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 Chapter 6: Wake Up

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PostSubject: Chapter 6: Wake Up   Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:11 am

"Aww man..." I sighed in disappointment. Travis & I plopped onto the couch at my house when we entered my house after school. Personally, I wasn't having a very good start-off to the new year.

"Don't worry about it. A 76% on a project is about average. If anything, it's a little bit above average actually."

I had just gotten my project grade back for History. I had worked hard on it & I was upset that I didn't do as well as I expected.

"It's not the grade itself that I'm ticked at, it's that I thought I'd do better. Like, a lot better. Do you know how hard & how long I worked on it?"

"Yeah, like over a month. We barely even got together because you were working on that stupid thing. Now that you got a grade that you didn't really want, I don't think it was worth it. Screw the teacher."

"I guess you right. Hey, wanna cheer me up?" I asked chuckling a bit to myself.

"Sure, if I remember" Travis shot. It was true though, it HAD been a while since the two of us had legitimately fooled around. Stupid school system could ruin my relationship!

"Ohhh, I just got burned" I smiled.

"Well," he started, walking towards me, "that's what ya get for bein' a little hottie."

When Travis reached me, he wrapped his arms around my hips & pulled me right up into him. I kissed him somewhat aggressively. I was tired of doing so much schoolwork that it prevented me from having some downtime to spend with my boyfriend.

While I kissed Travis, I used my hands to push my pants down to the floor. I didn't have to worry about underwear. I went commando today.

He started to remove his own shirt while I worked on mine. I absolutely loved his body. It was athletic, but not from sports. It was from manual work back on the farm he lived on before he moved here. Not only that, but his skin color had a perfect tan. I heard many people at school, very few of them were boys, state that they wished they had a tan like Travis. And I admit. I'm one of them. It was dark enough to be liked by everybody, but also light enough so that he didn't look burnt from years in the sun.

Another thing about his skin, preferably his chest, abs & back, was that he sweat a good deal. Travis wasn't a fountain, like my dad was, but he sweat naturally the right amount so that he looked like he had just come out of the ocean, skin always glistening. It was pretty hot. Plus, it made my hands glide across his smooth skin much more easily.

By then, we were both in our birthday suits except for his khaki pants & belt. He fiddled with the buckle until it let up, allowing him to slip out of his last article of clothing. And with that, nothing was in the way of our hard-ons rubbing against each other. I could feel a little bit of precum forming on his dick. It smeared onto mine, making it feel gooey.

I could feel Travis' tongue rubbing against my own. Then he wrapped his arms around my waist again, making sure that we were as close as possible to each other.

"Have I told you how amazing you are & how I'm so grateful I was to get you?" I said.

"Yes" he replied quickly & then returned to kissing me & touching me all over. I was ok with this.

"And by the way," he stopped, "I got you. You would've been too scared to even come up to me. I saw you that first day I came. You were staring at me. I'm not stupid ya know."

With that, he went back to kissing me. I wanted to say something but I decided against it. Not only was he right; I was too afraid to go up to him on my own that day. But I was also kind of in the middle of something right now...

Just then, his hand reached down & took both our cocks in his hand. Travis then started to rub our dicks up & down, masturbating us at the same time. I had never felt something like that before. Clearly it was erotic & arousing but also strange. A good strange.

"Ohh wow that's nice" I sighed out.

"Feels nice, huh?"

"Yeah...I just said that..." I said jokingly as my chest began to rise & sink with each breath, which were becoming slightly heavier.

My groin felt tingly. I knew what was coming, literally. That's when I heard Travis emit a low groan. I felt his hot load of gooey cum ooze onto my hand. That set me over the edge. Two mediocre streams of my seed sputtered onto Travis's lower belly & his fuzzy crotch. The rest of it poured out, mixing with his & making copious amounts of rubbing against our hot bodies.

"That didn't last long. Usually we go longer than that, not to mention we go all the way" I laughed.

We had already started exploring our more intimate options of the relationship several months ago. Sometimes I regretted having sex so early in my real first relationship. But every time I though of it, I remembered that I had to try to make the entire relationship with Travis as good as possible.

"Do you think size matters?" Travis asked me suddenly.

I thought for a moment. Talk about random.

"Um no I guess not. Size doesn't matter. What matters is what you can do with it" I responded.

"Exactly. And time doesn't matter either. What matters is what you can do with it" he said.

I smiled at that that comeback. It was true. Wait a minute..."come" "back". Uh oh!

"Travis! We gotta get dressed! Chris is gonna be home any second! He should actually be home by now" I exclaimed urgently.

We bent down to get our pants back up around our waists, followed by our shirts. Just when I got the last of my clothes on, I heard my cell phone ring. I walked over to my backpack, took it out & answered it.


"Connor, it's dad."

"Hi dad."

"Hi. Listen, your brother started to throw up at school this afternoon & apparently there was some blood in it. He's here at the hospital right now & we'd like you here right now. Are you at home?" he asked.

"Yeah. Travis is here too" I said, looking at Travis. He had a confused look on his face. I held up a finger telling him to wait a minute.

"Ok. Well tell Travis that he should probably head home right now 'cause I'm on my way to the house right now, I'm gonna pick you up & bring you here, ok?"


"Ok. I'll see you in a few minutes. Bye" he said. I said bye & we both hung up.


"Hey bud" I said softly, my hand resting softly on my younger brother's arm. He was in a hospital bed, I was sitting in a chair next to him. Our folks were with the doctor down the hall filling out some papers.

"You gave everybody a scare, ya know that?" I said to him with a nervous laugh.

"Yeah..." he said, looking at me with a slightly baffled look.

"Ya know why this sucks? 'Cause I'm gonna have to start being your servant again" I smiled, hoping to lift the mood a little bit.

Chris's face started looking apologetic. He was sorry about something, but I didn't know what.

"What's a'matter?" I asked him.

"I can't...I can't remember who you are..." he cringed.

My heart turned to black as as I heard the words. Oh god. My heart was stinging as the words went through my ears like acid. It was the most painful thing I had ever heard in my entire life.

"I'm sorry..." he said sadly. It didn't matter now. The damage was already done. My heart was breaking.

I closed my eyes as a few stinging tears rolled down my cheeks. I thought I was prepared for this. We all knew that memory loss was somewhat common in chemo patients. But I didn't know that it would be like this at all. I had read that it was usually temporary. Usually.

"Connor?" I said my name hoping he'd know it a little bit.

"Sounds familiar a little bit..." Chris trailed off, trying to remember where he knew the name Connor.

Familiar. It was better than a blank page at all. I raised my arm & wiped away the tears.

"Your brother" I said painfully.

His eyes were sad. He didn't have to answer that. We both knew anyway.

Just then, the doctor came into the room with my mom & dad. Mom had tears in here eyes & her face was all red. She had been bawling I knew. Dad tried to comfort her but to little success.

The doctor looked at me & guessed why I had been crying recently.

"I think we can determine by now that Chris is suffering from memory loss as a side affect of chemo. Also, he experienced internal bleeding in his stomach earlier today which is the main reason we had him rushed here. Fortunately, we haven't found any other problems" the doctor explained. He could have been more professional & described the problems using more technical terms. But for our sake, he kept it short & simple.

"What about memory loss?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it. It'll only be around for a day or two which is a good thing. Now & then we have patients who lose all memory permanently."

I looked at my parents. I looked at Chris, who looked back at me blankly. I turned back to the doc.

"Is he gonna get better?" I asked, more scared than I had ever been. The doctor sighed.

He nodded his head.
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Chapter 6: Wake Up
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