Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 12: Seattle Evolved

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PostSubject: Chapter 12: Seattle Evolved   Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:33 am


I rubbed my nose as I trudged my way toward the kitchen. I was in a t-shirt & my boxers, my bare feet smacking the floor lightly as I headed to make myself a midnight snack. It was 4:30 in the morning. As I passed the hallway mirror, I could see that my hair was a mess. Usually I cared about my hair. But this time in the morning, I let it stay the way it was: a rat's nest.

When I reached the kitchen, I walked over to the fridge to see if there were something I could snack on. I saw that on the fridge door, was a note.

Hi honey, I had to leave to cover a shift for Jenny, so I won't be around until 11 in the morning. There's some leftover lasagna in the fridge if you get hungry. Love you, Mom.

Sure enough, when I opened the fridge, there, in the center of the middle rack, was a container of last night's lasagna calling my name. I took it out, heated it up & sat down at the kitchen table.

As the warm breakfast filled up my stomach, I couldn't help but be excited that Rory & I were going to see another. Hopefully it turned out better than LAST time. Even though to be honest...I kind of liked what happened last time. Granted we didn't really get a chance to watch the movie, but we had had our own action, both in our seats & out.

I don't know what it was about Rory that I was so attracted to. He was certainly hot, I knew THAT for sure. But something about his character just...appealed to me. He was so honest with people. With himself, I couldn't exactly say the same. He seemed to hold back a lot of things but his approach to others was something that captured my attention. I didn't like how rude he could be, but at least he was always honest with people how he felt & he lived life with seemingly few regrets. He was forward, stubborn, assertive & knew just what to do in a pinch. It was a collection of these gems that I admired in him. He was so unlikable...and that made me like him.

I didn't know what he thought of me. I'm sure he liked me. People told me I could be really annoying & clingy but I couldn't tell if that's what he thought of me. Did he? I dunno. You tell me.

Once I was done eating, I quickly made my way back to bed. I still had another two hours of sleep waiting for me!


Later that day, I ran into Rory into the hallway at school.

"Hey Rory!"


"What's up?"

"Nothin'. Just on my way to math."

"Cool! So we still on for tonight?"

He gave me a weird look as we kept walking.

"What's tonight?"

"We were gonna go to the movies, remember?"


"We still on?"

"I dunno Caleb, I have other plans."

"Other plans? But I thought WE had plans tonight. We planned this on Monday remember?"

"Nope," he said flatly, scratching his crotch as we turned a corner.

"Oh...well what are your other plans?" I said. Maybe I could convince him to change if they weren't that important.

"None of your business Caleb. Leave me alone," he said. He sounded irritated. Gosh he could be such a grumpy head sometimes.

"Sorry...but what about the mov-"


We walked in silence, me with my head down, until we reached the room he needed to go to.

"So this is your class huh?" I said as he opened the door.

"Yup," he said, walking by me into the room. I wanted to make sure we could still hang out at some point before he settled down into his class.

"Uh, Rory?" I said.

I heard him breath in through his nose as he squeezed the doorknob so tight his knuckles turned a cold white color. He turned around & looked at me with a clenched jaw.


"Maybe we could...go to the movies tomorrow night?" I said, raising my voice in hope that we could still hang out this weekend.

"Will that make you happy?" he said dryly.

"Yes," I beamed.

"Will that make you leave me alone so I can have class now?"


"Fine. Tomorrow night," he said without very much enthusiasm.

"Cool! Call me later so we can set up-"

Before I could finish, he slammed the door in my face. Just then, from inside the room, I could hear the teacher yelling at Rory for the unnecessary action. I could faintly hear the word "detention." Uh oh. I hope Rory wasn't mad at me. Oh well. I'm sure he won't hold it against me.

I practically skipped to my next class I was so happy. But that feeling of weightlessness was cut short when I turned a corner & bumped into Trent. He gave me an angry look as I backed away from him & two of his friends who were with him. I shrunk as the three of them stood in front of me, looming like towers ready to come to life & beat me to death.

"Sorry about that Trent..."

"Watch where you walk homo," he scoffed as him & his friends continued walking on.

"Ya know, you don't have to call me that. YOU'RE gay too ya know," I said. Mistake.

He suddenly turned around & walked fast towards me. I quickly started walking backwards in hope that he'd stop stampeding towards me.

"What did you just say to me?!" he snapped as he picked up his pace. I turned around & started to run down the hall as fast as I could to escape him but I wasn't fast enough. I immediately felt my stomach fall as I felt his fingers grab a hold of the back collar of my shirt & yank me back. He whirled me around & shoved me against the row of lockers, hard. I winced from my shoulders being slammed against the cold hard doors.

"Call me a homo to my face, right now. I dare you."

"Wait, I didn't mean-"

"Didn't mean WHAT you little shit? Yeah, I'm gay. Now say it to me. Say 'Trent, you're a homo'," he sneered in my face.

I kept my head down, knowing that if I said it, he'd do something awful to me. He was leading me on.

"I said SAY IT!"

I turned my head, praying that he wouldn't hurt me.

No such luck.

Suddenly, I felt his fist drive itself like a truck into my gut, knocking the breath right out of me & crippling me. I doubled over in a heap onto the cold tiled floor, clutching my stomach in agony as I felt the need to empty what I had for lunch.

"Call me a homo one more time & I'll make sure the rest of your life is nothing but sucking the dirtiest fucking dicks in the locker room from now until they call your name at graduation. You remember what it's like to suck guys off in the locker room, right?"

As they started to walk away, each of his friends took a kick at my legs. I guess to add their silent approvals.

"Oh, & Caleb?" I heard Trent say before they got too far. I looked up to see what he had to say now.

"The only reason I allow you & Rory to hang out is because he's promised me that nothing is going between you two. But if I ever find out that you've been fooling around with MY boyfriend..." he ended, shaking his head. "I don't like being cheated on." He walked away.

I was able to stand up after a moment. I held my aching abdomen, knowing there would be a bruise later tonight. But instead of letting Trent's mean words set in, I decided to keep my head up. Why Rory was in love with Trent I would never know. But at least I would get to spend time with him tomorrow night at the movies.

I'll be damned if THAT keeps me down.


That night, I was laying in bed watching tv when Trent's words suddenly snuck back into my head. I couldn't help but remember when I had been caught giving oral sex in the locker room freshman year. That was the year that everybody found out I was gay. I could never forget it.


I had been lured by this boy's sexual appeal for two years now. I had been attracted to other boys, but this one in particular was something special to me. One day, he caught me in the hallway.

"Hey Caleb!" he called.

I had been on my way to lunch, but when I heard my name being called, I turned around & saw him standing there, waving me over to him. I smiled as I nearly pranced across the hall.

"What's up?" he asked me.

"Nothing. You?"

"Well, listen," he said, pulling me over to the side. "I...wanted to talk to you about...something."

"Sure, about what?"

"Oh, um, not here."

I was about to say something before he cut me off.

"Before you say anything, meet me in the locker room after school, ok?" he said quietly, his hand on my arm.

"Um...yeah, definitely," I said, trying to not let my smile rip my face in half.

"Cool. See ya then," he smiled, lifting my spirits through the roof of this hellhole.


I had to keep myself from shaking as I swam against the flow of students trying to make a prison break from leave school. I found the locker room door & went inside, taking one last look around to make sure nobody was going to be "joining us." Even though I didn't even know what was going on.

When I went inside, I looked around a bit but there was no sight of him at first.

"Caleb." I turned around & he was standing a few feet away.


"Hey...so listen...I um..." he started walking toward me all of a sudden.

I froze, not expecting him to be this close to me. Just then, he shakily reached his arm up to caress my face with his hand. I sighed as his fingers rested gently against my cheek. I looked into his eyes, which seemed so nervous about what he was doing.

"What...what are you doing?" NO CALEB! DON'T RUIN IT!

"I just...I can't stop thinking about you lately. And I know that's weird and all...but I just had to tell you."

"I...feel the same way," I admitted. "So, what are we doing now?"

"I guess...I guess we can find out on our own," he smiled warmly.

From the sounds of it, I was about to have my first experience. And by experience, I meant pretty much everything. I was about to have my first kiss. I was about to fall madly in love. I was about to feel his hands caress my body as we kissed endlessly. I was about to have a mind blowing experience like no other. I was about to kiss this boy's divine lips. I was about to feel his hands roam over my body. I was about to have a relationship that would last forever. I was about to have sex. I was about to have a moment that only the world of online fiction could touch upon. And I was about to have the most memorable time of my life.

He leaned in closer to me & as I closed my eyes, I felt his warm lips connect with mine. I didn't know what to do at first so I stood there, motionless. But son enough, I picked up on what he was doing & responded. His lips ran over mine, & I shivered when I suddenly felt his tongue stick out & lick my lips. I opened my lips slightly. He slid his hands around to hold me against him. I sighed as I felt the bulge in his pants rubbing against mine. I instinctively pushed my hips forward, causing him to sigh into our kiss & strengthen his embrace.

He suddenly snaked his hand up into the back of my shirt, the coolness of his hand sending an inviting chill through my body. He began to slide his lips more passionately over mine as we swapped spit & let our tongues play with each other. When he moved his lips away from mine, I left my mouth open & groaned quietly.

I began to kiss him back again. As I moved my way across his cheek & down to his neck, I felt his hand suddenly give my erection a light squeeze. I gasped & gently bit at his neck, tasting the sweetness of his smooth, slender neck. I could feel his hair lightly resting on my cheek, bouncing each time my lips moved.

"Keep going..." he sighed.

His hands reach up to unbutton his shirt, exposing his flat chest. His two dark pink nipples were pointing outward & as I made my way down his collar, I lightly rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. He groaned & tilted his head back as I sucked tenderly at his delicate flesh. When I reach his nipples, I sucked on one of them, causing him to place his hands on my arms & lightly squeeze with sexual vigor.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I got onto my knees & rubbed the font of his bulge more aggressively, causing him to place his hands on my shoulder.

I unzipped his jeans & unbuttoned them. Pulling his checkered boxers down, his cock suddenly sprang out in front of me.

"Ohhhhhh," he moaned at the sweet relief of his cock being released. He was a solid seven inches hard, with a fat head that was shiny & slimy with precum that had left strings of trails from the large piss slit to his boxers.

With some slight hesitation, I slowly leaned forward to gently suck on the head, feeling the salty fluid come into my mouth. I had tasted my own cum before so I wasn't surprised that it was salty. His cock was a good six & a half inches long & fairly thick. I began to slide his hot dick into my mouth, feeling the warm skin of his member glide across my wet & inviting lips. I felt the fat, round head hit the back of my throat. It was smooth & wet, & as I began to rub it back & forth against the roof of my mouth, I felt his body quake as precum seemed to gush out of his sex tube. I swallowed it down, enjoying the taste. Even if it was identical to my own, the sheer fact that it WASN'T my own had my boner straining painfully against the front of my pants. I reached down with one hand & undid my jeans. My other hand was busy holding the base of his penis while I applied suction, leaving no room for air in my mouth, which was now tightly wrapped around the soft, hot cock I wanted so desperately to shove down my throat.

I felt his hand move to the back of my head as I began to bob my head back & forth, occasionally taking his penis out of my mouth & licking the underside of it from the base to the head. I snaked my tongue around the sides & planted my lips flatly on the crown of his dick, tasting the warm liquid oozing out of his constantly throbbing member.

I pulled his cock back into my mouth, feeling the rubbery, fat head bump against the back of my throat. As I began to push myself down farther onto his cock, I closed my eyes & started to slowly masturbate, letting my precum slip & slide all around my throbbing shaft. I inhaled through my nose, when I could, the salty smell of his yet-unwashed groin. The scent was absolutely intoxicating. I wished I could smell it forever, nonstop. I felt him start to push back & forth on the back of my head, urging me on to suck his cock faster. Though I had never done it before, I could feel myself start to slowly slip his big cock down my throat. I imagined it sliding down so far that the bulge could be seen in my neck. The image turned me on & as I listened to him groan begin to fuck my face, I began to groan in pleasure myself, masturbating myself faster now.

"Oh god Caleb...that feels sooo good," he sighed, wiggling his pelvis, trying to shove his cock even deeper into my mouth.

I was becoming so hot now that my anal region began to sweat very lightly, & I could feel it. I was so caught up in the moment that, without knowing it, I began to move my hips up & down, imagining that I was sitting atop another boy's cock & fucking myself gently on it. The extra motion caused him to start humping my face faster, groaning. I was not pumping away furiously at my own hard cock, which was flicking speck of precum everywhere. Soon, the image of myself having one cock stuffed down my throat with another buried up into my gut became so surreal that I swore I could physically feel myself being fucked. I moaned around his dick when all of a sudden, I couldn't hold back anymore & began to spew cum all over my lower abdomen, his ankles & the floor. I whimpered nonstop until I felt the last of my spasms wash over with with what was then the greatest cum of my life.

I was breathing heavily & trying to catch my breath. Knowing he hadn't cum yet, I began to reach into his jeans to cup his balls in my hand. But then, just as I made contact with his hairless balls, we heard a noise off to the side.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" screamed a boy who had stepped into the locker room.

Suddenly, I was shoved back, the cock being ripped out of my throat, a long trail of spit mixed with his sex juices beyond blatantly exposing what we were up to. We were caught!

Stuffing his dick back into his jeans, my boy ran after the other student who turned around to leave.


I quickly swallowed what was in & around my mouth & wiped my lips with my arm. I hurriedly put my quickly shriveling penis back into my own pants & zipped up. I looked over to see the boy being held by his shirt collar up against the lockers. I couldn't hear what my boy was saying, but from the look on his face it sounded threatening. As I regained my composure, I glanced to the other student & saw him nod quickly, but not before looking over at me while doing it, as if agreeing to something relating to me.

He shoved the boy away violently. When he turned to look at me, it was as if time slowed down. The look on his face was painful & I could see a hurt look in his eyes that seemed to be an apology of some sort.

That was when he walked out of the locker room. I would never see that boy again.

At least not the way I knew him.


Word had gone around over & over. Caleb was a homo. I'm sure the school administration got wind of what happened but because they wouldn't be able to prove anything, they threw it to the side like any other high school rumor. I ended losing a few of my best friends. Not necessarily because I was gay, but because I was caught sucking off some kid in the locker room.

And by some kid...they MEANT "some kid."

The rumor, as it had been spread, was that I had been caught on my knees blowing a boy who didn't even go to our school. And when I heard it, my heart shattered as I put two & two together.

My boy...the boy who I thought I could quickly start a possible relationship with...had told the student who caught us to only mention me in what he told people & to say that he was some kid who didn't go here who I had somehow snuck into the building. The student who caught us ended up moving out of state later on in the year I learned. But my boy never left. His role in everything remained a secret to the two of us.

And for the rest of our time in the following years he was a total stranger. But he wasn't a stranger to me. I would always know him & he would always know me, even if in the hallways, he never spared me a second glance. He had become a stranger to the self he once was. A totally new person.

And only I knew.


As I lay in bed that night, I felt a tear swell up in my eye. It only stayed for a short second before I wiped it away. I had long since moved on past my feelings for him but a part of me was still torn up about how he had decided to ruin my life with just a few words.

I enjoyed my life the way it was. But could it have been better? I would never know. I suppose, deep down, I still cared deeply for him. But even if those feelings ever reached the surface, they would never become a reality. Besides, he had a new boyfriend now. And I wasn't keen on the idea of them together. His boyfriend deserved better, somebody who could actually trust him & could retain that tough guy attitude without being an asshole. He deserved somebody more special than a cheap flake who could destroy lives with a few words.

Rory deserved somebody better than Trent.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 12: Seattle Evolved
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