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 Chapter 2: What goes around, comes around

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: What goes around, comes around   Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:35 pm

I was awoken by the sun shining into my eyes through the window. I looked out the glass onto the sleepy Californian scene down below. Not many people were out. I wasn't surprised, it being 6:30 in the morning.

Jaden was cuddled up to me, his hand gently draped on my chest. His light breathing was wisping onto my neck. His soft hair was right next to my head & I couldn't help but think why I had never realized how much I loved him in the past.

I got up to go to the bathroom. I made sure not to move him as to wake him up from his beauty rest. I went into the bathroom & took a leak. When I came back, I noticed he was still sleeping. I smiled as I put a t-shirt on with a flannel shirt over it, blousing it. After that, I slipped on a pair of silk boxers.

I sat down on the foot of my bed to slip some socks onto my feet. Just then, I felt two arms wrap around me. It scared the ba-geebers out of me & I ended up jumping up & falling on the floor. I looked up at the bed. Jaden was laughing.

"Jade! Your tryin' t'kill me or something?!" I said to him as he settled down a bit. He had snuck out of the covers of the bed & silently crawled to the foot of the bed where I had been sitting. He still didn't have any clothes.

"Oh come on! I was just having some fun. Lighten up Noahy" he flashed his snow white teeth at me. Noahy was his name for me.

"Stop callin' me that" I said. Secretly, I liked the nickname, but always told him not to call me that. I think he knew I liked it though.

"So, our first wake-up as boyfriends, huh?" he said to me as he turned more serious.

"Yeah, I guess so" I replied.

"Well, since we're together finally..." he started, which my heart jumped at. Finally? So he had wanted this before...

"...Let's start the day...NOW" he said, getting off the bed & walking over to me. I still didn't have pants on, but that didn't stop either of us. His hand made it way down to the front of my boxers & he started to rub my dick up & down through the fabric. A deep moan came up from my throat as he started to kiss me on the lips.

I brought my arms around & wrapped around his waist. He stopped his rubbing & brought his arms around my waist. We stood there still kissing. I could feel a bulge against my crotch. Jaden was getting a hard-on while lip-locking with me. I wouldn't blame him. I was so hot at this point I wanted to take my clothes off again. But that didn't happen, as we were interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

"Boys, time to get up. It's already 7:00 & if you wanna make it to the beach with no traffic, we gotta leave now" called my dad.

"K dad!" I called back.

"Oh well" I turned to Jaden.

He smiled in & leaned in. He whispered in my ear "Thanks for last night. I think it was the best sleepover we ever had."

He leaned back & I couldn't help but just admire him. I couldn't see a flaw in his soul. He was good looking, friendly to everyone, polite but not corny or a suck-up, funny, amazing in general. I couldn't see how I could deserve him. He was perfect.

"You're welcome" I responded as I kissed him briefly.

"Come on" I said, slipping on a pair of khaki shorts, "we need to get going."

Just then, my dad knocked on the door again.

"Guys, take showers. Just share one, you've seen each other before, so just take a shower together."

Jaden was laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"Haha, you have to get out of your clothes again. Haha, & you were all ready."

I had to admit, I was a little upset by this, but I was even more happy about it, since now, we HAD to take a shower together.

I removed my clothes & Jaden gathered what he was going to wear. We went into the bathroom & started the water to the shower. We kissed while we waited for it to warm up, my hands gliding smoothly over his body. When the water was heated enough, we stepped in.

"Ok, we can't do anything 'cause your dad wants us out quickly."


I took the bar of soap behind me & the sponge on the wall. I soaped up the sponge & started to wash Jaden's chest. I went all over his chest, stomach & hips. At the hips, he sucked in a breath of air.

I got up under his arms. He had a patch of brown hair growing nicely. Not too much, but not immature. I started to wash in circles. Jaden closed his eyes & slightly opened his mouth at this, he must have been enjoying it a lot.

I got behind him & started to soap up his back. It was so smooth, not a blotch anywhere in sight. The sponge went smoothly across his back. His head bent forward & I heard him moan softly.

"Noah, that feels amazing..." he sighed in delight.

I knew it did.

Soon, I found myself at his butt. I moved the sponge across each mound. Then, I slid it across his crevice & the hole.

I moved my way down his legs. At the top, there wasn't much hair. Nearer to the bottom there was more, but not a lot. When I got to his feet, he lifted one at a time. I cleansed each one & worked my way back up the front of his legs. Then I got to his privates.

By now, Jaden was semi hard. But when I used my soapy hands to lather up his package, his boyhood sprang to life. I reached under to get the area between his nuts & his hole. This must have been a super sensitive area because Jaden brought his arm out to balance himself against the handle of the glass door. He moaned, writhing in pleasure.

Next, I started to lather up his hard dick. I really wanted to please him, & he probably wanted me to also, but we were low on time, so I washed it, sliding my soapy hands up & down, causing him to moan. I continued washing him, knowing that I wasn't suppose to be jerking him off. I reluctantly stopped.

"Ok Jade, you're all clean."

He seemed to be in a daze from the cleaning session because he slowly said "Um, ok..."

I gave him the sponge & the bar of soap. He got it ready & started to do what I had done, starting with my chest. My little buttons were hard as little bullets by now. He went down to my stomach & around my waist. Then he went up to my underarms. I groaned, feeling the warm, wet sponge move in circles under my arms. It was so hot.

He went around me & started to clean my back. I suddenly knew why he had moaned. I loved having my back rubbed. I knew for a fact that teenage boys craved having their backs rubbed. I moaned softly & closed my eyes, feelings the pleasure flow from my back to the rest of me. It was sooo soothing.

"Feel nice Noahy?" he asked me.

"Yeah...it does..." I replied sleepily, feeling on cloud 9.

"Good. I owe you for when you did it."

I was about to tell him to keep going when he moved down to my butt. He washed it slowly, making me flinch in pleasure. He slid it along my own crevice & when it touched my exit, I swear, I saw a flash of lightning in my eyes.

He did the back of my legs & my feet, then moved up the front of my legs. When he reached my privates, I hoped he didn't do a good job, as I didn't want to go any further than just a washing, when we had only minutes.

My wishes were not fulfilled. He cleaned in between my globes & my hole, which my eyes glazed over in pleasure. I had to put a hand on the handle on the shower door to keep from collapsing. But that was no where as close to what it felt like when he reached my rock hard boyhood.

He used his hands only. He started to slide his hand up & down, lubing it with the soap. I had my eyes closed, mouth open, moaning, breathing rapidly. I couldn't believe how good this felt.

"I call this payback for what you did to me" he snickered at me.

"Jade...please don't..." I panted. He was going to make me...

Oh God no! I knew what he was going to do. He was going to bring me to the point where, just as I was about to cum, he'd stop.

"I didn't do this to you...uh..." I started breathing heavily at that point. I was about to explode. Just as I was about to shoot my load...

"Well, ok" he stopped & smirked at me. I felt like falling over from dizziness.

"Uhhh...." I managed to get out.

"C'mon, we need to wash our hair."

We washed our hair with the dinky little bottle of shampoo already provided. We stepped out of the shower & dried off. We put our clothes on. Me, back in my boxers, on top, my khaki shorts. I slid on my green t-shirt, with the flannel shirt on top. I got my socks on after.

Jaden was in a striped red-green-blue polo shirt on, with a pair of jean shorts. Underneath, a pair of my boxers he took my mistake. I decided not to bring it up for now. We went out of the bathroom & got some money each.

He threw a cap on. On the front of it, it read "Jade." I had one that read "Noahy" even though it was suppose to say "Noah." Jaden told the people to add a "y" at the end, against my wishes, but they did it anyway. It was my favorite hat on Earth.

Unfortunately, it was in my dad's suitcase in his hotel room, so instead, I took my favorite pair of sunglasses & put them on. Nearly impossible to see my eyes if you looked.

We were walking to the door when Jaden kissed me.

"Love you Noahy."

"Love you, too, Jade."

And with that, we went out for our last day of Thanksgiving vacation. I sure was thankful.
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Chapter 2: What goes around, comes around
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