Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 8: Falling Into Place

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PostSubject: Chapter 8: Falling Into Place   Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:33 am

3 Years Before

"You & me are gonna spend the rest of our lives together, right?" I asked, snuggling up to him at my house.

"You bet," said Ted.

"Good," I replied, kissing him on the lips.

After school Ted & I went back to my house before my parents got home. I figured we had enough time to just be together. We were in my living, watching the tv with the volume down low.

"So what are we gonna do?" I asked.

"Well, we could take our cocks out of our pants, we could touch each other, we could do all sorts of things..." he grinned.

"For a 14 year old, you're really dirty," I laughed. Some people were just so perverted. Then again, to a 14 year old, a lot of things could sound perverted.


"No, but what I meant was...are we ever gonna tell other people about us?"

Ted sat up.

"Well we don't HAVE to tell anyone. Ever."

"Don't you think though that when we get married, we'll have to tell our family. We can't exactly leave that out," I said. Ted & I would marry. I just knew it.

"We've been together for two years now & we haven't had to tell anybody."

I shrugged.

"Why, what's up anyway?"

"I don't know...it's just that...ok here's the deal."

He raised an eyebrow.

"Next week, Jason's having a birthday party, and...I wanted to bring you, as a date," I told him.

Ted looked at me, & then smiled.

"Sure, I'll go."

"As a date remember. I'm thinking...maybe we could consider telling people?"

"Eh...I don't know. But I'll go to the party."

"Really? That'd be awesome!"

"No problem."

We turned back to the tv for a few seconds before I put my hand onto his tummy. I rubbed it around in circles. After a few seconds, I stuck my hand underneath his shirt, feeling the silkiness of warmth of his flat abs. I ran my thumb over his outy bellybutton. One time, I had looked at a dirty magazine & it reminded me of what was down there on a girl. I felt a little sick, but I just focused on who I was with.

My fingers swept over his hips, over his lower belly, over his abs & then farther up his torso. I reached the tiny little bridge across both his pecs. I slid a finger up & down the middle. I spread my whole hand out over his chest, feeling it rise with each breath he took in. I felt intoxicated by the male anatomy all of a sudden. His skin was so smooth & warm.

Suddenly, he sat up & pulled his shirt off, tossing it to the floor next to him. I venerated at the sight of his body. I had seen him like this before three or four times already, but I never tired of it.

I leaned over & kissed him on the lips while my hands continued to roam over his flawless body. I lowered my head so that I was kissing his neck & under his ear, while at the same time I unhooked his belt & undid his jeans.

Once I had them unbuttoned, Ted wasted no time in lifting his sexy hips & sliding out of his pants & underwear, leaving his Adonis figure hot & horny in front of me.

I moved my tongue back up, towards his ear. When I reached it, I lightly wiggled my tongue into it, driving Ted into ecstatic limits which caused him to roll his head back & shiver. As I Frenched his ear, my hand lightly wrapped itself around Ted's cock shaft, which was roughly 5 inches long. I ran the tip of my thumb of the spongy cock head. A single, clear, sticky pearl drop of precum oozed from the piss slit. I slicked my thumb through it, feeling the smooth, warmth of it; I intended to get all of it, one way or another.

I straddled Ted's legs, facing him. I kissed him lovingly on the lips. Soon enough, his lips gave way, letting my tongue to meet his, swapping spit. I reached down between us, taking both my penis and his in my hand and stroking them slowly and gently. My other hand I ran across his bare chest, teasing his nipples a little as I went. I knew it always drove Ted nuts when I did this. He responded by wiggling and squirming around under me.

As I masturbated Ted & myself, he began to thrust his penis into my strokes, fucking my hand. Sticky, gooey fluid was dribbling out of his cock slit now, lubing both our cocks.

I got off him & knelt between his legs. He was unhappy about our kisses stopping, but he had a lot better to look forward to.

I leaned forward & slid his slimy cock into my mouth before closing my lips around it. I had sucked Ted's cock enough since we fell in love that I considered myself an expert.

I kept sucking Ted's penis and moved both my hands down and under to cup his butt while I slurped his pulsing, leaking cock. I knew he'd probably cum soon, but I also knew that 14 year old boys like us have a great talent to recover quickly.

My hands continued to cup his butt, groping each cheek. I slid one of my index fingers towards his anus. I probed his hole, teasing him that I would push in & finger fuck him. I rubbed his anus rapidly with my finger.

Ted began to thrust his cock in & out of my mouth, face fucking me while I continued to lick, kiss & suck his dick & to dare to fuck his ass with my finger.

His legs went up & wrapped themselves around my neck, while his hands reach to the back of my head. Ted continued fucking my face, pounding his hard cock back & forth through my lips. I glance up at him. His eyes were glazed over, his mouth ajar. He wasn't looking AT me, but he was looking through me, clearly transfixed in a state of sexual bliss. Ted moaned as his thrusts became rougher, but not necessarily faster. Not yet anyway.

"Oh...Nick...yeah...that feels awesome..." he purred. He slurred his words so much that I doubted he even knew what he had said.

I felt his hips began to speed up as he pushed his penis in & out of my warm mouth. I licked furiously at his cock, desperately trying to get him to ejaculate to I could hungrily slurp up his cum.

His legs tightened around my neck, as did his hands on my hair. I sensed that his orgasm was closing in, which I was happily proved right when he squealed in ecstasy & shot a hot, slimy blast of white cum down my throat. I gulped it down as fast as I could.

Ted dumped four hot spurts of cum into my mouth before I lifted my face off his cummy penis.

Ted slowed his breathing down, although it was still heavy. His chest, which was slightly moist with sweat, rose & sank with each monstrous breath.

We looked at each other & kissed.

Right after, I reached for a nearby $20 bill & handed it to him.

He laughed.

"Thanks," he smiled.

I grinned like an angel.

I also took back the bill.


Ted & I arrived at Jason's house about 10 minutes late for his party. I introduced them to each other & lied about our reason for being late. The real reason...was none of his business.

We walked into his house where there were at least 30 kids. It was packed.

For the most part, Ted & I weakly managed to stay together. There was just too much stuff going on & so much to do that we eventually just drifted apart & hung out with other people.

As I was hanging out with people, I was considering the realm of telling people that I just wasn't into girls. I hadn't prepared anything to say to whoever I would tell. Instead, I hoped it would go smoothly.

At one point, I met up with Jason at the grill, where he was flipping some hamburgers.

"Hey," I said.

He looked up. "Hey. So be honest, what do you think so far?"

"Well I had my doubts, but you pulled through," I teased. He lightly hit me in the arm.

"So what's up?" he asked as he went back to the burgers.

"Well, um...I kind of wanted to talk to you about something..." I said. I was nervous.

"I'm listening."

I sucked in an anxious breath & did a quick prayer.

"I was just wondering...if you knew somebody who was...different, would you still think of them as a friend?" I gulped.

He looked up at me for a quick second.

"Different how?"

I twiddled with my fingers, which were shaking.

"Like, if they were...interested in different kinds of people," I said. I mentally hit myself on the head.

He wasn't getting it.

"I'm confused."

I closed my eyes, wishing this was easier than I was getting.

"If they liked people...their friends didn't like..."

"Like who?"

I swallowed.

"Like...a guy."

Jason thought for a moment before speaking.

"I have girl friends who like guys. Girls like guys."

"What if it wasn't a girl...who liked boys..." I said, feeling a little dizzy. I could feel my hands sweating & twitching like crazy. Jason was my best friend and with every word I was getting more scared he wouldn't like where this was going.

Jason, at least for a second, couldn't seem to put two & two together.

"You mean like, a BOY who likes boys?"

"Yeah," I shrank.

He shrugged.

"I don't know. I mean, I guess it's kind of weird, but I wouldn't say it's anything worth losing a friend over. Why?"

I had only had a moment to quickly smile to myself before I realized he asked why.

"Because um..."

"You know a guy who likes guys?" he probed.

"You could say that," I let out a nervous laugh.


I breathed in & hoped for the best.

"You're uh...lookin' at him..."

Jason looked back up at me. He simply looked at me for a few seconds, I guess trying to process what he was hearing.

"So...you like, guys?" he asked.

I nodded, averting my eyes from him.

"Ok...I guess I should have seen that coming eventually. I mean no offense Nick, but you're kind of girlie."

When I realized that I got a good response, I not only ignored the rest of what he said, but I also beamed like a kid who got a puppy for Christmas.

"So, you don't care that I'm, ya know, gay?" I said a little excitedly.

"No, I guess not-" he didn't finish.

I practically pounced on him & gave him a huge hug. I could tell he was cringing a little bit, but at least he wasn't yanking himself away.

"Get used to these man, 'cause I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life," I exclaimed. I almost wanted to cry.

"Fine, but just not in public. I'm not gay so I don't need to be labeled as one. And can you just kind of keep it on the down low a little bit? People might think I'm gay too if they know we hang out."

I let go.

"Actually, that's another thing."

"What?" he asked, clearly paying attention to what I would say now.

"Ya know Ted? The guy I brought with me?"


"Well...he's my boyfriend."

Jason's eyes nearly popped out of his head.


"Yeah. We've been going out for two years."

Jason was clearly trying to get this through his head.

"Two years?"


He had a blank look on his face. But that was soon done with once he shook his head. He put the burgers onto a plate & walked by me.

"This is too much," he muttered.

I smiled.

So far, so good.


A couple hours later, after I had told Ted the good news, we ran into Jason again when he was in the kitchen getting ready to bring out some more food.

"Hey," I said.

Jason turned around & saw Ted & me standing there.

"Um, hi," he said, unsure of what to say.

"Need any help?" Ted asked.

"Naw, I'm good."

We watched as he put some snacks together, got some cups & other things together. I wasn't getting the happiest vibe from him at the moment.

"Jason...you ok?" I said.

"Yeah I'm...it's just..." he said. Just then, Jason dropped all his stuff on the counter & looked at us.

"You never even told me."

I looked at him, surprised.


"I mean, I should have known, right? That my friend was gay?"

A little light bulb popped up over my head.

"Well, if you don't believe me..." I turned to Ted & surprised him when I pulled him towards me by his shirt & planted a hot kiss all over his lips. I stayed like that, lips locked with Ted for about 10 seconds.

I could tell Jason must have had his mouth open in shock. But what really got me was a faint blue flash when I had my eyes closed.

I opened my eyes to discover a small crowd of about four other guys standing in the hallway looking at us. Some of them were disgusted, some laughing cruelly, one had a camera & had taken a picture. My stomach didn't just sink. It hit rock bottom.

I had not only destroyed any reputation I had, but I had also destroyed Ted's reputation. The weight I thought had lifted when I told Jason about me...was back on. And a hell lot heavier.

Ted roughly shoved me away.


"I...I'm sorry, I didn't...I didn't think it...I'm sorry..." I bumbled.

I watched in saddened horror as the other boys laughed at us. I had never felt anything so horrible in my life. I had wanted to come to let people know about me slowly. Not by everyone finding me locking lips with a boy.

Ted walked away & left. I wanted to go after him, but I couldn't I looked to Jason for help.

"Jason..." I pleaded.

He gave me a guilty look & slinked out of sight, not wanting to be a part of this.


For the next few days, I didn't hear a word from Ted. I called him dozens of times, I texted, IMed, Facebooked, I even sent a letter through the mail. Nothing worked. Jason had also been keeping his distance from me. I had been getting constant abuse from my schoolmates, like Anthony Becker, Brian Bell, Jackson Frankl & Taylor Klipps. They pushed, shoved, kicked, slapped, laughed at, hated, harassed, humiliated me. I hated them.

I hated everything. God clearly wasn't giving me a break because it only got worse.

My parents approached me, my mother crying her eyes out when she heard from another kid's parent that I was homosexual. My father yelled at me especially for at the LEAST, not standing up for myself & allowing myself to be pushed around like a wuss. My mom was a wreck, which only hurt me more.

Two weeks later, I found out Ted had moved away. I cried myself to sleep for three nights in a row. Two years of the perfect relationship, gone. All because I had made the damn mistake to show our love to others. I vowed to never again do that.

For months, I dealt with the harassment. I had tried ending it all a couple times, which were by far the darkest times of my life. The first time I cut myself...was simply exhilarating & ultimately a failure when it's purpose failed.

It would be a year before I pulled my head out of the gutter & got my life back in order. A year.

A very hard year.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 8: Falling Into Place
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