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 Chapter 9: Springtime

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PostSubject: Chapter 9: Springtime   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:23 pm

Spring. It was my favorite seasons because everything was staring to bloom, the grass was green, all the niceness was coming back from Winter & oddly enough, I liked school because I could still see all my friends, unlike Summer when you only see some of them some of the time.

I was walking home from school by myself because I had to speak with a teacher about something. Travis had reluctantly agreed to head home without me. Now that I was done with what I had had to do, I was on my way home.

There was another reason I liked Spring. In Spring, animals & humans were very much in tune with spreading their love & enjoy the romance in the air, as my English teacher would have said. For me, everybody felt sex flowing through the air & I was ok with that.

My thoughts were sort of proven when, on the way past a cafe, two stray dogs were going at it hot & heavy, right there in a little ally. I wasn't sure if I should have been turned on a little or slightly grossed out at the fact that I was a bit turned on. Either way, it got me thinking about sex, & how I wanted to have it with Travis as soon as possible.

When I finally got home, I unlcoked the door & opened it, utterly scared as somebody threw themself at me the instant I shut the door behind me.

"SHIT!!" I screamed as I looked at who was hugging me. It was Travis, with a big goofy smile smacked over his lips. I couldn't help but smile a little.

"Did I scare you?" he snickered.

"Only a lot," I said. I kissed him hello & he let go.

"How'd you get in here?" I asked.

"I used one of them spare keys you got in the bushes," he stated, partially expecting me to say something.

"Oh. Ok."

He wrapped his arms around me again, but this time more comfortably.

"Your brother ain't got another half day, right?" he said right into my ear, his lips just brushing against them.

"Not that I know."

"Well, you didn't know last time either & look what happened," he chuckled.

"No, I knew about that, I just forgot when we started undressing."

"Reaching for m'belt don't count as undressin'."

I gave him a funny look.

"What's with the southern accent? I know you sort of have one, but it's not usually that thick."

"You wanna talk about thickness?" he said coolly as his hand found the bulge in my pants. I silently groaned.

I pretended to not comprehend his inuendo, "Yeah, so what gives?"

He sighed, clearly frustrated that I wasn't giving him what we both wanted. I mean, of course I was going to, I just was curious as to why he was speaking with his accent.

"Well, if you really wanna ruin the mood," he gave me a fake disappointed look. "Ya know how my family from Oklahoma came over for a few days?"


"Well, seeing them again & talking with them a lot kinda brought back this little accent I guess. Talking like you've known me to is actually a very slight struggle."

I looked at him for a moment. This whole time, I thought he just naturally spoke like a northerner.

"Why, you don't like it?" he asked me.

I thought about it for a second.

"Keep it. It's actually kind of sexy. Like, sexy cowboy or something."

He laughed at that.

"Well ok. Now can we get back t'doin' what we were doin'?"

I moved my hand behind me & locked the door. I kissed him.

"Let's go partner," I said softly, taking his hand & leading him to my room.

When we got there, I closed & locked my door. I was then dragged to my bed by Travis. He noted my boner sticking through the front of my sweatpants.

"I noticed that when you came in, so I know it wasn't me."

I looked up, away from him.

"I saw a couple dogs in the ally by 4th Street going at it."

His eyebrow raised.

"And you liked that?"

I shrugged.

"Maybe not that itself, but it made me think of you," I admitted.

"Two dogs fuckin' in a dirty ally reminds you of me? I'm flattered," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"No farmboy, the fact that I was thinking of you & me. Stop talking & let's do this, I'm practically dying here."

He grinned as I walked over to him, & lied down on him, kissing him.

Travis ran his hands up the back of my shirt, his light fingers tracing across my smooth, getting-sweatier-by-the-second back. He kept doing that until my shirt was too high. I moved back for a moment, pulling it over my head & tossing it aside. As I leaned down to kiss him more, he reached in between us & unhooked his jeans, unzipped them & then slipped his hands inside my pants. He ran his hands over my cheeks, tickling me just a little bit. Travis could feel my lips turn upward as I smiled & began nibbling at my lips very affectionately.

Just then, Travis Swifty pushed my sweatpants down my legs, leaving my hard cock strained on top of his boxers, which were exposed through his unzipped jeans. The head of my cock could feel his, the thin layer of cotton the only thing separating them.

He stopped roaming my naked body to push his pants off & kicked both our pairs to the floor of my bed. The only clothing left on either one of us was his t-shirt, but that was gone only a moment after. Now we were both grinding our bare, sweaty bodies against each other. Oh god it was hot.

I cupped my hands underneath his arms, feeling the moisture from his sweat glands. I had a small secret sweat fetish, especially with Travis, because, since he was from the counrty, he sweat a lot with anything physical he did. With the near perfect curves of his built body, sweat gleamed off him like some sort of model oiled up for a photoshoot. I groaned a little from the sight itself.

I jumped a little when I realized that one of his hands had moved down to the underside of my ballsack. Travis used his thumb & middle finger to stimulate the area between each testicle & the leg it was next to. I could tell by how agile his fingers were that I was a little sweaty down there. The smell of sex was filling my nostrils as sweat from our bodies & groins joined. I was practically drunk on it.

I felt his middle finger running up & down my anus, teasing like it was going to enter, but then decided not to. I couldn't stand it anymore & decided to push back a little bit so that my ass hole was almost impaling itself on Travis' finger. He got the picture as he slid his finger up into my rectum as he continued to lick my tongue in our mouths.

Travis was moving his finger in & out, fucking me with his digit, close to, but not hitting my sweet spot, which I sometimes begged him to go deeper in order for him to get there. His finger wasn't as long as his dick, which was pushing up against me & dripping precum from it, but it was enough to make me grunt a little each time he trust it back in.

While he did this, I reached down in between us & took hold of both our stiff cocks. Getting a good hold on both of them, I began to move them up & down, masturbating both of us with my hand. I knew that Travis liked that because he had told me that he liked being jerked off by another hand. Both our penises were oozing fluid, which did nothing but help make the movement more enjoyable for both of us. I could slightly feel Travis' mouth vibrating from his moans. My own head was spinning.

I got up from him, motionging him to change positions. He was on his knees now, facing the wall behind my bed with me behind him. I lined up my gooey sex staff head with his slicked up hole. I pushed against it, feeling very little resistance. As my precum & the sweat from his crevice mized, it made it easier for my cock to slide in. After a few seconds, I was buried in his tight ass, my brown pubic hair brushing against his ass. When I watched porn, I found it a huge turn on for me seeing an above shot of a man's penis invading the ass of another man. I didn't mind underside views of it, but I really liked seeing it from above. That's just what I saw now. I saw that my cock was in him deep, all six inches.

When I began my slow thrusting, I could tell Travis was enjoying it just as much as me when I looked around, seeing his face. His eyes were barely open, giving him a sleepy look. His mouth was open, his voice producing grunts of pleasure every time I slid more of my hard cock into his bowels.

I moved up a little bit higher. I bent over his back, reaching my hand underneath, searching for his dick. When I found it, I couldn't tell if he had cum or not, it was drenched. When I looked under him, I realized that it was all precum practically pouring from his body. He was extremely turned on & horny, waiting to desperately cum.

I resumed fucking him, pounding my rod in & out of his tight hole. It felt so good, my boyhood diving in & withdrawing from the heat that was surrounding it. I moaned low, increasing speed as I fucked him doggie style.

He was grunting now with every movement that was being done to him.

"Connor, that feels so gooooood," he groaned as I banged my cock in & out of his hungry ass.

I tried to last as long as I could, but no avail, I could feel semen boiling in my balls, ready to be blown out in ecstacy.

Suddenly, my hand was absolutely drenched in warmth. I knew that Travis had just shot about four loads of hot, sticky, thich white cum all over my hand, a little bit of his abs, but mostly all over my bed.

As I felt his rectum tighten around my cock, he collapsed out of weakness & exhaustion. Between my cock being shoved deep into him when he brought me down with him, & the clenching around my dick, it was no wonder that I groaned loudly as every muscle in my body twisted & turned with pleasure as I emptied my desperate balls, coating his insides with my cum. I dug my nails into his stomach, at the same time, smearing his cum on his abs.

Travis was facedown on my bed, breathing steadily with my drained cock still in his ass. I, on the other, was breathing heavily from it all. I was high on sex right now. I could feel my dick receding from my boyfriend's opening, making a gooey-sounding noise as it came out after a minute. I lay my head down on the back of his shoulder, cooling down & smelling the sweat on his back right under my nose. That, mixed with the smell of cum everywhere was intoxicating.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, coming down from our orgasms, we slowly got up. I noticed that now, there was dry cum covering Travis' anus where some had leaked out. Oh god I felt good now.

"When was the last time we had sex that great?" I asked him.

He closed his eyes for a moment before speaking.

"About three weeks ago."

I laughed.

"You remember all the times we've done it?" I jeered.

"Naw, just them good times," he beamed.

I laughed again, leaned over & kissed him softly on the lips.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 9: Springtime
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