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 Chapter 20: Dirty Work

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PostSubject: Chapter 20: Dirty Work   Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:46 pm

"OH, GROSS! THAT'S HORRIBLE!" I spit out all the stuff that was in my mouth.

"Yeah well yours weren't much better" said Jade.

"You told me they tasted good" I told him.

"I lied" he said bluntly.

Jade & I were baking, well, trying to bake, a batch of brownies for a school event next week that asked for volunteers to make homemade food & take it there. If you asked our Spanish teacher, she would have said we volunteered. If you asked our classmates, they would have told you we got what we deserved for talking in class. If you went to us, we would have said we were talking about conjugating verbs in the preterite form. And if you asked the Truth Fairy, it would tell you Jade was talking to me & just when I said 'dude, quiet, or else we're gonna get-' the teacher caught us.

The two of us were at his house because they had more cooking stuff than my dad & I did. We had each made batches of brownies. We decided not to taste own, for conflict of interest reasons. So we swapped. He had told me mine were good.

"J, yours tasted like gravel" I said.

"Well, keep kissing the ground, 'cause they still taste better than yours. You wanna send me to the dentist with broken teeth? You can't even bite into them."

"Fine, let's try our own" I told him, picking up one of my own.


We each tryed our own brownies.

I lightly bit on mine. So far, it wasn't working, my teeth weren't tasting soft, chocolatey brownie. I bit down harder, but to no avail. A broken tooth wasn't worth proving my boyfriend wrong. And from the look on Jade's face, I didn't think he was toon keen on making a point either.

"Ok, let's admit it, we both suck at baking brownies by ourselves" Jade stated.

"Why don't we ask our parents to help us? Not do it FOR us, but just to help?" I suggested.

He nodded.

"Sure. While we're at it, let's tell them how & when we hooked up, & how often we get 'intimate' with each other" he replied sarcastically.

"Um, because, J, they don't need to know that."

"Right. And they don't need to know about why we supposedly volunteered to make 300 brownies, twice the number the school asked for."

"Not my fault" I said.

"Uh, yeah it is, stupid, we got caught because she saw you talking to me."

"I only said for you to be quiet so that we WOULDN'T get caught" I pointed out.

"And yet, it was YOU who was talking when we were caught" he scratched his head, making his eyes look like he was thinking.

I rolled my eyes.

"You're impossible."

He smiled & then walked over, giving me a hug. I wrapped my arms back around him.

"It's ok. I forgive you" he whispered.

I scoffed & shoved him.

"Gee, thanks for the graditude" I laughed.

We stayed like that, swaying gently in each other's loving arms for a few moments. We then looked at each other & started to kiss each other. I could feel his hands sliding down.

"BOO!" a very loud voice yelled very close to us. We jumped off each other, scared to death.

"Ferdin?! What the hell are you doing here? How'd you get in my house?" Jade asked angrily.

"I opened the door" Collin replied.

"Fine, now answer my other question" said Jade, irritated. I honestly didn't care anymore at this point.

"Aww, sounds like I'm not wanted here..." a sad-faced Collin said.

"That's a shame" said Jade emotionless.

Collin flashed his teeth at us, goofing around. Now I too was wondering what Collin was doing here.

"Maybe, J, if you asked nicely, he'll tell us" I said.

Jade gave me a dirty look.

"So, Collin? How come you came over?" I asked casually.

"Well Noahy, I have a favor to ask you guys."

"Uh huh?"

He began choosing his words carefully, so I had a hunch I wasn't going to like this very much.

"I need to make videos of you two making out hot & heavy" he said, obviously having had his words picked out.

Our jaws dropped, our brains not processing what our friend had just asked us to do.

"What?" Jade said loudly.

Collin just shrugged.


"Well after you guys came out during that concert, people, mostly girls, have been asking me to get either footage or pictures of you two kissing. Peg threatened to break up with Jeff, so he's pressuring me into doing it. Gina & Rose also asked me to do it."

"Who else?" I asked, curious.

"Other girls who aren't dating our friends, look, what does it matter? Fact is, I'm getting pressured to put up pics of the two of you going at it."

"Before, you just said kissing."

"Well, yeah. With the occasional feel up the other's groin are..." he smiled, shrugging.

"Collin, we're gay, not sex maniacs. We're not gonna do that stuff just for other people's entertainment, right J?"

I looked up at Jade.

"What do we get out of it?"

I opened my arms, mouth open & eyes wide.


"What? I'm just asking."

"It'll go up on Mark's personal blog. You wouldn't believe how many people actually visit it. He got pressured into putting up the pics once I take them & then give them to him."

"C'mon Noahy, I don't think ONE picture of us kissing will do us any harm" said Jade.

I thought it over. I wasn't sure if I was comfortable to kissing making out & anything further just to amuse the school. Sure, maybe someone requesting a show in the hallway now & then wouldn't have been so bad, but not displaying every kiss we share for cheap public fun. Showing our love to others is one thing. Being an actor is another.

"One kiss, & one kiss only" I decided.

"Fine. But just so you know, Jeff is gonna kill me for Peg breaking up with him because there's only picture of you guys."

"So be it then. They've been on & off since 8th grade, nothing will change" Jade told him.

"Except my face..." our friend muttered.

Jade & I chuckled.

"Hey, take it from me. Getting punched in the face by Alex is way worse than being punched by Jeff. Alex has muscle, Jeff doesn't" I informed him.

"Maybe you shouldn't have kissed his girlfriend at that dance" I heard Collin mumble.

I stared blankly at him. I couldn't believe he just went there.

"Dude, not cool. That wasn't funny" Jade defended me.

"Well, I'm sorry, I really am, but having a lot of people upset with me isn't funny either."

"Yeah but Collin, all you're doing is taking advantage of us. Unless YOU'RE gay yourself & you want some pictures, that's different" Jade replied.

Collin scoffed.

"Collin, please?" I pleaded.

"Fine. But just because I have morals" he managed a smile. We were all cool again. He then noticed the brownies next to the oven. Collin began walking over to them, picking one up.

"I don't think-" I started, but Jade put a hand on my chest, stopping me.

Collin bit into one of mine. You could actually hear cracking. Collin slowly spit it out, acting very calm. He then glared at us. Jade pointed at me with his index finger.

"Yeah, well his taste like gravel" I tried.

"I'd rather taste rocks than bite on them."

"Hehehe" Jade snickered. I elbowed him.

"So anyway, smile you two" Collin said unhappy with the brownies. He took out a camera from his pocket, turned it on & held it up to us.

Jade & I faced each other, wrapped our arms around one another & kissed on the lips. Even if the kiss was really only for others to view, Jade was still a great kisser. The way his lips were moist & warm & liked to move around, like in the movies. I loved it. His mouth was warm & inviting to me.

"C'mon Parker, get you hands in blondy's hair"Collin instructed Jade. I opened my eye slightly, & saw Jade flip Collin off.

When we were done, Collin put his camera away & headed for the door.

"Well I gotta go. I have to babysit my sister. So I'll see you guys at school, Parker, Lainer" he said & then opened the door to leave.

"Bye Ferdin" Jade & I said in unison.

He left. But a moment later, he came back in.

"Hey, can I hang out here for a while?" he asked with hope in his eyes.

"I thought you had to babysit you sister?" I said.

"Eh, she's five, I think she's old enough to be home alone" told us.

"Collin, what happened to those morals we thought you had?" I tested him.

He thought for a second.

"I guess they, along with my tooth, shattered when I bit that brownie" he smirked.

"Very funny" I responded.

"Seriosuly, I thought gay guys were good in the bedroom AND in the kitchen?" he teased.

I picked up a nearby batter & chucked it at him. But he closed the door behind him, letting the batter crash into the door.

"Hey, here's a cook book!" Jade called from the the kitchen closet once Collin was gone.

I groaned.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 20: Dirty Work
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