Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 46: Rebirth

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PostSubject: Chapter 46: Rebirth   Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:30 pm

"Couldn't you have made it just a LITTLE bit warmer outside for your birthday?" Collin said through chattering teeth as we all stood on my dock, looking out over the gray, choppy water, the icy wind sifting through our hair.

"This was your idea, Collin," I replied as I hugged myself closer.

Collin, being the genius he was, had suggested that for my birthday, we jump into the lake no matter the weather. We told him, we TOLD HIM, that there was a good chance it'd be chilly but did he care? Nooooo. Now we were all turning to teensicles out here without shirts on, just in shorts.

"Yeah well..." he said.

"Ok guys, we'll jump in on three, ok?" Randy said. We all grumbled in agreement. Alex grabbed Collin's wrist to make sure that he would definitely be going in since it was his idea.


We all took a terrified breath & jumped into the agonizingly cold water. From underneath, I swear it felt like trillions of icy needles freezing every nerve all over my body. When my feet hit the cold mud, I instantly pushed myself back up to the surface as fast as I could.

"HOLY FUCK!" Collin screamed as he surfaced. I shushed him, not wanting to upset anyone else on the lake.

"Collin, what is wrong with you?" Dane said. "This is sooooooo cold!"

"Bad idea, I know," Collin shivered.

We collectively groaned & shivered as we climbed out of the water. We held ourselves tightly as we ran to our batch of towels to dry off. Right after we were relatively dry, we ran up the hill to the house.

"Happy birthday Noah!" Jade cheered as he hugged me.

"Woo..." the others said, not quite as excited.

"Thanks guys," I laughed. "I'll make hot chocolate."

"I can do it," Randy offered. I thanked him & sat down on the couch next to Jade who wrapped us up in a blanket. The others sat on the other chairs.

"This is your last birthday of high school dude," Jeff said as he tried to get Dane to share a seat with him.

"Yeah I know. It's sort of surreal," I said.

"You know what sucks? You won't be 21 until your senior year of college," Collin said.

I shrugged. "It doesn't really bother me. I don't think I'd care too much to drink anyway. And even if I did, & I was desperate enough to still go ahead with it, I could probably get alcohol anyway."

"Damn you for being so young."

"That's what happens when you skip a grade."

"What? What grade did you skip?" Collin said, surprised.

"I skipped first grade. You didn't know that?" I said to him.

"No!" he shouted. "Why are you so young then?" he turned to Jade.

"My parents started me in preschool a year early."

"Wow...I never knew that. THAT'S why you guys have always been so much younger than the rest of us."

"First grade is just mostly an addition onto kindergarten which is learning how to work with other students. Plus, it's learning simple addition & subtraction, which my mom & dad had taught me at home. So since I already knew all that, they figured it was ok to move me up a year," I explained.

"Speaking of little kids, how's your new babysitting job going?" Jeff asked me.

"It's picking up slowly. I'm sitting for two families regularly & a few nights ago, I sat for another family. But I don't know yet if they're gonna want me in the future."

"You're good with kids, Noah," Dane said. "Don't you wanna be a kid's doctor when you're older?"

"Yeah, a pediatrician. I love helping people, & I love kids," I said. "What do you guys wanna be?"

"I wanna be a NASCAR driver," Collin nodded, as if it were no big deal.

"Why?" Jade asked.

"'Cause it's cool?"

"I think you're mom & dad would die of anxiety before you could ever die in an accident," Alex snipped.

"I wanna be an engineer," Dane said. I nodded, seeing as his mom was a mechanical engineer. She was a smart lady.

"I'd like to take over my dad's car dealership," Alex said.

"Figures," Collin muttered under his breath. Alex shot him an unamused look.

"What are you guys talking about?" Randy asked as he came back with a tray of mugs full of hot chocolate.

"What we wanna do when we're older," I answered, taking a cup.

"I wanna be a teacher," he added.


"Mhm. I love reading so I figure I'd like to be an English teacher."

"What about you, Jeff?"

"I dunno," Jeff shrugged. "I think it'd be cool to make video games."

"That does sound pretty cool," Collin said. "As long as I get to test them!"

"You've been kinda quiet," I nudged Jade a bit. "Any idea what you wanna do?"

"Well...I've thought about it only a little bit. But I've thought about maybe working with the Human Rights Campaign. Being the GSA president has made me really interested in civil rights," he said.

"So a doctor & a civil rights activist. Can't you guys just do normal things with your lives?" Collin said, lying back against his seat.

"Said the wannabe Mario Andretti," Alex jeered.

"I could be the next if you'd be willing to sell me one of your future cars since your family can afford any car you want," Collin said.

"Whatever it is we all wanna do, and especially whether we actually end up doing it, is a matter we have plenty of time to figure out, guys," I said.

"True," Randy said. "Speaking of the future though, who are you guys taking to prom?"

I held onto Jade's arm as the others groaned in joking annoyance at our rekindled relationship.

"Peg," Jeff said. No surprise. They were still dating. I wouldn't be surprised if they made class couple at the end of the year.

"I might ask Rose Darling. It'd be like freshman year when we went to that dance."

"Maybe I'll ask Gina to go with me," Collin said to no one in particular.

We all looked over at him in shock. Gina, as empathetic as she had been towards Jade's & my coming out, was still West's girlfriend.

"Can I write your eulogy when West kills you?" Alex asked.

"First of all, no. Second, I'm not scared of West," Collin put on his best brave face.

"That's what scares me," Jade shook his head.

"Collin, no matter how much we don't get along with West anymore, asking HIS girlfriend to prom is still definitely against the bro code," I told him. "And besides, Alex is right. The last thing we need is another fight at a school dance," I eyed Alex & smiled, referring to the freshman dance when he thought I stole the girl he liked.

"Har har. I didn't know you were gay," he said.

"How about you & Alex go together as friends?" Jade suggested.

Collin & Alex looked at each other & made faces at each other.

"Don't worry guys, I'll go with you, too," Randy jumped in. "The three of us can go dateless."

"I'm more worried about one of them ending up headless," Dane whispered under his breath as we watched Collin & Alex spar over who had the less pleasant face.

"Isn't the end of high school just great?" I said.


I asked Jade to sleep over that night. As I finished up some homework on my computer while he lied on my bed playing on his phone, he spoke up.

"What do you think will happen after we graduate?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, do you think we'll still be together when we go to college?"

"Hmm. I dunno. I hope so, but that's not to say that if it has to come to that, it might be best if we had some alone time."

"What do you mean?" he said, sitting up.

"Well, I've always wanted to go to UNE in Biddeford & you're not quite sure where you wanna go. But if you go to some school far away, we'd probably have to talk about the possibility of taking a break."

"Why would we take a break? Plenty of people have long distance relationships."

"Do you think you could handle still having me as a boyfriend even if you went somewhere on the other side of the country?" I turned to him.

"I'd like to give it a try, yeah," he replied.

I sighed. "I don't know if I could handle still being with you knowing that I couldn't have you for who knows how long."

"Do you want me to look at closer schools?" he asked.

I shook my head. "It's not about what I want. It's about what I need to do to work around what you want."

"Yeah, if that means breaking up if I'm far away," Jade said flatly. "I don't want us to break up."

"It wouldn't be breaking up, it'd just be a break."

"There's essentially no difference & you know that."

"Babe, look," I turned around to face him. "I don't want us to...whatever, any more than you do, trust me. But I can't ask you to look at schools close to me in case what you really need isn't that convenient."

He lowered his head, knowing that I was right. It saddened me to be right this time, too. But just as Jaden would make sure he would never stand in the way of my dreams, I had to make sure I would never stand in the way of his. There was something to that saying about how if you really love someone, you have to let them go. I loved him with all my heart. And if that meant us being apart while we both went off to pursue our goals after high school, then so be it.

"In any event," I continued with a smile, "we still have some time to talk about all of this before the year is over."

"That's true," he looked back up.

Standing up, he walked over to me & lightly took my hand in his. Pulling me up, he moved his hands to my waits & held me lovingly. He leaned in & kissed me delicately on the lips.

"For right now though, let's lay down," he whispered in my ear. I kissed his hand as he walked me over to the bed.

"I missed you," he said as he sat down, with me standing in front of him.

"I missed you, too" I said, running my hand to the side of his smooth, slender neck, my fingers raking through his hair. I was instantly taken back to the first night we ever made love in the hotel room when we had discovered each others passion for the other. It had really only been three years, but like anyone in high school knew, it felt like a lifetime ago. He had grown from a cute-as-hell goofy best friend with neatly kept short, light brown hair to the young man who sat in front of me now, with his somewhat long, brown locks resting gently across his handsome face.

I straddled his knees & lowered myself upon his lap. Cupping his face, I kissed him slowly. I felt his strong arms wrap around my back as he held me to him. I lapped at his lips as he held me tightly to his radiating body.

He shifted his hands so they slid up the back of my shirt, sliding over my bare skin. Light as a feather, he dragged his fingernails up & down my back, causing me to shudder & groan. I pressed my mouth harder against his, wet skin swapping over wet skin. We pulled apart to breathe & looking at him, I was aware of how much it hurt NOT to be with him, kissing him & loving him. I parted my lips, allowing his tongue to slide & rub itself against mine. It was so him. I could kiss a million guys & pick him out blind.

Jade began to pull me back toward him, our bodies leaning down towards the bed. His lips were honey sweet & they made you thirsty for another kiss the second he pulled away from you. My hands ran up & down his side, his caressed my lower back as they had outside, but this time, I allowed him to go all the way down. To grab at me, & pull me into him as we lay on our sides. I heard the most adorable whimper escape his lips as we kissed & it made me kiss him even harder. His hair would occasionally brush across my face as we rolled over one another, not saying a single word.

I could feel Jade's hardness as he lay down on top of me, & I could feel the pressure as he pushed it forward into my own bulge. His light weight frame was covering me & his kiss drew my senses right out of me. But below the waist, I was crying for more. I lightly rolled him off me & let my kisses travel down to his soft warm neck. At first, I used my hand to steady myself by putting it on the softness of his young belly, but as the tent in his pants grew more fierce, I let it travel further downward & tenderly gave it a squeeze. Jade let out a high pitched whimper & used his hands to hold my head closer to his neck as I licked him there. He then rolled over a bit more onto his back & moaned softly as I continued to grope & massage him through his pants. I used my free hand to undo the buttons on his plaid shirt, exposing his two erect nips to me. I sucked at them lovingly. The tight nipple got even more sensitive as I nibbled on it lightly. Jade ran his fingers through my hair, & as I looked up, I saw him with his eyes closed, his mouth half open as I pleasured him. So I took it a step further. It was what I had been waiting for. I was able to unzip his pants after a few tries & as I reached my hand in, I noticed it was like a sexual inferno. I felt around as Jade gasped out loud & took a hold of the organ inside. With another few squeezes, making Jade squirm & wiggle uncontrollably on the bed, I brought it out of its warm hiding place. The heat was incredible, it was like this thermal wave that passed from him to me though our sensual contact, & just holding it there in my hand was enough to almost push me over the edge.

As if reading each others mind, we moved back from each other, our lips being the last connection, to undress. My eyes glued to him, I watched as he stripped his shirt off, the sculpted lines of his slim muscles begging to have my tongue run over them. His pants & underwear followed soon after, his body inviting me in. His hardness was on display for all to see & what a sight it always was. I looked up & caught him staring back at me as I removed my own clothes. We both smiled in silly embarrassment as we dropped our clothes together in one big pile on the floor. I pulled Jade into me, returning my lips to his as we lay down on the bed, our warm flesh meshing & rubbing. He rolled me on top of him, my body now flatly upon his, our manhoods pushing & throbbing & leaking in sync. I ran my hands along his smoother arms & sides, reveling at the silky feeling of his skin. Once again, Jade began to drag his fingers down the center of my naked back, causing me to moan softly into our lip lock. Turned on immensely, I found myself starting to slowly grind my hips down into him, my cock sliding against his.

Lowering my head, I delicately kissed him on the neck right under the ear. Cooing softly, Jade held onto one of my legs right under my butt cheek & held onto me. I moved down, planting soft pecks all over his satiny body as I went from his neck to his chest, his nipples & down his tight belly. I reached my prize as I held it with one hand. Looking up to him, I kissed the tip of it, its heat emitting & warming my face. In one long move, I lowered my head down all of his member until the tip of my nose was tickled by his hairs. Jade shuddered as he wiggled his legs, drawing his knees up on either side of my head. He smelled like pure teenage boy & I loved it. As every time I had ever had sex with him, & Jared, the feeling of doing such naughty things turned me on greatly. I ground my pelvis into the mattress beneath me as I lifted my head back up, my lips pulling a wet coating up his cock.

I let my tongue roam over every inch of him, reminding me of his taste, from the spongy, rubbery head of his helmet to the perfect upward curve of his shaft & every beating artery right under the skin. Reaching one hand beneath my legs, I began to hump into my hand slowly, feeling my gooey fluids drip over my fingers as I rubbed myself into heated pleasure. With my other hand, I held the base of Jade's cock as I dragged my tongue up across the underside of it, only to engulf the entirety of it as soon as my mouth reached the salty crown.

After a few minutes, I pulled my head up off Jade's cock & slid my body upwards to kiss him more. Some of the precum from him was in my mouth still so as we kissed, I swapped fluids with him, letting his own juices coat his mouth & his lips. I lifted my body onto his, feeling his erection slap against my butt with his knees on both side of me. Since I was leaning down to kiss him, the base my own hardness was pushing & pulling against his lower belly. I moved my hips back & forth, humping Jade as he wrapped his hands under my arms & held onto my shoulder, pushing himself up to rub his member against my butt, its tip swooping into my crevice from time to time.

With one hand I reached back to take a hold of his still wet member & aimed it at my hole. Leaning down more to get a better angle, I pressed my lips hard against Jade's as I pushed myself back down on him. I took a sharp breath as I felt the head penetrating my tight ring. Forcing myself to slowly continue, I gasped & grabbed Jade's wrist as his head slipped in with a wet pop.

Holding each other for a moment while I recuperated, I moved my hands to Jade's body. Running one hand along his taut abdomen, I hummed my excitement into our kiss as I began to fall farther onto his cock. Meeting me halfway, Jade pushed his lower body up, driving his cock deep into me as I relaxed my anal muscles. My other hand went to caress the side of his face. Our tongues continued to lap at each other as I started to slowly rise up off him, only to lower myself right after. Once I was comfortable with him having filled me, I quickened my pace, rhythmically pistoning myself up & down, back & forth. Soon enough, each time he bottomed me out, I would softly groan into our kiss as he hit places in me that set off fireworks.

I moved my hand to my own dick, wrapped my fingers around it & began to pump in opposite thrusts from my hips. Feeling the warmth I was leaking onto Jade's lower waist, I pushed my penis down & rubbed the salty mess into his skin. The feeling of my precum sliding around in itself on Jade's warm torso caused me to moan louder. He pulled back from the kiss for a moment to breathe.

"Unnggg....that feels really good," I sighed.

"God I missed you," he strained. "I love you so much, Noah."

"I love you, too," I said as I lunged hungrily for his lips again. Between short gasps & moans, I slowed my pace but felt Jade pick it up from there, shoving his throbbing cock up into my guts. I felt him take both my hands & place them, fingers first, upon his nipples. Getting the hint, I began pinching & rubbing them lightly, running my fingers in small circles around them & around his chest overall. I could hear the springs of my bed started to squeak as Jade began to slam into me faster & faster. It was becoming too difficult to keep my lips pasted to his & breathe enough from the ride of a lifetime at the same time. Moving my head to the side of his, I groaned louder & louder as my body bounced wildly on Jade's cock. I could hear him breathing heavily.

"Noah..." he muttered in my ear.

"Yeah," I purred.

Suddenly, Jade grabbed my hips & held me firmly in place as he jammed his entire length up into me. I heard his voice strain in place as he unloaded his cum up into me. I suddenly felt very warm & slippery back there as he pushed himself as far into me as he could. Some of his cum must have spilled out because I could feel the cool sensation of juices running down my crack & onto his dick. His cock twitched & jumped as he continued coating my insides, his nails tightly threatening to pierce my skin as he held me down on him. But I hardly felt the pain. I was almost dizzy with sexual frenzy, knowing that his orgasm was nearly triggering my own. When he started to come down, he pulled me off him & lay me down on my back as he dove between my legs.

Jade quickly took my entire cock into his mouth, slurping all of my precum that was drooling out & had coated the whole world of my crotch. I sighed as he held my legs apart. Jade reached a hand up & took a hold of my own. I closed my eyes as I couldn't help but writhe under him. He rubbed the head of my cock along the roof of his mouth, the little ridges sending thrills through me. My body started quivering as he suddenly deep throated me, swallowing my hardness right down to where it met my body. I felt his tongue swiped around the sides of it as he closed his throat muscles around the shaft, as if milking me for my release. Just then, he reached his other hand up & instantly stuck two fingers right into my gaping hole, which was wet & oozing his cum. Easily lubricated, his fingers slid in far & quickly. Having not expected that, the feeling immediately overwhelmed me & as I felt his fingers squirm & tickle my cum filled ass, I gasped as I started blasting cum into Jade's mouth. I pushed my hips up, unloading myself right into his throat. He must have taken a breath because he was able to hold me in his mouth as I kept spraying into him. Soon enough though, I eased him off me as my softening member became hypersensitive.

He climbed up to me & as we lay there tangled in each other, I let him hold me as our breathing shortly started returning to normal. Our bodies still tingled, though, with orgasmic bliss. Every nerve in my body felt like it was on fire, but you know, in a good way. Jade looked at me as we lay there together naked on top of the blankets. I could feel some of his cum pooling & cooling underneath us on my blankets. We giggled as we made a mental note to make sure I did laundry later.

"Oh boy..." he whispered.

"Yeah," I said dreamily.

"Happy birthday my love," he said as he kissed me sweetly on the cheek. I snuggled up close to him.

Just then, Jade's cell phone rang on my nightstand. I picked it up & handed it to him.

"Hello?" he said. "Yeah, he's right here." He handed it to me as I gave him a puzzled look.


"Where's your phone? I just tried calling you three times," I heard my dad say, sounding riled up about something.

"Oh, I uh...I guess I didn't hear it. What's going on?"

"I just got a call from Mr. Dunham," he said, referring to the lawyer who helped after the incident.

"Yeah? And?"

"Noah, the baby's coming."

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Chapter 46: Rebirth
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