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 Chapter 12: Reversed

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PostSubject: Chapter 12: Reversed   Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:48 am

"Sho whe gig gyu no gyu wur ga?" I asked Taylor.

"Nick, that's disgusting," Taylor smiled after he swallowed his lo mein.

"Sorry," I laughed as I swallowed the chicken teriyaki.

"Wanna try again?"

"So when did you know you were gay?" I asked.

Taylor & I were chilling out at my house eating some Chinese food. We just finished watching The Day After Tomorrow. Oh my god, it was such a fabulous movie every time I watched it. We called a nearby Chinese food restaurant for some delivery & now we were enjoying some chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, white rice, lo mein & wanton soup. Yum, right?. For what I payed, it was worth it.

"I don't really know actually how to answer that," he responded as he slurped up some lo mein noodles.

"Ok," I said, "when did you start THINKING you were into guys?"

He shrugged.

"I dunno. I guess I started contemplating stuff when I found out about you. But I was brought up believing it was wrong, so I tried to just get it out of my system I guess. And I figured it would've helped if I was baggin' on you."

"So...thats like four years ago you started thinking about it?"

"Well I wasn't really THINKING about it. Are you thinking of breathing right now?"


"Exactly. It was just something that was THERE."

"Yeah. So your parents really hate gays huh?"

"To be honest, I don't know if I'd say HATE, but they sure as hell make it clear to everyone that they're not fond of the gay lifestyle to say the least," he said skillfully through a spoon of rice.

"Yeah they were like, brutally upfront when I was at your house a while ago. What do you say when they ask where you're going?"

"I tell them I'm hangin' with a friend & I have that friend cover me in case they call."

"What do you tell your friend?"

"I tell him that I'm with another friend who my parents don't like."

"At least you're honest," I rolled my eyes.

He smiled cheekily.

I burped.

"God, for the gayest kid in school, you sure don't act very lady-like."

"Said the homosexual A-student, jock, star athlete."

We ate a little bit more.

"So what's the deal with your grandma?" he asked.


"Where the FUCK did THAT come from?" I said.

Taylor gave a little chuckle.

"Remember a while ago you had your friends Craig & Jimmy trick me into fighting them?"

"Yeah, you destroyed Craig's jaw & sterilized Jimmy," I laughed.

"I hate you for that by the way."

"You can't hate me," I grinned.

"Oh yeah? Why not?"

I leaned over & kissed him on the cheek.

"'Cause I ordered the food," I whispered.

Taylor smiled & nudged me away.

"You mentioned that day though that your grandma doesn't even know you were born or something."


He waited for my response.

"My mom never told her mom that she was pregnant."

"Wouldn't she have noticed your mom getting bigger & bigger?"

"No, because they hadn't seen each other in a few years. The next time they saw each other was when my mom & dad visited them when I was 9. They visited again when I was 13."

"Why didn't they tell her that they had a son?"

"Mom married her highschool sweetheart insted of the guy they wanted her to marry. In short, grandma doesn't like my dad & she's very reluctant to have anything to do with us. And because of that, my mom felt it was only fair that if grandma could hold a grudge, then she didn't deserve to know she had a grandchild."

"Regardless of what your grandma did, I think your mom still should have told her."

"I've told her that, but she never listens to me."

"I assume you WANT to get to know her?"


"Where does she live again?"

"South Dakota. Why?"

"Just wonderin'," Taylor shrugged.

Once we were done eating, we decided to go watch some tv. Oh look, Logo. A two hour movie? Niiiiiiiice.

Taylor was slightly uncomfortable watching it as first but he eventually warmed up to the screen. At one point, the twinkiest looking guy came onto the screen without a shirt & in only jeans. My eyes were too glued to the screen to look at Taylor, so I assumed he liked it.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my leg. I looked down & saw that Taylor was moving his hand on my thigh.

"Inspired?" I grinned.

"I just wanna, ya know...get this down," he laughed.

I smiled.

I leaned towards him & lightly placed my lips over his. I let him stroke my leg for a bit. I don't know why, it wasn't sexual one bit, even though I was massively turned on at this point. I guess it just felt soothing.

But soothing didn't cut it.

I started unbuttoning my jeans. Taylor was good at kissing. I figured it was from kissing girls in the past. But hey. I was the next closest thing.

As we continued to kiss, I lifted my waist & slid my jeans off & tossed them aside. Taylor now had his hand on my bare thigh. I wear skimpy underwear.

Taylor pushed his tongue into my mouth. I sucked at it. Our lips ran over each others passionately. At this point, I could tell Taylor wasn't kissing me romantically, he was kissing just because it was part of sex. A lot of people don't think of love when they have sex. They think of sex!

Taylor started rubbing the large (if I do say so myself) bulge in my underwear. I could tell it was already getting slippery with fluids leaking. He rubbed the area in a downwards motion, so that every time my dick came back up, it rubbed against the fabric & caused me to tense & moan softly.

He slipped his fingers under the waistband of my underwear & pushed them down my legs with his hand. I lifted my waist to make it easier for him. I was now sitting on the couch, naked from the waist down.

Taylor wrapped his hand around my hard cock & began stroking it up & down. He didn't have much experience in the jack off field. Even though it felt good, there was a hint of discomfort & his movements were awkward & erratic.

"Here," I said, taking a hold of his hand.

With my hand over his, I started to masturbate myself to my regular speed & movements. I hadn't had a good wank in a while, especially like this. It felt great. Having somebody else jerk you off is great, but only if they know how to do it properly. But even if they do it properly, it's not at the exact speed & force you use. I felt Taylor's hand & skin wrapped around my penis, but it was moving at my pace.

Soon enough, I could tell Taylor had the general idea of what I liked. I let go of his hand so he could stroke my cock himself.

As usual, precum was flowing out, dripping onto Taylor's fingers. He scooped it up & slurped it into his mouth. He wasn't big into cum eating, but he could deal with it. He started to kiss me again as he resumed my handjob. I could taste the saltiness & sliminess of my own sex juices in his mouth. I played with his tongue as my lips glided over his warm wet lips.

I started clenching my pelvic muscles & giving short thrusts up to his hand. His handjob was great, but I was looking for some sort of fucking action to make my hips move up & down. He sped up the pace a little bit, which I certainly didn't mind.

And then came the oh so familiar tingle in my balls, which shrunk back up into my body as I unloaded rope after steamy rope of semen onto Taylor's arm. I panted with a satisfied smile on. Taylor looked at his arm & slowly brought it to his lips. He licked some of it up, but offered me the rest. I lapped up what was left & gave tiny kisses all the way up his arm to his shoulder to his neck & finally to his lips.

Because it was a spontaneous little quickie, we didn't need to go any further. Taylor & I kissed some more, followed by me putting my underwear & pants back on.


A couple hours later, I got hungry again.

"Wanna order pizza?" I said.

"We just ate Chinese food a little while ago, you're not full?" Taylor asked.

"I'm hungry a lot," I replied.

"How are you so skinny then?"

"That's for me to know."

I went over to the phone & dialed the number. I ordered a large bacon pizza & Taylor went with a medium cheese pizza with extra cheese. I hung up the phone & went back to the couch. Taylor stood up & reached for the bottom of my shirt & began pulling up.

"Oh my god, you're a sex addict," I laughed.

"I prefer to say sexually eager."

He lifted my shirt over my head & threw it to the side. He rubbed my chest with his flat palm. I had a totally flat stomach, but my chest was well defined from my secret way of staying fit. I was such a twink.

Taylor stood back & took off his own shirt. I drooled over his muscular, but trim chest muscles. I also noticed hos strong his arms were. It must have been the shirts he wore that hid his manliness. His stomach was tight & he had a six-pack. I saw it fairly often when we fooled around, but this time I really noticed it. We were standing there without our shirts on. My thin, flat body in front of his trim, yet firm one.

Taylor wrapped an arm around my lower back & pulled me close to him. I leaned in & began to kiss him on the lips. Through out chest-on-chest contact, I could feel Taylor breath in & out. Up against his chest, I could feel his heart beating. I almost melted in his arms right there from feeling his heart beat so fast. I almost came from the warm skin contact.

Just then, Taylor's hand cupped my butt. He squeezed it a bit, causing my jeans to tighten slightly & my semi hard cock to bulge out more.

I slipped my hand underneath the waistband of his pants & searched for his cock. I found a hot, smooth, sticky rod. I lazily rubbed the shaft, feeling the blood rushing through the member.

"MMMMMM," Taylor moaned.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"Pizza's here," I said.

I walked over to the window next to the door & looked out. I noticed it was a guy.

"I hope it's a cute pizza boy," I grinned.

"Can I get my shirt on?"

"Oh c'mon, let's make him feel weird & open the door looking like this."

Taylor rolled his eyes, walked over to me & wrapped his arm around my waist.

I opened the door, both of us shirtless, when I saw the warmest green eyes staring back at me. But it wasn't the eyes that I nearly dropped my jaw over.

"Hey Nick," he said.

I hesitated before I said anything.


I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 12: Reversed
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