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 Chapter 5: School Boys

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PostSubject: Chapter 5: School Boys   Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:41 pm

I was glad Collin knew about Jaden & I now. It was comforting, you know? Having someone other than your lover know about how happy you are with this new figure in your life. You know? No? Well someday you will. Ayuh.

It was Tuesday. Telling Collin was on Saturday only a few days ago. It was third period & the 3 of us had gym next. My favorite class I think I've ever had. Gym with my 2 best friends (& now one of them being MY boyfriend). Everyone else had already showered & we were the only ones left. The shower heads were lined near the top of the walls, which sort of formed a horseshoe shape. I was in the middle, Jaden on my left, Collin on the right.

"Noah, what was that all about? You were HORRIBLE at the ultimate frisbee game" Collin said to me.

"Hey, I'm good enough at baseball, tennis, swimming, badminton & hockey. Is it a crime if I do bad in ONE sport?" I said.

"It is when there'll be a tournament for ultimate frisbee for our grade next week."

"Ugh, I probably won't do well..."

"Dude, you'll suck" chuckled Jaden. I walked up to him.

"I'll suck sooo much..." I said in a low voice, then reaching for his semi-hard member.

"Guys, I'm all for your lover moments together, but I don't think AT SCHOOL is the best place. Nor do I think fooling around in front of someone is very...sanitary" Collin said as he dried off with a towel.

"Get out & I guarantee it'll get pretty dirty."

"Fine, just make sure you get to Spanish on time, Jaden. It's not fair you have fun & can just come when you want" said Collin, putting his clothes on & picking up his backpack.

"I have plenty of time to cum" said Jaden, who was rock hard in my moving hand.

"Ugh" Collin replied, rolling his eyes with a smile & leaving the two of us alone.

"We still have a few minutes" Jaden said after a moment of me still stroking him.

"I don't know. But dude, you'll have to blow yourself, I'm exhausted."

"Aww, I don't wanna suck myself. I don't think I can anyway."

"Fine, then you suck me" I said with a smile.

"Haha, yeah I don't think so. In your dreams" he shot back with a laugh.

"You ARE a dream come true."

"Aww" he said, then kissed me on the lips.


"Well that just about scared the crap out my ass" I said.

"Good. Then it leaves more room for other stuff" he said with a sly smile.

"Don't push it" I said with a chuckle.

"Oh I'll push it alright."

"Oh my God, you're just full of it today, aren't you?" I said

"I'll make sure YOU'RE full of it soon" he said with a grin.

"What's with you today? You are such an animal."


We laughed over this like there was no tomorrow. I kissed him long on the lips & then we started to get ready for our next class as fast as we could.

Next period was lunch period. Collin, Randy, Jeff, Alex, Dane, West, Jaden & myself all sat at the table closest to the jocky popular kids. We were sort of popular, but in that preppy 'these-are-the-NICE-popular-kids' group. The jockies were all jerks.

We sat there for several reasons. One, it was fun listening to how stupid they all are. Second, it's fun hearing all the gossip that they talk about. Jaden & I sat there now to check out some of the hot ones. We had established a 'look-don't-touch' rule between us.

Jaden, Collin & I were still tired out from gym class, so the three of us took it easy at lunch. I sat across Jaden, who tried to sit next to me, but I pushed him away. If I were to fool around with him, it'd have to be under the table with our feet only. He finally got the hint to sit across me, next to Collin & Alex.

There's a precaution when you talk about certain things. As long as you make sure the 'true topic' of something is hidden, you can talk about it as openly as you want. So that's what I did.

"We didn't have any time in the gym, did we" I said to Jaden, playing a small game of footsy under the table.

"Guess not. Oh well, if I come over after school, we can finish."

"Watcha guys talkin' 'bout?" asked Alex.

"Nothin'. Just something that happened in gym today."

I thought that conversation would last longer, but it didn't. We all kept eating & just chatting around different stuff.

"Did you guys hear that conversation?" asked West.

"What conversation?" answered Collin smartly, looking around the cafeteria.

"The one behind you, dufus."

"Oh sorry. I thought you meant one of the other 49,000 conversations in this room" said Collin.

"I just heard one of them say that Mark Lole is gay!"

Jaden & I looked at each other. So theres another kid like us in our grade? Wow. Maybe we could form some sort of little get-together group & invite in it who we want. It wouldn't be a school thing though. I know I ain't ready for that just yet.

"I'm not surprised. He has a high voice, has pretty much only female friends & wears pink a lot" said Jeff.

"Yeah but he's also asked out a few chicks in our grade, not mention that cute sophomore" Alex added.

"Well even if he is, I'm not trying to be queer here or anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if he got a boyfriend soon. I mean, even you guys have to admit, he's not too bad looking" said Dane.

Actually, he's downright hot. But saying that out loud probably isn't the best choice of words.

"Yeah I guess. But I just hope that kid don't come near me. I don't need him gaying me up or anything" said West, unknowingly spilling some yogurt on his shirt.

"Dude, that wasn't cool" Jaden said.

"Oh Jade, calm down. I didn't mean it that way. I just meant that I hope he doesn't start crushing on me or anything, 'cause I'm so damn gorgeous" West said. Honestly, he was ok looking. He could use a haircut, not to mention get rid of his glasses. Other than he was pretty nice.

"Hey gorgeous, you got some yogurt on your shirt" said Collin.

"He's my lab partner in physics. He's pretty cool actually. He'd actually make a good boyfriend for someone, gay or straight" said Randy.

"Let's have a poll then. Those who think he'd make a good partner for anybody?" I announced.

Alex & West made 'eh' hand gestures, signaling that it was like a maybe chance. Me, Jade, Collin, Jeff, Dane & Randy had positive 'yes''s.

Just then, a few people walked by us. Alex checked them out as they walked by.

He whistled. "You guys think I'd have a chance with Sarah?"

"I heard she got knocked up by some 8th grader" stated Jeff.

"I'll bet she..."

So that was lunch today. It's like that every day. We talk about what we hear & then add in our own opinions, like almost any lunch for any high schooler. Last period went by slowly. Especially since I have no friends in that class. Oh well.

Later, when Jaden & I got home from riding our bikes, we went next door to his house. We walked in, threw our stuff on the floor behind the couch & went downstairs to his room. Unlike my room, which was at the top of the house, his was at the bottom.

He walked to his bed, which was actually a huge, very comfy couch, & sat down, then leaning back against the reclining part. A little of his shirt lifted up from the waistband of his jeans, revealing a very small portion of his defined abs.

"You owe me a blow job" he said out of nowhere.

"HAHAHA! What?! I don't think so pal."

"Hey, you started the job in the shower, now finish it."

"Um, no."

"You'll be sorrrrry" he said with a grin.

"Yeah right."

"Ok. I warned you" he said, sitting up & then pulling me down onto the couch with him. Suddenly, I could feel his fingers jabbing me in the ribs. I burst laughing.

"DUDE, NO!!" I was laughing hard. I decided to tickle him back. I poked his ribs as hard as I could making sure I didn't do it too hard as to not hurt him. He went nuts laughing.

"AHAHA! STOP STOP STOP!" he continued tickling me back.

By now we were rolling around on the couch tickling each other. It hurt so much. And yet, we were laughing so hard.

There were definitely tears, begging for mercy, & a few hard hits here & there.

I decided I'd go for his feet. That's almost everybody's most ticklish spot. It's worse than the ribs.

I pulled his socks off & took hold of his left foot & held it tight so he couldn't get out. I started brushing my fingers across the under side of his foot. He stated thrashing wildly.

"OH MY GOD NOAH PLEASE STOP" he immediately stopped tickling my ribs & started hitting me on the back.

I decided I should stop, & spare him. I started remembering what I did when I had tickling fights with my mother before she died. They were such good times.

As I started recalling all the fond memories I had of her, I began to miss her more & more.

I was no longer laughing. I missed her so much, even though it'd been 6 years.

Jaden was panting from exhaustion by now. After realizing I was quiet, he came closer from behind me & sat on the edge of the couch next to me.

"Wassa matter?" he asked with concern.

"This reminds me of the tickling fights I use to have with my mom before she died" I told him, a tear starting to form. I looked at the floor, my eyes closed. I remembered all the memories of her.

"God, I miss her so much Jade..." I said, starting to break down.

"It's ok" he soothed, taking me into his arms, letting me cry it out.

"I miss her, too ya know. Don't be so selfish" he said, trying to cheer me up a little bit.

"What would she think if she knew her son was gay with the neighbor boy?" I sniffled, my eyes watery & red. I rested my face into his collar.

"I think she'd want her kid to be happy no matter who he's with."

He kissed me softly on the head & rubbed my back soothingly.

I sobbed some more for a few minutes. Jaden wrapped his arms around me, continuing to rub my back. It helped calm me down a lot.

Soon, I was able to regain my composure.

"I think I'll stay here tonight."

"Whatever you want" he said to me, bringing me closer to him.

"Thanks. Love you" I said.

"Right back at ya."

I slept over that night. Turns out, his parents had guests over that night, & they had a kid. A really annoying 5 year old daughter. She hung out with us the whole time. We were pretty sure that two boys kissing front of a small child would be, as Collin said, unsanitary.

They finally left around 11:30, leaving all of us tired from entertaining the little brat.

For a short period of time, I started to grieve about my mother again, but before I could start the water works, Jaden came to my rescue as usual & comforted me.

He lay down on the recliner part of the couch with me in his arms. The door was locked, as we had always done, so nobody could bother us. We fell asleep watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The next day at school, everyone cashed in their money for tickets to the freshman dance next week. We all got papers several weeks ago, originally meaning for the dance to be next month. But because that interfered with the trip to either Spain, France, China, Germany or Italy, depending on what language you took, for the sophomores, it had to be moved up. Any later date was pretty much impossible. Good to know they thought this all through.

Anyway, we came home from school to my house & went looking through my closet to look for things to wear. I had decided to go with Jaden, but secretly of course. Because it was a dance where they guys get asked to go instead of the other way around, if I was asked by any chick who wants to dance, I would. Jaden & I knew how to dance.

Oh yeah. So I was looking through my clothes to see what I could wear. I wanted to look nice you know.

I held up a black blazer in one hand & a pair of brown dress pants in the other.

"Does this go with this?" I asked Jaden.

"Does 'no' go with 'way'?" he chuckled at his own joke.

"Oh c'mon, how would you know about fashion? What are you gay or something?" I laughed.

"Well, you know, when you grow up with two older sisters, you pick up a thing or two about fashion."

"True. Alright queer eye for the gay guy, help me out some."

"First, you need a shirt underneath. You can't wear a dress coat if you have nothing underneath."

He rummaged through clothes hanging up in my closet & pulled out a white button-up dress shirt. I had worn that once for a wedding last year. I kind of liked it.

"Ok. Do I change anything else?"


He took the pants I had (in my hands) & put them back on a hanger. He seemed to be searching for something in particular. That's when he pulled out the same pants I had before, but they were in a different color. They were black.

"Try these on" he said, handing me the pants & dress coat.

I glided out of my pants & took off my long sleeve Rolling Stones shirt. Now I was in nothing but boxers. I noticed he was staring at me.

"You like?" I smiled.

"Watching isn't a crime."

After a minute, I had on the clothes. I stood up straight in front of Jaden.

"So? How do I look?"

He came to me slowly & kissed me on the lips, answering me in between each peck.

"A-," a kiss, "ma-," a kiss, "zing" he finished with a long kiss. I could feel his hot body giving off heat to me even through all my clothes & his.

I stepped back & turned around. I looked at myself in the tall mirror on my closet door. I looked like that guy from that CSI: Miami show. I don't usually brag, but I wasn't going to deny at all...I looked pretty damn hot.

"Dance is next Friday. You ready for it?" I asked.

"With you, I'm always ready."

I turned to face him again. I leaned in & kissed him.

"Good" I said as I held his hand.
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Chapter 5: School Boys
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