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 Chapter 7: One Year Closer to What?

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PostSubject: Chapter 7: One Year Closer to What?   Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:10 pm

In case you worried about my brother, thanks. But he's fine now. Chris was out of the hospital only a few days after, on account they just wanted to run a few tests & make sure he's all right. Which he is. He got his 11 year old memory back as well which I was thankful for. See how you feel when your sibling forgets who you are. Don't like it? There.

Oh, my birthday was today. At 16, I hoped the world was ready for their newest driver soon. But I was never a big fan of birthdays. Yes, I like my birthday & going to friends' parties, but I'm just not into making parties for myself. I was happier to have a loving boyfriend who had kept my chin up with the whole Chris ordeal though. Plus, with midyears at this time, I was thankful Travis was...generally smart. We both used any free time we had to get together & study. Among other things.

We were in the living room at my house, him on the couch, me on the big reclining chair. Chris was there too. He was sitting at the bar in the kitchen reading a magazine & an interview with.

"How 'bout this," Travis said to me, "every time I get a question right, you give me a kiss?"

"That's stupid" said Chris.


"'Cause it won't happen" my brother grinned.

Travis made a face.

"Side-splitting funny."

"I agree with Chris" I said.

Travis looked over at me with confusion. He was losing this stupid little battle anyway.

"Hey, it's my birthday today anyway. If anything, it's YOU who should be giving ME kisses."

"Fine. If you get a question right-" he began.

"You seriously need to just shut the hell up" I smiled as I leaned over & kissed him.

It was silent for a several seconds. That was when Chris spoke up.

"Travis, why do you make everything a competition?"

"'Cause back in Oklahoma when you live on a farm without many kids around, you gotta make everything worthwhile, like racing & stuff."

Chris seemed to think it over for a moment, after awhile apparently agreeing with it. Just then, the phone rang.

"Hey" Travis said to Chris.

"I bet I can pick up that there phone before you can" said Travis. The closest phone to him was on the table on the other side of the room.

"You're ridiculous" I replied.

"Oh really?"

"Deal" said Chris.

They both bolted for the nearest phone. Unfortunately for my idiotic boyfriend, there was a phone in the kitchen, which Chris picked up. Needless to say Travis lost. As Chris answered the call, he made an "L" above his forhead & then left the kitchen towards his room.

I turned back to Travis who looked back at me.

"Why do you REALLY like competing?" I said.

"I don't know. Maybe I'm trying to impress you" he replied shyly.

"Impress me?"

"Yeah. It's your birthday, I want you to be proud of having a winning boyfriend."

"Well first off, you havn't won anything yet."

He smiled & rolled his eyes.

"Second, you don't need to impress me Travis. I already want you. Actually I already have you so it doesn't even matter."

"I guess you're right. But I can still try" he grinned confidently.

"No, all I want right now is to study because I wanna get good grades on these damn tests."

"But today's your birthday. Let's go celebrate or somethin'."

"Travis, we're inviting you to come out & celebrate with my family later tonight. But right now, we have to study."

He was silent for a moment. Then Travis spoke more.

"Ya know what? C'mon, we're going out to celebrate now" he said firmly. He stood up, came over to me, grabbed my hand, pulled me up & led me to the door.

"Travis..." I argued.

"What? We can go out to a nice quiet restaurant & hang out, have some lunch."

I appreciated him wanting to take me out for my birthday, but no matter how much I loved him, studying had to come first. But he wouldn't have that. He put my coat on me & then did himself. After that, he led me out the door.

"We order a small thing for lunch & then we go right back home to studying."

"What about Chris? I mean, I'm kinda worried about him being alone" Travis said.

"Ugh" I muttered.

"So now you wanna stay here?" I asked, irritated.

"No. Well I wasn't thinking about him before. You think he'll be ok?" he sounded slightly concerned.

"He'll be fine Travis. C'mon, you wanted to go out, so let's go."

"Ok, ok."


After a little while, we came to a local restaurant. When we walked inside, Travis went to the front desk & asked for a booth. We were led by the hostess to a booth near the front of the establishment. After we got our drinks, we brewed up a conversation.

"Connor, lemme ask ya somethin'" said Travis.

"Go ahead."

"How long do you think we'll be together?"

I didn't expect that question. I honestly had no clue when I thought about it.

"I uh..I'm not sure. Hopefully for as long as we both want I would surmise" I told him. He nodded for no reason.


"I don't know, I guess I was just thinking about a future if we're still together" he answered.

I raised an eyebrow.

"How far into the future?"

He hesitated at first but then answered.

"Years & years. As in...we're adults. Married adults..." he explained cautiously.

I was astonished. I loved Travis with all my heart. But here he was already thinking about an actual future together. As much as I loved the idea of us living together, having a house & maybe more, I had to be realistic.

"How come you're thinking into the future anyway?"

"Well my cousin Dupree just got married the other day & he's only 19. So that got me thinkin' about what you & me will be like when we're that age. I know we probably won't be married, but it's just something t'think about."

I smiled warmly, but sadly at him.

"Babe, no matter how much I love you, you gotta remember; we've only been boyfriends for a few months. I've loved every moment of it, but how can you possibly know how long it'll last?"

His face was blank.

"So you have doubt about us?" he said flatly.

"Define 'doubt' Travis" I replied, wondering if this would be our first fight.

"Doubting if we have a real future together" he hissed.

"I really do want a future together, but nobody knows if it will ACTUALLY happen. I mean, seriosly, think about it" I said as nicely as possible.

He didn't say anything. Instead, he looked out the window, thinking. About what, I didn't know.

Just then, the waiter came over to us & asked what we wanted. I gave my order for a grilled cheese with American cheese, slightly toasted, as well a refill on my glass of milk. Travis asked for a burger with bacon, onions & pickles. The only thing I liked in there was the bacon.

After tha waiter left, Travis looked at me.

"You're right I guess" he smiled weakly.

"Guess I'm just too caught up in the moment, huh?" he said.

"Yup. But I think time will tell us what we really want."

He nodded his head & took a bite into his burger.

"Fo vat goo ooh awa ju kanigh?" he asked with a mouth full of food.

"I have no idea what the hell you just said" I laughed. I waited for him to swallow.

"I said so what do you wanna do tonight?"

"Oh is that what you said?" I sneered.

"Yeah, now answer the damn question."

"All I wanna do is go out to dinner with you, my family & my other friends at Sky." Sky was a four star restaurant which had the best food I had ever had. It was a very classy restaurant. Only the dim lights was something I didn't like. But they had a waterfall inside, beautiful chandeliers, overall very nice. I'd only been there three times in my life because it was way out of our money league.


My parents asked if I wanted a sleepover after tonight's dinner, to which I had invited Travis & my other friends Kevin, Lynn, Jen, Aaron, Jesse & Nick. I said sure, but not too excitedly. I felt I was too old for sleepovers now, but I did anyway.

For the rest of the night, we all hung out, watched tv, played truth or dare, played video games (which the girls stayed out of), watched The Day After Tomorrow & played cards. The girls were picked up at around 11:00, leaving the guys here to sleep over.

By coincidence, there wasn't enough room on the floor for everyone to sleep. So Travis 'reluctantly' decided that he could sleep in my bed with me. He jokingly warned me to keep my hands off. I laughed & said I couldn't promise anything. Everyone laughed at it, all while getting ready to go to sleep.

After several sleepless hours, we all started to quiet down & fall to sleep one by one. As I was drifting off, I thought about earlier today. I DID want a future with Travis. But for now, I just wanted to enjoy the time we had.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 7: One Year Closer to What?
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