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 Chapter 4: Surprise!

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PostSubject: Chapter 4: Surprise!   Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:39 pm

Well we made it back safe & sound for the most part. At one point during the flight from Santa Barbara to Denver, we were flying through a storm. It was pretty scary, a lot of turbulence. There was one time where the craft gave a huge jolt. Jaden had always been a little scared of flying, but now he was really scared. He was sweating a little & his eyes were closed shut. His mouth was moving slightly, he might have been praying.

The plane gave another enormous jolt & Jaden grabbed my hand in fear. He was squeezing it really hard but he couldn't help it. I could feel his hand trembling. Even after the dilemma was over, he still held my hand tight, but he was loosening up a bit. I could still tell he was terrified. I felt bad for him, but I admired his attempt to be brave through it.

The second flight, from Denver back to Maine, wasn't as bad. Jaden was still a little freaked though, I could tell. Even the tiniest movement on the flight, his hand would reach for mine. My dad slept the whole time, being old. Parents...

Since he was asleep, whenever Jaden reached for my hand, I'd take it & comfort him until he felt better.

We made it back around 5:30 in the afternoon. My dad called for a taxi to come pick us up. When it arrived, my dad sat in the front, talking to the driver, who didn't seem in the mood to talk, while my boyfriend & I sat in the back. He seemed to be in a little bit of a down mood.

"You ok, Jade?"

"I'm fine" he replied, looking out the window.

"You don't look fine."

He didn't say anything for a moment.

"I just...I just didn't like the ride back, you know."

"Hey, don't worry about it. We're here now & we're alright" I told him, taking his hand. My dad was still rambling on about something stupid to the driver.

"Can you promise me something?" he asked out of the blue.

"Of course. I'd jump off a cliff for you Jade, I can keep a secret" I said with a smile. I think I actually would.

"No more flying anymore, at least for awhile. It's gonna take me a long time to recover from that."

"I promise. Wait, isn't the trip to Disney World in Florida in April for our grade?" I said.

"Yeah. But I won't go. You can if you want though."

"Naw, I'd much rather be here with you."

"Noah, you've always said how much you've wanted to go to Disney. You can go without me. Just promise me that you won't sleep around with other people" he stated, with a smile on his face, showing there were no hard feelings.

"Well if you're sure then."

"Love you" I mouthed.

"Love you too."

At that moment, the cab went over a bump in the road & Jaden squeezed my hand tight. His mind flooded with the memories of the plane ride.

"Wow, this is not my day, huh?"

"I'm sorry..." I muttered as I held his hand warmly.

We showed up at my house about 10 minutes later. My dad payed the cab driver & got our luggage out of the back. When we walked into my house, with Jaden behind me, we put our stuff down. I looked back at the taxi driver before I shut the door. He seemed to make a facial expression showing his relief that my dad was gone. I laughed to myself.

"Jaden, Noah, go unpack your stuff. I have some things to do in my office for a few hours, so I'm not gonna have time to be out here."

The two of us walked up to my room, which was the attic basically. It was really cool though. There was AC & heat, so in the winter, like now, I didn't freeze to ice cubes & in the summer, I didn't crisp. There was one bed. When Jaden slept over, we always used my bed. Now that we were together, we could...

"Ooof!" I exclaimed when I felt two hands push me towards the bed. I fell on my stomach & rolled onto my back. Jaden walked over to me & pushed me back down.

He leaned over me, went down & planted a hard kiss right on my lips. Our tongues met & he used his hands to roam over my body. When his hands reached the waistband of my jeans, he unzipped them & unbuttoned them. While we still kissed, he pulled them down to my ankles. I broke the kiss.

"Jade, my dad's downstairs. I don't think is such a good idea."

"Noahy, you heard him yourself, he's busy for a few hours working in his office. We're fine. Now it's your turn to not worry."

"Well, ok then..." I didn't finish, he took that as a sign to keep kissing me & I didn't stop him.

He continued to kiss me as he pulled his own pants down. After a second, he reluctantly stopped the kiss in order to take his shirt off. I took mine off at the opportunity. Now were both in our boxers, which didn't last more than 4 seconds.

Now, since we didn't have anything on at this point, I was free to roam over his smooth body as he went over mine. I made sure to brush my fingers gently over his chest, which he tensed, enjoying the good feelings passing through him.

I was too busy kissing Jaden to notice him reach into my nightstand to retrieve a bottle of KY jelly, which I was pretty sure only I had known about though. Oh well.

I noticed it when I heard a gooey noise & that his hands weren't touching me. I peeked an eye open & saw him whooshing his fingers around in the bottle. What's he doing? I wondered. I decided to just close my eye & go with whatever was going to happen & to enjoy it.

I felt a hand rest upon my waist. The next thing I felt was a cold, gooey thing poke at my hole. He was trying to insert his finger inside me. It wasn't something I was very familiar with.

His finger slid in with very little ease, due to the KY that was all over it. It felt weird, but a good weird. I squirmed underneath him as he massaged me on the inside.

Suddenly, he hit something with his finger that made my back arch a little bit & my dick to pulse. I nearly came right there.

"Ohhh...." I moaned, breaking the kiss. I started to subconsciously writhe while Jaden fingered me. Oh my God, this felt amazing.

"Wow, you must really-" he started.

"Do NOT stop doing that" I interrupted.

"Ok ok. Wow you must really like that, huh?" he asked me.

"Yeah..." I just kind of slurred out. I wasn't even listening to him, I just wanted him to keep doing that. It felt so good. He moved his free hand down to my boyhood & started to stroke me. I was spazzing from everything he was doing.

"Oh, wow" I muttered. He pushed in further until I felt him get all the way in. He pushed harder against my ass trying to get it in all the way and I felt him hit my prostate again. My dick jerked and I sharply inhaled.

By now, my hard-on had precum drizzling out of the top. He was using that to stroke me. I was lightheaded from both things he was doing. I unknowingly started to lightly thrust my hips up so I get could as much of the feeling as I could.

Within a few seconds, my eyes closed tightly & I came all over my belly, his chest & some even landed up on my face, more specifically right on my mouth. I was panting by now from everything that had just happened.

"Oh God..." I sighed.

Just as I was about to lick the cum off my lips, Jaden bent over to kiss me, planning to take it himself. In the process, his finger slipped out, causing me to gasp. He took that opportunity to kiss me right on the lips, lapping up the jiz all over my mouth.

His tongue went into my mouth & I could taste my own cum being mixed with our saliva. It tasted salty, but good.

The phone rang, scaring us tremendously. I sluggishly got up, some of my cum still wet & now rolling down my flat tummy.

I looked at the caller ID.


It was our friend Collin. His dad's name was Max, so that's how people saw the ID. Collin was mine & Jaden's best friend, other than each other. He was an awesome kid. He was friendly with everyone, no matter what clique they were in at school. He did ok in school. And funny? Hell yeah! Try like the funniest person I've ever met in my life. He came in 2nd place at the school's talent show last year for his comedy.

I realized there was no phone, but I could still hear it from downstairs. I waited a moment. When I realized that the ringing stopped before all four rings could finish, I knew that my dad must have picked up. He'd head up here to give us the phone. NOOO!!!

I turned around to face Jaden, who was just lying on my bed with his eyes closed, "resting his eyes" as he would call it.

I went to the bed & shook him "awake."

"Jade! My dad's on his way up to give us the phone. It's Collin. Get up & put some clothes on. JADE!"

That last yell got him up & he was up now. It came to him then that we might actually be in trouble of getting caught. He's so adorable when he's slow.

We couldn't put actual clothes on because we were still covered in cum. I ran to the bureau & picked out some pajamas for the two of us. I gave him some pants & a shirt after I got my own.

I heard my dad's footsteps on the stairs. AHHHH!!! He was less than 5 seconds from catching his son & the neighbor boy both with no clothes on & soaked in warm cum.

Jaden jumped into the pants while I threw a shirt over my chest.

"God help us..." I heard Jaden say. I laughed.

The doorknob turned on the door & I still had my pants to get up above my knees. Jaden was all set.

I had my pants around my waist JUST as my pap walked in.

"Phone's for you guys. It's Collin."

"Thanks dad" I said, taking the phone out of his hand.

"So what are you boys up to?"

"Oh nothing. Just...talking. Ya know, friend stuff" I told him.

"Ahh. People at school you like?" said my dad, with a "knowing" smile.

"Eh, you could say that" answered Jaden, looking at me with a slight smile.

"Ok then. Hang the phone up when you're done."

He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Jaden & I both collapsed on the bed, laughing. Talk about a close call.

We were still laughing when I heard an "AHEM!" come out of the phone. Collin was still there.

"Hey dude, haha, what's up?" I asked.

"Tell me what's funny. Last I knew, you only laughed that hard when I'm around."

"Oh it's nothing. Just...a close call."

"Ahh. You two nearly get caught takin' a wank session?" he asked jokingly.

"Again," said Jaden, "you could say that." The phone was on speaker so we could both talk.

"Well anyway, word on the street is that you two came back, so I was wondering if I could drop by?"

"Sure. You can come by now if you want. Are you at your house?" I asked.


"Oh. Ok then. Then where are you? How long will it take you to get here?" said Jaden.

We heard the doorbell ring. We also heard Collin hang up. That was Collin for you.

"Here's a crazy idea" said Jaden as I walked over to hang up the phone.

"We could tell Collin about you know...us."

I froze. I slowly turned around, looking at Jaden right in the eye.


"Oh c'mon Noahy. I'd feel better if at least ONE other person knew. Collin's trustworthy. He's good at keeping secrets, he wouldn't blurt it out."

"Jade, I don't know. What if, even if he keeps it secret, he doesn't accept it himself?"

"We've been friends with him for almost 8 years now. I'm pretty sure he'll be ok with it."

I didn't know. I mean, yeah he could definitely keep it secret from people, but I didn't want to risk our friendship. I didn't want to find out the hard way if he wasn't approving of us not only being gay, but also as a couple now.

"Pweez Noahy?" Jaden made a puppy dog face. He was too adorable to say 'no.'

"Well, alright I guess...But if he doesn't like us anymore, I'm blaming you, clear?" I said, giving him a kiss.


Collin came through the door at that point. We high-fived him & he sat down on a chair, while Jaden & I took the bed, very close to each other.

"So what's new guys?"

Jaden & I glanced at each other. This was harder than Jaden though it'd be. I started.

"Hey Coll, let me ask you something."

"Go ahead, man."

I took a deep breath & looked at the floor.

"Are you, um, are you accepting of people who are like,...'different' in some way?"

"Usually, yeah. How come?"

"Well, see, Jaden & I are um...well we're both gay & we're together now, as a couple..." I managed to say. Nothing I would ever say from that day on would ever be so difficult to say.

He didn't say anything for what seemed like an eternity, but what was really only about 6 seconds.

"You guys didn't think I already knew, did you?"

"What?!" we said together.

"The way you two are around each other every day. Jaden, the way you look out for 'Noahy' here, keep an eye on, making sure he doesn't do anything out of place. Noah, the way you're always right on Jade's heels, trying to impress him in like everything. Plus, remember those 'man hugs' in like 5th & 6th grade? They lasted a little longer than they should have."

I recalled those 'man hugs' Jade & I had. I remember wanting one all the time, but eventually didn't want to creep him out or anything. And Jaden was kind of protective of me. Just think of the whole 'Noah's Arc' deal.

"So...you're ok with all of it?" I was able to find my voice.

"Yeah. I mean, I considered you guys in a relationship anyway, but now that it's confirmed, I'm totally cool with it."

"Good, 'cause you have no idea how hard it is to come out to someone" said Jade, speaking for the first time. I nodded in agreement. Wait...

"You clown, it was ME who had to say it" I said, playfully slugging him in the arm.

"Yeah well I suggested we tell him" he said all proud of himself.

"That doesn't mean anything. Noah's the one who had to speak 'cause you was too scared" added Collin.

"Oh shut up."

"You guys can be as gay as you want around me. Just sayin', that's all" said Collin.


He seemed to study us for a second before he spoke again.

"Hey, you guys should kiss. I mean, what's the big deal, now that I know, right?" he said.

Jaden & I looked at each other. We shrugged a 'what-the-heck' & leaned forward. We kissed warmly on the lips for a few seconds. Collin cheered like he was at a wrestling match. Told you he was a funny kid.

"So when did this 'officially start', while you guys were away having fun?"


"Well there's a surprise" said Collin. The three of us laughed.
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Chapter 4: Surprise!
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