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 Chapter 17: Give Thanks

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PostSubject: Chapter 17: Give Thanks   Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:18 am

He pushed me up against the wall, slamming his lips onto mine. His tongue darted around my mouth, gliding over my own with lust. His lips covered mine at some points.

While he did this, his hands sprang up to unbutton my shirt. In no time, it fell to the floor, exposing my smooth but firm chest. His fingers began to tease my nipples.

We stood apart for a moment, only so we could remove our clothes. Now we stood in the nude. We came to each other again, kissing each other. His hands roamed around my back & lower back.

Then I felt his hand move down to my crotch & began to fondle me. He used my precum to stroke my cock up & down. I could feel how hot my dick was considering his hand felt cold. I was so turned on.

After a minute, we made our way tot he bathroom. While we continued kissing, I reached into the shower & turned the faucet on. We waited for the water to warm up. When it did, he took my hand & led me in.

God I was so turned on. I tried to get as much of him as I could. I pushed him up against the wall & kissed him hard on the mouth with such force that I thought he might fall. But he didn't so I kept going.

Our hot bodies were so close together. I decided to open one eye very slowly, very slightly. I saw water drops trickling down his face onto our lips. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

I ran my hands all over his body, which was wet from both his sweat & the water. I could feel his hands digging into my back while I ran mine through his hair. His cool wet hair was comforting on my hands.

He reached one hand down & began to masturbate me. My leaking dick was...well, leaking. He used it as lube to jerk me off, while I continued running my hands through his hair.

He stepped away from me & then began to kiss my chest. His tongue lightly ran over my hard nipples. He gently flicked them, causing me to moan a little bit. He cupped my balls in one hand, tickling them, sort of. He used his thumb to rub the base of my cock up & down. My precum was now leaking down my hard shaft, oozing onto his thumb.

He used his other hand to take the bar of soap & rub his fingers over it, soaping them up. He put the bar back & started to touch my ass hole. He wiggled his middle finger at the entrance, putting pressure. Slowly, I felt his finger enter my rectum.

I groaned in pleasure from both his fingering my ass & playing with my scrotum.

He began to move his mouth down my chest & over my belly. He sucked at my belly button, flicking his tongue in & out. His lips felt nice against my tight abs. His hands pleasuring me helped. I closed my eyes & sighed in content.

That's when I felt him moving down more. His chin was now against the gooey head of my penis. Soon, he was sucking at it, slurping my fluids off of it.

He moved his warm hot lips down my shaft, taking me all into his mouth until his face was right in my slightly bushy crotch. When he came back up, he flicked his tongue at the head, causing me to shudder in pure pleasure. He nibbled at the tip of it, sending pulsing waves of ecstasy through me. Once again, I closed my eyes & groaned.

He began licking my pulsing cock up & down, on the sides, the top & the bottom of it. When he sucked me into his mouth again, he started moving his head up & down. I loved every second of it. I put my hands on the back of his head, slightly pushing him more onto my dick, wanting more. I needed to cum so badly I started humping his face.

Suddenly, he stopped. He got down lower & began licking my ballsack. It felt absolutely incredible. I groaned loudly.

I reached over & turned the shower off, reluctantly. I pulled away from him & stood him up. I took his hand in mine & brought him outside of the bathroom. I pulled down the stairs up to my room & walked him up, following him.

I pushed him onto my bed & then I lay down on top of him, kissing him more. Our hard cocks were rubbing against each other. Instinct kicked in just then. Subconsciously, I began thrusting down into his crotch. He mirrored my movements by thrusting upwards to meet mine.

I moaned into his mouth & he moaned into mine from the feelings going through our sweaty, naked bodies.

I humped down into him slow enough so that we weren't sex freaks, but fast enough that we weren't losing each sensation coursing through us.

Our chests began chafing from the friction between both our rapid movements. But it wasn't all that much. I probably didn't even need to mention it just now.

Soon, a low groan escaped from my throat, telling him that I was about to cum. My back arched a little bit, my muscles in my legs & groin tightening, as well as my lower abs.

Suddenly, I felt my cock erupt with four blast of hot, sticky jiz. Our bodies were now grinding in my copious amounts of cum. That's when he reached his hand down there to wipe our juices with his hand & brought it up to his mouth. He offered some to me, which I gladly accepted, licking both his & my cum off his fingers.

He still needed to release though.

After I regained my composure, I realized it was his turn for release. That's when I let him get up & put himself behind me. I braced myself knowing that this might get a little rough.

He reached underneath the cushion & pulled out our secret bottle of KY which we used everytime we had sex together.

I heard the slurpy noises as he applied the lube to his throbbing boner. After he finished, he squirted some onto my ass hole so to be easier for him to penetrate. My pucker tensed up from the cold fluid but soon relaxed.

One of his hands was placed on the top of my butt. The other on my lower back.

I felt the tip of his hard-on at the entrance to my anus. He eased himself into me, first his head popping in. Slowly, he pushed a little bit deeper. Eventually he was in all the way to the hilt of his dick. I could feel his cock just barely touching my prostate. My body tensed when it touched.

Soon, he was thrusting in & out with more speed. Every time he slid into my body, his cock hit my prostate & I groaned out loud. He had his hands on my hips now, pulling & pushing me to & from him. He didn't need to anymore now, considering I pushed back every thrust of his. I wanted more, so I tried to get it.

He began moaning every time he jammed his penis into my ass. I wasn't tight like I used to be before we started doing this, but I sure wasn't loose. Being right in the middle is what I guess he liked the best. I could tell by his moaning & groaning with every pump into me.

He was really going now. He pounded my poor ass with his hard spear. Just then, I felt his body on top of mine, the doggie style. He was fucking me with his whole body on top of mine. I could feel his rapid, heavy breathing on the back of my neck. The heat radiating off his chest was directly on my back.

Suddenly he drew in his breath sharply, his body frozen. I felt his fingers dig deeply into my sides.

I felt five hot spurts of his cum blast from his dick right into my insides, covering them like syrup. I could also feel his dick throbbing with each load.

When he was done, his body relaxed & he was laying limp on top of me. He was breathing hard, spent from it all. I held him up for a minute so he could find his strength again.

When he got up off of me, he pulled his limp cock out of my ass with a slurpy pop. We both needed a few minutes to relax & get ourselves fixed up.

The two of us got dressed with clothes I had here in my room & then went back downstairs. He looked for anything that was his so he could take it back to his house. When he got his stuff, which consisted of only his jacket, he walked towards the door.

Just before he opened it to leave, he grabbed me & pulled me into him. He gave me the longest, deepest, most passionate, most loving kiss he had ever given me up to this point. There was absolutely nothing so far that could beat this kiss. I returned it with just as much love, lightly playing with his tongue.

When he pulled away after several moments, he opened the door to leave. But not before turning around to smile warmly at me.

"Happy Anniversary Noah" he said before closing the door.
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Chapter 17: Give Thanks
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