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 Chapter 23: Love Games

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PostSubject: Chapter 23: Love Games   Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:56 am


"I'm this close to pulling it off my face," I chuckled as I felt Connor take my hand & lead me out of the passenger seat.

"Say that again, only with a REALLY sexy voice."

I was blindfolded, & had been for the past half hour or so. Connor had put the blindfold on me, guided me to his car, which was his grandpa's before he got a new one, & hadn't let me see anything all the way to...wherever we were now.

"This ain't where you murder me & throw my body into a ditch, is it?" I laughed.



"Huh? Oh sorry, I was just sharpening my ax."

"That's funny. Babe c'mon, tell me, where are we?"

"Not yet..." he said as he held my hand & continued to guide me.

I took a deep breath & concentrated on what I could hear around me, as if my years of reading science fiction & comic books would somehow pay off by giving me heightened senses. All I could hear were a few birds in the distance, which narrowed it down to almost anything imaginable. But once thing that was interesting was that I noticed we were still walking on pavement. Well at least he wasn't murdering me somewhere in the woods.

"I can't stand it anymore," I laughed as I tore my hand away from him & reached up to take off my blindfold.

"NOOO!!!!" Connor yelled as he fought to restrain me. If I was that desperate, I could really overpower him & take it off with no problem. But I didn't.

"You take that blindfold off & you don't get to have me for the rest of the year," he threatened.

"You're threatening me with no sex?" I grinned.


"What's that expression about a blade cuttin' both ways?"

"I have my right hand and internet access. What do YOU have?" he said as he started guiding me again.

"I too have my right hand, internet access, and," I lowered my voice to a murmur, "that little gift you gave me for Valentine's Day, which needs new batteries for it by the way..." he slapped my arm before I went any further.

"Fine," he said.



"Fine what?"

"Fine, you can take it off. We're here now."

We stopped walking & as Connor let go of my hand, I reached up to take the blindfold off my eyes. I handed it to him as I let my eyes adjust to the sunlight which flooded my eyes like acid. I blinked a couple of times & looked to see where we were.

About 20 feet in front of us was a giant gate with a sign arching over it that read WELCOME TO FUN PARK! This was the second time Connor had taken me here. The first time we were here was on our second date, but he never liked talking about it because on one of the roller coasters he got sick & threw up on my lap. He was embarrassed ever since. Probably never told a single soul in the world about it. Not even you.

"You took me to the amusement park?"


"Better than being murdered in the woods I suppose..." I laughed as I looked over at him. Connor was looking at me with a faint smile on his face, as if he was waiting for me to do something. He also had a plastic bag in his hand with something in it.


"Oh nothing. Just that there's something different about what we're gonna be doing today."

"What do you mean?"

He didn't answer me. Instead, he just kept looking at me.


He turned his head a bit & looked off, as if he were trying to hear something.

"What is it?"

He glanced back at me & his lips curved up into a smile.

I listened real hard for what he could be hearing, but I didn't hear anything other than a few birds off in the distance.

"I don't hear nothin'," I said. That's when Connor broke into a full grin.

And it hit me.

"I don't hear anything..."


"...and it should be pretty damn loud if you're at an amusement park," I answered, looking back toward the gate. I looked inside as far as I could, but I couldn't see anybody in there.

"Connor, what are we doin' here?"

"We're here to have the day, & the park, to ourselves," he said as he wrapped his arms around my side.


"Well," he said, walking toward the gate, "it took MONTHS but after many many MANY phone calls & e-mails, I was able to reserve the entire park for us today."

Suddenly, Connor reached into his pocket & took out a rather large key, which he put into the keyhole at the front of the gate. Unlocking it, he pushed the giant gates open. We were free to go into the empty amusement park.

My jaw dropped open. "Wait...what? How..."

"As it turns out, a friend of mine has a friend who's the head of security here. And after I got in touch with them, it took me a LONG time to convince him to let me take a friend, that part played by you, into the park for the entire day. I had to agree to a few conditions though. I had to give him all my information, we have to leave the park clean & just the way it is, no rides that would require an operator & we are NOT to bring anybody else."

He turned back to me, nodding his head for me to follow.

"So...for the entire day, we really have the entire park to just ourselves?" I said, walking up to him.


"Oh..Connor..." I said, still in awe. I turned to him & gave him a hug as I kissed him gingerly on his lips.

"You can thank me later," he gave a cheeky grin.

I took his hand as we walked into the park.


"Could you IMAGINE somebody havin' sex in here?" I said. We were in a fun house that was filled with mirrors everywhere, copies of ourselves to the left, right, above, below, around & everywhere you looked. Who would ever have sex in a fun house?

"I think it'd be kind of hot. It'd be like porn inception," Connor giggled.

"But ourselves?"

"Well...you could look to see what needs improvement," he said as he started walking ahead.

"ONLY because you rented out an AMUSEMENT PARK, am I gonna let that slide," I laughed. He kissed me on the cheek.

Soon enough, we made it back outside.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh look, the Tunnel of Love," Connor said with a lisp, pointing to the ride which was a short walk off in the distance. I followed him as he started walking.

"But you said nothing that requires someone to maintain?"

"How hard can it be? I mean it's not exactly a roller coaster babe."

"You can't be serious..."

We got to the ride & climbed over the gate. Connor walked over to the operating panel & scanned it over with his eyes. I wouldn't say he knew what he was doing, but his eyes lit up when they went over something.

"Here!" he exclaimed, hitting a button & flipping a switch. All of a sudden, the ride began to buzz & come to. I could hear water churning & machines stirring as a swan-shaped boat came out of the ride off to the side. Connor took my hand, interlocking our fingers & walked me to the boat with him. We had to get in somewhat quickly while the ride was going. We got in, sat down & sat side by side, our fingers interlocked & resting on our knees which were up against each other.

"You better hope you know what you're doing," I said.

"I don't," he laughed.

The ride sailed along peacefully as we entered into the dark tunnel. I rubbed the back of his hand with my fingers.

Soon enough, we reached a dimly lit part of the ride where tiny lights dotted the black around us. Green, blue & red stars were shining all around us while the soft sound of flowing water filled our ears. I felt Connor lean his head on my shoulder. I let go of his hand & put my hand around him, pulling him into me. I turned my head & kissed the side of his head. I leaned my forehead onto him.

"I love you Connor."

"We've been on the ride for three minutes & you're sappy already?" he laughed softly. I giggled.

"I can't help it, this is just...unbelievably sweet of you Connor."

"Yeah well...I thought we deserved something nice for each other. It's taking some time still, but I think my mom & dad are slowly-"

I put a finger to Connor's lips.

"I'm happy it's starting to work out. But let's just enjoy this, right here."

I leaned back against the wall of the boat & Connor leaned with me, laying on my chest, his head on my collar & the strawberry-scented shampoo he had used made his hair sweet to smell.

"This is by far the sweetest thing you've ever done for me..."

Connor draped his hand over my side.

"...for us," he said. I closed my eyes & smiled.

"I love you so much Connor. I really, really love you."

Connor lifted his head & looked right at me, his soft brown eyes full of affection & contentedness. I watched as his eyes moved back & forth between looking at my own. What he was trying to read in me I didn't know, but he blinked & smiled a very peaceful smile, which melted my heart.

"Ditto," he replied.

He started digging in his back pocket for something just then as he leaned up.

"Whatcha doin'?"

"I got you something..."

"What, the key to the city?" I smirked.

"Not quite," he said as he took out a folded up piece of paper.

"What's that?"

"I, uh...wrote something..."

"Wrote something?"

He blushed.

"Yeah. I um...I wrote a uh, a poem for you..." he said as his face turned bright red.

My heart fluttered. He had never written a poem for me before.

"You wrote a poem for me?" I said.

"Yeah. Don't make fun of me, or I WILL hack your head off with an ax!"

"Promise!" I said, holding my hands up.

He cleared his throat & started...

"Every day when I do wake,
you may not the first thought I make.
But when you're not around I lose the toy,
that makes me full of thrill & joy.
A toy that sparks me like a child,
a fun that comes back over & wild.
You're not the last thought when I bed,
but you are the dream that wins my head.

My Dixie knight who holds me tight,
who lifts my feet to much more height.
Whose lips to touch are more the best,
than Romeo, Fabio, & all the rest.
When in your hands, my face you cup,
I feel like that of a little pup.
A pup who fears & shakes at night,
but shines like day at just your sight.

We kiss & hug, lay & love,
our hearts fly higher than a great white dove.
Since that first homeroom I saw thee,
I hoped & prayed that we could be.
Served to me on a silver dish,
Not a night through time was there a better wish.
I hope not but if it may seem
that this may be but just a dream,
then let me not stir from this wake,
if for no other reason than my sake.

'Cause when the loving starts
and the lights go down,
and there's not another living soul around.
Then woo me until the sun comes up,
and say that you love me."

He stared at the paper for a moment longer & then slowly put it back in his back pocket.

My lips folded inward as my throat closed up & an ache swallowed my heart in an attempt to feel every word Connor had just said to me. My eyes watered as I hugged Connor & rested my head on top of his & squeezed my eyes closed.


"Connor," I said softly, "thank you sooo much for that. That was beautiful. That was the sweetest thing in the world. I could never make this up to you, ever."

"This is all me making up everything to YOU," he smiled as he looked up & kissed my cheek.

"You could've just read that poem while at your house or mine...you didn't have to do all this hon."

"Yeah but then I wouldn't have been able to read you a poem in the Tunnel of Love," he grinned. I pecked his lips a few times.

I sighed contently as I flashed back to my favorite moments with Connor. From him showing me around the school with his 'morning wood', to kissing him out of nowhere at my welcoming party, to blatantly asking him if he wanted to be my boyfriend in the school bathroom, to the few times Chris has nearly caught us making out...every little moment with him was something I always cherished. The BONUSES to being in love are the good looks & the sex. But for me, the real deal, the main course wasn't what "happened", it was what just..."was." We didn't need to do things to show our love for each other. We just had to..."be," like Connor's poem had said. There was nothing wrong with doing things for each other like this, but as long as we understood our care & love for one another, then that's what was most important.

"I'm glad you liked my poem," Connor whispered.

"I'm glad you wrote it."

I felt him snuggle into me more as the ride made its last turn before it emerged outside again. But in no time, we made it to the entrance again without getting up or out at all.

"Wasn't that last part from a Fleetwood Mac song?" I asked.

He didn't reply.




"Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just sharpening my ax."

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Chapter 23: Love Games
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