Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 19: Role Play

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PostSubject: Chapter 19: Role Play   Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:04 am

"Fine by me," Ray yawned as he stood up from his chair to grab another beer from the fridge. He'd have to get used to getting them himself for now on. I quietly smiled to myself.

"Oh wait a minute now, we've hardly talked about this," Ray's sister started reaching toward him, trying to change his mind.

"No, no," I waved toward her. "He's already made up his mind. Besides, I'm more than ready to go anyway. My stuff is already packed up in my room."

"What? Since when?" she asked.

I shrugged. "For a very, VERY long time now."

"Ray, are you sure this is something you're ok with?" Walter asked.

"Yep!" Ray called from the kitchen.

"Great. Then let me go get my things & we can leave," I said. As I started to get up, she reached over & held onto my arm.

"Please Rory, I REALLY wanna try to work on fixing things with you. You're not leaving just because of me, are you?"

"Don't flatter yourself," I said, prying each of her fingers off my arm. "But on a pie chart, you'd have an awfully large chunk."

"Rory, please," Walter gave me a stern look to try to be nicer.

"Raaaay, DO something!" she whined. God I hate when people whine.

"Are you kidding me?" he said with a laugh as he walked back into the living room with a beer in his hand. "This kid has been nothing but ungrateful, rebellious & delinquent ever since you practically FedEx'd him to my god damned doorstep. Drugs, drinking my beers, parties, getting into with the cops in every fucking city we've been to. I'm amazed I haven't been asked to post bail for you yet," he said. Walter & I glanced at each other briefly. I had a subtle grin on, but he didn't exactly mirror my attitude. "I'm sick of taking care of your mistake."

"Ray, let's try to be a bit nicer," Walter said, trying to be a damn U.N. peacekeeper.

"Why?" he replied angrily. "So he can have me waltz into a police department for the umpteenth time & spend all my hard-earned dollars busting him out for something I've told him a million fucking times NOT to do?!" He turned angrily to me. "How difficult is it to NOT bury a needle into your arm! How difficult is it to NOT pick up a brick & smash it through someone else's window! How difficult is it to NOT chug my beers like it's fucking judgement day!"

I shot him a look. "Are YOU kidding me?! You down more bottles every hour than I care to count in a fucking car-ride song for god's sake!"

"You little piece of shit," he growled. "I should've searched for the motel your mother was staying in the week after she dumped you onto me & let you live your ungrateful fucking life with her like you should've."

"She's not my mother,!" I snapped at him.

"Rory, please..." she started sobbing.

I walked over to where she was sitting & backhanded her across the face. Hard. She fell to the floor with a hand to her face. As she yelped in pain from the sting, Walter jumped up & grabbed me from behind.

"HEY! You wanna slap someone around, you start with me, you understand!?"

I stared at her pathetic being as she looked sorrowfully at me. Shaking Walter's hand off me, I turned for the stairs & headed up to my room. When I walked in, I quickly heard Walter follow me in.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he said angrily.

"She needed it."

"You listen to me," he pointed a firm finger at me. "If you live under my roof & I find out you ever put your hands on anybody else like that ever again, I'll walk you down personally to Detective Carson."

I rolled my eyes.

"You got a knack for boppin' people around, huh?"

"It's in my blood," I said dryly.

"You're going to apologize for hitting her when we leave, got it?"

"No thanks," I replied as I dug in my closet & pulled out a big suitcase.


"I have NOTHING apologize to her about," I began to throw clothes around my room into the bag.

"What is it gonna take for you to forgive her? Whether you like it or not, she IS your mother. And for the sake of holding on to at least a SLIVER of civic mindedness, you need to tell her whatever it is she needs to do to get out of these crosshairs you have on her."

"Do you enjoy talking to somebody who honestly doesn't care?" I said to him, annoyed. "You act as though I have yet to set up a field of hoops for her to jump through to win me over. Well I don't, all right?"

"Does that mean you'll never forgive me, too?" he asked out of nowhere.

I stopped my packing & turned back to him with an odd look.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, as your father, I can only imagine you'd hold as much anger toward me as you do her."

"Well, I just...don't," I said, returning to my duties.

"Why not?"

I shrugged.


"I just DON'T, all right?" I said, becoming irritated.

"So you're not angry?"

I clenched my fists.

"No!" I said loudly.

"Then why are you yelling?"

I shut my eyes tight & tried to calm my breathing.


"I didn't ask for an apology."

I clenched my fists as hard as my casts would allow.

"I don't know why I'm yelling."

"You're yelling because you're angry."

"Ok, fucking seriously," I whipped around. "Is this supposed to be some sort of weirdly easy interrogation technique you learned in some 'stan' country? 'Cause it's bugging the hell out of me so STOP!"

"Just tell me why you're angry then," he said like it was the easiest solution to something ever.

"I'M *ALWAYS* LIKE THIS!" I yelled, laughing. "I just AM!! Ok?! Get the fuck over it!"

Just then, my phone rang in my pocket. I took it out & answered it.

"What?" I said, not even knowing who it was.

"Hiya Rory!" that annoying little fuck chirped over the end of the line. "Do you—"

"No," I said abruptly & shut my phone. Turning back to Walter, I said , "If you want a kid to live with who's nice & friendly & warm & generous & polite, get him," I waved my phone at him. "Otherwise, what you see, & hear, is what you get with me."

"I'm not looking for a bargain item on a shelf," he said, sounding slightly offended.

"No kidding," I said as I loaded the last of my shit into the bag. I hauled it off the bed, walked by Walter & made my way downstairs.

As I walked by the two of them, I couldn't help but laugh at the whole deal for a moment. My eyes fell on the last picture of Ray & I side by side, looking happy on the mantle. My laughter stopped. There had only ever been three of those kinds of pictures. I need something paper to roll one night several years back (that turned out to be a fairly poor decision) & the other one I had destroyed the night Caleb had pissed me off over his talk of believing in a made-up god. This was the last one. Ray had his hand around my shoulder with the the large, silver Earth from Epcot at Disney World in the background. I think I was about 11 when we walked into that photo studio & had the green screen behind us superimposed with the "Happiest Place on Earth."

I walked over to it, transfixed on such a foreign concept. I stood in front of the long-unused fireplace & picked up the 99 cent brass frame, feeling the dust on its outside cushion my fingers just slightly against the metal.

"Hmhm," I chuckled sarcastically to myself. I turned around to face the three of them & held the picture. Looking at Walter, I said, "He paid me $20 to smile & look happy ya know." Looking back at me with an awkward feeling of pity & sadness, I knew Walter was personally torn between siding with me, his long-exceptionally-lost son, & his best buddy from their days of service.

Running my fingers over the glass of the frame, looking one last time at what could have been, I exhaled as I felt the last speck of whatever potential "comfort" this...house may have ever brought me leave my lungs & dissolve, unforgiven, into the air in front of me. I pulled my arm back & launched the whole picture into the stone cold fireplace, hearing the glass shards bombard every corner like raindrops. The pain in my hands & wrists was well worth it.

I turned around to finally leave with Walter, but not before I saw Ray's face turn red with anger.

"You little piece of shit, waste of space," he snarled. "Pick it all up! NOW!"

"You don't tell me what to do anymore," I said rather flatly. I walked toward the front door.

Suddenly, Ray stormed toward me, clearly about to clobber me to death with his bare hands. However, Walter stepped in his way & put a hand on his chest just in time.

"It's gonna be nice to not be around here anymore," I grinned a bit. "Now you can finally put a beer bottle to your head & pull the trigger." With that, I walked to the door & opened it. Before I walked out though, I turned out to give her one last look. With her eyes still puffy & the last of her tears running down her somewhat crusty face, she was pleading with me through her eyes to not just walk out on them like this.

"How's it feel?" I said coldly to her. Before I could see what her response was, I walked out & shut the door. I headed down the walkway to Walter's car & got in. I closed my eyes & let my head rest against the back seat. A minute or two later, I heard him appear from the house. Walter then got in the car.

"I'll tell you how to get to Caleb's," I said.

"Why don't you just come with me?" he asked, confused.

"Because I wanna be there for a little while before I move in with you. Plus, it'll give you some time to adjust & get ready for having a kid," I chuckled.

"Do you really think all of this is funny?"

"I find a lot of things funny. I can't quite fathom how though."

He sighed, letting it go.

We left Ray's house & started towards Caleb's house.

"Thanks for that, by the way," I said to him. "Saying bye WAS just what I needed." I felt his eyes on me for a moment before he sighed again.


"Well, I hope you like it. I cooked it with a spice that I've never used before but the lady on tv said it was good," Caleb's mom beamed as she placed a plate of breaded chicken, freshly cooked green beans, mashed potatoes & a bowl of corn in front of me.

"Thanks mom," Caleb smiled happily. After she gave him his plates, she went over to her spot at the dinner table. I started digging in right away, impressed with how great the food was. The green beans, even though they were cooked, still had a fresh snap when I bit into them. The corn was nicely heated in a shallow pool of corn juice or whatever that was. And the chicken...

"Uhh, Rory?" I heard Caleb's mom say. I looked up. He was holding his mom's hand, both of them each holding their free hands out to me. "We usually say thanks before we start eating. Is that ok?" she asked.

I glared at Caleb & said, with a feigned tone, "Oh, well um...I'm not really usually into the whole...god thing, sorry."

"Well, it doesn't have to be thanks to God, just to whatever forces you feel blessed you for the food that we're lucky to eat & enjoy," she said almost too cheerfully. Man, she almost sounded like Betty from school.

"I'd really rather not," I said under my breath.

"Mom, for a little while anyway, while Rory's here, maybe we can just skip thanks?" Caleb played peacemaker. I looked back to her. She thought about it for a second & then smiled.

"I suppose that's all right. I don't wanna do anything that makes you uncomfortable, Rory," she said.

"Thanks," I said.

"You know, next week there's a—" she started but by then I had already started eating again.

"I think it's time to eat, mom," Caleb giggled.

They chatted away for the rest of the meal while I ate & took second servings. It was so good I didn't wanna ruin it by talking to these losers.


"Why didn't you tell your mom I don't believe in god? Thanks for the awful fucking awkward moment before we ate," I said to Caleb while we were up in his room later that night.

"I dunno. 'Cause it's not usually something that comes up?" he laughed.

"I'm surprised you're not weirder than you already are considering all this garbage you actually believe in," I said, leaning against his dresser as I watched him get ready for bed. At fucking 11:00.

"Like I've said before," he turned his head to me, "it's not what you believe, it's more that you even believe that I think helps a lot of people when they're feeling upset about something."

"Yeah well not me. That help never exactly came knockin' on my door. Besides, I prefer to think for myself."

"Yeah? How's that workin' out for ya?" he quipped.

A bit shocked, I turned to him. He looked back at me with the slightest grin sneaking onto the corner of his lips.

"Caleb Denino being sarcastic? Did hell finally freeze over?"

"I thought you didn't believe in hell," he laughed as he began to take his clothes off, starting with his shirt.

"I don't. But I sure do love to sin," I said, eying the smooth, creamy skin of his small stomach & chest.

"Seriously though, I know she was fine with it this time around but I think it'd make her happy. I'll tell her you're not into it but you should do it anyway just to humor her," he turned back around to put some other clean clothes away. I slowly walked up to him.

"Do you think I'd go to hell?" I asked.

"What?" he said, still putting his clothes away.

"I said," I wrapped my fingers around his soft sides & held him as I whispered in his ear, "do you think I'd go to hell?"

As I inched my body closer to his, I could feel his muscles relax under my touch. His head lowered a bit as my hands slid over to his front and stuck their tips down the waistband of his jeans.

"Rory, I dunno about this...my mom is just down the hallway..."


"We've never messed around when she was home. I think we should—"

"You still haven't answered my question, Caleb."

"What question?"

"Do you think I'd go to hell?" I sucked on the nape of his smooth neck.

He sighed. From pleasure or annoyance, I don't know.

"It's not up to me who—"

"I didn't ask you to judge me, I asked how you think I would be judged."

I stuck my tongue out lightly & licked the smooth skin on the back of his neck. I felt him shiver & as I pressed myself against his backside, I knew he could feel my hardness rubbing the back of his pants.

"I dunno..." he voice shook with excitement. "Depends how you live your life."

"You know how I live my life," I said as I raised a hand to drag the tips of my fingers up across his belly, instantly giving him goosebumps. I grinned as I kissed his neck again, feeling the sensual little bumps.

"Do you...do you think you'd...go to hell?" he groaned quietly as I began to unbuckle his pants.

I quickly turned him around & looked hungrily right at him.

"Yesss," I whispered as I lunged for his soft lips. Kissing him deeply, I held his waist with my hands as I pressed my uncomfortably restrained cock against the front of his pants which were unsurprisingly tented as well. He looked so cute in his jeans with no shirt on, his taut stomach just calling out to be licked & rubbed & appreciated...his boyish chest smooth & kissable. I slid a hand up his back, feeling skin smoother than alabaster with just the tiniest feeling of dampness. It was arousing to no end as I shoved my tongue into his mouth, only to feel him return the action. As our tongues wrestled, gliding wetly back & forth, I kept my hand against the back of his shoulder while the other one went to his back as well but a little more south of the border. I dug my hand into his pants, grabbing a divinely shaped mound of soft, bubbly skin. I pulled him by the butt into me even more, grinding our erections together as I swayed against him. I felt him sigh as the friction elicited raw feelings from him. My fingers were free to roam over any deliciously warm area of his body with no restrictions.

I felt Caleb's hands come to the front of my own pants, trying to undo them as he wrapped his tongue around mine. No sooner than after my pants & boxers were pooled around my feet was Caleb lifting my shirt up over my head. And now, naked except for my socks, I moved forward to embrace him again. I couldn't stand to have him in those pants any longer. I quickly undid them & shoved them off his body.

Feeling our hot, bare bodies slide against each other was exhilarating. Our breathing deepened as I reached down & gripped his hardness as it pressed against my own. I felt his body tense & grind into me as I did so, feeling the cool, slime from his cock head leave a trail across my wrist.

Just then, out of nowhere...a thought tip-toed across my mind. What if Caleb's mom did walk in on us? It wasn't a feeling I had often, but a small surge of shame went through me. I mean, I didn't want her to walk in & see this when she had just made me a great dinner & let me live here for a while...

But as soon as the feeling came, it went. As Caleb's lips began moving down my chin, my neck & my torso, I regained my lustful state. I watched his dark hair move farther down as he knelt in front of me. I grinned as he submissively  held my member with his soft hand, his tongue tentatively reaching out to drag itself moistly across the underside. As he reached the tip, he engulfed the entire head into his mouth, cause me to push forward. I could feel him flood his mouth with hot saliva, churning his tongue around my cock head sensually. The juicy feel of his tongue tickled me in the sexiest way ever & as he lifted his mouth off, he continued his tongue tour, only this time back up the top of my dick. His tongue rolled over the unusual area back toward my groin. Going slowly, with slight pressure, he bent my cock downward. The odd feeling felt wonderful & as my body tensed with delight, I felt his tongue end its world tour or my meat.

Caleb had me move backward so that I was against his bed. I took the hint & sat down, with him still kneeling in front of me, mouth stuffed with leaky cock. I leaned back on my elbows as he lifted both of my legs & placed them over his shoulders. He moaned as he continued to swallow my cock & I returned the vocals as his vibrations sent waves of pleasure through my thighs & cock up my spine.

Caleb then got up & leaned to kiss me more. As he pushed, I moved backwards until he had me against the wooden backboard of his bed frame. It wasn't awkward by any means, but it was just uncommon for me to ever let anyone else dominate me. But even though Caleb was the one servicing me, I knew, we both knew, that he was in control. He was a power bottom. Heh, not many of those around.

I looked at him in awe as he swung one of his sexy legs over me & straddled my lap. He didn't sit though. Instead, he had his hips raised just slightly up so that his balls gently floated across the tip of my hardness. He playfully swung back & forth, making me shiver & sigh. I reached out to grab his thighs, wanting him to sit on my cock so that I could fuck him wildly. But he had other plans. Continuing to hover, he leaned forward & placed his hands on either side of my head against the backboard.

"I just might decline an invitation from heaven if this gets me a VIP pass to hell," he grinned as he kissed me passionately.

He lowered his naked body down for a moment, the sensual arch in his back collapsing as his stuck his succulent round cheeks outward. My whole body strained, pushing up off the mattress to connect breathlessly with the silken majesty of his skin as he grinded into me slowly. His body was capable of the most erotic movements imaginable, and as he moved up some more, I found myself sucking hungrily at his nipple. The hard nips tickling my tongue tip as I licked and nibbled at it like a melted pool of candy. My hands moved back to grip those fine ass cheeks and pull them down on me again as he flexed and wiggled in slow passionate circles on me.

I held tight to Caleb's buns, kneading them, fascinated with their simultaneously soft and firm substance. His long hair draped over my face as he kissed me with tongue, and just as I thought I had experienced everything that I could possibly handle without floating off of the surface of the planet...Caleb reached behind him, and took a hold of my hardness. Still wet with his saliva.

As Caleb moved back, I felt my cock slide forward into the crevice of his globes. I rubbed it around the area for a moment, letting my juices lube his skin before I felt the tiniest dip in his skin. Knowing just where that dip lead, I looked at Caleb in the eye & watched him as he ran his fingers through my hair...& slowly began to lower his body. For a mere moment, I felt the hot & tight resistance of his ring keeping me from what I had my cock set on. But as he eagerly pushed down, I felt a soft pop as the head of my cock was swallowed up by his scalding, moist insides. My whole body felt like it was on fire as he sighed softly & lowered his body further, the feverish & wet flesh of his body gliding like sweet lava down my shaft.

In no time, Caleb had buried the rest of me in his warmth. He flexed his muscles a few times, attempting to suck even more of my cock up into him to put pressure of his prostate, which I could tell I hit when I grabbed his hips tighter & pushed up into him. The look on his face, the seeding string of drool on the verge of cascading from his mouth & the guttural groan from his throat said it all. He closed his eyes as I arched my back & pushed up farther into him, the wiry hairs of my crotch scratching immediately at where my cock entered him.

The butter soft mounds of Caleb's ass cushioned my lap. As the most pleasurable pain of forcing myself not cum to washed over me, Caleb's hardness began to gently bob up & down as he lifted himself up & returned to my member. Sinking into rhythm, I decided to allow Caleb to do all the work, which he didn't exactly seem displeased about. Gripping my shoulders, he leaned forward to lean his forehead against mine as he began to lift & lower himself more quickly each time. Every time he came up, I could feel him squeezing my throbbing cock with his ass muscles, milking me non-stop as I drooled precum into his innards.

As he started to really pick up speed, I grabbed him higher up along the waist & held him as he impaled himself on me over & over again. I leaned up & pressed my lips against his. Wrapping my arms around his back & pulling him to me, I felt him shift his legs, allowing him to now push himself using his hips rather than his legs. I began to gasp for air when I pulled away from his lips & began to kiss him neck aggressively. Sucking, licking & gently biting, this boy was going to have quite the nasty hickey in the morning. A badge of my appreciation to mark him for the next couple days.

"Ohhh man..." I heard him whisper next to my ear as I let his cheeks crash down onto me repeatedly. I felt a wet coolness on my lower belly & as I looked down, I could see Caleb was spraying my pubes, & now my stomach, with his precum which was flying everywhere. I wiped one of my hands through the gunk & lifted it to his mouth. Sticking my middle finger in his mouth, I began to thrust my hips up to meet his, grunting as I watched him close his eyes & suck erotically on my finger. He closed his eyes & began to whimper with a girlish squeal as he swirled his tongue around my finger, tasting his own juices against my skin. It was so erotic that him sucking my finger became the deciding factor for my body to say that soon was the time to cum.

I closed my eyes & I began stabbing Caleb's ass with my prick more aggressively, wanting to breed his bare ass with my seed. Running my hands over his light skin, I softly ran my fingernails over Caleb's sides, causing him to gasp. As he fucked himself faster & faster, Caleb sucked my finger harder & harder. All of a sudden, I felt his mouth leave my finger & smash itself against my own. As we wildly kissed, I felt Caleb's rhythm subtly change. He was close to cumming, I could feel it. I quickly reached down to his cock & grabbed it. Jerking it quickly was easy since the whole area was nearly drenched with precum. I felt him groan loudly into my mouth as he desperately grabbed to hang onto something, which turned out to be my arms. With a gasp, the boy's body froze on mine & jerked slightly as he gripped my lower arms tightly. A little too tightly, even through my casts.

"Uhhn...." he sighed into our kiss as I felt ropes of hot cum blast all over my stomach & chest. A few shots managed to make their way up to my neck. It felt like he really needed that.

I, however, still needed to cum.

As Caleb's body relaxed & began to cool down, I continued to fuck him, feeling his quickly limping body bounce up & down on me. His head slumped down next to mine.

"Rory, that feels sooo good," he sighed.

I slide my arms under his & held onto him by the back of his shoulders. I quickened my pace drastically so that now, I was fucking up into his mere body like a man possessed. Grunting as somewhat quietly as I could, I felt Caleb's dripping cock recede off my stomach, leaving a gooey trail of his cum linking the tip of his head to my naval. Looking down at it, Caleb had a wicked grin on his face. Doing what I had done, he wiped a fair share of his cum from my stomach onto his index finger & stuck it in my mouth. I could suddenly see why it had turned him on so much. I sensually sucked his finger as I bent my body up to dig my cock as far into him. I gyrated my hips, over & over again, my hands holding Caleb tightly by the back as he slouched over me completely. I loved the idea of fucking someone who at this point was basically just a breathing rag doll.

I continued to swallow his finger, letting it dart in & out of the back of my throat. Feeling the cum in my balls begin to boil, I spasmodically started to wrap my legs around Caleb's, tangling them together as if my body were trying to force each other into one being.

I began huffing quickly & feeling that beautiful feeling wash over me. I sunk my entire length into Caleb's hole as I pulled his body down onto me, the warm, wet skin of us mashing together sexually & giving me what, up to that point, was truly the most mind-blowing cum of my life. I stifled my groans as my eyes shut tight & my cock flooded Caleb with thick streams of juice. My rod pulsed over & over against as my orgasm rushed through me. I felt my skin tingle everywhere.

"Gahhh," I grunted as I pushed more into him. After the initial wave, I breathed & allowed myself to enjoy the final remaining spurts of semen into Caleb's flawless bottom.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door!

"Caleb? I brought you some extra towels for Rory," his mom said on the other side of the door. Without warning the door started to open! "I wasn't sure if you—"

"MOM GET OUT!" Caleb's voice squealed as he grabbed a nearby clock radio & beamed it at the door. "Rory's showing me a...a..tattoo on his butt!" He turned to me & shrugged out of confusion.

"Oh. Well, all right then. I'll leave these by the door. Have a good night boys!"

"Night!" we said in unison.

When we were sure she had left, we looked at each other, still breathing heavily. At the same time, a grin broke across both our faces & we started laughing together.

"Now that would have been awkward," Caleb giggled.

"Eh. I could have bent over just in time to show you my ass which does have a tattoo...but I dunno how we could've explained YOUR lack of clothes," I laughed.

Caleb chuckled at my joke & as he did so, I looked up into his soft, blue eyes. I reached up & ran a hand through his damp hair, coming to rest on his cheek.

"You're a pretty good lookin' kid ya know," I said quietly.

"Thanks," he grinned bashfully. I had to the urge to pull him down to me & kiss him gently. As I did, I noted that I had never really had the urge to...just kiss someone. For me, kissing was the first step to sex & nothing more. I had seen it too many times used by people to show off their obnoxious infatuation for each other in public. And I had always believed that. Until right now in this moment. For some reason, I held Caleb softly in my arms as I gently kissed him, our tongues angelically hugging with each other in the most non-sexual way you could imagine.

"Wow," he said, pulling back & looking at me. "Never pictured you to be—"

"Into kissing like this? Yeah I know."

"I was gonna say sort of submissive during sex," he smiled.

"Oh, heh," I laughed. "Yeah well usually I'm more dominant."

"I guess I'm just special then," he whispered playfully as he pressed his nose against mine.

As Caleb rolled over next to me, I continued my gaze up toward the ceiling, thinking.

Why was I suddenly going soft for Caleb? I'd had sex with tons of guys. And afterwards I had certainly never had the urge to just lay there with them. Was this what was meant by people when they said they had "feelings" for someone? Did I have "feelings" for Caleb?

No. I liked Trent. Trent & I clicked on everything. We just GOT each other.

And yet I still never wanted to just lay there & kiss Trent AFTER sex...

I felt Caleb roll & cuddle into my side as he yawned, tired.

"Hey Rory?" he yawned out.

"Yeah?" I replied, subconsciously moving my arm under him to hold him to me while I ran my fingers through his bangs.

"I hope you stay here for a while," he nestled his face into my chest which still had bubbles of his cum quickly drying on my skin. "This is gonna be so much fun."

"Yeah well even if that's somehow true, I'm moving in with Walter eventually."

"Do you have any idea when?" he looked up at me.

I shook my head. "Nah. Whenever his house is Rory-proofed & when I'm ready to move in. Could be a few months maybe."

"Good. 'Cause I think my mom & I are gonna like having you around," he said as he wrapped one of his legs with mine.

"Same here, kid," I whispered with a smile.


In no time, the annoying little fucker was lightly snoring on my chest. I was up for a little while longer, thinking. At this point, those...weird, giddy feelings were gone. In their wake were questions as to what the hell was so different about Caleb from any other boy I've banged that would make me think I was in lo.....developing feelings for him? I couldn't tell you.

That aside, it was also odd knowing now that I no longer lived with Uncle Ray. Walter was kind, generous & warm. It'd be weird getting used to living in a household like that for a bit. It just so happened that an added bonus was the lack of sluts wanting to be bestest friends with me. At the same time however...Walter had made it abundantly clear that he wanted me & her to become close, if not remarkably civil. Well, more me to her. But I had also made it abundantly clear that I wasn't interested. She lost her chance long ago & I wasn't about to clear her conscience for her.

But for now, I closed my eyes. My new, temporary life living with the Denino's would start the next day. And I wanted to see what I was in for.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 19: Role Play
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