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 Chapter 2: Real Chemistry

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: Real Chemistry   Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:12 pm

Ok, so anyway, Taylor & I received a B+ on that last project we did. We could have done better, not that I'm complaining, but Taylor wanted to work separately after the magazine incident. By the time our presentation came around, our information didn't add up.

Again, a new project in the same class saw Taylor & I working together as a pair. I decided that he needed to grow up & realize that we needed to get together & work on this project. After school, I found him walking to his bus.


He turned around.

"Hey, we should get together this weekend to work on our thing. I figure, since we went to my house last time, we could meet up at your house on like, Saturday. What about...three o'clock?"

He seemed off edge, fidgetty.

"Actually, I was thinking we could work at the library? I mean there's books, computers, everything we need."

"Yeah, but it'd be awfully noisy with all the other kids from school around, not to mention a lot of books & computers would probably be taken by everyone else. Plus, we wouldn't have our poster board supplies."



"Fine, my house, whatever."

With that, he walked off towards his bus. I called after him to confirm when.

"Saturday at three?"

He kept walking, but gave a thumbs-up while looking forward.


I showed up at Taylor's house around three on Saturday, posters, my backpack & some supplies under my arms. I rang the doorbell & waited for him or someone in the family to answer the door.

A woman who I assumed was his mother answerted the door & told me where Taylor was. After that, she left the house headed for her car. She was going out. I walked towards his room, knocked, said who it was & then came in.

Taylor was sitting on his bed watching tv. When he saw who it was, I noticed a sigh of dissatisfaction.

"Hey. Your mom told me you were here, so yeah."

"She's not my mom."


He kept his eyes on the tv.

"Who is she then?" I tried.

"She's my stepmom, all right?" he said, irritated, like I had been bugging him for hours now.

I didn't say anything.

"My mom walked out when I was 10. My dad re-married two years ago."

"Oh. Were you & your mom close?"

He gritted his teeth.

"Can we get on with the fucking project all ready? Jesus Christ..."

I dropped the stuff from my arms & organized it so what we needed was in front of us. I took the assignment sheet, walked over to him & plopped down next to him on the bed to explain what we had to do.

"Nick, what are you doing?" he asked cautiously.

"Showing you the assignment..." I answered slowly.

"Why are you RIGHT next to me?"

"So we can both read it, Taylor. Why?"


After we went over what we had to actually do, we started talking about how to actually do it. I put the paper on the floor. Now we were just brainstorming.

"We could compare brain activity to things in everyday life. I know that impulses from your nerves to your brain travel at about 250 or more miles per hour, like when you get hurt. If we can think of things that travel that fast, we can mention them as examples" I told him.

"What kind of things?"

"I don't know. We could mention fast things, like planes, jets, bullets, lightning."

"Ok. And the examples of touching?"

"Hmm. Poking, rubbing, pushing..."

"Stubbing your toe?" Taylor suggested.

"Yeah. Or pinching someone."


"Hugging." We were just shooting out examples.

Slight hesitation.

"Kissing" he said softly.

I wondered how long it took for sound to register as words in your head. My ears perked up for two reasons. The first was because I immediately started thinking of kissing him, even though I told myself to not do it. The other reason was because the way I physically heard his voice told me that he was slightly facing me, rather than just pretty much stare straight forward.

"Yeah..." I said.

I realized that his whole mood had changed. He was no longer an irritated kid whose house I was working at. He seemed very comfortable right there with me.

"Wouldn't kissing be a little bit...out of the ordinary...for a project?" I asked, subconsciously getting closer to him inch by inch.

"Well yeah, but I think some people would like to know about the effects of it, in case they were always wondering..." he replied.

"I didn't know there were people who were curious" I said. Bit closer.

"Maybe they're sorry they never tried finding out because they thought it would be weird."

I was so close to him by now that I could almost feel his breath.

"Do you think they regret not finding out?" I asked quietly. I was only a few inches away from his face.

"I'm sure they do" he replied just as softly.

"They probably don't wanna know by now though, right?" I whispered, reassuring myself.

"Yes...they do."

I leaned in then & brought my lips to his. At first he didn't do anything, but after a surprisng moment for both of us, he began kissing back, moving his lips over mine. They tasted peachy, lip balm maybe. I didn't know. All I knew was that we were locking lips & sharing a kiss that I never knew I could both get, or even want.

So far he wasn't putting up any resistence to this, so I tried to take it a bith further. Don't blame me, blame hormones & a rock hard cock that refused to go down.

I very slowly pushed him back towards the head of his bed. Still kissing him, I pushed his chest down with my hand, eventually getting him on his back, me above him.

I ran one of my hands over his lean chest, feeling his trim muscles through his white polo shirt. Taylor used his hands to reach up into my sleeves & rub his hands up & down my arms. I could just feel the very very tips of his fingers brushing my arm pit, which tickled me, but also felt extremely pleasurable.

My other hand headed towards his jeans. I unbuttoned them & then proceeded to unzip them. When I did, I felt around for his dick. I felt it bulging through his tight boxers, which were strained to their limit. I could feel a tiny damp spot where the tip of his cock was. I could also feel Taylor's penis move with each pulse.

For a split second, we stopped so he could get his shirt off, leaving him on his back shirtless. Ooh la-la. What a body...

I figured there was no going back, so I reached my hand under the waistband of his underwear. When I found my way through the bush of pubic hair, I took hold of his hot cock, rubbing my thumb over the precum that had pooled at the tip.

Suddenly, as if I had set off an alarm, he pulled away from the kiss & had a look on his face that made it seem he had no idea where he was. When it clicked, he tried to get out from under me. Uh-oh.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" He finally knew what happened.

"GET OFF ME YOU FAGGOT!" he screamed as he pushed me off him. My back hit the wall.

"Taylor, I..." I didn't finish, my own brain was registering what had just happened.

"Just tried to molest me?! I agree. Get the fuck out of my house Nick!" he yelled.

"Taylor, I'm...I'm sorry, it was an accident!"

"You planned the whole thing you queer" he snapped, zipping up & buttoning his pants. He then started looking for where he threw his shirt.

"No I didn't! Plus, you brought up kissing in the first place. You & I both know that we weren't only talking about the project."

"Bull shit Nick. You came on to me, don't deny it" said Taylor.

"Fine, I won't. I'm just saying that it takes two people to do...that."

Taylor didn't say anything. He just picked up his shirt, which was by his tv & pulled it over his head.



I just kind of looked at him. He wasn't looking at me. I couldn't tell if he was thinking, still mad, agreeing with me...

"Fine, ok? I kissed you back. And I was seriosuly talking about the project when I brought up kissing, Nick" he defended himself. Fail.

"No. No you weren't. We were double-talking & you know it."

"I have no clue what you're talking about."

"So you're saying that you're NOT sorry for everything you put me through since I was outed, you're saying that you've NEVER been just a tiny bit curious to see what it's like to kiss a guy & that you DON'T regret making fun of me both to my face & behind my back?" I hissed.

He just stared at me, saying nothing.

Just then, the phone rang. He had one in his room right next to his bed. He walked over & picked it up.

"Hello? Hey Jake."

I guessed he meant Jake Townsend, a friend of his.

"Nothing...What?...No I sound pissed because..." Taylor looked over at me. He was going to tell people that I apparently threw myself on to him. And that was probably worse than being outed.

"...I stubbed my toe" he said.

After they talked for a few mintues, they said bye & hung up.

I was speechless.

"Ok, yeah, I am sorry for what I've done. But Nick, you have to understand, I was raised in this house, my parents are extremely strict. They do everything by they're interpretations of the Bible. They push me to do sprots, get the absolute best grades & go to lots of dinners with them. That's why I bullied you, because I was brought up by homophobic parents, ok?"

"That doesn't explain why we just kissed though."

He seemed to being searching for his words, but he was having trouble with it.

"I guess...I guess I had heard about how close you & whoever you were with back then were happy with each other & I was kind of wondering how somebody could actually ENJOY kissing another boy."

"The same way you enjoy it when you kiss a girl" I said.

He scoffed & turned away with a slight smile on his face, like he just heard a joke.

"I never enjoyed kissing the girlfriends I've had."

"Well, whatever. I mean-"

"No, Nick. I mean, I really never enjoyed kissing girls" he emphasized.

Wait, what...?

"Well how'd you feel about what just happened?"

He kept staring off to the side for a few moments. Then he lifted his eyes only, towards me.

"You liked it?" I said in disbelief.

"I didn't say that. BUT...I will admit, in a total dude's way, you're a somehwat good kisser. Don't take that weird."

"Did you like it?"

"I just told you."

"No, you avoided an answer & gave me a compliment."

He just stared at me, then lowered his eyes to the floor. Eventually, I saw how his eyes were closed. I felt a little bad for putting the spotlight on him, but I thought that we both needed to know what his answer would be.

While he was thinking, I looked around his room. It was huge. Sports trophies everywhere, pictures with people in suits (apparently important people), a cross on his bureau & that huge tv. This room itself was probably the size of the living room AND the dining room at my house combined. I wondered how big the master bedroom was.

I realized now that Taylor must have been telling the truth about his folks. Parents as rich as his were probably strict towards all their kids, making them do whatever, go wherever & believe whatever. I guess I had never stopped to think how Taylor might feel awfully trapped in his own house.


I snapped out of it.


"I just said sure, I guess I liked it."

"Really? Wow."

"Yeah. But dude, I'm not gay, ok?"


There was an awkard silence now. I wondered if he was ACTUALLY gay & not just interested in one kiss that we shared accidently.

"Does this mean you won't say shitty things behind my back?" I asked.

He smiled. First time I saw him smile all day.

"Yeah, I'm gonna try. I'm sorry, again."

"It's cool. So what about the project?" I said, trying to not drag this out anymore.

"There's tomorrow?" he said.

"Sounds good."

We decided to leave the stuff I brought at his house so when I came over to work tomorrow. Since it was getting late, I figured I'd show myself out. Right before I walked out the door, Taylor said my name but didn't finish. He didn't finish because I interrupted him & said I wouldn't tell anyone. He sighed in relief.

As I left, I began walking down the sidewalk. When I was a little bit down the way, I looked back & up towards his room. I saw Taylor sitting on his bed up against the headboard looking out at me. When he saw me, he looked away quickly.

Not gay, huh?

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 2: Real Chemistry
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