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 Chapter 18: The Goodbye Look

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PostSubject: Chapter 18: The Goodbye Look   Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:34 pm

"CHRISTMAS!" I screamed the moment I woke up.

Well not really. In my family, we celebrated Chritsmas three days after because of my moms job. After she passed, we just never got into the spirit of changing it to the actual day.

It was perfect. It had just snowed heavily several days ago, but today, it was sunny. It was beautiful outside with the sunlight shining off the white snow. And here in my house, it was warm & cozy.

I threw off the blankets on my bed, put on a shirt & ran downstairs to the living room where my dad was reading the paper, the tree was lit & pancakes were on the table waiting for me. I went over, picked up the plate & started eating them.

"Merry Christmas Noah" said my dad, still reading the paper.

"Merry Christmas" I said back, with a mouth full of food.

"C'mon, open up your gifts" he said.

"I will. Why, you in a rush?" I said, slightly irritated. In the past, he had skipped a few Christmases because of work.

"No, because I wanna take you to see Marley & Me. That movie with the dog?"

"Really? Oh I wanna see that so badly" I beamed.

"Well then open your gifts."

I brought my plate over to the tree, sat down, kept eating & took my first gift. I ripped open the wrapping paper & picked up the present.

"Awesome, an XBox?! Thanks dad."

I opened up the rest of presents. I got pretty cool stuff this year. I got an iTouch, the series sets of Whose Line is it Anyway?, Home Improvement, 8 Simple Rules, a portable DVD player, $200 (from different relatives), a gigantic set of Cheez-Its (I love Cheez-Its), several different movies on DVD & a $100 gift certificate to Kohl's. When I finished opening my gifts, I gave Dad my present, which was a warm jacket, a hat & gloves for when he worked outside in the cooler weather.

After the gift opening, the hugging, the thanking, dad told me to go get dressed. He said that he wouldn't be seeing the movie with me, but instead, Jade would.

I went back up to my room, threw on a white long sleeve shirt, light blue jeans & a Sea Dogs cap. I grabbed my jean jacket off my bureau & headed back downstairs to my dad.

When he dropped me off at the cinema in the next town over (it was the best one around), I met up with Jade who had on black sweatpants & a black hoodie.

"Here, let's switch" he said, taking off his hoodie & handing it to me. He wanted my jacket so I gave it to him.

"Why?" I asked when I got my head through the hole.

"Just 'cause."

We got our tickets & then picked our snacks. I got a blue icee & a large popcorn for us to share while Jade got a red icee. He also got a grape icee for both of us to share when we ran out of ours.

When we entered the theater, we found two seats a little bit farther back but still decent. Jade was on my right while a girl with darkish red, curly hair & glasses was to my left. She kind of reminded me of a librarian. A very hot librarian I must admit.

To her left was more cute than hot girl with short, light brown straight hair. She was a little bit on the heavier side of the scale, but still kind of cute. She had rosy cheeks. They were both about our age, maybe a bit older. I didn't recognize them, so I knew they didn't go to our school.

The girl closest to me looked at Jade & I for a split second & then whispered something to her friend. Jade & I shrugged it off.

About half an hour into the film, I felt my boyfriend take my hand in his. It was warm & comfortable.

We ate our snacks while the movie went on. It was pretty funny actually. And there were probably no dogs in the world cuter than Marley.

Later on, I felt a tap on my arm.

"Excuse me?" asked the girl next to me.

"Hi, sorry. I'm Ruby & this is Janie" she said, pointing to the girl on her left, who stared at us, almost in disgust.

"Uhm, hi. I'm Noah & this is Jade" I introduced us.

"Cool. Can I ask you guys something?" asked Ruby.

"Yeah sure."

"Are you guys...ya know, gay?" she questioned. I looked at Janie. She didn't seem to like us by her facial expression.

I was expecting something like 'can you move down a seat?' or 'can we get by?' or something like that. So it caught me off guard.

"Uhhh...why?" I stuttered.

"'Cause I asked" she responded flatly.


"Yes or no."

"Ok, yeah we are."

Now what?

"Awesome. You guys go to Winthrop High, right?" Ruby asked out of nowhere.

"Yeah. How'd you know?"

"The two of you are kind of famous in the gay teen comunity around these towns. We're part of the GSA that exists in several towns, including Winthrop. But our meetings are in Augusta."

"What's with her?" I asked her quietly, talking about Janie.

"She's a lesbian & not a big fan of the uh, male species. Even if they are gay."

"Haha, really?" I chuckled.

"Yeah. Hey listen, I know Jade's in your guys' school's GSA, but how would you both like to be members of like, the big GSA? I mean there's not a ton of meetings & they're not mandatory, but it'd still be nice to at least have your support."

"Uh, sure. Yeah, sign us up" I said, turning to Jade. He drank his icee with eyes full of content. It was like he was proud of me to make that decision all by myself. And why shouldn't he be? I was becoming more comfortable with myself. I was leaving the old Noah behind


We all returned to watching the movie at that point.


When it let out, I was sobbing to myself. Wow, I couldn't believe how sad it was. Jade put an arm around my shoulder for comfort. He wasn't a cryer.

"Put up your hood" he told me. So I did.

"You knew it was going to be sad. That's why you gave me the hoodie."

"Jenna saw it with Ryan when it came out & she told me how sad it is. And no offense, but it's not exactly a secret that you're on the...sensitive side" he laughed. I hit him on the arm.

Just then, Ruby & Janie came out & handed us a piece of paper with writing on it.

"See you guys later" she said. Janie follwed her. I looked at the letter.

"I see you guys met Ruby & Janie. Good. I hope they told you the message about the GSA & all. Don't worry, I have people everywhere always watching you guys making sure everything between you two is alright. Hope you guys can atten the meetings.
- Mark"

"What is it?" asked Jade.

I told him.


"Well that's just a tad creppy, don't you think?" I stated.

"I don't know," he said, "maybe Mark is like, our gay angel guardian or something."

"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

"Well whatever. Are we gonna do it?"

I thought for a moment.


We started walking down the busy sidewalk. We had each other's arms around our shoulders along the way.

"I like this new Noah. He's more confident. Stands up more for what he really wants."

"Yeah. Now give me my jacket back."
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Chapter 18: The Goodbye Look
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