Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 3: Last Supper

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PostSubject: Chapter 3: Last Supper   Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:37 pm

As we walked out of the hotel room, we nearly ran right into my dad, he was standing right there, waiting for us. The three of us headed town to the lobby to get some breakfast before we went to spend our last day. Afterwards, we would come back to the hotel, get our stuff, & head back across the country home to Maine.

"Ok guys, what do you want to do now? It's our last day, so make it good."

"Let's go somewhere fun. And I don't mean a park" said Jaden. He'd been around long enough for my dad to accept insults & other pokes at him, just like from a real son.

"Well, fine then. What would you boys like to do then?"

I was about to say I wanted to go to the beach again, but before I did, Jaden spoke up.

"What about a nice restaurant? I'm kind of hungry anyway." He looked at me gently when he said that. It clicked right there in my mind that he wanted to have a real date. I couldn't help but smile. He loved me enough to go on a real date with me in public, even though my dad was coming along. I was so glad we were officially together. My heart was complete. While I now had a boyfriend, I still had a best friend.

"Yeah, I'd like that" I replied quietly, drifting into a dream.

"All right then, there's a classy restaurant down the street from here, let's head that way. But we're going to walk there. The more money we have now, the more we'll have then."

We walked out of the lobby through the doors & headed south, towards the restaurant. I saw it every now & then, but I kept forgetting the name of it.

On the way there, Dad walked in front of us, just enjoying everything we were walking past.

Jaden & I on the other hand, were walking behind my dad. We were side by side, touching at the sides. I couldn't bare for him to be any farther away. I was floating above the ground in love. I rested my head on his shoulder while we walked. It was difficult to keep my eyes from closing & not only sleeping on his shoulder while we walked, but also from falling over. Plus, if I started to drift off, my dad might turn around & catch us that close.

He took his coat off & put it in between us. He reached underneath & took my hand. Our hands were hidden underneath his thin, black coat. He moved his index finger around in little circles on my palm.

Oh my god, this boy was going to kill me & send me straight to heaven.

"Love you" I heard him whisper.

"I love you, too" I murmured back.

There weren't many people looking at us. I didn't care. No one knew us. We might as well be on another planet. As long as my dad didn't know, then we were comfortable with what we were doing.

"Ok, here we are. 'The Cavern' I guess it's called" said dad as he turned around, just as I took my head off Jaden's shoulder.

We went in & dad ordered us a booth. There was a heavy scent of perfume. I felt sick, they had too much. After 10 minutes of waiting, we were escorted to a booth over to the side of the place. The lighting wasn't too bright, so that was good for my boyfriend & I.

We took our seats & took some menus. I was up against the wall, with Jaden right next to me. And I mean RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I could feel his warmth radiating from him to me. It was intoxicating. I could still smell his clean body from our hot shower earlier. I went back to that shower & imagined it as we were given more time. We were kissing deeply, with some serious tongue I might add. He was moaning my name over & over. Then he flicked my head.

"Noah!" my dad yelled.

"What?!" I didn't mean to talk back just then, but I mean, come on, I was dreaming up a blizzard. That's when I realized there was a man standing at our table. He was the waiter, waiting for us to order.

"I said what do you want to eat? He's waiting for you."

"Oh sorry, um...I'll have the steak tips with fries & mashed potatoes. But I won't have any sauce. And I'll have a Coke."

"Coming right up" said the waiter, then leaving us.

"The smell going to your head or something?" asked my dad.

"It's nothing, dad."

Jaden looked at me with a look that said "ok, but are you going to tell ME?"

"You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

He didn't look convinced but he went with it. Soon, our food came & we started to munch it down, even though it wasn't even half an hour after we had eaten breakfast.

While I was about to take a sip of my drink, I felt Jaden nuzzling my shoe with his. I got the picture & took my right shoe off. I waited a second for him to take his left shoe off & soon, he started to fondle my foot with his. His foot was warm & it felt incredible.

He glided his foot on mine, through the toes & started up the ankle. He did it so lightly I got goosebumps. That make me moan very quietly, it was so nice.

"You alright?" asked dad.

"Yeah" I responded dreamily, my eyes semi closed.

I heard Jaden snicker. I wanted him to stop so I wouldn't embarrass myself, but at the same time...I just wished it would never end.

Jaden bent over, as if to scratch his foot or something, but instead, I felt his hand brisk over my leg. It was so hot. He slowly came back up, at the same time, sliding his hand up my leg & eventually reaching my groin. I moved in closer to the table, as to not let my father see anything.

He started slowly rubbing my semi hard-on through the fabric. It soon started to grow in my shorts & Jaden wasn't helping it go down by fondling me in public, which made it all the more thrilling.

It took all my might to keep from thrusting into his hand. He was so good at this, even though both of us were new to this. I glanced to see if my dad was watching. He was too busy eating & looking at a brochure to be paying any attention.

At that moment, I realized I was going to cum any second. I needed to find a way to tell Jaden to stop. I didn't need people staring at a dark spot on the crotch of my shorts.

I was desperate to end this, but my boyhood was telling me different. I couldn't do anything. I was enjoying this too much to stop it. I closed my eyes, accepting whatever would happen.

"Ugh...." I groaned too quietly for my dad to hear. And that was difficult to do.

As I got closer to blow my load, I thought this was really going to happen. I couldn't believe I was about to cum in public, let alone in front of my dad.

Suddenly, there was no holding back. It was going to happen, no matter what. I had to channel all my sensations through gripping my spoon so hard, at one point, I though maybe I had cut myself.

Jaden continued to jerk me off. All my muscles tensed up, my fingers gripping the spoon, my other hand nearly breaking my drink into a million pieces. My eyes closed on their own. My back arched & my head ducked forward a little bit.

I had to bend my head even more so my dad didn't hear me moan.

"Ohhh..." I moaned as incoherently as I physically could.

Just then, I felt my nuts tighten up to my body. I inhaled sharply. That's when I came.

"Ugh..." I got out, too loudly.

I felt one hot load after another spew from my dick right into my boxers. My knuckles had turned white from gripping the glass so hard. It seemed forever until every drop of jiz had left me & was poured into my shorts, but when in reality, it was about 7 spurts.

"What, does your food taste bad?" my dad asked, having heard me groan.

I was still coming down from what had happened. My eyes still closed.

"Noah? Ugh, not again. Jade, wake him up or something."

"Hehe, actually, I think he's fine."

After a moment, I was able to respond.

"Uh, no I'm fine, I just uh, stubbed my toe on the pole underneath."


Spent, I leaned back against the booth. I was breathing heavily. I felt a droplet of sweat roll down the side of my head. I could feel the cum in my shorts trickling down my package & run to my hole. It was still hot.

"You ok?" asked Jaden, talking about the toe, but really meaning in general after the experience.


I looked down at my crotch. Sure enough, a dark spot was starting to form.

I needed to do something. I needed to go to the bathroom to wash off, but I needed an excuse. And blowing my load, I guessed, was not a very good excuse.

Casually, I knocked my drink onto my lap, spilling Coke over my lap.

"Noah?!" said my dad.

"Sorry, sorry. Here, we'll just go to the bathroom & wash it off" I said.

"I'll come" Jaden added.

He got & waited for me. When I stood up, some people were looking over at me. But I was more concerned with the hot cum rolling down my leg rather than some Coke. I walked quickly to the mens' room, Jaden behind me. No one else was in there, thank God.

"You ass!" I said to him, smiling. I couldn't help it.

"Aww, don't be mad, please?" he said with a puppy dog face. I had always been a sucker for a good puppy dog face.

"Jade, you just made me cum not only in front of my dad, but in public! And I'm pretty sure one of those if against the law."

"Oh c'mon. Did you at least have fun?" he asked with a beautiful smile on his face. He walked up to me & planted a kiss right on my lips. He stuck his tongue in & played with mine. They danced in my mouth & he brought one of his hands up around me & rested it on my lower back. He lightly tapped his fingers up & up on my back. I moaned from the nice feelings. I moan too easily.

I eased into him, my part of the kiss dieing down. I know that sounds weird but it's true. I started to just fall into his being. I was drifting off into la-la land again. Oh how I loved this boy sooo much.

I broke the kiss, realizing we had been in here for awhile.

"I always do with you" I whispered in his ear.

He smiled at me. I smiled back at him.

We walked over to that thing that blows air out to dry your hands, whatever it's called. He hit the button & I stood underneath it so my shorts could dry. He gave me some paper towels & I started to dry myself off.

After a few minutes, it was dry enough to go out & we rejoined my dad at the table. All the plates were gone & my dad was waiting for us. I disappointed on the inside. I had wanted to finish my mashed potatoes. Oh well.

"All set?"

"You bet" we said in unison.

We tipped the waiter & left. We walked back to the hotel.

As we reached our rooms, dad looked at his watch.

"Oh wow. Guys, we might be late. Get all you stuff, both take a shower & meet me out here. Our plane leaves in an hour."

We smiled at each other.

We walked into our room & threw our clothes off right away. We had a lot more time this time.

I went in the bathroom & turned the shower on.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed as I felt two hands wrap around me & turn me around.

I kissed Jaden hard on the mouth & it was my turn to play with our tongues. I moved mine into his mouth & wrapped it around his. I was getting turned on so much. I realized he was too when our dick heads touched & the warm precum on his dick made me flinch in pleasure.

I took his hand & lead him into the shower, the warm, soothing water falling onto our toned bodies. We brought our lips together again, but we didn't use tongue. This time it was out of pure love for each other. I never wanted Jaden to leave me, ever. I loved him too much. I craved for him being with me. I felt like if he was gone from my life, I would just fall apart, unable to regain myself. He had become a necessity for me, like food & water. I craved his touch, I was desperate for his warmth, I needed him all.

I pulled off just for a second to look at him. His hair was wet, which just made him look more beautiful. Everyone knows that when someone's hair is wet, they look better. But it wasn't just his looks which I loved. His looks were 50%. I also loved him for who he was.

He was smart, always getting B's. He ALWAYS made me laugh. Everyone thought he was funny. You know how there are some people no matter what they say, it just comes out funny? That's him. And his sensitivity & innocence were the cherries on top of the icing.

"I love you so much Jaden. I have no clue how I couldn't have known this before this trip."

"I second that" he replied, moving back in to kiss me.

After a minute, we broke the kiss & started to wash each other. But we didn't do it like last time. We just washed. Although I did moan a little again when he washed my back. He knew by now that what really got me going was having my back touched. I knew that he liked having his legs touched just as much.

When we were done, we dried off, threw on some clean clothes & packed up stuff, which mostly consisted of food, video games, some comic books, dirty clothes & a magazine Jaden had brought along, with women doing...well...doing men.

Anyway, we packed up our stuff. I stole a glance at him. He had on a smooth, silky, black polo shirt on with jeans on. His hair was still wet & he just looked so damn hot. I had on a pair of jeans & a plain navy blue t-shirt on. Sure it was warm here in Cali, but back in Maine, it's cold.

After a while, we found ourselves on a plane headed back to Maine. I know for one, that no matter how wonderful California is, it's nothing compared to home.

While the plane took off, dad took a nap. Jaden & I held hands under my coat on the arm rest.

I had the window seat & I looked at Jaden, the love of my life.

"I love you" I whispered.

"I love you, too."

We both looked out the window, seeing all of Santa Barbara, California. It would be a long time until Jaden & I came back. But for now, we were headed home.
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Chapter 3: Last Supper
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