Once he was gone, I went back, unlocked the door & went back to the living room to watch tv.

About an hour later, Trent came in.

"Hey man."

We went up to my room & closed the door.

I shucked my shirt & jeans to the side as Trent did the same. In no time, our naked built bodies stood before one another. I went up to him & began kissing him firmly on the lips. We moved slowly to my bed where we fell down onto the mattress, me on top of his body.

"Ya know, this is the fourth day in a row we've done this," I said.

"The first day didnt' count, we left third period," he smiled.

"Fine, I'll give you that."

I leaned down & began kissing him again as I laid down on him. Our semi hard cock mushed against each other. I could feel a little moisture, so Trent must have already been leaking a bit of precum. I decided to spread the love so to speak & slowly grind my hips against him.

Trent wrapped his legs around my waist & thrust against me.

I sucked at his warm lips & tongue while he wrapped his arms around me & ran his fingers lightly over my back. I picked up the pace & force of my grinding motions. I small moan escaped my lips.

By now, our cocks were stiff as poles, rubbing against each other like two sticks trying to make fire. And trying to make a gigantic fire we were.

I could feel a a sizable amount of fluid squishing between our bodies. Trent & I were practically pouring precum onto each others bodies. The lubrication felt awesome & we began humping our groins even harder. Soon, my hips were bucking trying to force myself into Trent's hot smooth body.

We shifted our bodies just a little bit so that instead of me being right on top of him, we were in the missionary position. And fuck, did I have a mission.

Trent wrapped his legs around my back & readied himself. While I continued to kiss him, I reached one hand down to my cock & searched for Trent's pucker. When I lined it up with my messy dick, I began to ease myself slowly into him.

"Ughhhh..." he groaned into my mouth.

Slowly, I could feel his ass opening, allowing my raging boner to dig itself into his insides. Within no time, I was balls-deep in Trent's ass, the scraggly hair of my pubes mushed against the muscular globes of his ass.

"Do it hard," he said bluntly.

Well, if he insisted.

I started to roughly plow my cock in & out of his ass. I watched where my cock slid in & out of his anal ring. It turned me on immensely. Trent grabbed at the edges of his bed with his hands, clenching the sides as our bodies rocked the bed, causing it to squeak under us.

Trent's eyes were closed & he was gritting his teeth together as he was shoved violently back & forth. I leaned down & kissed at his neck while I fucked his ass. I licked at each of his nipples. His chest was damp from sweating. The slightly-salty taste was exotic.

I took one hand & wrapped it around Trent's cock, which at this point was hard as a rock & oozing fluid like crazy. It began slipping over my hand, making my fingers sticky & slimy. I began to jack him off at a very fast rate. Trent & I weren't big on romance & going slow & all that shit. We did what we did. Simple as that. Romance was for straighties. More specifically, since neither of us were girls, we could ACTUALLY get right down to it.

"Oh god...oh fuck...uhhhh," he moaned loudly.

I was leaking so much precum while my cock assaulted his insides that it was starting to ooze out of Trent's ass. This did nothing but lubricate the area more & make squishing noises each time my cock slammed into his asshole. Like I said, this kind of stuff was a huge turn-on for me & my hips started fucking as fast as they could. The hot, wet tightness around my penis was so great that I wasn't even paying attention to my actual fucking. My body was on some sort of auto-pilot, my hips fucking Trent's ass on their own. My eyes rolled back & I groaned like an animal along with Trent.

Trent wrapped his arms up around my back & dug his fingers into my skin, his nails tearing into my skin. He was now wrapped around me completely by both his arms & legs. I continued to stroke his dick up & down very fast, which squeezed more precum from his piss slit.

Suddenly, Trent's nail buried themselves into my back, without a doubt drawing blood from my skin. I winced slightly in pain, but it was nothing compared to the sexual pleasure I was getting from his burning hot rectum.

As Trent's nails dug cruelly into my back, I felt his arms & legs also tighten around me. His body tensed & I figured that he was just about to orgasm from my tongue licking hungrily at his sensitive nipples, my hand masturbating him furiously & my cock almost literally pounding the shit out of him.

"AGGUUHHHH," he yelled as he tensed & stuck to my body like a magnet.

I felt a hot whip of his slimy cum blast up onto my heaving chest. Two more ropes of his jizz splattered all the way up to his face & landed on his cheeks & lips, coating his skin with creamy white cum. The rest of his cum poured out over my hand in great amounts. It got between my fingers & made my them slippery.

While Trent was cumming, I felt his sphincter spasm around my cock. My body tingled & tensed as I experience my own sudden orgasm. And fuck it was good.

"Ohhh god," I said hoarsely as I unloaded blast after blast of cum into Trent's bowels.

We were panting heavily by now & exhausted.

Trent & I stayed that way for a few more seconds trying to catch our breath. I pulled my tingling penis out of Trent's ass with a faint squish noise. I plopped down next to him as he laid down on his back. I reached into my nightstand & pulled a pack of Marlboro. I took two out & handed one to Trent. I grabbed a nearby lighter & lit up.

"Ya know, we should do this every day for now on," Trent said as he held the butt to the lighter. It glowed for a few seconds & then started a creamy wisp of smoke.

"What, ditch & fuck?" I said with a smile as I looked up at the ceiling.

"Yeah. I mean, we're almost done with school anyway, we know what life is like & most of all...school is just stupid," he laughed.

"Hey man, I'm with you, but I can't do it, as much as I'd love to."

"C'mon Rory, don't be a pussy. Have some fucking fun."

"I want to, believe me. But Ray would hang me once he found out I'm skippin' school just to fuck with guys."

"Why are you so scared of your uncle?" Trent asked me.

I noticed a tiny spider on the ceiling. I wondered why it was in my room.

I shifted my body so I was laying on my side with my arm propping me up facing Trent. He turned his head to look at me.

"'Cause even though he's more of a dick than what I had up your ass...he WAS the one who took me when my mother gave me up. Even though he didn't want me, he still took me in & he's had a roof over my head all these years."

"That's why you won't stand up to him? Because he CAAAAAARES about you?" Trent sneered. I jabbed him in the arm lightly.

"He doesn't care about me. Taking care of & caring about are not the same thing. He barely does the first."

"You should at least TRY standing up to him sometime."

"I have. When I was younger."


I shrugged.

"Up 'til I was 13. After that I knew my place."

"What would happen when you were younger than that?"

"He'd beat me."

"Well you've told me that Rory, I meant like when?"

I closed my eyes trying to think of an example.

"Well the first time ever, I took a $5 bill from his wallet one day & he found out later that day & when I got home...he whipped me with his belt, he pulled me off the ground by my hair & he spit on me."

"Whoa man."


"How old were you?"

I blew out a cloud of blue smoke.


We sat in silence for a few more moments until I spoke up again.

"The reason I can't stand up to him about ANYTHING is because...I'm broken. I mean, fuck, when you grow up for 13 years being beaten for breaking rules you didn't know existed or sometimes for no fucking reason at all, it just...I dunno. It breaks you."

"What d'ya do now when you fuck up?"

"Well he hasn't beaten me in a while because I haven't fucked up. Least, I haven't been caught."

We chuckled.

"Hey man, if you're REALLY shit about livin' with him...then move out & find another place. Hell, Child Services sounds better than him."

I shook my head.

"Why not?"

"Because the last thing Seattle Child Services needs is to report another case to the police, which will leak out & then everybody pities the poor boy flicked around by a military man. I'd just be a tale from another broken home."



"Nothin'. How come you took the money out of his wallet anyway?"

"This kid in my class was bullying me & told me if I gave him money he'd stop."

"Did he?"

"Not from me paying him."


"Well after Ray hit me around, he asked why I stole it. I told him that there was a kid at school who bullied me. Then all he did was hit me some more because I had stolen from him, I was keeping secrets from him AND because I was being too much of a wimp to fight back."

"Then what?"

"Well he taught me how to fight, firsthand. Probably the only good thing he ever did for me actually."

"So what did you do about the kid at school?"

"I kicked his ass when he started pushing me around again."

"Nice!" Trent laughed.

"Ehh...not really."

"Why? What happened?"

"I had him up against a wall & I was kicking at the back of his legs."

"So what's wrong with that?"

"Well the school suspended us both & Ray beat me up for getting suspended," I laughed into my hands.

"But he's the one who taught you to fight back."

"That's what I told him."

"Yeah? What did he say?"

"He talked with his belt to my face."


Trent & I puffed out a few more creamy clouds. I glanced up to the ceiling. The spider was in a different spot. Damn.

"So you kicked the kid's ass huh?" Trent said.

I laughed & nodded my head.

"How'd you do it?"

"Well I can't really remember. But all I know is that Ray taught me how to fight hardcore."

"So let's say I was gonna like, shoot somebody with a gun & you were nearby, what would you do?"

I scoffed at him. Trent was always going for the stupid hypothetical situations.

"I don't know, I guess it depends on exactly what's goin' on. All I know is that I could easily get it the hell away from you," I grinned.

"Full of yourself much?" he said.

"What, you think you could do better?"

"Yeah, I'd take it away & then murder EVERYBODY!" he laughed loudly.

"NOW who's full of himself?" I laughed.

"Hmm I wouldn't mind be full with you...if ya get me," he chuckled.

"That was really lame Trent," I laughed at his implication.

We hung out & fucked a couple more times that day. Later in the afternoon, I was on my hands & knees on my bed, sucking Trent's cock when my cell phone rang. While I was sucking, I reached over & grabbed it.

"No no no! If you're gonna answer it, you're NOT sucking me at the same time," Trent said, pushing my head off him. I laughed.

"Who is it?"

I looked at my phone. There was no name, but I did recognize the number. One Missed Called.


"Who's Caleb?"

"From school?"

"THAT Caleb?"


"Rory, dude...that kid's a loser. Why does he have your cell number?"

"He's not SO bad. He's pretty nice. He has my number 'cause we hang out occasionally?"

Trent sat up & faced me.

"Wait, what?"


"You hang out with Caleb?"

I shuffled my eyes to the side for a quick second.

"Yeah...? Why?"

He gave me a 'hell-OO!' look.


"Rory, not only is Caleb a loser, he's gay too remember?"

"Weed doesn't kill ALL my memory cells dude, I know he's gay."

"Yeah & what if he tries fuckin' you or somethin'?" Trent exclaimed.

My eyes widened & a smile curved onto my face.

"What?!" I laughed loudly, "Bro, there's NOTHING between Caleb & me. I just chill with him now & then."

"Why? Are you guys friends?"

"I'd say acquaintances who hang out at his place once in a blue moon. I just go if he asks me & I have nothin' better t'do."

"The kid's a fag."

"What's your problem?"

"Just...don't have anything to do with him anymore."

I raised my head to his level.

"Excuse me?"


"Caleb & I aren't friends but I like spendin' time with him. He's pretty nice & we have fun when I'm over there."

"Yeah? What d'ya guys do?"

"That's none of your fucking business Trent."

"It IS my business if you guys are screwin' around," he snapped.

"We're not doing anything Trent, chill the fuck out!" I yelled.

He kept an angry face at me while he was thinking.

"And don't be tellin' me who I can & can't hang out with."

I had seen Trent angry, but never at ME. It scared me a bit to see him suddenly freak over nothing.
He gave an unhappy snort, but left it at that.

"You ok?" I said.

"I'm sorry. I know Caleb's a nice guy, which is why I guess I flipped out. I mean, I don't want you heading off to some goody-to-shoes & leaving me behind."

I smiled.

"You really think I'd leave YOU for a goody-to-shoes?"

"I dunno."

I kissed him.

"That's my answer."

Trent smiled, gave me another kiss & stared to get his things together. A couple minutes later, he had to leave. I gave him a kiss goodbye & he headed out. I shook my head.

I went back to my phone & picked it up. I started re-dialing Caleb's number. While it was ringing, I looked up at my ceiling. The spider was gone.

I laughed.

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Chapter 5: Fucked
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