Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 10: Climax

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PostSubject: Chapter 10: Climax   Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:07 am

"Is that how you usually dress when you have company?" Caleb giggled as I opened the door.

I'd been having a pretty hot dream of me & some guy going at it when I heard the doorbell ring. Painfully getting up from my nice sleep, I had gone to the front door, with nothing but an undershirt & boxers on, to see who thought it'd be funny to disturb me at 10 AM on a Sunday morning. Of course...

"What?" I said, irritated as I rubbed my eyes from the hateful shine of the sun.

"Remember you said we could hang out this weekend?" he smiled at me.

"I don't remember that at all Caleb." 1:37 PM, Tuesday, last period. I had just left the bathroom at school when he caught me from around the corner. He kept talking to me & I wasn't in the mood to talk back so I quickly agreed to his request to hang out on the weekend to shut him up.

"Well, you did so now it's time to hang out."

"Caleb...it's not even noon...the fucking doorbell woke me up. By the way," I added, poking him in the chest with my finger, "you're fucking lucky that my uncle isn't here or else he'd kill both of us. You for ringing that thing over & over, & me for knowing somebody who WOULD ring it over & over."

"Where is he?"

"Who cares."

"Ok. Well, where do you wanna hang out?"


"Can we do it a bit later? I'm still sleepy."

"Well... I have some other stuff to do later. At like, 4. So anything after noon we wouldn't have much time."

Fine by me.

But nope, instead I just sighed.

"Gimme a few minutes."

"Ok. Hey, do you mind if I use your bathroom real quick?" he said as he took a step forward.

"Yup," I said, shutting the door.


I put my sunglasses away when we arrived at the cinema. It was surprisingly sunny out today so I had decided to bring along a pair of shades. Caleb had on a Mariners baseball hat.

"Thank you," Caleb smiled as the man behind the counter handed us our movie tickets.

I looked around the cinema at all the people who were also coming to feed their need for American entertainment. Caleb & I were here to see Battle: Los Angeles.

"Do you want snacks & stuff?" Caleb asked me.

"I'm not really hungry," I replied.

"I'll pay."

"Get me some Sour Patch Kids & a blue Icee please," I said, suddenly feeling hungry.

While Caleb went to the snack counter, I headed over to the theater our movie was in, handed the usher our tickets & made my way into the giant black ocean of seats. I found some good seats about halfway up & in the middle. I took my coat off & thumped down into the maroon cushion as I saw Caleb walk into the theater & scan the place for where I was. When he finally found me, he made his way to the seat next to me & plopped down, handing me my snacks.

"I hope it's good," Caleb beamed.

"What makes you think it'd be bad?" I said.

"Nothing. But I wouldn't come to see a BAD movie," he laughed. I couldn't help but grin a little bit at his "logical" answer.

We watched the previews, picking out which future movies looked good, which ones sucked & which ones we might actually see some time. I was in a mostly good mood today, no problems, no issues, Ray was...civil, Trent was somewhere thinking of me & I was here with Caleb. I came here to see action. I had no plans for drama.

When the opening credits finally started rolling, Caleb turned to me.

"So what's up with you & Trent?" he whispered.

I paused as I was about to put a piece of popcorn in my mouth.

"Caleb. The movie is JUST starting. You couldn't ask some other time?"

"I'm just wondering."

"You should have wondered earlier. Or better yet, wonder AFTER the movie."

Shrugging my idea into his mind, Caleb turned back to the screen.

"Why do you wanna know anyway?" I asked.

Caleb shrugged again. "I don't know. I guess I've just heard some stuff..."

"Well what do you mean 'stuff'?"

"I don't know...stuff like, you...hooking up with other guys...look I don't know ok? I just wanted to know if you guys were ok. That's all, I swear."

"We're fine Caleb. Just because I have...outside fun doesn't mean we're having issues."

With his forehead wrinkled up & an eyebrow raised to me, I got his point.

"All right, I know it looks bad. But really Caleb, we're fine."

"So then why cheat on him? I mean not that cheating is ever really ok, but at LEAST if you guys had problems, then maybe it'd make more sense...but you don't, so I guess that's all I'm asking."

I sighed.

"I don't know. Sometimes...sometimes Trent just isn't there for me when I want him to be."

"Well that's why you have friends," Caleb smiled.

"Hahaha, I think we're thinking of different 'needs' dude. What I mean is getting rocks off. That's how I usually stay connected with people."

"Through sex? Isn't that kind of...shallow?" he asked cautiously.

"So what? People always go off how shallow other people can be when they have their own faults. Think of the most butt-ugly retard you could think of. Would ever give them a chance no matter how nice they were? What about somebody of a different color? Or somebody 30 years older? It's only when people break the taboo of saying their honest opinions out loud that other people point the finger."


"So I'm saying I like being honest about what I like & dislike. I don't care how nice & generous & friendly & helpful someone might be. If I don't think they're good looking I won't want them. Admit it, you're the same way. We all are."

Just then, someone shushed us from up front. I gave the the finger.

"Ok, so maybe you have a point. But what does any of that have to do with cheating on Trent?"

"Cheating implies that...I don't know, it just makes it sounds so BAD."

"Well, it's not exactly a good thing..." he trailed off.

"It's only 'bad' if you actually love the person you cheated on."

Caleb stopped sipping from his drink to look at me with confusion in his eyes.

"Wait...you DON'T love Trent?" he asked incredulously.

I gave a little shrug.

"Not really, no. You know me by now Caleb. Do you really think I'm capable of loving?" I laughed.

Caleb, wrinkling his forehead, gave me an almost horrified look.


"You don't think you could ever 'love' somebody?" he asked.

I shrugged.

"Look, all I'm saying-" suddenly, I was cut off by a man a few rows down turning around to us.

"Hey, can you guys quiet down a bit?" he said.

Just as I was about to reply, Caleb touched my arm gently with his hand.

"Sorry," he said to the man.

I yanked my arm away from Caleb's touch.

"So?" I said, not wanting to let some loser by himself at the movies ruin my conversation.

"Rory, EVERYBODY can love. Don't be ridiculous," he said in a more hushed tone.

"What about 'asexual' people or whatever it's called, huh?"

"That's sexual attraction, not love. They're not the same."

"That's bull."


"It's human nature Caleb. If you love somebody, then you will AT SOME POINT become sexually attracted to them."

"I love my mom, doesn't mean I wanna have sex with her," he retorted.

I gave him a fuck-you face. I was good at those.

"What do you want me to say? That that's stupid? Yeah of course it is, just like what YOU'RE saying."

"Caleb...I'm just not...'programmed' that way. I can't even love whatever shit of a 'family' I have, which consists of pretty much my sadistic uncle. I never had 'friends' growing up like everybody else does, so I can't even 'love' friends. If you feel BAD for me, don't."



He looked like he was about to say something, but then stopped.

"Never mind."


"No, no, it was a dumb question, I'm not even gonna bother asking. Trust me, don't worry about it."

"Just tell me dude."


"Tell me or I'll hit you. Really hard in the neck." I rarely bluffed. But I did that time.

He sighed.

"Is it...is it because you're afraid that you'll never find someone so... you wanna like... cover it up?"

It took me a second to process that. I had to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. What? It was funny.


"...ha, NO I'm not 'scared' of that. I'm not 'scared of love' Caleb, I just think it's STUPID hahaha."

"You'll find someone," he said. I turned my head to him, only to see a laugh spread onto his lips.

I decided to humor him.

I hit him in the arm playfully. "Shut the fuck up," I laughed.

"What I need to find is someone to get my nuts off," I added.

Caleb scoffed.

"Hahaha what?"

"You're a sex addict, I swear," Caleb jiggled as he laughed quietly to himself.

"So I have a high sex drive," I tried. "What, you're saying you would turn down sex?"

"No, but you're so...blatant about how OFTEN you want it. And where. If you're really that horny go home & have some alone time."

I light bulb in my brain lit up. And now, it wasn't the only thing going up.

"Well what if I WANTED to whack off in public? Hmm?" I stuck my nose up.

He turned his head to me with an eyebrow raised.

"You're telling me you've masturbated in public?" Caleb said, clearly unconvinced.

"What if I have?"

"I'd say it's time for you to add 'sex offender' to that long list of yours..."

"You've never had the urge to jerk off in public?"

"I've been aroused while in the presence of large crowds, yes."

"So you admit it."

"Yeah but not ACTUALLY thought of doing it Rory, that's just nuts."

"Think about it. The excitement of it, all the potential witnesses, all the people who could see you...it's wild."

Caleb shifted in his seat, crossing one of his legs over the knee of the other.

"You can't deny it Caleb, you've thought of what it would be like."

"Doesn't mean I ever will," he replied.

"Does it?" I grinned.

He looked away.

"C'mon buddy," I said soothingly, resting my hand gently on his leg.

"Rory, what are you doing?" he jerked.

"What?" I smiled into his ear.

"Stop...we can't be doing this," he said as I felt him put his hand over mine to push it away. I stopped him.

"Is that a challenge?" I whispered through a smile.

I rubbed my thumb around in circles while my other fingers extended a bit more down on his thigh & lightly grabbed at the fabric of his pants. I scooted a bit closer to him & draped my other arm over the back of his seat, my fingers reaching to rub his shoulder gently.

"What are you doing? Cut it out..." he said.

"That wouldn't be very fun now would it?" I said, leaning in closer. I moved my hand up his leg, now resting on his inner thigh. I could feel the warmth of his body through his pants. One of my knuckles bumped against his...well, bump. His attempts at pushing me away from him were getting weaker & weaker. I glanced down & saw Caleb's boner poking the front of his pants. He couldn't hide it now matter how many times he folded his legs.

My face was now only mere inches away from his. I had my eyes closed as I rubbed his leg firmer. I moved my foot so it was up against his ankle.


"If you you don't like it Caleb, why don't you DO something about it?" I grinned wickedly, knowing that he wouldn't.

"What about your... BOYFRIEND?" he hesitated to say.

"What ABOUT him?" I hissed.

I leaned forward more, letting my tongue poke it's way out of my mouth to lightly connect with Caleb's slender neck. I took his lack of resistance as a sign that he didn't want to stop. My hand lightly squeezed his shoulder, pulling him a bit closer to me. My other hand sneaked its way over the front of his crotch. I could feel his cock straining against his pants, begging for release. I rubbed my palm on the head of his cock, my fingers bending down to grasp it around all sides.

The hand I had on his shoulder moved its way up his shoulder & onto his neck. I planted short kisses on Caleb's neck & turned his head a bit with my hand. I was so close to his lips now, my kisses falling on the smooth skin of his cheeks. I felt his hand lay itself on my wrist by his leg, but this time, he didn't move it, as if he had given up the fight.

"Fine...but I refuse to be in between you & Trent."


I slowly turned his head more towards me & my lips connected with his. At first, he didn't respond as I kissed him, but soon enough, Caleb was getting into it & started to really kiss me back.

My other hand was being awfully naughty & was firmly rubbing & groping the front of Caleb's pants. My fingers traced the outline of his cock, which was nearly popping out of the front. I could just make out the head. Cut.

I started to toy with the zipper of his jeans & the button. With a little bit of effort, I was finally able to get the snatch of his pants open. Caleb made a grunting sound, as if he was about toe protest. I quickly covered his mouth with my lips, shoving my tongue into his mouth as I pulled his head closer. I palmed the shaft of his penis, which was lying hard against his left leg. Only the thin layering of his Old Glory boxers separated my hand from his hard cock. My thumb pushed up against the underside of his dick head, squeezing precum out of the boy, which I could feel through the material.

I tickled the skin at the waistband of his boxers. His body shuddered & jittered as I lightly scraped at his skin with my thumb nail. My other fingers extended to cup Caleb's loose ballsack in his boxers. They were hot, just the way I like them.

We continued to kiss for another minute or so, my hand torturing him as I rubbed his hard cock through his boxers as it lay across his leg. If I was going to get any further, I had to keep edging him on. I snuck the top of my thumb underneath the top of his boxers, some of the now wet fabric touching my thumb. From there, I let the rest of my hand follow & then, my whole hand was against Caleb's hot, hard cock. I felt him tense as he groaned through our kiss.

I didn't really do anything at first, I just sort of fumbled around with his dick, my fingers gliding along his now free cock shaft with his precum lubing up my fingers. I swiped up some of the mess & began to massage his balls. I wrapped my fingers around his slimy member & began to move my hand up & down slowly. All I could hear was the mashing of our lips & the slicks of my hand masturbating Caleb...and the movie.

I pulled away from Caleb, now comfortable about taking it a bit further. I moved myself in front of him & knelt onto the floor, my face close to his groin, where his cock was stabbing at the sky with throbbing eagerness & precum dribbling down his shaft.

I leaned forward, & without wasting any time, took his cock into my mouth. I gulped down the fluids flooding my mouth & vigorously sucked on the soft, pink head of his penis. Even though my eyes were closed, I could tell Caleb was breathing hard. He tried to lean forward a bit to SOMEWHAT cover me but it was no use. He was enjoying it too much to keep his body from arching back. I reached up & rubbed my hand over his small, flat stomach, which was damp from sweat. I pulled my hand down to my nose & took a whiff. I had a thing for the smell of sweat. The image of Caleb shirtless with a gleam of sweat over his small-muscled body was enough to make me hum in pleasure, which caused Caleb to jerk his body.

I rubbed his cock head on the roof of my mouth, the soft crown running over ridges. Caleb's hand rested on my shoulder as he tried to keep himself from squirming TOO much & having people catch us in the dark theater. The last thing I need was more things on my record.

I took my hand & held his dick in it as I slurped my tongue up & down the 5 & a half inch rod. Each time my mouth reached the base, I stuck the tip of my tongue out & swiped it across his balls, my tongue traveling over the small hairs & warm skin on his nuts. When I went up, I sucked on the crown, sucking out any precum that was oozing out of his body. I took his penis & rubbed it on my cheek, feeling the hot, wet warmth of Caleb's sex on my face. I glanced up at him. His eyes were on the screen, but I could see they were clearly glazed.

I took his hard cock & rubbed the tip around my lips, dragging along a slimy trail of his precum. I had always like the thoughts of cum facials & licked up the mess I was leaving.

"Mmmm..." Caleb hummed.

I closed my eyes as I took his whole cock back into my mouth. I forced my muscles to swallow, allowing Caleb's cock to be sucked down into my throat. As I began to deep throat the boy, I closed my eyes & sucked his cock tightly against the walls of my mouth & throat. Caleb's hand found its way to my neck & rubbed with his fingers while he stifled his quiet moans.

Just then, Caleb shifted his body. I lifted my head, letting his cock slide out of my throat & out of my mouth. He began to rapidly jerk off, his eyes closed & his hand a blur. The slicking sounds were fairly loud & I worried that somebody would hear. But Caleb didn't care. He kept beating his cock viciously. His face scrunched up & his hand froze. I opened my mouth, waiting for his cum to burst out.

And that was when the big explosion came. Both onscreen & off.

With my eyes closed, I felt the first spurt of cum hit me on the upper lips. Some more made it into my mouth & onto my tongue. One blast covered my upper cheek while another splattered across my chin. I gulped down his load, leaving the messes on my face to dry by themselves. Caleb was breathing hard & gulping down air like crazy to keep from loudly inhaling & exhaling.

I looked down at Caleb's dick & saw it bounce a couple times, bubbles of white cum droop & slide down his dick shaft & onto his balls, covering them with his sticky jizz. I lapped up the mess, my tongue wrapping itself around the shaft on all sides to get as much as I could. When everything was all gone, I looked up. Caleb's eyes were still fixed on the screen, but they were still glazed over too.

I got up from my knees & sat back in my seat. I could feel his cum on my face beginning to dry. With his head still towards the screen, I saw Caleb's eyes hit the floor.

"We shouldn't have done that..." he said quietly.

I grinned. Caleb was mine now.

"There they are!"

We both snapped up as we heard a somewhat loud voice call out in our direction. We looked to see the man who had RUDELY interrupted us earlier with an usher & a police officer heading our way. I could just make out what they were saying.

"I simply asked them to be quiet. And now, they're...well, pretty much having sex, right behind everyone in here."

Caleb looked terrified as the men walked towards us. I had to think quickly.

"Here," I said, taking out my sunglasses, "pull your hat down so they don't see you."

"They see us Rory, they know where we are."

"Just do it!" I snapped as I pulled up my hood & slipped my shades on. Caleb pulled the front of his Mariners hat down so his face wasn't visible.

"Get ready," I said.

"For what...?"

The three men walked up to us just then.

"Gentlemen, come with me please," said the officer. The other two men were standing next to him.

Caleb & I stood up, ready to go with the officer. As we made our way through the seats towards the aisle, I subtly grabbed Caleb's wrist & held on tight.

"Rory...?" he whispered.

Suddenly, as we made it to the aisle, I shot my foot out into the officer's shin, crippling him. As his body came down, I shuffled closer to him & with my free arm, elbowed him in the neck, knocking him back against the wall. Before the other two men had time to react, I took off down the aisle & out the door, with Caleb's wrist still in my hand.

"Run!" I exclaimed to him.

We bolted out the door, shoving past people who were just getting out of another movie. Popcorn, Swedish Fish, sodas & Sour Patch Kids flew everywhere as we ran towards the exit. I noted that Caleb was keeping up with me. I knew he was in shape, but I was a pretty fast son of a bitch.

Caleb & I were close to the doors when two other cops came out of nowhere & were suddenly right in front of us.

I grabbed Caleb's wrist again & pulled him close to me.

The two cops tried to cut us off, but just before they could close the space between the two of them, I put an arm at Caleb's waist & with my other hand, pushed down on his back so he was running bent over. Before he could do anything about it, I violently shoved him through what was left of the space between the cops.

Things were different when I reached them however.

I jumped on the last step I could & shot my foot up into the cop on the left's crotch.

"OOOFFF!" he gruffed in agony as his body fell down.

As my foot came down, I grabbed the other cop's arm, which was coming for me, & bent it so that his body twisted, with me now behind his back with his arm in my grip. I kicked him out from his calves & as he collapsed, I jumped over him, heading for the doors.

It had all happened so fast that Caleb was still getting up from tripping after I had pushed him through the officers.


We burst through the doors & ran down the driveway to the sidewalk where we kept going. I knew firsthand that cops had better things to do than chase kids who didn't do anything THAT bad but I didn't want to take any chances, since I hadn't had a run-in with Seattle cops before. We kept running until we made it to a corner, rounded it, & went another 100 feet or so where we stopped at a pizzeria.

We were panting heavily. I leaned against the wall of the store to catch my breath as Caleb rested his hands on his knees.

"I can't believe......you just......took down...three cops.....," he panted.

I laughed & coughed as I gulped for air.

"Martial arts....& fighting.......was pretty much the only thing.....oh man...pretty much the only thing my uncle was ever good for......"

We coughed & heaved in peace for the moment. When we had caught our breathes, we kept going.

"I can't believe that just happened..." Caleb said.

"Well believe it, 'cause it did happen."

"Now I'm a fugitive," he said unhappily.

I burst out laughing at the blatant over dramatization. Caleb started to laugh too.

"...hahahaha...but seriously, ya think they got a good look at us? I'm not getting arrested for accessory to beating up three cops Rory," Caleb said.

"Doubt it. Between your hat, which is still," I reached to pull up the tip of his hat, "still covering half your face, & my hood & shades, I think we're good. Honestly."

He hit me all of a sudden.

"What was that for?"

"For GETTING us in this mess anyway!" he said with a smile on his face. "If you hadn't fucked your mouth on my dick in the damn MOVIE THEATER then we wouldn't have had to be running from the cops in the first place."

"My point stays. You liked it."

Caleb rolled his eyes.

"Admit it," I pressed a finger into his chest as we started walking down the sidewalk into town, "you liked it."

"Stop it Rory..."

"Admit it."


"So you admit it!"


"Then deny it! If you can't admit you liked it, then DENY you liked it."

"I plead the Fifth..."

"You DID like it!"

"Good thing I'm not annoying like that. I'd be driving people NUTS!" he exclaimed.

My turn to roll some eyes.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 10: Climax
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