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 Lateralus : Chapter 1 continued

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PostSubject: Lateralus : Chapter 1 continued    Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:03 pm

Chapter 1 continued

I wake up on the bus I don’t even remember eating, I don’t even remember dressing
I thought some one would be on the bus this mourning, but it was bare a lot like my plain body
I get to school
Iv been going to this school for 4 years yet I was lost, un-able to find locker 1010.
So I sat down to take a rest , my eyes still hurt.
“Who cares”
I open my eyes and look next to me
a boy was sitting on the bench
He is going to be my best-friend.
But I don’t now that yet
“Excuse me?” I retort
Niels looks at me
“I wasn’t talking to you”
I look around and see nobody in a 300 foot radius
“Well then who were you talking to?” im curious iv never seen him here before
“Why do you want to know”
“I um .. I ….Im just curious iv never seen you around here before , are you a freshman ?’
“Niels Elizabeth , senior, please to meet you.” I watch as he extends his hand I take it in and shake it
“Elizabeth that’s a girls name …and a first name at that…...are you British?” he didn’t have an accent so I don’t know why I asked.
“No …but your cute” he was staring at me
His eyes are black
Brown but they look black
His face clean shave
a strong jaw
Thin body
he had a dirty blonde hair
It had a style to it that made it look amazing, yet you could tell he did nothing to it.
“…im flattered but im not gay sorry”
“good neither am I” when ever Niels spook you listened
It was soft but He could read the back of a cereal box and make it sound passionate
“but, but …then your bi ?”
“Then what are you?” I was getting agitated.
“I’M bored ,well see later”
He started to walk away then came back
“… sorry you never gave me your name ….?”
“Aron troy” I stare at him with a complete disbelief
“a pleasure”
I gave my name.
I just gave away my soul.
I watch him walk down the hall.
I forgot how well school put me to sleep
1st day of school and im sleeping
fucking pathetic.
3rd period
I have math 3rd period
I was drooling on my desk.
When I lifted up my head a string of spit followed.
4th period , I have gym 4th
I haven’t seen my friend James all day.
I lined up in the locker room waiting for my locker number
I get number 79
I change into my gym cloths and wait for class to begin.
I sit down on a bench near my locker.
I close my eyes, their still sore.
“well look who I found”
I open my eyes to find Niels my very own personal stalker
“great your following me” as I glare at his feet
“you arnt that special to me, plus I wouldn’t want you to think I’m stalking you ”
Was he reading my mind?
He starts taking off his clothes he was wearing a baby blue shirt and tan khaki pants
I hate baby blue.
His body is in amazing shape, a tone healthy body he’s pale almost pure white
toned and white.
He knows im watching him and he winks.
7th period.
today is dragging on and on
I know there is nothing else today
“Your still lying to yourself.”
Then SHE walks in
She is going to change everything
My life.
But I don’t know that yet.
I close my eyes
As she walks over to me she un-buttons her shirt and cradles my head and forcefully kisses me she pulls back and says I love you Mr. troy
Mr. troy
Mr. troy
Mr. troy
Mr. troy
I open my eyes to find my teacher staring at me
“Mr. troy are you home?”
“uuhh …um yes ms. Sharp…im home”
Ms. angelica Blair
Her name is Angelica.
She is not angelic .
But I don’t know that yet.
I cant stop staring at her she’s so beautiful.
Her hair is medium length.
white iv never seen white hair it reminds me of something but I don’t know what yet.
Her skin is smooth it blows my mind as she sits in her tight black shirt and tight black leggings and looks so cool.
She isn’t fat but isn’t starving she’s perfect .
I look into her eyes they are ice blue and sharp as knives.
I am hypnotized
She is perfect in every way , I know I can never have her
I hate her.
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Lateralus : Chapter 1 continued
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