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 Chapter 16: Chains

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PostSubject: Chapter 16: Chains   Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:55 pm

"...drug possession, petty theft, intent to sell, intent to buy, vandalism, trespassing, breaking & entering, public intoxication, and NOW we can add public indecency, evading arrest and assaulting a police officer," the detective smiled down at me as I sat cuffed by both wrists to a chair. The cunt was reading from a clipboard that I could only guess what was on it. "I see prostitution is on here as well. Sometimes men breaking out of their typical gender roles can be VERY refreshing to see," she added. I glared at her.

"You know Rory," she walked over to her desk and sat down, "this is quite a colorful sheet. With all these things you've allegedly done, I wouldn't be surprised if you already knew how today is going to go for you."

She was a stocky woman who I guessed to be in her late fifties. Her dried out blond hair fell a little farther than her shoulders & as she strutted in her gray suit & white dress shirt with her badge and gun clearly visible, I thought to myself she'd make the perfect supporting character on any of the CSI shows. And nothing else.

"Key word being allegedly, Detective...Carson," I read her name plate. Carson. I remember a Carson from the Chicago PD too. "No convictions," I smiled confidently.

"Yes well," she returned the expression & clasped her fingers together, "most prosecutors would like to spend their time dealing with actual crimes, not rebellious teenagers who have nothing better to do than apparently move around the country and fuck things up for local citizens." She was a no-bullshitter for sure. "But this time, it's very different Rory. You assaulted three police officers. Granted you didn't take an AK-47 to the building here, but I can assure you that there are a lot of people who wanna see you grabbed by the balls now."

I gave her a wise-ass nod.

"You have one phone call," she said, handing me the land line phone on her desk. "I suggest you call a parent."

"They're dead," I quipped.

Her eyes narrowed. "And your legal guardian?"

"I'm 18 years old, Detective," I sighed loudly, annoyed. "You know I don't have a legal guardian now."

She leaned over her desk closer to me & lowered her voice. "Then who, might I ask, is the sorry soul whose roof you live under?"

I leaned in myself, now only a foot away from her face. "My uncle," I whispered.

She gave me a smug look.

I gave it right back.

"Call," she said, pushing the phone toward me.

"Golly Detective Carson," I said childishly, "I would love to call my uncle, but these big heavy handcuffs just won't let me." I gave a pout as I held up my arms to remind her that I couldn't move my fucking hands. She grunted & then leaned forward with her key to unlock one of the cuffs.

I took the phone from her & began to dial Ray's work number. Then...I stopped.

Oh god, the thoughts started to come to me, when he finds out what I'm here for...he's gonna kill me...

The thoughts of what he would say...what he would DO...I started to sweat a little bit, nervous already of his inevitable anger. I suddenly sunk into those feelings of helplessness. I hated those feelings. They were only reminders to me of what it was like growing up, but they always managed to slink back into my life every now & then, usually when I knew Ray would be mad at something I'd done. And this? This would be bad. REAL bad.

I must have started trembling without even knowing it, as Carson was looking at me strangely. I looked down at my fingers which were shaking. Not shaking terribly, but shaking nonetheless. The thought of what he would do to me when he found out I beat up three police officers...was unfathomable. I gulped when I heard Carson say my name.

"Rory, what's going on?"

Her voice snapped me back to reality, as if to remind me that I wasn't 12 and cowering in the bathroom corner under his shadow with a belt. I felt myself go cold as the familiar feelings of anger and bitterness came rushing back to me, forcing out the feelings of being vulnerable. Better these feelings than those. I knew who to call.

"Nothing," I grumbled. "I put the wrong digit in."

"Then get it right this time," she huffed as she reset the call.


"Uncle Ray!" I called across the station as Colonel Marley came in. Carson unlocked the other cuff at this point so I could go walk up to him. As I walked up to him though, I could tell by the look on his face that he was NOT happy to be impersonating my uncle. Or even really be here at all.

"Rory," he muttered angrily.

"I'm sorry Colonel," I said quietly as we walked back over to Detective Carson's desk, "but I knew that if I called Ray he'd...he'd be so mad...please, just this once, I promise."

"This isn't like coloring on the bathroom wall, Rory, this is..." he trailed off as we reached the desk.

"Hi there, I'm Detective Carson," the woman said as she extended her hand to his. He shook it.

"So what's going on exactly?" the Colonel asked as we all sat down.

"Well, your nephew here is in some serious trouble," she glared at me. I glared right back. "He has allegedly assaulted three police officers, indecently exposed himself and evaded arrest."

My stomach clenched as I saw the Colonel's eyes widen & his jaw open in utter shock. Maybe I should have called Ray...at least that look of anger and disappointment I was used to. But this pinched me hard on the inside.

"You what?!" he stared in disbelief at me & then quickly regained his composure so to not suddenly make a scene.

"Several months ago," Carson read, "Rory allegedly was involved in a public display of sexual activity at the movies and when an officer approached them, Rory and his friend both evaded arrest by assaulting that officer and two others, including a serious hit to the...privates."

For a few minutes, the conversation went on about the police report, the charges that could be filed against me, my legal options and the consequences. She also even had the nerve to ask me who it was I was with who had also escaped. I lied and told her it was a random guy whose name I didn't even know. I could tell she knew I was lying, but I wasn't about to get Caleb involved in all of this. Colonel Marley had certainly calmed down by now but I could tell he was still very upset.

"Who's in charge of filing the charges?" he asked.

"Right down that hallway, second left," she pointed.

As we got up though, "Ah ah ah," she pointed at me to sit back in the chair. I sat down.

"Hold out your hands," she said as the Colonel walked away.

"I'm not going anywhere," I said.

She held her gaze. I sighed and held my arms out as she cuffed be back to the chair.

"I agree," she smiled.

"Fuck you," I whispered loudly.

She nodded as she played with the sleeves of her suit.

"We'll see who gets fucked," she said.


"Guess it won't be me," I smiled as I rubbed the now-free skin of my wrists about an hour later. As I looked down at Detective Carson who was sitting at her desk, I felt Colonel Marley put his hand on my shoulder. Carson had a look on her face that showed her disapproval of the situation.

As we turned and walked away, the Colonel had a tight grip on my shoulder. I looked to him & felt a wave of guilt rush over me.

"Colonel, I..."

"I don't wanna hear it right now," he said gruffly.

We exited the police station and as we made our way down the sidewalk to his car, I turned & saw Detective Carson watching me from a window, arms crossed. I gave her a two-finger salute. It wouldn't be the last time I saw her.

We got into his car & started to drive off.

"Rory, do you have absolutely any idea what kind of trouble you could have gotten in?" he yelled.

"A lot, I know..."

"I don't think you do," he cut me off.

I looked out the window.

"We both know what Ray is like. God only knows what he would have done to you if it was actually him you called. Who in their right mind ASSAULTS police officers?! Are you crazy?!"

I sighed, knowing that I probably was.

"And when your mother hears about this...it'll devastate her," he put in.

Her? What does she have to do with anything? I clenched my fists.

"That woman doesn't need to know about this. It's none of her business."

"Rory, she's your mother-"

"What she IS," I turned to him angrily, "is an unnecessary burden on me who doesn't need to be caught up to speed," I said. "Please," I added firmly.

He looked over at me. I looked away.

"I won't lie to her. I'll lie to your uncle but I won't lie to her."

"Fine. Don't lie. Just don't be the one to tell her either."

"You need to tell her Rory. She's your mother."

"Says who," I said sharply.

We were both quiet for a moment.

"Is that why you're doing this?" he asked me.


"Is this you acting out because you never had a real parental figure?" he said with a bit of an attitude.

I looked at him.

"Are you shitting me Colonel?" I laughed. "Are you really gonna psychoanalyze me right now?"

"WELL JESUS CHRIST RORY!" he bellowed, scaring me. "Did you HEAR that list of things you've done back there?!"

"Allegedly do-"

"Oh cut the shit!" he stopped me. "You did them & we both know it. For a while, I picked you to be just a quiet kid who was a bit of a loner, maybe at most smoked some pot every now & then...but when we were in that station & Detective Carson was reading off that list & telling me that you seriously injured three cops...& that you didn't even seem to CARE while she was talking...that told me everything when I looked over at you. Do you even feel sorry for what you did?"

I stayed silent.

"Maybe if I talked to your uncle, he could get you some professional help."

"A shrink? You really think he or I would be ok with a shrink?" I said dryly.

"What then? What will it take to figure out what's going on with you?" he said.

"Nothing is 'going on with me' ok! Fuckin' christ, I'm sorry I'm such a rotten seed & all, but that's just me ok? There's no REASON."

"This is more than bad seed behavior kid. You're out of control. You assaulted three police officers!"

"I GET IT OK?!" I yelled. "God DAMN, I know what I did, you don't have to remind me every four seconds like an overbearing parent! You can't be my mother 'cause she's dead, soooo who do you think you are? My dad?" I sneered.

Colonel Marley gave me a pitiful look that made me uncomfortable. It looked like he wanted to say more, but he was too overwhelmed to go on. I looked back out the window and watched as we drove over a small bridge into a more suburban setting.

"Where are we going?" I asked, knowing this was not the way to go back to my house.

"We're going for a drive," he said calmly.

I was mad. He was mad. In case you didn't know by now, there's a lot of anger around me. I didn't mean to flip out on him. After all, he had just bailed me out of potentially the most trouble I'd ever been in before. The man deserved my manners at the least. I know that my uncle had pulled the military card every now & then, also lying to them by saying I was in the process of having a psychologist dig deeper into my psyche that made me so...the way I am. And that would usually settle the cops' heads enough. After all, they had murderers and rapists to deal with. Colonel Marley had also been in the military at one point but I wondered how he got me out of trouble.

"How'd you do it?" I asked quietly.

"How'd I do what?"

"How'd you manage to get them to drop the charges?"

"Well since they thought I was your uncle, I told them that I didn't appreciate working hard to keep this country safe while my hard earned tax dollars went to waste prosecuting my nephew, who's already in psychiatric treatment, for something that didn't require the use of a taser when there were already four officers there. I said that if a lawsuit of unnecessary force didn't get them to wake up, then maybe me talking to a higher-up and having federal funds cut to the station would."

I was impressed. He had used the therapist excuse too.

"Can you even do that?" I said in awe.

"Probably not. But it worked apparently. Not to mention, you know hand-to-hand combat. They're use of a taser, even if they didn't know that, was totally necessary. So that was another lie that I had to tell them. You better hear me loud & clear when I say that I will NEVER cover for you like this again, you understand me?" he snapped.

I nodded.


I grinned.

"You think something's funny about all this?" he said.

"Of course not, sir," I apologized as I turned to look out the passenger window of his truck. I smiled to myself.

I was glad he had my back. Big time.

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Chapter 16: Chains
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