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 Chapter 21: Get Your Gloves On Rory

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PostSubject: Chapter 21: Get Your Gloves On Rory   Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:59 am

"Rory, what's this?" Caleb asked me as he brought over a crumpled piece of paper. I was on the floor of the living room doing situps. "What are you doing?" he added.

"Working out," I panted.

"Why? You're always in good shape."

"I'm in good shape because I work out. Otherwise, my metabolism eats me up & I end up a skinny fuck like you."

"Thanks..." he said, unsure of how to take that. "Anyway, what's this?" he held up the paper again.

"You're the one holding it, genius," I said.

"This is your report card. I just found it in the trash."

"Ok?" I sat up.

"So you just throw it out?" he said, perplexed that someone could commit such an act.

"You can keep it if you want," I offered.

"You have almost all D's."

"What were you expecting, a Mensa member for a roommate?"

"Rory, what if you don't graduate?"

"Look, mom, my grades aren't your business."

"No, but my mom—"

"Your mom what?" I stared him down. "Huh? What's she gonna do about it?"

"She's not gonna like you living here if you don't even see to care about graduating or how you do in school."

"It's not her job to care about my academics. And it's not my job to care about what she thinks of me."

"Every time you do something like this, are we gonna have the same argument?" he asked me with a stern look on his face.

"Funny, I was about to ask you the same question."

"Look, Rory," he said, walking over & sitting on the couch in front of me. This ought to be good. "I know that my mom would never throw you out. Especially over something like grades. But what I'm just saying is that I wish you would do some more things that would make her happy. You know, so she knows that you're grateful for being allowed to live with us."

"And doing my homework would do that?"

"In a small way, maybe. C'mon," he said, grabbing my arm.

"What? Oh, no, Caleb, just let me relax," I groaned, resisting him.

"Nope! Let's go do some homework," he managed to yank me up.

"I'd rather not," I argued.

"Homework can be fun sometimes!" he piped.

"What fucking planet are you from?"

He dragged me to his room & picked up my backpack from the floor. I threw myself onto my cot & lay face down. Ugh. This kid was so fucking obnoxious.

"All right, according to this crumpled work sheet from your history class, it looks like you need to do this assignment on the Trent Affair."

"Yep," I said, not interested. I sat up & faced him as he pulled my history book out from under his bed. Wonder how it got there...

"C'mon Rory, school should be more than just a publicly funded building to nap in," he said to me as he flipped through the pages.

"Anything more sounds like a waste of good money," I snipped.

"Ok listen up," Caleb instructed as he found a particular page in the book he'd been looking for. "I'm gonna teach you about this Trent Affair thing."

"Caleb, stop..."

"All right so back in the 1860s, during the Civil War..."

"Cut it out."

"...the Confederate States wanted to see if they could get Britain to—"

"...get them to officially recognize them as a sovereign power," I cut him off. "They thought that if they could receive recognition from them, then it would bring them into war on their side against the Union. Two Confederate diplomats went down to Cuba where they would leave for Britain on a mail ship, the Trent. But the U.S. stopped the ship, boarded it, arrested the two & had them thrown in prison. The Brits were pissed off & demanded an apology. Even though what the U.S. did was technically legal depending on who you asked, the government later felt it set a dangerous precedent for future encounters with foreign ships, & was also a nearly identical situation to what Britain had done to us in 1812. So in the end, we let the two guys go & shit settled down soon after. Britain never recognized the Confederates & officially, they stayed neutral. Although there's historical conspiracies that the Queen secretly aided the South."

Caleb looked back at me, clearly surprised.

I sat back against the wall. "Do I look like a retard to you?"

"That's not nice," Caleb replied.

"I don't give a fuck. Just like homework & projects & shit," I said. "I'm not drooling & shitting my pants, you know."

"Then why don't you get better grades?"

"Because I'm lazy. I truly, 110% don't care about the shit inside that building. The only reason I don't have all F's is because on the in-class shit, I always get good grades on tests."

"What would be so wrong with trying to get good grades?"

"It's effort I don't care to put in."

"What do you wanna do in life?" he asked out of nowhere.


"What do you wanna do for a living?"

I shrugged. "I dunno. I don't care to think about it."

"Is there anything you do care about?" he asked.

"Good sex," I winked. "And sometimes...a bit of bad sex ain't that all that bad."

"I wouldn't know what bad sex is like," he smirked sheepishly.

"I'm flattered," I laughed.

"Rory have you ever backed down from a dare?"

I tilted my head. "You mean, refused a challenge?"


I smiled as I sat up a bit more, proud of my answer. "Nope. Never."

"Then I have a dare for you," he said as he pulled up a chair & sat on it backwards in front of me. "I dare you to do all your homework & actually give a shit about school for the next two months. To study with me when we have homework to do, to read for your assignments & to pump your grades up to the likes of Betty."

"And what makes you think I'm interested in competing with a virgin twat who believes that praying to some magic ghost in the sky is the definition of a 'great weekend'?" I said, leaning toward him.

"Because she probably think she's better than you since she gets good grades & you don't."

"She can think what she wants."

"Prove her wrong then."

Caleb & I were leaning just inches from each other. I knew what he was trying to do. His black hair had grown so long since I first met him. I had to find my way behind his long bangs to stare into his soft, blue eyes. He was so cute. And yet I hated his guts.

I laughed, startling him a bit. I stood up & reached for my sunglasses on the nightstand.

"Congratulations Mr. Denino," I said with a smile. "Your little reverse-psychology trick BS has worked. I accept your challenge."

"You do?" he asked, seeming a little surprised by his success.

"Mhm," I affirmed as I walked past him. "I'm gonna prove to you & Betty that while you guys can call me an asshole all you want, one thing you'll never be able to do is call me stupid."

"That's one hell of a way to see it," Caleb smiled.

"I can't wait to rub it in her face. Why two months though?"

"Eh, figured we'd start slow & work our way up," he laughed. "Where are you going?"

"Well I figure the start of an enlightening personal project deserves at least a celebration of sorts."

"What do you mean? Shouldn't you start right now?" he said.

"On the contrary, my queer little friend," I said, turning to him in the doorway, "I'm gonna start tomorrow. Today is dedicated to a few drinks & a few good smokes to get me ready."

Caleb's jaw dropped at my idea of preparation.

I slid my sunglasses on. "Don't wait up," I smiled as I left.


Rafik & I were at a local bar having a few drinks. We had fake IDs & had no trouble getting in. Fortunately, since it was during the day, there weren't too many people in there who could have recognized us. Not that I would have cared anyway to be honest. Trent had gotten into it with his brother over something & was too angry to meet up with us. Too bad. Angry sex, if any of you know, is great sex. I was kind of in the mood for getting it up the ass. Guess it wasn't going to happen.

"Word on the street is that you've made your dick at home with all the gay guys in our grade," Rafik said.

"Tell the street to update its newsfeed," I laughed as I took a shot.

"So it's true?"


"Trent's not gonna like that, man."

"Trent can fuck himself."

"Ain't that way you're for?" Rafik grinned.

I smiled as I took another shot.

"For real though," he continued, "he's super suspicious of what you do when you guys aren't together. He's convinced that he likes you more than you like him & that you're constantly cheating on him."

"If he already knows that, then why does he stay with me?"

"He wants to believe it isn't true," he answered.

"Make sure he keeps believing it, ok? I really don't care for drama."

"If you don't care for it, then you should probably tell guys like Steven Benson and Jacob Stabler not to blab it to their queer clubs."

"What about Angel?"

"Angel Mendes?"


Rafik turned to me with a look of disbelief on his face. "You fucked him too?"

I nodded as I took a shot.

"You lucky fuckin' dog. Gettin' all the ass in school," he laughed.

"You'd be surprised what self-professed tops will scream when they're the ones being told what to do & how to do it," I explained.

"What about Caleb Denino?"

I looked to him. "What about him?"

"You screwin' him too?"

"Why? Does Trent think that too?"

"Yeah. In fact, he's most upset about that than any of the others."


"I'm not sure, you'd have to ask him. So are you?"

I couldn't put my finger on it, but something told me to lie. For some reason, the thought of dragging Caleb further into Trent's crosshairs didn't sit well with me, especially since I already knew Trent hated Caleb before I came along. Something was very wrong here, & I didn't want Caleb to be punished for something he thought was fine, since I'd told him Trent knew about my hookups.

"Nah, I haven't touched him. He's almost as doped up on innocence as Betty. I figure he can save himself to be torn a new asshole on his wedding night."

"I dunno dude. Remember that story about him getting caught suckin' dick in the locker room?"

"Oh right," I said, having forgotten about that story. "Who was the kid again?"

"No one knows. The kid who caught them told us it was someone who didn't even go to our school. Then that kid himself moved the next year or something, so no one ever really knew who Caleb sucked off."

"What happened after?"

"Well everyone found out he was gay. So whatever friends he had left him, obviously. I mean I don't blame them. Sucking off some random kid in the locker room is fucked up."

"I didn't know he lost his friends over it," I said. "I always thought those other queer kids had always been friends with him."

"Nah. To be honest," Rafik lowered his voice, "they don't even really like him to this day."

"Then why do they hang out with him?"

"You're gay," he nodded to me. "You know how horny gay guys get. They all wanted to sleep with him. He's a cute kid, even I can admit that. But I guess he never put out after that locker room incident, so as far as I can guess, they pitied him & that's why they still sit with him at lunch. Everybody but Caleb himself knows that nobody really likes him."

"So there's really nobody in the school who likes him?"

"Nope," he said, taking a swig of his drink.

I wondered quietly to myself about what I was hearing. I tolerated the kid. Hell, I hung out with, had sex with & LIVED with him. He was annoying 95% of the time but still, if I could handle that...why couldn't other people? To be honest, I felt bad for the kid.

"You all right?" Rafik asked me after a moment of silence.

"What? Oh, yeah I'm fine. Just thinkin' 'bout shit."

"Well I gotta get goin'," he said, looking at his watch. "If I'm not home in time for prayer, my ass is grass."


"Because my father will think I'm off degrading the family name & ridding our Muslim roots in favor of some Americanized lifestyle full of premarital sex, drugs & atheism or some shit."

"Isn't that exactly what you're doing?" I winked.

"Yeah. My friends are bad influences," he grinned as he took one last drink.

"Could be worse. I could be showing you how to fly planes into buildings or somethin'," I smirked as I took another shot.

"You're lucky I'm running late," he laughed as he put his coat on. "See ya later, man."

I waved him a goodbye as he walked off, leaving me at the bar.

"Can I get another?" I asked the bartender who was between orders on the other end of the bar.

"I think you've had one too many for a kid your age, don't you think?" a voice said next to me.

I turned to see who had answered me. A husky woman in her late fifties with aging blonde locks & eyes full of burnout. How could I forget a face like that.

"Detective Carson," I feigned enthusiasm. "Nice to see you again."

"How are you Rory?" she held her hands together on the bar, giving me the same shitfaced grin I was giving her.

"I'm all right. Havin' a drink. Care to join me?" I asked, holding up my glass to her.

"I'm on the clock. But thank you."

"So what brings you into Penny's here?" I said, raising my glass to my lips.

"Well," she started as she yanked the glass out of my hand & slid it down the wooden counter, "I'm on my lunch break & I thought I'd come in here to get a bite to eat. And like a gift from the almighty, I see you in here."

"Ain't that a treat?" I said.

"How is it exactly that one person can manage to get into so much trouble like you?"

"I guess I'm just a free spirit," I said.

"You haven't even been here in my city for very long & yet you've already managed to make a name for yourself in my book."

"I'm flattered."

"Don't be."

"You know," I pointed at her, "I like you Detective Carson. You really don't put up with bullshit do you?"

"Not a single bit, Rory."

"I like that about you. Cops I've dealt with in the past have always innately believed that they're some sort of saviors or protectors of the innocent. And they've always treated me like I was brainless or a complete child."

"Imagine that."

"Not you."

"Not me."

"You see me as a refreshing challenge. You see me as someone to compete with."

"Is that so?"

"Mhm. You know me. You know that I'm gonna bust your balls & you're gonna bust mine right back. I can tell you've spent your whole career dealing with real criminals but also teen delinquents like me. For them, all you see in them is a kid who's doing some really fucked up shit & not even aware of what they're doing or what the consequences are."

"And you do?"

"Yup. But I like pushing the buttons of everyone around me. I know what I get into. And I choose not to care."

"Rory, I'm willing to bet that you're always up for a good challenge."

"Pretty much," I answered.

"As much as you seem to like me, I'm willing to bet you'd like to see a lot less of me. Am I right?"

"Yeah. Don't wanna overdo it, ya know? I want everything to stay nice & fresh without being worn out."

"Exactly. So I have a challenge for you."

"I'm listening."

"Stop fucking up!" she raised her voice as she suddenly smacked me hard in the back of the head. "Get your shit together & take responsibility for your goddamn life without having me as a part of it."

"That's quite a pep talk," I said as I rubbed the back of my head.

"It's not a pep talk," she said. "I've only now come across you twice & already I'm sick of your shit. I want you to actually try to stop breaking the fucking law. I personally just wanna know if you're even CAPABLE of that."

"I'm capable of doing whatever the hell I want," I stared her down.

"Is that so?" she said again.

"Yeah. So maybe I'll take you up on that, just to fucking prove you wrong. Or hell, maybe I won't, just because I know it's what you want & I may just not be interested in giving you what you want."

"I already know what you've chosen to do," she said to me.

"Is that so?" I mocked her.

"Say, how would you like to see the back of my car?" she asked. "I just got the interior redone & I need a whipper snapper like yourself to tell me what they think."

"I'm sure it looks lovely, you don't need me."

"I insist," she said, taking out her handcuffs. She got up from her seat & got behind me. I sighed & reluctantly put my hands behind my back, ready to be cuffed. This wasn't over, though.

"I'm recovering from a broken hand & wrist," I let her know.

"Which hand, this one?" she shook my left hand.


"This one?" she said as she grabbed my right hand & squeezed. My cast had been off for a little while now, but I screamed in pain as she crushed my hand in hers, sending blinding pain through my entire wrist & arm.

"Whoopsy," she quipped. With that, she slapped her cuffs on me. "I would have thought you liked it a bit rough."

"I do, when I'm the one doin' the roughin'," I said through my teeth.

Suddenly, she pushed me forward, roughly slamming my upper body onto the bar.

"Ok tough guy, ready to go?"

"Yeah yeah yeah..." I said as she yanked me back up.

She started to lead me outside to where her car was parked right down the street.

"You know Detective, I'm thinking about what you said about seeing less of each other."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. I think it'd be for the best. Let's start now!" I said as I snapped away from her grip & bolted down the sidewalk with my hands chained together behind my back.

"Hey!" she cried as she chased me.

"Nice seein' you again!" I called behind me as I ducked into an alley way. Down the path was an old wooden fence about 15 feet tall.


I knew what had to happen as I ran past mountains of trash & urban waste in the narrow alley.

"Please don't let me land on my bad hand," I said to no one in particular.

As I approached the tall fence, I braced myself. At the last moment, I lunged forward with my shoulder forward. I exploded through the old rotten wood, collapsing onto the ground in a shower of wood chips. Fortunately I didn't land on my hands. Without a moment to spare, I rolled with my fall & pushed myself up into a continuing run. I kept running until I made it out of the alley. I quickly turned around to see Carson just making her way past the debris. I made a right & hurried down the sidewalk.

After a couple hundred feet with Carson not far enough behind, I ducked into another alley. This one was much wider & on the side, I saw a dumpster with two trash cans next to it. The dumpster was right underneath an old window that was part of a clearly unused building. I ran over to the trash cans & in one giant leap, made it up on top of them.

Just then, Carson turned the corner into the alley. I quickly leaped up upon the dumpster & quickly picked myself up. I threw myself through the window & fell on my side in the building, glass shards raining down on me. I rolled over & got up. Looking out the window, I could see Carson climbing onto the trash cans. She was fast for an old broad, I'll give her that.

I turned back around & dashed through the room, which was completely empty & covered in dust. I made my way toward a staircase & headed up it just as Carson was climbing through the no-longer existent window.

As I found out, the stairs led to the roof of the building. I ran up them, not knowing any other direction I could go. Carson was only a several floors behind me. Damn!

I made my way to the top floor where the door to the roof was locked. I cursed to myself as I slammed into it with my shoulder. It wasn't budging. I looked down the stairs & could see Carson was catching up. I kicked the door repeatedly. Pressing myself against it, I pushed myself with all my might, hoping it would bust. Nothing. From the mere sounds of her footsteps, I could tell Carson only had a few more sets before she reached me.

I looked around desperately for anything that could get this door open. I was starting to panic a bit as my eyes landed on the door knob itself. It was an old kind, the kind that I knew if it came off or was at least damaged enough, the pin would snap out of the socket & open the door.

With not much time, I pushed myself up hard against the adjacent wall & lifted my left leg to support myself. I raised my right leg, now suspending myself in the air between the door & the adjacent wall. With my right leg, I mustered up as much strength as I could to brutally kick at the door knob. On the second kick, it was severed from the door. I let myself down & busted through the door just as Carson made it to my level. I ran outside onto the roof with her right on my ass, but not for long.

As I made my way near the edge of the building, I slowed down to a stop. I turned around & saw Carson catching her breath between the door & me.

"You're out of places to run Rory!" she claimed.

"I dunno about that!" I called back. I turned around & figured there was about 15 feet between the roof of this building & the on on the other side of the alley. "I always did wanna feel like a superhero, jumping from building to building!"

"Don't do it Rory! You have handcuffs on, you can't jump as far. If you do, you won't make it, I promise you that!" she held a hand up.

"Sounds like a challenge!"

"It's NOT!"

"Detective, do you know that story, about the little kid with a giant glass of water or juice or whatever who has to deliver it to a giant? But in the end he decides not to because he knows giants are dangerous & he shouldn't be around them?"


"It's just like that, Carson," I said. "I'm the glass of water & you're the giant. And the little boy is...well, let's just say his character in your story is the one who wants me."

She looked right back at me, trying to take it my words. It didn't matter though. I had somewhere to be, & it wasn't here.

"See ya!" I said as I turned around & sprinted down the last 20 feet of the roof.

"Rory, no!!!!"

I calculated my jump with my foot landing right on the edge of the roof. With that, I sprang into the air & launched myself into the air over the alleyway. During my flight, I caught a glimpse of the ground below between the buildings. Boy, that was a lot farther than I expected. Suddenly, I crashed down belly down onto the hard concrete of the other building's roof & rolled into a pile of wooden boxes that fell like bowling pins when I hit them. I painfully picked myself up & looked back over to Carson.

"When I get my hands on you, I'm not going easy!" she called.

"That's my philosophy too!" I called back.

I turned around & headed for the door to the roof. We both knew that I would make it down my building faster than she would make it down hers.


I looked behind me back to her.

"You might be that glass of water. But keep in mind...kids drop & break shit all the time," she said. "And that's just what's gonna happen to you."

I glared at her as I pushed open the door with my body & ran down.

I knew I'd deal with her again in the future. But for now, I knew I had to stay low & hide. A warrant would be out for my arrest. They'd be looking for me. I couldn't let Caleb know that. His mom would surely throw me out & worse, Carson would win. And that was something I didn't intend to ever let happen. I knew Ray would hand me over in a heartbeat seeing as he'd had it with me by now. If he pointed to Walter's house, they wouldn't find me there either. Thankfully, Walter didn't know Caleb's last name or where he lived.

I had to be a ghost. I just hoped I could pull it off for a while until they slowed their search. Otherwise...I'd have to get used to wearing a lot of orange. And bottoming.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 21: Get Your Gloves On Rory
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