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 Chapter 1: New Kid

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: New Kid   Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:17 am

Paying attention was turning out to be extremely difficult for me today in homeroom. There was a new kid in the grade. His name was Travis. Travis Dole. And boy was he hot.

Not to sound stereotypical or anything, but the moment I heard the homeroom teacher call his name, I knew he was a country boy. I was proven right when she asked where he was from & he responded that he had just moved from Oklahoma.

Well anyway, here's my 411. I think we can establish by now, for the last 3 years, that I'm gay. At 15, that makes it worse, my hormones flying around like bees. Last I checked I was about 5'5" or something. On my head I have medium length very dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Average joe looks. My dad is a unemployed due to a permanent injury at work. He used to work in construction. My mom is an elementary school teacher. But before my dad was hurt, he met my mom & that's where my younger brother, Chris & I came from.

As I was staring at Travis the whole time, I realized that even though he was a country boy, he certainly didn't act like one. He had no country boy accent, wore city boy clothes & talked city boy talk. You could have sworn he WAS a city boy.

He was pure eye candy, with his longish light brown hair & dark blue eyes. He wasn't just hot, but he was also cute. He reminded me of the twinks I see online a lot. I'd guess he was maybe an inch taller than me, probably 5'6". Overall, he was the hottest boy in my grade. We were in 10th grade. High school sophomores.

"Connor!" I heard my homeroom teacher yelling at me.

"Sorry, what?"

"I asked if you could help show Travis around the building. You have chemistry next, right? With Mr. Dell?"

"Uh, yeah I do."

"Well he's in your class. So show him around the school, ok?"

"Ok" I said, looking over at Travis, who smiled warmly at me. I managed to smile back, barely. I was having a hard time keeping my stiffy down.

The first period bell rang. We all left the room, Travis right next to me, following me to our first class. He started up a conversation.

"So, what's chem like?"

I guess it's ok. Mr. Dell is really really nice, but it's very hard."

He laughed a little.

"Among other things" he chuckled. I looked at him, wondering what he meant. His eyes darted down, down to the slight bulge in my jeans. Crap, he saw that I was getting a hard on!

"It's just morning wood, that's it" I lied.

"This late in the morning?" he asked with a puzzled grin.

"It happens."

He looked at me with half a smile of his face & then shrugged.

"If you say so."

We both got late passes, for me helping him go throughout the building. As it turned out, chem was the only class we had together. I was bummed out. Seemed he was, too. We ran into each other once the day was over.

"Hey Connor" he said beaming.


"Thanks for showing me around school. I would have gotten lost in a flash if it weren't for you."

"Sure no problem."

"Hey listen, my mom & dad are kind of having all these people in the neighborhood come over for a little party later tonight. You wanna come?" he asked hopefully.

"Yeah definitely! What time?"

"At 6:30."

"Awesome, I'll be there!" I exclaimed, jogging to my bus.


I turned around.

"Don't you need my address?" he asked, with that same puzzled grin. I walked back over to him sheepishly.

"My bad..."

"It's ok. Not a lot flowing to your brain."

"Very funny."


Later that night, my parents gave me permission to go to Travis's house. It was a couple blocks down the street, but they gave me a ride. They decided to stick around to meet Travis's parents. There were a lot of kids from our grade at his house. My brother was sick, as usual.

Most of the time, we played on Travis's PS2 which he connected to the TV which we all begged his parents to unpack.

After 3 hours, everybody had left except my folks & I. It was just Travis & I in his bedroom watching some movie. He had a queen size bed, so we both lay down on it, our feet at the head of the bed & our heads at the foot of the bed. The door was closed.

"So...?" he asked out of nowhere, like he expected me to know what he was talking about.

"So what?"

"So how's your hard on?" he said with a grin. He was always smiling.

"Travis, oh my God. Just forget about it, it was nothing, sheesh" I laughed.

"Connor!" I heard my dad call from the living room. It was time to go. I stood up to go.

"It didn't look like nothing" he replied.

"Well why were you looking in the first place, huh?" I asked as I opened the door.

Suddenly, Travis got up off the bed & walked over to me. That's when he took my arms, pulled me toward him & kissed me hard but gently on my lips. I had kissed before, but this was special. First, it was a boy & second, it was Travis!

When he let go, he smiled at me.

"THAT'S why I was lookin'."

I couldn't say a word. I felt my face turn red & I just slowly started to walk out out with a small smile on my face.

I turned around to see him again. He was grinning at me, almost like he was bragging about something. I don't know what he would have had to brag about, but I knew I had something. I was the first person kissed by Travis since he moved here. Back home I don't know, but I didn't care.

"See ya tomorrow Connor" he said in a voice that was deeper, different from his usual voice. It was almost arousing. I joined my parents in the living room.

"Ready to go big guy?" asked my dad.

"Honey why are you flushed? Are you sweating?" asked mom. She came over to feel my forehead.

"I'm fine...don't worry mom, I'm fine" I stuttered. I was more than fine.

They thanked Travis's parents & then we left. As we were pulling out, I saw Travis in his room. He was looking out at me. He smiled at me.

My head was up in the nighttime clouds the whole trip back home.
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Chapter 1: New Kid
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