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 Chapter 3: How We Roll

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PostSubject: Chapter 3: How We Roll   Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:57 pm

November had arrived & it sure wasn't summer anymore. Travis & I had been a couple for a while now. Every day was just as good as the next & the day before. I had never been in a relationship before. It made me feel good inside to have someone with me like that.

Travis had bee right about one thing. He definitely made sure to his new friends that he was gay. Now he wasn't effeminate, nor did he flaunt anything. But if a hot guy walked by, you could always expect to hear Travis comment on him. Other than that, you'd think he was straight if you didn't know him at all.

Unfortunately, with an unknown reason for all the school work we had been given lately, we hadn't been able to see very much of each other outside of school. But now that report cards, in which I had done well on, had been given out, you could almost hear the whole student body sigh in relief.

One thing I had noticed when Travis had moved here, was that he became extremely popular very fast. It was because he was something to look at, but also because he was athletic. He wasn't a jock or anything, but he was planning to try out for the tennis team in the spring & he was in the ultimate frisbee club.

As far as I went, well, it wasn't very far. I was practically invisible to the student body. I had a few friends but not any to call my best friend or someone I was close enough to tell my life to. Not much had changed when I became friends with Travis, but I was a little bit noticed by a few people. But to me, it didn't matter because I had a boyfriend who liked me & a boyfriend who I liked.

Travis & I met up when school had ended in front of the building. We were having a nice conversation about nothing in particular when his other friends showed up.

"Dude, you coming to the game tomorrow?" one of them asked him.

He glanced at me. I rolled my eyes in approval.

"Actually, I'm going to a friends house & I promised him I'd be there, so I guess not" he answered. I hadn't expected that.

"A'ight, we'll see ya later than" another responded. The group left us after that. I looked over at him.

"I'm no expert, but I think it might be considered early if you start giving up your friends for me" I said.

"Well that's part of the reason. The other part is because Jackson Halls isn't playing, so there's no need to watch" he said.

"Oh how flattering" I said with a smile.

"Don't worry, I chose you didn't I?" he laughed.

"Yeah, but you had a lot of other choices..."

"But I picked you. So, you wanna come to my house now? My mom is coming home soon & she makes a mean pasta."

"Yeah sure, let's go."

We started walking down the sidewalk. I never took the bus because I liked walking. Travis didn't take the bus because his parents didn't want to pay that kind of money. So we both walked about 4 miles to get home.

To us, there wasn't really a difference between talking alone in our homes, or talking while walking through the city. The thousands of people walking by don't know you, they're too busy on their phones on some other device & they were probably in a rush. So you could talk freely in the open & no one would know.

"So...?" he asked.

"What?" I asked.

"How long have you known you were gay?"

"I don't know, since I was 12 I suppose."

"When did you figure it out?"

"Well I kind of discovered more of the internet," I said with a laugh, "and I began watching guys doing solo stuff, or I saw them doing stuff with other guys. Pictures, videos, stories, etc."


"Yeah. I mean, I guess it could have turned out different if I had watched straight stuff, but it just didn't appeal to me that much. How about you?"

"Since I was 10 I guess."

"Ten? That's pretty young" I said.

"I know."

"Any reason or way you knew that young?"

He didn't answer for a few moments.

I assumed that he either didn't hear me or didn't want to say. I was about to ask again he he spoke up.

"When I was 10, I was helping a family friend of ours down the road on his farm out in the field. We were both shirtless, it was hot & we were sweating. He was maybe, 18 to 20."

I noticed that Travis had no emotion on his face.

"He invited me into his house & offered me a lemonade. I said sure & waited. When he came back into the living room with the drinks, he sat down on the couch next to me & gave me mine. I took a few sips of it, but in like, 5 minutes, I was really dazed & I felt sleepy. He laced it with something."

"What'd he lace it with?"

"I don't know. But I do know that apparently, it wasn't strong enough because I never passed out or anything. I was just kind of dizzy. That's when he started to rub his hands on my chest & his other hand was rubbing my face. I was still sweaty & shirtless, so his hand was gliding up & down my chest with ease. Then he started to slip his hand into my shorts & started to play with my privates."

All I could do was keep walking. I couldn't bring myself to look at him. I felt so sorry that that had happened to him. Only a little kid?

"It went farther than that, but...I really don't like talking about it."

"I understand. But what 'kinds' of things...?"

"I'll say it had to do with my mouth to his front, his front to my back & his mouth to my front.

"Oh my god..."

"I cried from the pain my butt was in & I went back home. My parents noticed that I was stumbling everywhere & I couldn't focus on anything. After I threw up 3 times, they took me to the hospital, had my stomach pumped & then asked me what happened. I told them everything."

"Then what?"

"The guy was arrested for what he did to me & they put him away for good."

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes. We both just listened to the sounds of buses, cars & people go by.

"But...when that happened, that's what I realized I liked. I mean of course I didn't like THAT, but the general thought of doing that kind of stuff with another guy. That's why when I was 13, I finally came out to my parents. After that I told my friends."

"Did they think it was because of that?"

"I don't know. All I know is that they're really cool about it & they support me all the way."

"That's cool. I'm still kind of a closet case, except to my brother" I said with a nervous laugh. He seemed to notice.

"It's ok Connor, it happened a long time ago, we can laugh again" he stated.

"You think you can help me slowly come out to everybody eventually?"

Just then, a bicyclist rode by, nearly running Travis down.

"On one condition. You teach me how to live in a city."

I laughed.



We finally reached his house a little later. his mother was home now & she was cleaning up the floor in the kitchen.

"Hey boys" she exclaimed when we walked in. His mom had a country accent, you could tell, but it wasn't like she was from a cowboy movie.

"Hi mom."

"Hi Mrs. Dole."

"Oh Connor honey, you can call me Katie."


"You boys hungry? I can make ya something if you want?"

"Can we have some pasta?" asked Travis.

"Sure thing." I was a little taken aback that she was going to make us pasta when she looked so busy already.

"Do you need any help Katie? You're doing like, a million things at once."

"Sweetie when you come from the country, you can do a million & one things at the same time" she said.

I smiled.

"So are the two of you together?" she said, surprising me. Travis put his arm around me.

"You betcha."

She looked at me, then back at him.

"You picked a winner honey" she said to Travis. I smiled shyly at that.

"You guys can go off to your room, just keep it clean while I'm here, ok?" she joked.

"Sure mom" Travis smiled & lead me to his room.

"Wow. Your mom is pretty cool. But if you & me DID do stuff, she'd be ok with it?"

"Yeah I guess. Haha."


Unfortunately for you, all we did that afternoon was hang out, play some video games, maybe kiss a little bit now & then, watch tv & OF COURSE do our homework, right? Later, I walked back to my house & decided that when I get in, I'm going to tell Chris about my whole story lately.

Boy did I really like Travis.
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Chapter 3: How We Roll
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