Old friends abandon me, it's just the routine politics of jealousy
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 Chapter 16: Flamers Still Alight

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PostSubject: Chapter 16: Flamers Still Alight   Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:13 am

"Aphaaahagpaugh!" I coughed as I was unintentionally waterboarded.

"Sorry, sorry!" Katie exclaimed as she scrambled to find someway to simply turn the goddamn faucet off.

"It's fine, auugh. Just don't do it again," I managed to spit out.

Katie was giving me a haircut & putting a bit blond in it. Her mom was a hairdresser so throughout the years, she had learned from her mom how to do things & in turn, I had too. Ben & I were over at her house. My head was tilted back into the sink her mom used for customers while Ben was sitting at her brother's game console playing COD.

"So how's Ted?" Katie asked.

I shrugged.

"I guess he's doing all right. We haven't really hung out or anything so I've pretty much only seen him at school."

"Ya know I kinda miss Ted. I know what he did to you was pretty low, but I mean, since you guys are friends again, you should think about having him hang out with us. Better than Taylor anyway. I mean, you guys ARE friends again, aren't you?"

I let the Taylor comment slide, but just shrugged instead.

"I dunno. It's weird, ya know? I don't even know if I should forgive him or just leave him be."

"What do you think you should do?" Katie asked.

Shrugging was my thing today.

"I think I should let him go & not bother with him."

Katie rubbed my shoulder as she started to soak my hair.

"What do you WANT to do?" I heard Ben ask.

I closed my eyes as the water started to run over my head & face.

"Not that."


"I guess I like it," Taylor's voice went up at the end, eying my new hair like he was trying to find where the old hair disappeared to. We were in my room watching tv later that afternoon. And yes, we were home alone. Taylor had his hand on the crotch of my pants & was kneading his palm & fingers into my dick, jacking me off in a weirdly erotic fashion.

"Oh thanks, that's convincing," I laughed.

"Well, I don't really know what's good or bad hair."

"I didn't ask if it was good or bad, I asked if you liked it."

"And I said I guess."

I rolled my eyes.

"How can I make it up to you?" he whispered close to my ear.

I grinned.

"You can make up for skipping out on Valentine's Day," I smiled.

"I TOLD you, my family wanted to spend the day together."

"That's no excuse," I joked.

"Ok then," he chuckled.

We shifted out bodies a bit so we could fit more comfortably with each other.

Taylor turned his body & swung his leg over to my other side so he was now straddling my waist, with my back against the headboard. He leaned forward & started lightly kissing me on the side of my neck, his hands resting on my arms. I tilted my head to the side, allowing his lips more access to my hot skin. Just then, I felt his teeth on my neck as his tongue slithered out & flicked slowly. As I felt him kissing my neck more firmly now, I pushed my hips up & tensed my muscles, groaning as I felt my dick start to harden.

Taylor's hands slid down the lengths of my arms until his hands reached mine. His fingers slowly played with mine, sliding them over each of my fingers at a time.

I felt his hands leave mine & slide onto my waist, holding me as he continued to thrust his tongue against my neck. I raised my hands & moved them to his lower back, which was only inches above my quickly hardening penis. I rubbed my hands along his lower back, my fingers slipping up underneath the fabric of his t-shirt. Like butter on a hot pan, my fingers swept over his surprisingly smooth skin. From all the sports he played & the workouts he did, I wasn't surprised to the worked muscles underneath, which twitched with any movement of his. I slid my four fingers on each hand down into the waistband of his jeans & massaged each cheek of his.

His hands started to slowly roam up my waist until they rested on my upper ribs. With his fingers just below my armpits, Taylor used his thumbs to tickle the area around each nipple.

"Hmhmh," he giggled into my neck, "I can feel you getting hard."

Taylor then started to lightly gyrate his hips, his ass now rubbing firmly against my dick which was straining for release in my tight jeans. I tensed my pelvic muscles & groaned loudly in his ear.

With his hands now roaming over my chest, & his fingers prodding through the thin cotton of my Croft & Barrow, Taylor moved his hands to the top buttons of my shirt & undid them from their intended conjunction, letting the collar of my shirt open. He slowly made his way down, the V of my bare flesh showing more & more with each button undone. Soon enough, the lame material folded on either side of my, leaving only my arms covered now. Raising my torso, we kept our kiss as Taylor helped my arms out of the sleeves. With my shirt tossed off to the side, Taylor let our kiss go & sat up, his eyes shining down at me as his hands went down his waist, crossed & grabbed hold of the bottom of his shirt. As he teased me by slowly stripping his shirt off, I slipped my hands out of his loose jeans & started to undo the button & zipper to his pants. Once Taylor's shirt was off, I melted as my eyes feasted on his body. I thought back to my old crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas & how gorgeous that boy was, with his built, but somewhat buffed body. Taylor's was just like that, only so real & so much more there for me to admire. While I had the twinky body, Taylor was built like a model. While he didn't have the big, macho muscles, he was right in between slightly buffed & athletically trim. His stomach was flat, with his chest muscles well defined & denting out of his creamy skin.

It was then that my eyes caught sight of his cock, which was leaking precum from its knob like there was no tomorrow now that I had, not even knowingly, summoned from his red striped boxers. With the boiling hot shaft venting in my hand, I swiped a wave of his hot gooiness on the top of my hand & licked the webbed mess from between my fingers, in hope that THIS time, he wouldn't drench my sheets. Not that I personally minded, but I didn't need any more surprise laundry days from mom.

Taylor moved his hand over mine as I started to stroke my hand up & down the length of his member. I knew how he liked being jacked off, but the feeling of his hand over mine gave a sense that he was in control, & yet, not even doing it himself, which we all know feels better. Each time my hand reached the end, I rubbed my thumb over the head of his dick, smearing his precum all over my thumb, thus spreading it along the shaft & lubricating it every time my thumb went back down.

I moved myself around a bit, letting Taylor know I wanted up. He got up & I brought my knees up to my chest, slipped my hands inside the waistband & scooped off my pants & underwear. I tossed my clothes to the side & waited for Taylor to follow. He stood up & proceeded to take his pants off completely & threw them aside next to mine. We were both in the bare now & with that, I lay back down on the bed, letting Taylor climb on top of me in the same position we were in before.

I leaned my head forward & spread my lips apart as I pushed the slimy head past my lips, tasting the salty juice as it coated my lips. I flicked my tongue out & swiped at the head of his wet dick head. I felt Taylor shudder as he gasped & grabbed my shoulders with his hands. When he did that, it just felt normal to take his whole length into my mouth. I grabbed his hips & closed my fingers over his butt. Taylor pushed his hips forward as I swallowed on his dick & it went all the way into my mouth, poking at the back of my throat.

Taylor's hands clutched the back of my head & he subtly started rocking back & forth as his cock slid in & out of my wet lips. I vacuumed the air out of my mouth & instantly, my cheeks were sucked around the shaft of Taylor's penis. I let Taylor face-fuck me for a little while as I kept my eyes closed & focused on trying to suck on his dick. Sucking is actually quite natural.

As Taylor slowed his pace, I picked up where he left off & began to take over the blowy. I placed my fingers around the base of his cock & moved my hand up & down in rhythm with my now bobbing head. I slowly masturbated him as I took my mouth off his dick & focused on his deep purple head. I sucked on it like a lollipop at intervals, rather than keeping my mouth on it straight-through. Every time I put my mouth back on the head, I kissed at the head, quickly sucking any precum that could have possibly stayed in his system right out from his slit.

I liked the feel of his naked skin on mine as I continued with my pleasuring of him. It was warm & soft & bubbly, & yet, tight with just a hint of moisture.

"I wanna do you, too," he said to me just then.

In like, a split second, we both moved around so that I was lying on my side with Taylor on his, our dripping hard cocks at the entrances to our hungry lips.

I leaned my head forward & reveled in feeling the cummy head of Taylor's spongy dick head slide past my lips into my mouth. At the same time, I felt Taylor's tight, wet mouth engulf my dick all the way to the hilt. He slushed his tongue around the sides of my shaft as I pressed the tip of my tongue up along the underside of his dick, squeezing out some more precum which I eagerly lapped up & swallowed. I rubbed my hand over the top of his thigh & felt the hard muscles just underneath his lightly tanned skin. I reached my hand around to one of his butt cheeks & squeezed, lightly digging my fingertips into the soft flesh of his bubble butt.

Just then, I felt one of Taylor's fingers glide its way up & down the center of my scrotum. He outlined the edges of each testicles & lightly tugged at them, wrapping the loose skin around his finger as he continued to lick up & down the shaft of my penis. He sucked at the head & slurped at the slit, edging drops of precum out of my cock like a snake charmer.

I felt Taylor start to move his position, & I followed suit. Now, we were so that I was lying underneath his body, which was on all fours above me, with his balls hanging down in my face while my dick stabbed upwards at him. I felt him lift my dick and then I felt the wetness of his mouth. I closed my thumb and fingers around his shaft and pulled his dick down to my mouth. There was a slight salty taste at the slit at the end of his dick, and the barest whiff of musk from between his legs. I ran a hand over his butt.

Taylor started to, just barely, thrust his hips, making his dick move in my fingers & in & out of my mouth. I pressed my fingers at the base of his dick to control his movements some, but quickly found that if I timed a swallow with each of his little thrusts, I could let his dick go down my throat a bit. After only a minute or so, I didn't need to control him at all. I let him press all the way in until his balls draped my upper lip. I grabbed the backs of his legs with both hands and just swallowed-sucked.

I made little pumps with my own hips and Taylor moved his mouth up and down with them. He made an O with his mouth and bobbed it up and down my boner, lower and lower each time.

I moved a finger to his anus & slowly pushed at his tight pecker. By reflex, Taylor tensed up & pushed his hips down, his dick pressing way down into my neck & swiping against the back of my throat.

As I pushed my finger more, the opening to Taylor's tight rectum slowly opened up, thanks to my fingers being covered in his precum & some sweat that was perspiring there. As my finger dug deeper into my boyfriend's ass, I made sure to wiggle it around inside him until my hand was flat against his butt cheeks.

Taylor hummed in pleasure on my throbbing cock & humped his hips harder against my face.

I felt Taylor lift his mouth off my dick just then.

"You wanna keep goin'?" he asked me.

With a small pop, I lifted my head up. "Yeah sure. You can do me."

"Sounds good."

Once again, we moved around so that now, I was kneeling on all fours with Taylor on his knees behind me. He took a hold of his slippery dick & gently smacked it against the cheeks of my butt. I could feel the cool air against the wet trail of precum Taylor left as the tip of his cock tapped my skin.

With a hand on my upper back, Taylor dragged his wet dick head along the underside of my ballsack, leaving another slimy trail of sticky precum painted across my skin. He rubbed my anus with the tip of his dick, lubing it up in preparation. He lightly pushed at the entrance & then pulled away, repeating this several times. Each time he pushed just a fraction more, torturing me & almost making me beg to just stuff his penis into me.

He took his hand & placed it on one of my butt cheeks, pulling it slightly to the side for better access. With the other hand, Taylor took his cock shaft & guided it right to my anal ring & started to push in for real this time. With the slightest resistance, I tried relaxing my sphincter as my ass lips were slowly pried open by Taylor's purple prick head. It seemed to stretch more & more as he continued pushing in, until I felt the head bury itself all the way & his dick slid in more easily. From then on, it was the same girth, no problem.

I could feel the heat of his cock inside me, pulsing with every warmth-generating beat of his heart. Taylor continued to ease his hips forward, my wet hot tightness sliding down the shaft of his penis, inching for fulfillment. Every now & then, Taylor would tense his whole body, as if trying to force an orgasm, much like you do when you're jacking off & every now & then you stretch your legs. Only this was so much better.

While I wasn't able to see his dick vanish inside of me, I knew full well when it did when I felt his lap flatten against my smooth, pale ass. His dick felt stretched & hard inside me. I could feel the tip of it poking at my warm, wet & mushy insides.

It felt like my body was simply hanging off his. My thin, frail body simply hanging off his strong, slenderly muscled body. He felt over the sides of my flattened butt with the palms of his hands, & then moved on to slide his gentle fingers up my thin sides & up to my shoulder blades. With a solid grip on my body, Taylor eased his dick back & forward, my tightness moving up & down his boner. It felt good when he drove it all the way. Taylor must have felt the same way because his hands grabbed me by the hips & pulled me back as he drove his dick forward into me more.

I eased myself onto my elbows & lowered my head onto my crossed forearms as I closed my eyes in bliss.

"Feel good?" I heard Taylor ask quietly over the slow slapping. It was then that I realized I was moaning softly.

"Yeah...it does," I whispered.

Taylor leaned down & wrapped his arms under me, around my waist. He hugged my body & began pumping his hips faster, his cock driving in & out of me like a piston. It felt good, & not just in my ass. I liked his body hugging me closely like that; I felt secure & warm. I could feel Taylor's warm breath on the side of my neck. He pressed his nose there, his lips on the warm skin on the side of my neck as kissed me gently.

Taylor was quickening his pace & now, he was fucking me so deep that I could feel the skin of his balls right underneath my asshole, tickling my grundle.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my leaking cock & I gasped as Taylor's fingers wrapped around my throbbing member. He slowly masturbated me with the tip of his thumb running over the head of my precum-soaked dick head, spreading the runny fluids over my dick & dripping onto my bed. I arched my back underneath his tummy.

I started pushing my ass back into Taylor's thrusts, hoping to such his entire length even more inside me. I could feel his dick being squeezed by my melting hot rectum, the wet tightness sliding back & forth over his hard cock. The only sounds in the room were the sound of my ass thumping against his hips & my soft moaning.

"Ohhhhhh god...uhhhhhhh...ahhhuhhh...uhhhhh...." I babbled.

For no more than a quick nanosecond, I flashed back to when I first had anal sex. I remembered how uncomfortable & painful it was; the intrusion of an area that was naturally made to be an exit, not an entrance. The pain of someone's penis being pushed up there...ugh.

But now? It was exquisite. The full feeling that you can never quite reach until it's over. I loved it. The in & out, back & forth, up & down, it was all just, SO great.

Before I could reflect any more on my sexual politics, I heard Taylor whispering.


"Huh? Sorry, what?"

"I said let's move again."

"Ok. Like what?"

"Here," he said, pulling his cock out of my stomach, leaving me feeling empty.

Taylor moved his body so he was sitting on the bed with his legs out in front of him. He pulled me toward him & had me sit astride his lap facing him with my hands on his shoulders. I reached under my butt & grabbed his rock hard dick, which was aching for release. I rubbed it around my ass, making my ass cheeks & inner cheeks glisten with his precum. I slowly sat my body down, letting Taylor's dick slide comfortably up my hot tight hole. I adjusted myself onto my knees, squeezing his waist between my thighs as I settled down with his cock up my ass. He pulled his knees back behind me & grinned at me as I wiggled into his lap. We both looked down to see my raging boner lay up against his taut stomach.

I grabbed under his arms & rubbed my hard-on against his belly. I closed my eyes as I felt my dick rub up & down against the warm skin of Taylor's abs. He grabbed my hips & held them firmly as he started to grind his dick up into me. I wrapped my arms around his chest & he wrapped his around mine. We held each other as I bounced in his lap, cooing to myself each time his cock head bumped my prostate. His cheek was soft against my own.

Wanting to be able to move more, Taylor, holding us together still, rolled us onto our sides. He could move more, but without me right on top of him, we didn't have the same leverage. So still hugging onto one another, Taylor managed to roll me onto my back with him above me. I wrapped my arms up around his neck & my legs around his waist. Grabbing under the backs of my shoulders, Taylor could hump into me more freely. And hump into me more freely he did.

"Ohhhh...." I groaned as I lay my head back & closed my eyes, the mattress making a quiet skeet underneath us.

We went at it hot & heavy. His dark blond pubic mound banging away near the root of my flapping cock, which was flicking spits of precum lube all over my belly. Each drive of Taylor's hips drove his cock deeper into me & as his stomach rubbed back & forth against my dick, I grunted in sweet pleasure. His head lowered next to mine & pressing his lips to the side of my neck, he rubbed his cheek against mine. I liked how we felt.

For the next several minutes or so, Taylor continued to pound away at my ass as I squealed in pleasure with each thrust. The constant bombardment of my prostate being banged away at by his cock head was starting to take its toll on me, & soon enough, I felt that illustrious tingling in my groin. I stretched my arms out & with each hand, squeezed a handful of my bed as I arched my neck up & groaned louder & louder.

I was wracked with blast after blast of cum shooting out of my cock all the way up to my chest & neck. Massive globs slooshed around across my torso as my orgasm ripped through me all the way from my spazzing ballsack up through my throat with a strained grunt as I deposited my hot sticky load all over myself & Taylor's chest.

"AUUUHHHHH!" I cried out. After the first initial shots of cum were blown out, my body continued to spaz a bit in the aftershock of such an amazing orgasm. My fingers loosened up on the sheets of my bed & as my body began to relax, I realized that something was different.

Taylor had stopped moving. And that was when I realized he had just cum inside me.

Suddenly, as Taylor's hips moved a bit, I heard & felt a sloshiness in & around my asshole. As Taylor slowly pulled his swollen cock out, I felt a torrent of cum drizzle right out of me & waterfall onto my sheets. With a load that much, he must have been dying to cum for a long time. And I mean a LONG time.

We panted in exhausted silence for the next few minutes & just stared at each other with tired grins on our faces. Taylor moved out of his position & lay next to me as we both stared up at my ceiling. We breathed heavily until we calmed down a bit.

"I still don't know what I think about the hair," Taylor said.

With my jaw dropped, I punched him in the arm as hard as I possibly could, which probably did little to nothing as he laughed.

"Fuck you!" I laughed as I hit him more.

"Hahaaaa I just did, what now?" he mocked me.

"You can make it up to me again by showering & cleaning up with me," I said as I flicked his nipple.

To say the least, the day was full of sorrows.

I'd pick bacon over a bj any day.
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Chapter 16: Flamers Still Alight
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