Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 20: Fresh & Clean

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PostSubject: Chapter 20: Fresh & Clean   Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:09 am

"Connor..." my brother pleaded, trying to get me to say something to him.

"Just...go away Chris," I waved him towards his room as we got home. Travis was still supporting me by the arm. He had helped me the whole way from the school's parking lot. My knees were bleeding horribly & I could feel each piece of horrible filth scraping & burying itself into my gashes.

Connor left to his room as Travis sat me down in a chair & went to the kitchen to get a washcloth. He came back & slowly started to clean my legs.

"OWW!" I yelped as the rough, wet cloth went over my legs like sandpaper.

"Sorry," Travis said, being more gentle.

"This is great. I get found out, Chris gets harassed, gets in trouble at school, which causes me to get hurt & that's gonna cause a whole new set of problems probably," I said.

Travis reached up with one hand & held my hand in his. He lightly rubbed my fingers. I smiled sadly at him.

"I'm sorry you have to be a part of this."

"Are you kiddin'? Babe, I want nothin' else than to be at your side no matter what happens, ok?" he said as he lifted my hand to his lips & placed a light kiss on my knuckles.

"God how did I ever get so lucky to have you?" I said.

"Beats me," he smiled. I laughed. Most of my legs had been cleaned away now & Travis helped me stand up. It wasn't as painful as it had been earlier, but it was still uncomfortable. Every cut & scrape was clearly visible & as the washcloth was taken away, blood started to trickle out some more, but nowhere as near as much as earlier. It didn't matter though. Once I was on my feet, I was looking up at Travis' dark blue eyes looking lovingly back at me. He leaned his head in & very VERY lightly, kissed me. He rubbed his lips gently over mine, his tongue playfully licking at my lips tenderly. I opened my own mouth a bit & greeted his tongue with my own. With Travis, his feather soft lips drove me crazy with the lightest touch.

Not a day had passed since that first day of school almost two years that I had understood why Travis Dole had chosen me, of all people to be his & his only. I had fallen in love with him all over again as we stood there kissing. It was that feeling as though you could swear the dream you were having was REAL. Only with this, every day with him WAS real. I had butterflies in my stomach as I floated to that familiar heaven as he held my neck with my both hands, pulling just a bit closer. I rested my hands on his slim but muscular hips. I loved how he played basketball. It always made him so sweaty, which as we all know, intensifies hottness by about a zillion times. I couldn't stop thinking about him in his jersey & shorts, covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

"Travis Dole, you are cordially invited to shower with the cutest & greatest boy in the world today, July 22nd, 2010," I grinned.

"Sounds good. Are you joining us?" he asked with a chuckle as he rubbed his nose against mine. I lightly slapped his waist.

"I meant me, dummy," I smiled.

"When should I RSVP by?" he asked quietly as he gave me a light, puppy-like lick on the cheek.

"A-S-A-P," I whispered in between kisses. I felt his fingers tickle my neck, sending warm shivers down my whole body.

"When is it gonna be?" he asked, stepping closer to me.

"Any minute now."

"I think I can make it."

"You better."

"Will transportation be provided?" he said.

"I think you can make it hon," I laughed.

"I think YOU need a ride though," he said, looking straight at me. I gave him a puzzled look.

"What do you mean I need a- wait, what are you doing...AHH!" I cried as Travis bent down & lifted me up by the legs. He was carrying me with both arms now.

I was laughing into his shoulder.

"Travis, what are you doing?"

"Carrying the party boy to his party."

I smiled as he held me in his arms & walked me to the bathroom. My mouth was slightly opened with a smile in complete surprise by his unbelievably sweet act. I felt so fluttery with Travis carrying me like a baby. I had never felt so safe in his strong embrace, as if he'd jump through rings of fire just to hold onto me. I glanced up at him occasionally to see the face of this boy who was whisking me away to the shower. It was so cheesy & yet it was quite possibly the most romantic thing he had ever done for me, even if it WAS just carrying me. I didn't know if I was impressed by the fact he was strong enough to carry me without his face straining, or if I was really just that light. Probably the second one.

All I wanted right now was to be held & caressed by him, to feel his sensual hands roam over me gingerly. Travis giggled as I pulled him tight against me, feeling that lovable 'smoosh' as I gave him a squeeze. I buried my face into his shoulder, smelling that teenage boy scent & feeling every muscle of his twitch underneath his shirt. I was full to the eyes with puppy love right now.

We made it to my parents' bathroom & closed the door, Travis letting me down. Travis turned the shower on while I lifted my shirt over my small body. While he waited for the water to warm up, I carefully slid my shorts down my legs & over my feet. My legs were no longer bleeding but they felt raw & irritated. I knew a nice hot shower would help.

Travis quickly undressed & joined me as I walked into the rain of hot water. The steam felt so nice as the water poured down me. Travis stepped up behind me. We stood there for a moment as we let ourselves be accustomed to the water. Once we were used to it, I grabbed the bar of soap & started lathering myself up with it. Once I was all white & soapy, I handed it to Travis who did the same.

Travis stepped right up behind me & wrapped his strong but gentle arms around my neck from behind me & lay them on my upper chest. He leaned his head in a bit & started planting kisses on my neck, running his tongue up & down one area that was behind my ear. I groaned from how sensitive I was there & could feel my dick becoming hard quickly.

His tongue snaked its way up & eventually found itself at my ear. I got goosebumps & shuddered as he stuck his wet tongue into my ear. He played with the outside of my ear with his lips, nibbling on it while his tongue did wonders on me.

"Oh man..." I moaned.

Travis took his arms away from around my neck & moved them under my arms, placing his hands on my chest & tummy. I felt his index finger dip into the small oval pit of my belly button, and I giggled from the sensation. His other hand, meanwhile, lightly groped at each pec of my chest. Not that I had any muscles really, seeing as my body was like that of a 12 year old, but what I did have, he gave a light squeeze at.

I lightly held onto his wrist near my naval as I felt him glide his tongue out of my ear & to the back of my neck, where he delicately licked. I sighed as he pulled me against his soapy chest. Now I could feel his limp dick & his pubic hair against my butt. His hand pinched at & rubbed my nipples. I closed my eyes as the hot water coated our skin with a shine, gliding down my chest & belly, over his hands & down my battered legs. I leaned my head back against him, feeling the water fall gently on my forehead & face. Travis kissed the top of my wet my head & leaned his head forward onto my shoulder. I turned my head & gave him a loving peck on the cheek.

Travis began to rub his hands all around my chest & abdomen, spreading the soap all over me. I smiled to myself as I felt his hands slowly sneak their way down my chest, over my stomach & into my pubic region, soaping up my pubic hair with foam.

"I thought we were gonna behave & just get clean," I smiled as I kept my eyes closed against the fall of the water.

"Well what's the point of a party if you can't have no fun at all?," Travis said with a heavy Southern accent. I could hear the smile in his voice & laughed at his remnants of our roleplay.

"Besides," he continued normally, "how can I behave with 'the cutest & greatest boy in the world' in front of me?"

"I seem to manage," I grinned.

"Really," he said, suddenly taking hold of my rock hard dick in his slippery hands. I gasped from the contact as his wet fingers wrapped themselves one by one around the hot, dripping shaft of my cock, which was now dying to be taken care of.

"I think it's time for a change in management," Travis whispered in a sexy voice into my ear. He flicked his tongue, the tip of it brushing against my inner ear, making me shudder.

His mouth moved onto where my neck & shoulder came together, kissing and licking as he started to jack me off slowly. He nibbled & sucked at my moist skin, licking away each drop of water that invaded the part of my body he was after. I could feel his sodden hair on my cheek, so I turned my head slightly & nuzzled my nose in the sopping locks of his now dark blond hair, feeling conjoined strands of wet hair bound together by the water swipe over my nose. My eyes were still closed & I couldn't see what he was doing down there with my prick, but then again I didn't need to see, because I could feel everything.

Travis had moved his other hand down closer to my groin. But because he couldn't fully reach my cock or balls, he fiddled with my naval, which always made me squirm & giggle. It wasn't always an arousing or sexual feeling, but it was always uplifting & fun, even though I usually told him it was practically torture. He knew I loved it though.

His naughty hand meanwhile changed its routine a little bit. Instead of all his fingers wrapped around my cock, he moved his thumb to the top of it & lightly pushed down on the head each time his hand reached the end. The pressure each time felt incredible as the head bent forward just a little bit.

By now, Travis' own cock was harder than stone & poking at the crack of my butt cheeks. I slipped a hand behind me & moved one of my small cheeks aside, allowing his cock to make contact with my tight puckered anus. Even though there was hot water flowing down our bodies, I could tell he was drenching my hole with precum leaking from his member. I heard him moan into my shoulder as I rubbed his cock head up, down & around my ass hole. He kept flexing his penis, as if trying to cum just from the contact of his cock head to my hot hole.

I was guilty of spewing precum myself. Each time his thumb moved over my pee slit, it forced more of the gooey fluid onto his fingers, which he used to cover my cock in a coat of it. Water was good. But precum felt so much better. My grunts backed that up as he started to increase his speed.

I turned around & started to kiss him more earnestly, my hands moving right down to his cock & balls.

"Someone's a good host," Travis said just before I jammed my tongue into his mouth. I fondled his nutsack with one hand while the other hand masturbated him. Travis let a moan escape him while we kissed.

He placed a hand on my chest & pushed me against the wall. He came right up to me & kissed me more vigorously, while placing his hands on my small, wet hips.

Travis began kissing my cheek & made his way down to my neck where he sucked at & tenderly bit my skin. He licked his way down over my shoulder & down my chest. He gave some attention to my nipple by sucking on it & holding it between his teeth. I groaned as he flicked at it with his tongue between his teeth.

I shuddered a bit as he licked under my arms & down my sides. His tongue ran over my ribcage, causing my whole torso to tense up. He sensed that I liked that & did it several more times.

"Oh god Travis..." I exhaled & leaned my head back.

He eventually came to my belly button. He poked at it with his warm tongue & wiggled it around. I grabbed his warm, sopping hair & giggled uncontrollably as he tickled my tummy bud. Travis then kept licking his way down my taut stomach, eventually arriving at my groin while now on his knees. My dick was unbearably erect & a seemingly endless stream of pre-ejaculate flowed on its own from anticipation of Travis' magical mouth.

Travis kissed around my pubes & rubbed my inner with his tongue, gliding over the area between my legs & balls, which drove me nuts. He ran his tongue up the center of my ballsack, instantly causing them to tighten up a bit.

"Just suck me Travis, please," I said.

He continued to lick my inner thighs, coating them in his slick saliva. His tongue went after the underside of the base of my cock, darting in & out of his mouth. Travis started to lick the sides of my balls again, inhaling the scent of my pubic area. No matter how much you washed it, you could never get rid of the intoxicating smell of your balls. I loved it, especially whenever I sucked off Travis. I could almost get drunk off it.

I felt his hands, which had taken hold of the bar of soap & were all lathered up, run gently over my legs. The hot water had washed away a lot of the dirt & grime on my legs & had also taken a lot of discomfort out of my legs. Travis delicately cleaned my legs with his soapy hands, allowing to the water to then wash it all away.

Suddenly, I felt his tongue trail across the skin underneath between my testicles & ass hole. I grabbed his wet hair tightly in my hands & moaned loudly as my whole body shuddered from the feeling. I pushed Travis' head closer into my crotch & whimpered as he licked vigorously.

"Travis, please...suck my dick now," I panted as I writhed around under the water.

He finally put an end to my cruel but usual punishment & licked his way up the shaft of my dick, rubbing the precum-covered head all around his lips, coating them in a sticky trail of goo. It actually kind of made me think of some very cock-hungry slut lady in those side-ads on the porn sites I went to (hey, what Travis doesn't know can't hurt him). The only difference was that he was my boyfriend, which was even better.

He sucked on the head & slid his pressed lips down to the base of my cock. Unfortunately, I didn't last long. Within a short minute of him pulling his soft lips back & forth on my dick & his tongue going to town on it inside his mouth, my body started to twitch & flinch as wave after superheated wave of orgasmic pleasure flooded my body. Blast after blast of long-overdue cum jetted from my cock & splashed all over the back of Travis' throat, coating his oral cavity with my fuck juice. After four spurts though, more of it appeared to just pour into his mouth like some sort of cum hose. My mouth hung open, my eyes closed tightly & my feet on my tippy-toes. I was clenching his hair tightly & holding his mouth & face roughly against my crotch.

Travis had NEVER been met with this much cum from me ever & while he had easily gulped down the first load, the second load that flowed out was gagged on a bit & extra cum began leaking profusely from the sides of his mouth. He was quick to clean up though. He wiped his tongue across his lips & stood up facing me.

I was panting & gasping for air from one of the absolute best orgasms I had ever had in my life while he kissed me. I had to turn my face so I could breath, so he went with passionately kissing the side of my mouth.

I could smell the strong scent of my cum in Travis' breath as he kissed me. I could also taste a little bit of it seeing as he was kissing me so close to my lips.

"That was quite the party," he said, pulling me into him by the waist.

"Yeah..." I panted dreamily, still high on my own ecstasy. My eyes were glazed over as I watched the fuzzy drops of water fall down the wall of the shower door. I closed my eyes & took a gulp of air. I breathed hard as I felt more cum string down from my penis.

Travis shut the water off & we stood there in the shower, kissing. It wasn't gentle kissing, but I wouldn't quite call it passionate. The only sound was the sound of our wet & slippery bodies mashing together, slipping & sliding against each other as Travis held me by the neck & gave me long, heavenly kisses while I held onto his waist.

After a few more minutes of just kissing, we stepped out & dried off. We hadn't brought any clean clothes into the bathroom & Travis hadn't brought any other clothes at all. We wrapped towels around our waists. I told him I had some clothes that were his (from a...uh, a sleepover) & we left the bathroom headed to my room.

As we walked down the hallway, we passed Chris' room. The door was open & I looked in to see Chris sitting at his desk, head in hands, sobbing softly.

"Uh, you go ahead, I'll be right there," I said to Travis. He nodded & went to my room.

I walked forward a bit & leaned on the wall in the doorway.


He turned his head towards me, his eyes red & soaked. He didn't say anything, but just put his head back in his hands. I walked over to his bed & sat down.

"Chris, look..."

"It's all my fault Connor," he broke down.

"Chris, what happened wasn't your fault, ok?"

He turned his chair to face me. His face was wet with guilty & shameful tears. My heart went out to him.

"What I said about it being better to fight back anywhere else than school was wrong of me. I thought about it earlier & it doesn't matter where you are. Playground, lunch room, parking lot, whatever. I was wrong to think that it's ok to fight someone in one area when it's not in another. I should have told you to never do it at all."

"I just...I thought maybe you would've been...proud of me to show him I was serious about not liking him make fun of you."

"By fighting though?"

"Well I don't know," he exclaimed.

I took a deep breath.

"I mean, people can get what they want when they're more aggressive. We learned about Malcolm X in school & all the things he did," Chris sniffed, desperately trying to get me to agree with him.

"Malcolm was a fighter for civil rights for all blacks in America at a time when racial segregation was a huge problem. You picked a fight with a kid who was calling me names. It's not the same."

"But see, you still think he had the right idea by fighting!" Chris said, thinking I said Malcolm was right to be more aggressive.

"Fighting & fighting back aren't the same either kiddo. He didn't preach violence, he preached self defense. But we're not talking about what he did, we're talking about what you did. Is being physical necessary sometimes? I don't know. I mean no one really knows the answer to that. But starting the fights & being the one who starts it all is NEVER right."

Chris sobbed more openly now, finally realizing he was completely wrong & realizing his consequences.

"I'm so sorry Connor," he sniffed.

"Like I said before, I shouldn't have said-"

"No I mean getting in trouble at school so you got involved. It's my fault, all of it," his eyes were pouring, tears falling down his young innocent cheeks as he pointed to my legs. They were clean & not bleeding anymore, but instead were now scabbing over in huge areas.

I watched as he closed his eyes tightly & pushed the palms of his hands against his eyes & cried.

I shook my head.

"Chris, it's not your fault. Going back through it all...none of this would have happened if Travis & I had been more careful, ok? None of this is your fault, & anything that happens after this isn't your fault, all right?" I said.

He was still shaking, but I could see him nod his head.

"C'mere," I said, opening my arms as I stood up.

He looked up, & with a tear soaked face & shirt, he walked over to me & wrapped his arms around my bare back & buried his face into my shoulder & cried out what was left. I felt his warm tears slide my chest, relieved. I hugged him tightly around the back & held him close to me, letting him know there were no hard feelings & that everything would be ok.

After a good two minutes, he slowly let go & wiped his eyes.

"Sorry," he gave a short laugh. His voice cracked.

"I said it's not your fault."

"No, I mean sorry for...ya know...this," he said, quickly waving towards his wet face.

"Don't worry about it."

He took the top of his shirt & started wiping his face.

"Let me tell ya somethin'," I said.

He looked up.

"Girls love a boy who can cry," I grinned.

His face lit up finally.

"How would YOU know," he jabbed as he cracked a smile. I squinted & smiled at him.

"You're lucky I'm gay, otherwise I'd beat you up for that," I chuckled.

"I thought violence was never the answer," he shot back.

"I said it's not the RIGHT answer. I didn't say it's completely out of the question," I laughed, knowing he wouldn't take that out of context this time.

He smiled again & hugged me.

"Thanks Connor," he said.

I kissed the top of his head.

"That's what big brothers are for," I said. "Get ready for dinner, mom & dad are gonna be home soon. Dad said he had an interview for a job opening today."


"Yeah. So go get ready," I said. I messed with his hair a bit just before I left his room to mine, where another boy I loved was waiting for me. When I go to my room, I rolled my eyes & crossed my arms in the doorway.

"Are you kidding me?" I said.

Travis was standing naked, posing in front of the full length mirror on my closet door. He was standing in a sexy fashion when he looked towards me.

"What? You always said I was hot. Now I'm just showin' it off to myself."

"Someone's awful modest."

He closed his eyes & beamed at me & I couldn't help but smile.

"So? Everything ok with your brother?" he asked as he started dressing in his clothes that I had here.

"Yeah. We're good."

Travis & I made out on my bed for a little while.


My parents got home after a bit. After we had an early dinner, to which Travis was invited to, dad & I put the dishes into the dishwasher as mom chatted with Travis & Chris watched some tv. We had a big dinner in celebration of my dad's new job.

Just as I was almost done with putting the last couple dishes in the dishwasher, mom called for Chris to mute the tv.

"Chris, mute it for a sec, I wanna listen to messages," she said. I froze as I heard a beep & the latest message play over again:

'Hi this is Jennifer Frost, principal at the middle school. I'm calling about Chris, who was involved in a fight during lunch period with another student. Chris has been instructed to attend the rest of his classes for the rest of the day & to stay in my office until someone from home can come over to discuss the matter. If you could give me a call, that'd be great. Thank you, bye.'

When I opened my eyes (I was cringing apparently), my dad looked over at me.

"When the hell was that?"

"Earlier today," I said. "I got it once I got home & I heard it after I listened to your message. I swear, I was about to call you but the phone rang & I talked to her. I went down to the school & got Chris."

With that '...unbelievable...' face on, dad left the kitchen to the living room where mom, Travis & Chris were. I followed.

"When were you guys going to tell one of us?" mom asked.

Chris shrugged away behind me. Travis was sitting quietly on the couch trying to act as though he wasn't paying attention & playing with the battery compartment on the tv remote.

"I don't know," I said. Because when parents ask you questions like that when they're mad, an actual answer is just plain suicide.

Mom turned around, picked up the phone & started dialing the number back. Dad stood next to her, arms crossed, none too thrilled. We waited.

"Ms. Frost? Hi, this is Judy Truman, Chris Truman's mother? Yes, I-, yes, Connor's too," she laughed, then eyed me a ticked off look. I averted my eyes.

"Yes, it HAS been a while, hasn't it? Hahaha. So what's this you mentioned over the phone about Chris?" she asked. I heard Chris groan behind me.

"Mhm...yes...he what?...ok...I'm not sure...yes...oh, definitely, we'll be there shortly. I'm so sorry about this...yes...all right then. Yup, thank you. Bye," she hung up.

Dad turned to us.

"Ya know, I had some high hopes that once you left the middle school Connor, we wouldn't be hearing calls home from Ms. Frost anymore. What the fuck is this about a fight?" dad said to mom.

"Well she stays late & she's invited us to her office right now to talk with us about it," mom said, clearly pissed off as she slipped her coat & shoes on.

"We'll talk when we get back," dad said to Chris.

"I already talked with Chris dad, don't worry about it," I piped in.

"Connor, this isn't the same as the millions of times you've gotten your brother out of our reach before. This is serious. Chris, we're talking about this when we get back, do you understand me?" dad said angrily.

"Yeah," my brother replied weakly. Mom & dad left, with a slam of the door. Dad was especially upset because this day was supposed to be about him getting a new job. Not driving to the middle school to talk about Chris.

"I think I should probably get going..." Travis said.


"Well I mean you & me aren't part of this really. I mean, you did tell Ms. Frost to leave out the fact that you & me got caught messin' around, right?" Travis said.

I blinked at him.

A small, cold shiver came over me.

"Wait, Connor...did you tell her to leave out the fact you're gay?" he said carefully.

My stomach felt like it had collapsed on itself as my eyes became as big as saucers.

"I never told her to leave anything out!"

"Connor, she might think you're parents already know about us!" Travis exclaimed.

The three of us looked at the front door & then looked back at each other.

"NOOOO!!!!!" we yelled as we raced to the door, yanked it open & ran outside. Mom & dad's car was at the bottom of the street & turning around the corner.

"MOM! DAD!" I screamed as I started yelling down the street.

I made it about 40 feet from my house when I heard my name.


I felt Travis grab me around the waist & slow me down.

"Connor, stop it! They can't hear you, they're long gone by now!" he said, struggling to keep me from running.

"They're gonna find out!" I yelled as I tried escaping his hold.

"You won't make it. Try their cell phones," he said.

We ran back to the house through the front door & I nearly slipped racing for the nearest phone I could see. I quickly dialed dad's cell phone number. Just then, we he turned our heads to the sound of his ringtone which was coming from his jacket, which he left here.

"AGGHH! You stupid fuck!" I yelled as I started dialing my mom's cell phone number. I put it up to my ear & listened. One ring...two...three...four...Hi you've reach Judy-. I hung up. FUCK!

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god," I was hysteric as I walked around the living room with my hands in my hair.

"Connor, babe, just relax. What happens, happens, ok? Let's just all take a deep breath," Travis held my arm, trying to calm me down.

"Travis, you had it easy, you came out to your parents. This is mine FINDING OUT. It's not the same! Oh god oh god oh GOD!" I said, feeling my throat close up & my eyes water a bit.

I felt Chris' hand touch me tenderly on the arm & I stopped running around like a mad man. He looked up at me & smiled. I took a big breath & felt Travis take my hand in his. He lead me to the couch where the three of us sat & held my hand firmly...but very lovingly.


Mom & dad came in about an hour later. They were no longer mad, but instead, had very calm, unreadable looks on their faces. Once they put their coats down & took their shoes off, they looked up to see Travis, me & Chris on the couch. They looked right at me. My stomach sank.

"Can we talk?" mom said.

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Chapter 20: Fresh & Clean
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